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Cryptocurrency Trading and Exchange Made Easy


Finished: 8 months 2 weeks ago

Start Date

14th of April 2018

End Date

29th of April 2018

Country: Nigeria

  • USA
  • China
Ticker/Symbol VEND
Price 1 VEND = 0.10 USD
TokenType ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Hardcap   120 000 000,00
Softcap   36 000 000,00
Raised 0,00
ICO Score


What is Vendex and what can i use it for ?

Vendex is an African based cryptocurrency trading and exchange platform aimed at simplifying path to listing and trading credible indigenous African tokens/coins, while facilitating FIAT withdrawal with our strong financial partnerships. Vendex will be a gateway to present and future blockchain projects, with numerous other use cases, in Africa, create opportunity for people in Africa and the rest of the world to fully engage in crypto currency trading..
Cryptocurrencies Tokens / Assets
Vendex will support range of credible and genuine cryptocurrency assets; tokens and coins, from African based projects with priority listings.
Convenience and Ease of Use
With simplified, yet secure processing methods, Vendex makes it easy for customers to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency assets
Social Trading
Vendex has implemented a social trading feature to give users the opportunity to interact with each other directly, enabling them to share trading singals and views.
Asset Security
Most of the cryptocurrency assets will be deposited in an offline wallet and stored in a secure vault, while assets stored online will be backed by strong security protocols.
High-Performance Order Matching Engine
Vendex unique and scalable order matching engine is designed to achieve true real time trading which can process millions of orders with sub-millisecond latency.
24/hours Customer Service
Round the clock customer services available to respond to customer demands, questions and issues they may encounter with the platform; through our various communication channels


Onyemaechi Okafor

Lead Developer

Saminu Salisu

Lead Developer

Uchenna Okafor

Lead Developer

Aylin Kilic

Graphic Designer

Leonard Chimezie

Project manager

Emmanuel lamptey

Financial Accounting & Audit


DR Xiaochun Cheng

Technology and Security Advisor

Collins Nzekwe

Business Development Advisor

Austin Otah

Legal Advisor


2017/09 Registration Official Registration for Vendex.
2017/10 Smart Contract Development and testing of smart contract for token management and issuance.
2017/11 Research & Development Start of Vendex Platform Development
2018/Q1 White Paper Released. KYC Process
2018/Q2 Token Sale Token Distribution
2018/Q3 Vendex Version 1 Vendex Version 1.2 and Mobile App Release.
2018/Q4 Fiat Partnership Integration. VEND FIAT and deposit.

Medium News

How to Buy VEND Tokens
2018-04-07 16:12:24

How to Buy VEND Tokens

A step by step guide to participate

Buying VEND tokens is a straightforward and simple process. Follow the steps below in the article and if you need any help contact our support through telegram or email.

First you have to register on the VEND Token website. If you have already registered then simply login to your account.

To register enter your email address, create your password and tick the box to confirm you have read the full terms and conditions. As soon as you register you will gain instant access to your personal account on VEND Token.

Your personal account is where you can buy and withdraw VEND tokens, track your history, join platform beta testing and use the VEND referral program.

Buying tokens

You can buy tokens by sending funds from a wallet or directly from an exchange.

Choose whether you want to buy using Ethereum or Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency stated on the dashboard by clicking on the relevant button. In this example we will buy with Bitcoin

Here you will define the amount you want to invest and see how many VEND tokens you can buy with that amount. The deposit address is the address you will send your investment to in order to purchase tokens. No restrictions to were coins or tokens are sent from, you can send from anywhere.

On your VEND Token personal account you can now see the transaction you just made. Under the Confirmation column you can monitor the status. Once confirmations are completed, you have made your purchase. You can see how many VEND tokens you now own.

If you don’t own a cryptocurrency or have an exchange wallet, some of the exchange you can purchase from are Luno, coinbase, bitstamp, abra etc.

Transferring tokens to your wallet

Once withdrawal is allowed, you can now transfer your VEND tokens to your own crypto wallet to store them. In order to do that you have to add your ETH address for withdrawal and withdraw your tokens from your VEND Token personal account to your private wallet.

Once again after 6 confirmations the transaction is completed. You can see it in your history, and the amount of VEND tokens on your balance will change.

The VEND Token Bounty

In your personal account you can find the VEND Token referral link under the Bounty. You can copy paste this link to Facebook, Twitter, or any other website. Any registrations from that link will give you extra tokens which amount to 5% of the investment made by your referral.

If you need help at any point don’t hesitate to contact the VEND Token team at any time.

View VEND Token website.

Read VEND Token whitepaper.

Register to buy VEND tokens.

Live Q&A Session with Lead Developers
2018-03-20 01:14:13

Live Q&A Session with Lead Developers

Catch this live Q&A session with the lead Developers of the Vendex Team today — Tuesday, 20th of March at 7:00 PM UTC.

Only a few days since the Vendex Platform registrations were opened to the public, we have been overwhelmed by all the support and positive feedback we have received from the Crypto-Community and would like to congratulate everyone who participated in the airdrop and was rewarded (Over 40,000 users registered so far). Taking a step further, to better inform our community members about the Vendex project, we’ve decided to do a live Q&A session.

