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Start Date

9th of April 2018

End Date

4th of June 2018

Country: Lithuania

  • USA
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • China
  • Hong Kong
Ticker/Symbol WTL
Price 1 WTL = 0.001 ETH
TokenType ERC20
Platform Ethereum
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P2P lending is a market that is currently experiencing explosive growth. The global
market volume reached $114 billion in 2017, with no sign of slowing down.
However, this expansive growth has presented three major problems:
Difculties in diversifying and managing investments.
Issues with transparency and reputation.
Problems with the mobility of cryptocurrency and assets across borders.
We propose three solutions to them:
Cross platform loan aggregator with ratings and blockchain.
Welltrado P2P fund for global and cross-border investors.
Portfolio management of loans across platforms in a single dashboard.
Welltrado is already an experienced player in the P2P platform market, with an early version P2P platform aggregator already up and running. Through our business and experience, we have identified these problems as some of the biggest obstacles facing the P2P market.
That is why Welltrado aims to develop three distinct tools for investors, which are designed solve these issues and help P2P investments grow significantly. The following white paper details the Welltrado project and its products, provides a market overview, in-depth description of market problems and solutions, as well as the associated Welltrado ICO and token system.


Tomas Medeckis

CEO, Co-founder

Kim Nielsen

CDO, Co-founder

Zygimantas Stancelis

CTO, Co-founder

Arturas Svirskis

CBDO, Co-founder

Povilas Urbonas

BDO, Co-founder

Aiste Paliukaite

Business development manager

Andrius Petkevicius

Blockchain developer


Wolfgang Richter

Executive partner at DWF law firm

Tomas Martunas

Managing Partner GoldfishFund

Xiaochen Zhang

CEO Blockchain Frontier Group President, Fint

Ignas Mangevicius

Blockchain-Based Systems Developer, edgeless.

Darius Barusauskas

A credit risk scoring expert

Mike Boris

Managing partner at GB&Partners

Cristobal Alonso

CEO at Startup Wise Guys, the leading B2B acc

Edward W. Mandel

Blockchain advisor

Phillip Mcfall

Bloomberg L.P. Financial Sales and Analytics

Sally Eaves

Global Strategy Advisor - FinTech Blockchain


December, 2016 Built a fully working MVP and integrated first 10 P2P lending platforms.
March, 2017 30 P2P lending platforms integrated and 300 investors referred through Welltrado.
September, 2017 50000 unique visitors at Welltrado. P2P loan aggregation mechanism initiated.
November, 2017 100 P2P lending platforms prepared for integration to Welltrado. Ready for token distribution.
December, 2017 Legal structure developed for institutional investors to get access to P2P market through Welltrado.
March, 2018 Distribution of Welltrado Platform Tokens.
May, 2018 Application for fund management license in Europe.
October, 2018 Receive the fund managing license.
December, 2018 Version 2.0 of Welltrado loan portfolio management platform for retail investors unveiled.
January, 2019 Token distribution of the first fund: Low yield fixed fiat income.
February, 2019 Version 3.0 of Welltrado loan portfolio management platform for institutional investors unveiled.


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