Social Content Mining


Finished: 1 month 5 days ago

Start Date

18th of April 2018

End Date

18th of May 2018

Country: British Virgin Islands

Ticker/Symbol TTC
Price 1 TTC = 0.00025 ETH
TokenType ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Hardcap   25 000,00
Softcap   0,00
Raised 0,00
ICO Score


The vast majority of current social networks operate on centralized architecture in which a service is provided to end users in exchange for viewing advertisements on the platform. This exchange forms the foundation of the attention economy.
TTC is a decentralized and token-incentivized social networking protocol for the next generation of social platforms. TTC provides a brand new social experience; the platform is completely decentralized. This gives participating individuals a highly rewarding and dynamic user experience.
With blockchain-based cryptocurrency, TTC will also offer cryptocurrency incentives via a token also named TTC. Social network users are rewarded for generating, distributing and interacting with other users and their content. TTC returns the commercial value in the attention economy to those same users that cultivate the network.
By combining TTC’s token based incentive mechanism together with the distribution of user-enerated, the TTC platform itself is lead by each end user. As the number of end users grows, the platform becomes more valuable, and the commercial value of the TTC token increases.
The first DAPP on the TTC open platform will be tataUFO, a social network service with more than 10 million total users. tataUFO is committed to breaking the conventional bottleneck of social networks, decentralizing content distribution, and returning value to individual users through a blockchain- riven tokenized incentive mechanism.


Brian Cheng

President & Founder

Chase Chang

VP, Ecosystem

Yixiao Wang

Product Director

Yuanyong Zhai

Technical Director

He Zhang

Design Director

Jie Wu

Growth Director

Peng Liu

Technical Lead

Xiangyang Wang

Technical Lead

Liang Zhang

Technical Lead

Yi Mo

Senior Product Manager

Bingqing Chen

Senior Product Manager

Shihao Guo

Senior Product Manager

Yunji Ma

Design Lead


Q1, 2018 Implementation of smart contract. Deployment of the beta version of TTC public chain. Deployment of wallet on webpage. Pre ICO and main ICO.
Q2, 2018 Deployment of the stable version of TTC public chain. TTC on exchange
Q3, 2018 Deployment of the reward engine and social network. Beta launch of the application for iOS & Android.
Q4, 2018 Launch of tataUFO on TTC open platform.
2019 Roll-out full on-chain solution.


컨센서스2018 기간 중 뉴욕에서 TTC Protocol의 정현우 대표가 TTC커뮤니티를 향한 그 첫번째 공개서한을 공개하였습니다. 이제 번역된 공개서한을 한국 커뮤니티에도 공유합니다. 저희가 해결하려는 문제, 방식, 태도에 공감하는 많은 분들과 함께 하고자 합니다.

We welcome GBIC and FBG Capital as our new investors! And, welcome on board Vicent Zhou, FBG's founding partner, as one of our leading advisors!

TTC Protocol welcomes FBG Capital as an investor and Vincent Zhou as an advisor!

RT @chase_ttc: TTC’s debut in LATAM community! Chance Du, the founder of Coefficient Ventures presented #TTC Protocol as one of the portfol…

The wait is over, token sale participants! You can check detailed information about TDE (Token Distribution Event), Airdrop and Exchange Listing in our blog.

Welcome on board! We are very excited to announce Coefficient Ventures, a crypto fund based in San Fransisco focusing on investing in blockchain vertical projects and startups, joins TTC Protocol as an investor.  For more details ????

RT @chaseblackswan: TTC Protocol의 실명 카톡방을 오픈하였습니다. 익명방은 5/31일까지 운영 후, 폭파 예정입니다.

We are excited to announce Nirvana Capital, a cryptofund founded by early supporters of Ethereum, joined TTC Protocol as an investor.

I just published “[Notice] TTC Main ICO has successfully ended.”

Last day to join TTC Main ICO! For those who have not participated or are planning to participate, please do not miss this last opportunity. Please visit our homepage. ( Once again, the TTC team truly appreciates your interest and participation.

