Supercomputer Organized by Network Mining


Finished: 1 year 1 month ago

Start Date

15th of June 2017

End Date

19th of June 2017

Country: Russia

Ticker/Symbol SNM
Price 1 ETH = 606 SNM
Platform Ethereum
Hardcap   273 399,00
Softcap   0,00
Raised 42 000 000,00
ICO Score
Token Rates
Price USD 0,11141100
Price BTC 0,00001485
24h Volume USD 1 109 220,00
Change 1h -1.2%
Change 24h 0.98%
Change 7d -6.12%
Available Supply 359 600 000,00
Capitalisation USD 40 063 395,60

Updated: 2018-07-22


SONM's secure and cost-effective fog supercomputer is designed for general-purpose computing, from mobile app hosting to video rendering to DNA analysis. Miners all over the world can leverage their idle computer power to become part of the SONM network.
SONM offers an opportunity for miners to earn tokens by performing calculations for everyone in the network. Any smart device (CPU, GPU, PlayStation, and even smartphone) located anywhere in the world can take advantage by joining the fog network and selling computing power peer-to-peer via the SONM Application Pool.
Buyers benefit from using SONM fog computing as an alternative to centralized cloud services in terms of cost effectiveness, security, and scalability. There's no need for infrastructure and employees - the data is stored in the fog, decentralized and encrypted on miners' computers. Buyers can select any rental time or computer architecture they need for their project and they set the cost.


Sergey Ponomarev

CEO and Founder

Anton Tiurin

Lead P2P and PaaS Technology Developer

Max Kordek


Alexey Antonov

Marketing and Financial Advisor

Jaron Lukasiewicz


Reuben Godfrey

Business developer in Atlantic Region

Paolo Tasca


Ilia Frankstein

Advisor IT/Strategy/Finance

Max Taldykin

Smart-contract and SONM DAO developer

Roman Sivakov

Development and Dev-Ops Architect

Nicolas Titov

Junior Smart Contracts Developer

Michail Ivanov

Dev-Ops and System Architect

Anastasiya Ashaeva

Machine Learning and AI Developer

Oxana Lorie

Graphic/UI Designer



For all the newcomers and those who still need to figure out how exactly #SONM works! We filmed a video with our presenter at the #RISEConf, who explains the main idea of the SONM project in easy language: watch it now!

This weekend Seoul will be hosting #blockchainpartnerssummit2018. Co-founder of #SONM and Managing Partner of Suicide Ventures @AUAntonov will be delivering a speech, sharing personal views on the future of crypto funds. Don't miss the event and keep up with our news! @bps2018

Top up your wallet with SONM via #Changelly: easy and quickly!

As the Livenet release successfully happened, it’s time to think: what awaits us further up on the road? We've summarized our achievements, current state and future plans for you: all in one blog post. No time to wait, read now!

Watch the panel discussion «The changing shape of cloud computing», held at the #RISEConf by #SONM CTO @iolebedev, @KenTamagawa from @SORACOM_PR and @ChrisUdemans from @technodechina.

June was a very important month for us. After a year of hard work we have finally released the long-awaited Livenet version of #SONM, allowing to host any common application on it. Follow the link to read the whole report

SONM co-founder @AUAntonov spoke to @LiskHQ project, discussing current issues and promises of #fogcomputing, why the world needs #SONM, the potential influence of blockchain technology on the world, and more. Read the whole article.

The Business Tactics scrutinizes trends and perspectives of #fogcomputing up to 2024. #SONM is featured in the article about scalable, distributed, and layered network connectivity of fog computing. Read more:

The Business Statics scrutinizes trends and perspectives of #fogcomputing up to 2024. #SONM is featured in the article about scalable, distributed, and layered network connectivity of fog computing. Read more:

Goodbye, Hong Kong and @RISEConfHQ, that was an amazing experience! Watch the video with @iolebedev, who sums it up for us. @SONM #RISEConf

Let’s see how the #SONM team spent three days of #RISEConf in Hong Kong. Watch the video report and don’t miss the videos we’ll post later! But for now, enjoy the sneak peek and thank you for staying with us!

