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A revolution in the industry of lubricants.


Finished: 6 months 3 days ago

Start Date

15th of June 2018

End Date

15th of July 2018

Country: Russian Federation

Ticker/Symbol SVCoin
Price 1 SVC = 2.50 USD
TokenType ERC20
Platform Ethereum
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Our product is not a panacea for all the trouble of our civilization. It will not eliminate landfills, clean water in the oceans and/or the atmosphere, but the experience of practical application of the product shows a reduction of harmful emissions by more than 3% for CO2 and more than 6 times the sulphur.
We currently have commercially available products of civil purpose in filler complexes Valena-SV for cars, Valena-SV for trucks and machinery.
Today on the streets of major cities such as Moscow or NYC, we often see Tesla cars or vehicles with hybrid engines. Some European countries, for example the Netherlands, plan in the next 10 years to update the entire country›s vehicle fleet by replacing cars with internal combustion engines for the electric engines. We offer not to wait 10-40 years while some of the world›s fleet will be transferred to the electric system and to make the environmental revolution today
Applying oil-soluble complexes Valena-SV increases
the life of the oil more than 2 times without loss of lubricating
properties; several times increases the service life of
the engine; normalized compression in the cylinders and
increases the power by 10-12%; the engine behaves better at
cold start; engine parts fully protected against hydrogen wear
and as ‹a side effect› of all this fuel savings up to 14%. This is a
remarkable performance for any car owner if he cares for his
car and wants to get a little more than was initially planned by the automaker.
If we are talking about the transport of the haulage industry - then begins the work of the law of large numbers and the savings of fuel and lubricants (POL) in the major transport companies is not the most expensive article. Much more important are the costs for the repair, maintenance and, again, direct costs on the expenditure of materials and time spent on maintenance.


Garkunov Dmitri

Chief Technical Specialist

Babel Valentina

Senior Technical Specialist

Babel Alex

Technical Project Director

Mironov Alexander

Head of Technical Department

Igor Girgin

Sales Director in Europe

Avanesyan Valentin

Senior Technical Specialist

Kvasnevska Natalia

Senior Technical Specialist Project

Shchedrin Alexei

Senior Technical Specialist Project

Melnikov Eduard

Senior Technical Specialist

Peter Leschinskiy


Astakhov Viktor

Director of Development

Stanislav Sorokin

Project Manager for Implementation of Blockch

Fedor Strelkov

IT Project Director

Ameenah Baliad

Development Director Asia Pacific Market

Jang Hae

Development Director at Chinese and Korean Ma

Johan Packe

Sales Director in Germany

Shaheer Nazer

Director of Sales Development in India and th

Suchocki Eugene

Sales Director in Russia and CIS Countries

Francesco Oralndo

Sales Director Italy

Leonid Tuchynskiy

Investment Advisor

Gleb Kotov

Public Relations


Kovtun Eugene

The Expert Advisory Board


until the end of 2018 Production of the main component of the filler systems and oil-filler complexes Valena-SV in Russia. Chemical high-tech production of a full cycle. Development of Management Information System on Blockchain technology (logistics module, CRM module, order management, reporting, quality control system, management system, marketing and others) until the end of 2018.
the end of 2018 We are planning to obtain certificates and permits for our additive systems to deliver them to Russian and World motor oil producers by the end of 2018.
the end of 2018 Our own production of motor and industrial oils under the Valena-SV brand is planned to be organized at the same time with the launch of production of the main component of Valena . The term is till the end of 2018.
2019-2020 Our aim is to open several foreign productions of motor and industrial oils under the brand Valena-SV. In 2019 and 2020 we are planing to reveal two foreign productions.
end of 2020 The whole our range is scheduled to launch into mass production by the end of 2020.


2018-04-03 13:46:05

Hello, friends! The team of our project took part in the round table organized by with the aim to prepare Russia for application to host EXPO-2025 ( The theme of the round table was "SMART CITY", where our project Valena-SVCoin is an environmental solution that reduces harmful emissions from vehicles in cities. Thank you, we are moving on!

2018-04-02 06:42:14

Good afternoon, friends! The Congress #BLOCKCHAINFR-2018" organized by our team has had preliminary talks with Director of strategy for the largest Chinese stock exchange Mr. Kailong Cai, who flew in from Beijing. Agreements were reached to support the project at the final stage of TGE (ICO) and listing on the HUOBI exchange Thank you, moving on!

2018-04-01 10:56:32

Our team took part IN the #BLOCKCHAIN-FR-2018 CONGRESS " organized by RACIB We managed to acquire a lot of knowledge and new acquaintances in the Blockchain environment. We received feedback on our project and will develop the project concept RACIB Thank YOU for interesting meetings and organization ! Move on!

2018-03-22 08:13:39

Valena-SV went into the fields, to be continued . Special THANKS to the Ministry of agriculture of the Moscow Region for the assistance in providing ecological, innovative domestic technologies!