I just published “Building Blockchain for Billions”

I just published “TTC Protocol Speaks at ‘Asia Crypto Night’ in New York”

I just published “TTC Protocol Speaks at Business Forum hosted by AD4TH Insight and Beex”

I just published “Ledger Capital Invests in TTC Protocol”

At the De/Centralize 2018 conference, TTC’s founder, Brian, has given a special presentation with the title: “How to get 100m users to the blockchain based Social Networking Service,” followed by a general introduction of TTC Protocol.

I just published “Block Crafters Capital Invests in TTC Protocol”

I just published “TTC Protocol’s First Coffee Chat Session”

I just published “Introducing — Token incentivized collaboration community for your project”

I just published “TTC Protocol Speaks at Block Universe in Taiwan”

TTC Protocol @ Block Universe 2018 via @YouTube

I just published “NEOPLY Invests in TTC Protocol”

I just published “Dunamu & Partners Invests in TTC Protocol”

Dear Supporters Chase Chang, VP of Ecosystem from TTC Protocol is doing an interview with Cryptogrinder. IT IS ON LIVE NOW Please check the link below to join Enjoy it and share with others! Thanks.

I just published “Explaining the TTC Protocol’s Ecosystem in 120 Seconds”

I just published “[Notice] TTC Main ICO starts TODAY!”

I just published “Hongwei Cao from Baidu and Ryan Kim from Hashed Join TTC as Advisors”

Hi all, we are now 1 day left for MAIN-SALE OPENING!! Hope everyone is done submitting KYC, if not please take your last moment to participate :)) Let us start counting!!

We are now left with 3 days to TTC Protocol Main-ICO!!!! Everyone! make sure to register KYC before the ICO starts!!

I just published “Dr. Jian Cai from Peking Univ. and Yuan Zhang from Bitmain Join TTC as Advisors”

I just published “[Decentralize/ beyond block]”

I just published “Partner from Hashed join TTC as advisors”

Want to learn more about TTC Protocol? Check out this video of Brian, CEO of TTC Protocol, speaking about it on #HashedNight!

We are proud to announce TTC’s VP, Chase Chang has been invited in the panel discussion at the Beyond Blocks conference in Tokyo!!!

I just published “TTC Speaks in De/Centralize Singapore 2018”

I just published “Introducing tataUFO, TTC Protocol’s first dAPP”

I just published “[FAQ #2] TTC’s Anti-Abuse System”

I just published “Walkthrough: How to participate in TTC Main ICO”

Good day to all! We are excited to see that today our trusted partner Hashed officially introduced TTC as a new member of its accelerator program. We have more exciting news to share, so please stay tuned! Please refer to the link ->

I just published “[TTC Main ICO Announcement]”

I just published “[Main ICO 일정 공지]”

I just published “TTC 인터뷰 [Q&A 1편]”

I just published “TTC를 소개합니다!”

I just published “[Notice] TTC Pre-ICO has successfully closed!”

Thanks to everyone who’d participated around the world, we have sold over 20m TTC! We still have one more hour open for the sale, come join and be a part of the history!

Listen to the voice of TTC! and check out our latest video!!

Cheers to all our members and followers, We feel excited, humble and happy at the same time to announce that in past 6 hours, over 10 Million TTC were purchased resulting over 15 Million TTC by participants around the world. We thank every participant.

I just published “TTC PROTOCOL PRE-ICO is NOW ALIVE”

I just published “TTC PROTOCOL PRE-ICO is NOW ALIVE”

I just published “TTC의 파트너 소개 1편 #Hashed”

I just published “Partner Introduction Ep.1 [#Hashed]”

We are now left with 4 days to reach our first start line, PRE ICO! Our team is hyped with excitement which makes us work day n night to make sure all the process are smooth as silk!????????

I just published “Bounty Campaign!”

I just published “TTC-KYC Registration Process”

I just published “TTC : A decentralized and incentivized social networking protocol”

Welcome to the official Twitter page of TTC Foundation. We are excited to share our project development, updates and more! Don't forget to share your feedback as we are excited to hear your voice. #Blockchain #InitialCoinOffering #socialnetwork

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