Igor Lebedev @iolebedev, CTO of #SONM, has discussed the changing shape of cloud computing with @KenTamagawa from @SORACOM_PR and @ChrisUdemans from @technodechina. #RISEConf #HongKong

It's high time to declare that the Fog Computing Challenge Stage 1 is over: a few of the participants have successfully completed the given tasks and have gone to the Stage 2! Read the blog article for the detailed results:

Are you going to visit #RISEConf in #HongKong? If the answer is yes, prepare yourself to make new friends with this little English-Chinese phrasebook. Only the essentials!

We held the discussion on the following topic: «European perspective: How to jump-start marketing in Asia and reach the Asian community» at #RISEConf, where everyone could share their knowledge with each other. The roundtable was hosted by @olakazmina, #SONM

The second day of #RISEConf, that’s how we spend it: working our best, greeting the guests! #SONM #RISEConf2018

We prepared a video-tutorial about how to use the exchanging platform @ChangeNOW_io. Watch it and read our blog article if something is still not clear! #SNM

Hello everyone from #HongKong @RISEConfHQ! We are happy to be there and welcome you at our Booth E133. Come around to say hi, or stay tuned to our updates! #SONM #RISEConf #RISEConf2018

Finishing the preparation of our booth as the last day before #RISEconf comes to an end. Tomorrow the conference starts, and if you’re going to attend, visit us at the Booth E133! #SONM #RISEConf2018

Meet a new article introducing #SONM: now in @RealCoinGeek , a popular media, which you surely follow. Follow the link to read it:

Watch the new SONM CTO @iolebedev interview for @SethEstrada on YouTube! In this interview Igor explains why we decided to start our own project instead of joining the existing ones, what is the #SONM unique value proposition and more!

#SONM CTO @iolebedev shared his opinion of the most powerful software development trends of the year with @TechBullion readers. Read this post and broaden your vision of the industry trends.

Media buzz is growing around @SONM after the #Livenet release! Read the CryptoDisrupt article about how #SONM uses the synergies between #blockchain, #decentralized computing and cryptocurrency so as to change the way of distributing #computingpower.

While the #RISEConf2018 is approaching, we want to share with you our expectations from the event in this short video. Check it out! #SONM #RISEConf #HongKong

Have you already read the interview with #SONM co-founder @AUAntonov, featured in @digitaljournal? Follow the link and get to know how the project model works, what is the importance of the decentralized aspect and the advantages of #fogcomputing.

RT @VentureBeat: SONM uses blockchain to create a decentralized computing power marketplace by @TheRealSJR

RISE Conference is less than in two weeks! Watch this video with #SONM CTO @iolebedev explaining which main points will be mentioned at @RISEConfHQ on July, 12 and come to the event to learn more! #SONM #RISEConf #HongKong

First publications covering the #SONM decentralized fog computing platform in #LIVENET version. Read the article (this one in Russian) and get ready to read more!

RT @cybermeetups: Anton Shukin, Integration Developer at SONM, will describe solving the performance problems of Ethereum with the help of…

RT @cybermeetups: Igor Lebedev, CTO at SONM, will talk about post escalation as a way to simplify the voting mechanism to one voting node.…

Get an opportunity to listen to @SONM CTO @iolebedev and to #SONM Integration Developer Anton Shukin. Join the @cybermeetups meetup in #Moscow on July, the 5th! Free registration: The live stream will be available, as well (starts at 7PM (UTC+3)

Thanks for featuring us! @BloombergJapan

We want to thank everyone for your support and trust! During the past month our community has grown by 1800 followers! Let’s greet our community newcomers!

Get a sneak peek at @SONM CTO @iolebedev talk on #FogComputing anticipating his speech on July, 12 at the @RISEConfHQ in HongKong. #SONM #RISEConf #HongKong

Thanks for featuring us!

It has happened! #SONM is officially LIVE! Start using Livenet now, before it gets trendy, and declare yourself as a pioneer of #fogcomputing!

We welcome the long-awaited Livenet release with a new website — fresh, stylish, more informative. Take a look, share your thoughts! This day means the start of a new era in #SONM's history.

Thanks for featuring us!

News from Japan!

One week till SONM goes live. Are you a Supplier or a Customer? Choose your side! #June30 #SONM #Livenet


Featured in South Korea!

Many thanks!

One more article from China!

Thanks for featuring us!

Thanks for featuring us!

