We Create Transparent Platform for Gambling


Time Left:1 week 3 days 9 hours

Start Date

15th of May 2018

End Date

30th of June 2018

Country: Seychelles

  • USA
  • Canada
  • China
Ticker/Symbol WinCoin/WNC
Price 1 WNC = 0,0012 ETH
TokenType ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Hardcap   43 000,00
Softcap   3 000,00
Raised 0,00
ICO Score


Key benefits:


TruePlay is an Ethereum-based software platform for gambling that uses smart contracts to guarantee complete transparency and provide an unparalleled level of security that includes protecting gambling sites in case of a break-in attempt. Series of rounds are held in an encrypted data storage. A proven industry standard of AES-256 and better is used for encryption. Network-level SSL secures Information transmitted between the data storage and the platform.
Partner & Game Diversity

Numerous game providers, including the massively successful Pokerdom and Gamingtec, already run TruePlay. Gamingtec already created its own product based on TruePlay technology - CasinoWin. Spinomenal games have been integrated into TruePlay. TruePlay is a platform that allows operators to create all types of games, and not just the simple ones. Poker, BlackJack and multispin slot-machines with bonus games are all supported by TruePlay.

Wallet / Tokens

We envision an industry with a unique game currency – WinCoin (WNC). When implemented, WinCoin is going to enable instant payouts and quick, transparent transactions.  Many territories have laws in place that prohibit gaming portals from using traditional currency. By placing bets in WNC, those who previously had no access to online gambling will become part of the worldwide gambling community - regardless of where they are. Affiliates would be able to monitor profits, and there would be no possibility of distorting the results. Players would have to use WinCoin to place bets at partner sites, thus increasing the public’s demand for WNC.


Oleksiy Mageramov


Stanislav Makarchuk


Dmitriy Shvets


Oleksiy Ragozin


Rodion Besedin


Nikita Rogoviy



Denis Dmitrenko


Max Filippov


Julia Volyanska


Sapar Karyagdyyev


David Kicks


Ilia Strah



Q1 2018 Improvement of the wallet web application for working with WinCoin (WNC). Development of a mobile wallet application for working with WNC. Beginning of the preparation of the platform for certification according to the PCI-DSS standard. Testing and audit of WNC clients. Adding the gambler's ability to influence the process of series generation. Adding 5 slot machines with a more complex logic. Implementation of API for connecting operators to the Trueplay platform. Launch of the first project on the Trueplay platform.
Q2 2018 Preparation for certification according to the PCI-DSS standard. Development of a monthly lottery on smart contracts. Jackpots on smart contracts. Creation of online jackpots with different payout pools for different games/bet ranges. Launch of the Trueplay user support service. Implementation of API fore integration of games from third-party Game Providers. Integration of games from third-party Game Providers into the platform.
Q3 2018 Adding Card Games (poker, blackjack). Implementation of various tournaments on the Trueplay platform. Development and implementation of an affiliate program using WNC and distribution of funds through Smart Contracts. Obtaining the PCI-DSS certificate.
Q4 2018 Develop of API for connecting projects to the Trueplay affiliate program. Adding lottery games (keno, bingo, scratch lottery). Integration of games from third-party Game Providers into the platform. Development of the multigambler roulette on the entire platform.


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