Join our live Q&A session via the Vendex Youtube Channel on Tuesday 20th 7:00pm UTC and listen to our Lead Developers: Onyemaechi Okafor and Saminu Salisu present the Vendex Platform and answer all questions community members and anyone new to Vendex may have.

We intend to be fully transparent with the development of the Vendex Trading Platform, so feel free to join the conversation and send us all your questions via our email:, Telegram, Instagram or Twitter Pages.

Also, in case you missed our airdrop, we would like to invite you to join the Vendex ICO Private Sale on the 31st of March, 2018 and our Public Sale on the 17th of April, 2018 to help us build the Trading platform that would best serve Africa and the rest of the world.

Introducing Vendexchange, a new cryptocurrency trading platform for Africa and the rest of the…
2018-02-19 15:27:29

Introducing Vendexchange, a new cryptocurrency trading platform for Africa and the rest of the world

Vendex is an African based cryptocurrency trading and exchange platform aimed at simplifying path to listing and trading credible indigenous African tokens/coins. Vendex is a gateway to present and future blockchain projects in Africa, with numerous other use cases.

The story and the problem

In the past two years, there has been a growing buzz around Cryptocurrencies due to the price of Bitcoin rallying constantly. People are constantly looking for ways to get their hands on these digital assets to avoid missing out on what could be the future of money. However, not a lot of people are easily able to get Bitcoin or Altcoins due to their locations and limitations in their countries, this is common especially in Africa as it is yet to adopt a high level of Cryptocurrency involvement like Europe and Asia. With this, there is a growing need for cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms in Africa as that gives people a way of circulating and exchanging these currencies between one another.

There are a lot of start-ups in Africa which have been developed around the cryptocurrency ecosystem, leveraging cryptocurrencies and block-chain technologies to deliver indigenous services to African businesses and consumers, some of these projects are Bitland, Bitshares, BTCGhana, Cryptogene and NairaEx. NairaEx is known as Nigeria oldest and famous bitcoin exchange for buying and selling digital currency, but this has to be done using bank transfers or bank deposit of the local currency (Naira), meaning the exchange’s wallet is for the purpose of remittance only.

One of the common problems with these cryptocurrencies and block-chain technology start-ups is that there is no exchange platform for Africa that provides them the ability to be listed and supported to come to lime light. These exhcanges also aren’t very flexible to use between FIAT currencies and digital currency. A few exchanges currently available are Ice3x, Luno and Golix. Ice3x allows the trading of bitcoin, litecoin and ether only against South African rand and Nigerian Naira. Luno only facilitates the buying, selling and storage of Bitcoin and the buy/sell operations can only be conducted between fiat and bitcoin. Golix allows users to buy and sell bitcoin using their bank account only and recently added some altcoins that can now be bought with the Zimbabwean dollar.

Having said this, there is a need for an exchange to support indigenous project in African, which will be listed and tradeable against other possible cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies as well. Also, because cryptocurrencies are still quite new and not so easy to understand, people will only want to involve themselves with easy-to-use and secure block-chain and cryptocurrency platforms, common problems like server overloads, lags and registration issues will easily drive them away. You can say: Due to the fact that there are very few exchanges in Africa, and the ones avaliable are limited in so many ways, vendex has been introduced to fill the gap. Globitext chairman (Jon Matonis) further emphasised that “every jurisdiction needs trading or exchange platform”.

Introducing Vendex!

The aim of Vendex is to empower investment and innovations in Africa as by expanding the reaches of indigenous projects in Africa through its exchange platform, enabling listed projects to be tradable. Vendex will also constantly list credible projects with high potential on both liquidity and user base. However, priority will be given indigenous coin/token projects from Africa.

The platform gives African users lots flexibility, granting users the unique ability to buy or sell any cryptocurrency of your choice instantly. The platform will also aid FIAT withdrawal and funding of users trading wallet(s), enabling the buying and selling of cryptocurrency using local currencies, specifically in Nigeria, as we aim to eliminate the difficulty of users acquiring foreign currencies before funding or withdrawing from their wallet(s) which is currently a huge problem.

The present and the future

The Vendexchange trading platform is currently in development, and should be ready by the end of Q2, 2018. In the mean time registrations are going on, with referral programs for user accounts and a chance at the token sales.

In the mean time you can refer friends and family to register and get rewarded Vend Tokens. There is also an airdrop/bounty program going on rewarding people who join/follow Vendex on social media platforms.

Join us and be part of the trading revolution in Africa

One of Vendex’s goal is to make Trading of cryptocurrencies easier and possible for the people in Africa. It is intended for everyone, as it will help the inexperienced trader to find investment opportunities, and for the experienced ones, it will save precious time by monitoring the market.

For more detailed information on Vendexchange, our whitepaper, road map, the upcoming Token Sale, and all Vendex developments head to our official website.

Follow us on your favorite social media platform; Twitter or Instagram to stay up to date with everything related to the project, especially the launch of our Token Sale website and how to participate in our airdrop and referral programs (you don’t want miss out on that).

Questions or comments? Join our Telegram Group and don’t hesitate to contact us: We look forward to hearing from you.