Thanks for featuirng us! @zdnet_japan

Bit by bit, SONM is spreading all over the world. Let us share with you some links from the recent selection of articles about us in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and more. Stay in touch with our latest updates and read the first one about SONM in Chinese.

Heading to Hong Kong soon as platinum sponsors of the @RISEConfHQ. #SONM will be presented to the audience by CTO @iolebedev the panel discussion and in a public speech. Stay tuned for more info from #HongKong! #RISEConf

SONM tokens #SNM are available on #Indacoin! @Indacoin is a global platform that lets people from all over the world buy #cryptocurrency with a credit or debit card. Top up your crypto wallet!

Time is running out! Show your skills, take part in the #fogcomputing #challenge, and win before someone else steals your thunder! Follow the link to read the rules:

We are glad to introduce you the original #SONM technology, which provides a reliable P2P connection in the network. Thanks to this technology, Suppliers, and Customers do not need public IP-addresses anymore. Find out how it works on our blog:

SNM listed on Changelly exchange! @Changelly_team is a popular cryptocurrency exchange providing the ability to instantly exchange over 100 altcoins or buy them using a bank card. Plus, you can now easily buy #SNM at @CoinMarketCap with a Changelly widget.

SONM co-founder @AUAntonov in co-operation with an economist Alexey Markov has written a book about the future of crypto industry. What is ICO, how blockchain works, how to prevents frauds, how government is going to regulate crypto market — and much more:

The monthly report is here! May has much to offer in terms of the achievements of both development and marketing. Now read it and check what we’ve done:

Nice work! ????

One of the most read resources @newsbtc that covers bitcoin and other cryptocurrency news, has issued an article about vast opportunities of #datastorage in #decentralized #cloudservices. #SONM is named one of the industry leaders:

Thank you, @brennasparksxxx, we appreciate your support! ????

We've selected the most interesting questions that you made on Q&A session. Watch a short video with answers from #SONM CTO @iolebedev, follow the link to get the whole conversation recording!

Thanks to everyone who support us on social media! The #SONM community has noticeably grown and the number of members keeps increasing. Look at the picture to see how many of us are there! Stay with us!

For our russian readers: automation of manufacturing processes is the nearest future trend. Read more in the article from @hightech_fm. SONM CTO @iolebedev opinion included:

The Q&A is today at 16:00 UTC! Post your questions with #ASKSONM and visit our channel

The #SONM #CryptoIaaS testnet is now available for public testing. The test phase will last for one month, and then we switch to the Livenet. Read the article on the SONM blog to find out what is inside:

For our Russian readers: SONM COO Oleg Luybimov shares his experience on how a young brand can manage its reputation on the market. Read the RusBase article to know more:

The Q&A is tomorrow! Ask questions on with event code Z111, or post it here with #ASKSONM. Join the live broadcast on tomorrow at 16:00 UTC!

Last week we went to Amsterdam for #TNW2018, where we took part in the pitching among the coolest European startups. Watch the video and feel the atmosphere of the event! @TNWconference @iolebedev #SONM

The next Q&A will be held on May 31 at 16:00 UTC. Ask your questions on with event code Z111 or post it here using #ASKSONM — we’ll be live streaming on

While waiting for Crypto-IaaS release, read our new blog post to understand why using #SONM is beneficial for both suppliers and customers!

Today we’re at the @TNWconference and will be introducing SONM to a wider tech audience. We’re having a nice booth near the main entrance in the exhibition hall, and we’re going to greet our neighbors @IBM and @pwc right after posting this.

Attention all developers and participants of the Fog Computing Challenge! We decided to extend the deadlines for the challenge and give you more time to come up with the best solution for SONM! Read the full version on our blog:

The long-awaited article outlining SONM vision on masternodes is here! Read more by the link, ask questions, share with your friends.

Have you already read our April report? Watch the video to get an overall picture of #SONM developing achievements and read the blog post for the detailed information.

#SONM is going to work with IT industry leaders of blockchain and #fogcomputing. We will do our best to apply the unique expertise of building public systems for the benefit of standardization.

RT @sonmdevelopment: Attention! There have been posted a few SCAM messages or comments from fake profiles on SONM platforms lately. Mostly,…

The next achievement point is approaching — The Next Web Conference is in a few days. #SONM has been chosen among the best European startups to participate in Startup Pitch Tower. So excited to compete with the industry changers!