2018-02-27 08:56:25

Valena-SVCOIN on MeetUp ICO Proof_of_Truth in Moscow

2018-02-16 10:58:23

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation approved the active position of Valena-SV during the year of ecology. Valena-SV held a joint « Save the Country Green « campaign with the Moscow Motor Road Administration. The public organization «Green Patrol» at the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation conducted an examination of our products. Chairman of the All-Russian Organization «Green Patrol» Andrey Nagibin said: «Based on the results of the expert evaluation, our specialists came to the conclusion that the VALENA-SV complex is a reliable, efficient, high-tech solution that reduces the industrial impact of the environment by reducing automobile emissions into the atmosphere. There is also reducing pollution of the environment with recycled automotive parts, mechanisms of the internal combustion engine. The complex is worthy of obtaining the Certificate «GREEN CERTIFICATE-TECHNOLOGY CHECKED»

2018-01-29 20:37:34

What can guarantee a profitable investment in SV-Coin tokens for you? The SV-Coin tokens are provided with the products which has already been used in trade. The increasing SV-Coin token's value is due to constant growth demand from distributors and other market dealers. With each new market, the volume of sales increases, but the number of tokens remains the same, which inevitably ensures the growth of their value. The additional guarantee for investors is the smart contract "buy back tokens program".

2018-01-29 10:50:24

The Two Biggest Scientific Discoveries in lubricant industry VALENA-SVCOIN Friction and wear have been technological issues since ancient periods. Details, materials, work tools, machine tools, equipment, engines, hydraulic system, etc. - nothing is immune to the ravages of process. To stop it, until recently, was considered impossible. But the situation was changed by Garkunov Dmitry Nikolaevich, who is the author of two significant scientific discoveries. «Electoral Transfer by Friction or the Effect of Antiwear « (Case No.41, with priority from 12 November 1956) and «Hydrogen Wear of Metals» (Register No. 378 with priority of May). Effect of Selective Transfer is this type of friction, in which there is a spontaneous formation not oxidizable ionic ultra-thin metal film in the area of contact surfaces. This film has very lowcoefficient of shear strength. A similar film, but which will consist the copper ions is called «Servovite» The term «servovite» is borrowed from Latin, the servo vita literally means to save life.The simplest example of antiwear friction is in the human body. Human joint is designed durable. Nature has put in human joints the principle of friction soft cartilage on soft cartilage. The second discovery of the “Hydrogen Wear of Metals” is also an important scientific discovery. As hydrogen is the main cause of wear of metal friction pairs. This discovery allowed to understand how the mechanisms can cope with friction.In engineering and mechanics to prevent wear and tear caused by friction, always used various lubricants. Based on two scientific discoveries of Dmitry Nikolaevich Garkunov, a special lubricant with copper was developed. Particles of copper form protective ion film (thickness of 1-2 microns) on the friction pairs. Thus, the friction of two solid surfaces will be replaced by friction of soft surfaces. Copper ion film prevents the penetration of hydrogen into friction surfaces and as a consequence of this will be precluded further wear and tear. Friction has existed and will exist, but using these two scientific discoveries, which are applied in production Valena-SV, we can reduce friction almost to the minimum limit, to increase the lifetime of lubricants, to reduce the harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

2018-01-24 21:58:21


2018-01-24 17:42:20

The Two Biggest Scientific Discoveries in lubricant industry

2018-01-23 15:35:41

Valena-SVcoin TOKEN SALE

2018-01-23 15:19:27

SVCoin - это: - Не стартап, а действующий бизнес. - В основе проекта — два научных открытия мирового значения - Ведущий технический специалист — ученый с мировым именем — Гаркунов Дмитрий Николаевич - Премия Правительства РФ в области науки и техники - Премия Президента РФ в области образования - Золотая медаль Английского королевского общества инженеров-трибологов

2018-01-22 16:34:15

What can guarantee a profitable investment in SV-Coin tokens for you?

2018-01-22 14:03:32

Valena-SV is the fifth generation in motor oils

2018-01-19 14:37:23

SVCoin - это: - Не стартап, а действующий бизнес. - В основе проекта — два научных открытия мирового значения - Ведущий технический специалист — ученый с мировым именем — Гаркунов Дмитрий Николаевич - Премия Правительства РФ в области науки и техники - Премия Президента РФ в области образования - Золотая медаль Английского королевского общества инженеров-трибологов

Medium News

Official SV-Coin channel
2018-01-21 17:42:36

Official SV-Coin channel

Pre-sale started at 11:00 GMT on January 18, 2018 (14:00 on January 18, Moscow time) and will last until reaching HARD CAP ($ 225,000) or until 11:00 GMT on January 31 (14:00 January 31, 2018) by Moscow time).

Pre-Sale Participation Guideline: SV-Coin tokens which were bought in Pre-sale period can be redeemed before 30 of April 2018 and after finishing the Pre-ICO. The SV-Coin tokens will be redeemed at the rate of the purchase amount plus 40% in crypto currency. If the SV-Coin tokens were purchased in the sum equal to 1 Btc the amount of the buyback wold be equal to 1.4 Btc. If the SV-Coin tokens are purchased in the sum equal to 10 Eth the amount of the buyback would be 14 Eth. The redemption of SV-Coin tokens will be made by sending SV-Coin tokens from your Eth-Wallet to our special Eth-Wallet.

WARNING! You can buy SV-Coin tokens during the ICO only on our website Do not share your personal information with anyone. Discuss all your difficulties with the support team. Here you can find our up-to-date information, official news and announcements, and also contact our team. Peter — @PeterSV Elena — @shkutina Fedor — @Telrik Mohammed — @sianklm

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