A week before Stage 1 of #SONM #fogcomputing challenge is over! Hurry up to have the task solved! Get more info about our online challenge here and take part:

Check this sneak peek of #SONM presence at #Consensus2018. Feel the atmosphere of the event!

Aleksei Antonov: “We made a huge leap for the past year”. Read Americanbanker’s #Consensus2018 recap to know what the event was like for #SONM and other blockchain industry companies:

Digital modernization impacts our behavior: it changes the way we work, communicate and even think. Great innovations become possible due to #fogcomputing. Find out how #SONM helps to build new business models:

#Consensus2018 is over! We are happy with all the work done there, we had a great and productive time at the event! Thanks to everyone who visited the summit and our Booth, listened to #SONM speakers and supported us!

The news you’ve been waiting for! Masternode condition disclosure before a major revelation of the product: Meet #SONM 2 types of masternodes: PoS Gates and PoS block production. Check the conditions for both!

Working hard at #SONM booth after Aleksei’s speech.

We are delighted to announce the release of a new version of #SONM, code-named Crypto-IaaS. It extends the functionality of MVP version and brings the platform to a new level of reliability and usability. Read more here:

7️⃣ Aleksei Antonov’s speech about #SONM at #Consensus2018.

6️⃣ Aleksei Antonov’s speech about #SONM at #Consensus2018.

5️⃣ Aleksei Antonov’s speech about #SONM at #Consensus2018.

4️⃣ Aleksei Antonov’s speech about #SONM at #Consensus2018.

3️⃣ Aleksei Antonov’s speech about #SONM at #Consensus2018.

2️⃣ Aleksei Antonov’s speech about #SONM at #Consensus2018.

1️⃣ Aleksei Antonov’s speech about #SONM at #Consensus2018.

We will be streaming Aleksei Antonov’s speech at #Consensus2018 LIVE today at 10 A.M. New York time. Don’t miss it!

We had to cancel our meetup, which was supposed to be held on one of the Manhattan rooftops due to an approaching thunderstorm. This will not affect our participation in Consensus2018 in any way, we are waiting for you at our booth! Keep in touch with the latest news!

Meetup update. Due to Force Majeure circumstances, we had to cancel our meetup in New York. Stay in touch for other upcoming meetups and events!

The second day of #Consensus2018 is at it’s peak! Come visit our Booth 205 here in @NYHiltonMidtown!

Time to check what you know about #SONM! Take a short quiz from Igor Lebedev. Also, if you take this quiz at our Booth 205 on #Consensus2018, you’ll get a chance to win a prize!

Yesterday Igor Lebedev productively took part in a discussion with colleagues from the industry. Left to right: @JayCoDon, @iolebedev SONM, @Marco_Streng Genesis Mining, @GideonOPowell Autonomous Crypto Corp

For the record: from today #SONM tokens available on @ChangeNOW_io


Booth 205. We’re looking forward to see you there!

"Operation A" has been successfully completed, and we are satisfied with its results. Together we created a global network that showed what the SONM is capable of! Read more here:

Introducing SONM decentralized fog platform to the guests!

We invite everyone to #SONM booth on #Consensus2018 to know more about decentralized fog platform. Waiting for you at Booth 205!

We are ready to meet new people and present #SONM project to everyone. Like the tweet, if you are going to keep an eye on what’s going on at #Consensus2018! Consensus is in full swing. Igor Lebedev is participating at Mining Boom ???? ⚒ Panel Discussion #sonm #consensus2018

#SONM CTO Igor Lebedev among the judges of #Hackathon at #Consensus2018.

While we are taking part in #Consensus2018, one more photo from the another important event we visited this month: #OpenFog. Thanks for all the participants of the event! See you soon at OpenFogWorld!

For our russian readers: #SONM COO Oleg Lyubimov and experts from the industry comment Telegram Open Network for

Consensus2018 SONM Hackathon results revealed! Congratulations to the winner! ????

Already preparing for the Fog World Congress by @OpenFog. Looking forward!

This year #SONM is co-organizing the hackathon at @coindesk Consensus2018! @iolebedev shares some photos from the venue.

For our russian speaking readers: Aleksei Antonov takes part in a panel discussion on blockchain and ICO at Russian Internet Forum. Read the summary on Inc.:

Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to inform you that the Monthly Report is ready and published on our blog. Be careful, inside you will find unimaginable mindblowing facts on SONM development. Dive in and enjoy:

As we’ve built our own #Sidechain, we faced the need of a special #DWH to store the current state of data objects in the Sidechain. This DWH helps to solve a few tasks both for SONM platform and for SONM users. Read more on our blog:

For our russian speaking readers: should digital tokens be represented by physical assets? Get to know #SONM COO Oleg Lyubimov’s opinion by reading Firrma article:

Twitter: #Hackathon at #Consensus2018 is approaching! We provide the special task, the judge is Igor Lebedev, CTO of SONM and the mentor is Evgeny Safronov, our Core Development Team Lead. Join in to know the task and to win this #Hackathon!

For our russian speaking readers: an article from “Kommersant”, revealing the future of cloud services. #SONM COO Oleg Lyubimov shares his opinion on its impact on business performance:

Now in New York for #Consensus2018. If you’re going to attend, see you on May, 14th at panel discussion “Mining Boom”.

Check #SONM main schedule at #Consensus2018 on the pic below! For the main agenda follow the link:

This week SONM is taking part in @OpenFog quarterly meeting in Cupertino, C.A. @iolebedev shares some insights from the event.

Aleksei Antonov: “Going to present my vision of the future of mining at #Consensus2018 on May, 16th. Come around and get to know what’s going to happen in the blockchain industry in the nearest future.”

For our russian speaking readers: #SONM CTO Igor Lebedev and product owner Evgeny Manaev shared their point of view about how #fogcomputing can help gamers and game developers with russian gaming media Check it out now:

#SONM CTO Igor Lebedev gives a hint about SONM presence at #Consensus2018. If you are planning to visit the summit, don’t miss Igor’s speech at "Mining Boom" panel discussion on May, 14th in NYC.

This year, #SONM co-organizes #Hackathon at #Consensus2018. We are providing a special task for the blockchain developers. Join in for a weekend of hacking, hustling, and deep-diving into the blockchain industry's most cutting-edge developer tools!

Meet the innovation in the structure of the SONM, which will improve the system and speed up many internal processes — Data Warehouse. Read more on our blog:

Are you already taking part in #SONM #fogcomputing challenge? This is an online-only challenge two stages. First one is on! Test your skills in solving the most cutting-edge tasks for one of the hottest projects in the industry! Get more info here:

News alert! SONM, co-founder Sergei Ponomarev named by @Forbes among most well-known Russians in blockchain industry:

Thank you, @TechNative, for spreading the word! Dear all, you’re very welcome to join the challenge!

The Daily Fintech features @sonmdevelopment in a new article “Blockchain is enabling more accessible Supercomputing”. Read and discuss :)

May 14-16, 2018, New York: 4th annual blockchain technology summit, #Consensus2018. #SONM is one of the Title sponsors of the event and features two speakers: Aleksei Antonov and Igor Lebedev. Full agenda:

BitcoinBenny made a fresh review of SONM. Thank you for this awesome work. Take a look!

Take a step into the future with #SONM! Igor Lebedev, CTO of SONM, talks on the fog computing at CloudFest. Get to know what is the main advantage of fog computing and how the whole thing works! Download the report here:

Guys, here's a new video from a member of our growing community Rob. Watch and send it to your friends! Let’s raise the power of the first decentralized supercomputer together! #SONM

More photos from the first SONM Moscow meetup in 2018. #SONM CTO @iolebedev shared the latest news about SONM and held a live Q&A session. Huge thanks to everyone who was there with us! And a special thanks to our amazing support team who managed to come from different cities.

In the run-up to the launch of the first decentralized #Fog #computing platform, #SONM invites #developers and #tech enthusiasts from all over the world to take part in a multidisciplinary fog computing #challenge. Check the link and learn more:

Official #SONM meetup today! We are waiting for you on the "Lighthouse" roof in Moscow. Don't miss a great chance to meet the team and discuss interesting details with our CTO, @iolebedev.

Hey community! The Q&A is today at 18:00 UTC! Visit our channel and ask your question in the live chat!

Sold out! All the tickets for #SONM meetup have been taken! See you tomorrow, guys!

News alert! @iolebedev speaking details for Consensus 2018 revealed!

The Q&A is tomorrow! Ask questions on with event code Z11, or on Twitter with a hashtag #ASKSONM. Join the live broadcast on our YouTube channel tomorrow at 18:00 UTC!

If you are in Moscow on April 25th, come to the #SONM meetup and have a great time with us. We are preparing a cool place on the "lighthouse" roof and exciting conversation on SONM plans. Hurry up, less than 10% of free places are available!

Fresh news arrived on "Operation A" — suppliers will get $4 per each Tb of transferred #data (full-duplex). You can count how much you get for your bandwidth. We need more suppliers! Join now! #SONM

Are you waiting for the Q&A session? We will make one on April 24 at 18:00 UTC. Post your question here using #ASKSONM or on with event code Z11! We’ll be live streaming on #SONM

The Russian Internet Forum 2018 is in full swing, Aleksei's speech was amazing! Now our Marketing Director, @olakazmina, will speak on "Women and #blockchain" panel discussion on April 20 — do not miss it if you are in Moscow.

If you are a #hardware #provider, situated outside of Russian Federation, China or Iran and you have a static public #IP address, then we are looking for you. We have a huge opportunity to adopt our #technology today, and you can be a part of it. #SONM

For our russian speaking audience: editors and #SONM co-founder @AUAntonov explain what #supercomputers' power is. Check it out!

Attention! There have been posted a few SCAM messages or comments from fake profiles on SONM platforms lately. Mostly, they announce fraudulent giveaway mechanics asking to send some ETH to the particular address. #SONM has nothing to do with this. Be careful!

A sneak peek from Russian Internet Forum 2018: #SONM co-founder @AUAntonov takes part in the discussion with Anti Danilevsky from @KICKICOplatform and Dima Devinn from @dbrainio on the topic "Blockchain and ICO: transforming reality"

The next official meetup with the #SONM community will be in Moscow on April 25 at 20:00 — you'll get a chance to meet the support and R&D teams in person! The place will be confirmed a bit later. Book your ticket here:

Great day for SONM: has featured @AUAntonov in a large mention on the mergers and acquisitions in an article titled: "#Blockchain, #Crypto M&A Even More Active Than Investors Think". Read the full article here:

We are going to take part in the Russian Internet Forum 2018 on April 18 in Moscow. #SONM co-founder @AUAntonov will speak on "Blockchain and ICO: transforming reality" in the same section as @TechCrunch and our partners @dbrainio.

Hey, community! We finally wrapped up the monthly report. You will find answers to most of the questions that tormented you last month — dive into the text to find out! #SONM

SONM speakers revealed! @AUAntonov will be speaking for SONM at @coindesk Consensus. And not only.

57 years ago on April 12, 1961, the first manned #spaceflight took place in the history. To celebrate the day of #cosmonautics, #SONM gives you this new wallpaper — use it well. mobile wallpaper: desktop wallpaper: #CosmonauticsDay

RT @iCammie: Wanted: experienced technology writers worldwide. SONM is building a decentralized content hub to help @sonmdevelopment tell…

Fresh news from our partner @Hacken_io , the cybersecurity specialists that will be securing our operations. ???? Congrats, guys!

We have just entered a partnership with @Hacken_io, a community of white hat #hackers and #cybersecurity specialists keeping the #blockchain space as secure as possible.

#SONM community, thank you for being with us! We are so happy to see the growth. Stay with us — united we stand.

Imagine a #future where #SONM will become a part of everyday life for everyone. Let us share with you this vision in a short video we made about it! ????

We had a busy day preparing #SONM branded clothing for shipment in different parts of the world. If you participated in SONM #giveaway earlier this year, expect to be the new owner of one of these!

Our CTO @iolebedev speaks on "#Fog #computing - #cloud services on #mining equipment" at the @DeCenterOrg @crypto_event in Moscow. Here are some photos from the event! #SONM

CloudFest (@cloudfest) conference was excellent — we were pleased to meet our friends @cloud28plus + and chat with HP and Intel a bit. Watch this wrap-up video to dive into the event with us!

Our CTO, @iolebedev will share his expertise with the @DeCenterOrg conference participants on March 27 in Moscow.

The team is considering a possible architecture for the implementation of the #Masternodes for #SONM.

The Q&A was as good as always, we had some really strong questions this time like #Crypto-#IaaS and Fiat gate for #SONM. If you have missed the stream - go watch the timestamped video:

Igor's (@iolebedev) speech on "fog computing — a step into the future" was well received. Check out the photos:

At the #Cloud and Digital Transformation conference in Moscow, #SONM CTO, @iolebedev will speak on "fog computing — a step into the future" today. Follow a live stream on SONM Instagram in less than an hour:

All eyes on #SONM at the Cloud and Digital Transformation conference in Moscow!

Our CTO @iolebedev is speaking on "#fog #computing — a step into the future" at the #Cloud and Digital Transformation conference in Moscow on 21/03 at 1:25 p.m. We will be live streaming this on our Instagram channel! Subscribe here:

#SONM Meet Up in Hong Kong is just started, and we are happy to announce the great opportunity for all to become an official representative of SONM in HK. Please contact us:

Our C-Suite just got even stronger! We invited a new Chief Operations Officer to the team - Oleg Lyubimov. Oleg was previously working as the COO of Selectel Ltd. He'll be bringing troves of value and experience to the #SONM team! Read more:

As you may notice, we have changed a place for our Meetup. The actual place is Kowloon Harbourfront Hotel, Ballroom 2, 8 Hung Luen Road. The date is March 20th 18:00 – 20:00 HKT. We are looking forward to seeing you at the meetup. Register here:

Hey everyone! The Q&A is today at 16:00! Visit our channel and ask your question in the live chat!

#SONM is looking for local representatives in Hong Kong! Join us on Tuesday, March 20th at Kowloon Harbourfront Hotel, Ballroom 2, 8 Hung Luen Road, 18:00 – 20:00 HKT! The entrance is free, but you need to register using this link:

We are happy too!????@iolebedev @olakazmina @iCammie

#SONM is looking for local representatives in Hong Kong! Join us on Tuesday, March 20th at @kerryhotelhk, Hung Hom Room 3, 18:00 – 20:00 HKT! The entrance is free, but you need to register using this link:

#SONM is looking for local representatives in Hong Kong! Join us on Wednesday, March 21st, venue TBA! The entrance is free, but you need to register using this link:

Here are some more pictures from the meetup — the development team headed by @iolebedev present the project. #SONM

#SONM meetup at @cloudfest is a success — conference participants got interested and came here today to get insights on the project!

#Crypto is starting to have an unprecedented effect on #cloud #computing. That's because #cryptocurrency #mining centers — already located all around the world — will soon be able to diversify into general computing tasks! That's what has given rise to #fog #computing!

#Data Centers are struggling to enter the mining market and be profitable. They have overheads which bog down their operations. All an average Joe needs to do is open a window to cool down the #mining farm in his attic!

The #SONM meetup is today! We have nearly finished setting up the ‘Vasco da Gama’ conference room in @europa_park, Rust, Germany! There are still some tickets left if you fancy coming, otherwise we will be posting photos and keep you updated.

SONM CTO, @iolebedev, is taking a step into the future presenting #Decentralized #Fog #Computing concept of SONM at @Cloudfest 2018!

Our superstar CTO, @iolebedev speaking at the @cloudfest #sonm

We will be hosting the next Q&A on March 19 at 16:00 UTC! These sessions are always valuable for the team and the community! Post your question here using #ASKSONM or on with event code Z111! We’ll be live streaming on

#Intel has invited #SONM to join their Cloud Insider Program. Thank you, @rollinger for the best intro!

Don’t miss @sonmdevelopment SONM meetup at @cloudfest :)

The @cloudfest has begun! Follow us on Instagram ( to see what is going on. We will be live broadcasting soon!

#SONM meetup will take place tomorrow! We will be hosting an open discussion about the future of #fog #computing, technology insights. Join us!

We have an important announcement for everyone coming to @cloudfest in Germany! The location of our meetup has been changed, we will now be in Hotel "Santa Isabel" in the beautiful Biblioteca Vasco Da Gama. The time will be 5pm - 7pm on March 14th.