Index Outperformance Token


Finished: 1 month 6 days ago

Start Date

16th of April 2018

End Date

13th of May 2018

Country: British Virgin Islands

  • USA
Ticker/Symbol STC
Price 1 STC = 1 USD
TokenType ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Hardcap   100 000 000,00
Softcap   0,00
Raised 0,00
ICO Score


24/7 Trading
The crypto currency market never sleeps and so does your portfolio. Trade your portfolio coin anytime from anywhere.
No Management Fees
The whole process runs fully automated, we don't need to pay expensive headcounts, external advisors or any other service providers.
The investment model rebalances the portfolio automatically. The program runs autonomously in the background without any manual intervention.
Data Science Driven
Our scientifically proven investment model produces stable returns in all market phases. Only the optimal portfolio is used and implemented.


Harald Heidinger

Managing Director

Mangesh Pharande

Senior Database Spesialist and Data analysis

Mayuresh Mirajkar

Software Engineering and Development

Prashant Navale

Full Stack Designer and Front-end Development

Anke Engel

Communications and Channel Management

Viktiria Lenth

Brand Management and Marketing

Vicknesh Shanmugan


Yuan Li


Adrian Gheorghe


Brock Pierce


Mike Novogratz


Victor Chow


Oliver Prock

Founder & CEO


JUNE, 2017 Initial Research and Development. Developed the Team and concept, conducted thorough backtests to determine if SMARTER THAN BETA strategy can be applied to cryptocurrency.
SEPTEMBER, 2017 Develop Smart Contract and Autonomous Trading System. Developed innovative SMARTER THAN CRYPTO smart contract to best practice specifications; developed back-end for multi-exchange trading.
NOVEMBER, 2017 Finalize Smart Contract and Trading Protocol. Complete smart contract to audit-ready state. Optimized of autonomous trading algorithm to mitigate front-running and slippage. Consultation with industry expert advisors.
DECEMBER, 2017 Test Trading System; Security Audits. Security audit and code review process. Trading system tested and completed.
22. JANUARY – 31. MARCH 2018 SMARTER THAN CRYPTO Token Pre-Sale. 10% Bonus for first 10,000,000 SMARTER THAN CRYPTO Tokens.
16. APRIL – 13. MAY 2018 SMARTER THAN CRYPTO Token ICO. 5% Bonus for first 48 hours of ICO. Public auditing from audit SMARTER THAN CRYPTO ICO and release statement verifying holdings.
MAY – JUNE 2018 Initial Top 20 Coin Acquisition and first Rebalancing Procedure. Initial coin holdings acquired, final information sheets and reporting structures released to retail investors. First portfolio rebalance is performed and monitored.
JULY 2018 Public Launch on Exchange; Regular Operation. SMARTER THAN CRYPTO Token is listed for trade on exchange. Dataset will be used for future development SMARTER THAN BETA funds. SMARTER THAN CRYTO ICO participants will have priority acceptance into these very limited SMARTER THAN BETA funds and SMARTER THAN CRYPTO Tokens will be transferable into these funds.


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Here is the latest portfolio of #SMARTERTHANCRYPTO (STC) #ICO. 7.53% Bytecoin, 92.47% Tether.The Smarter Than Beta model is always risk conscious. HODL STC for lower downside and more upside and swap your BTC,ETH against STC

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Here is the latest portfolio of #SMARTERTHANCRYPTO (STC) #ICO. 4.35% Tron, 7.56% Bytecoin, 88.08% Tether.The Smarter Than Beta model is always risk conscious. HODL STC for lower downside and more upside and swap your BTC,ETH against STC

#SMARTERTHANCRYPTO at Shenzhen Airport. China is ahead of the curve no doubt about that. Ready to go home or otherwise I forget where home is ????????

And the winner is - #SMARTERTHANCRYPTO gets two awards at iBlockchain conference in Shenzhen for ‘Best Crypto Portfolio’ and ‘The Blockchain Startup of 2018’

#SMARTERTHANCRYPTO CEO Oliver Prock is just minutes away from his keynote speech at iBlockchainsummit in Shenzhen. If you are there feel free to visit our lounge. Enjoy and take the opportunity to talk to Oliver at the event.

Here is the latest portfolio of #SMARTERTHANCRYPTO (STC) #ICO. 3.18% Bitcoin-Cash, 7.72% Bytecoin, 1.81% Eos, 87.29% Tether.The Smarter Than Beta model is always risk conscious. HODL STC for lower downside and more upside and swap your BTC,ETH against STC

#SMARTERTHANCRYPTO at consensus 2018 NY. Is the blockchain too big to fail already? What an amazing group of people I met at the conference. Heading to China! I am ready.

#SMARTERTHANCRYPTO talking to Mike Novogratz in New York. We are ready to go big.

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Our CEO&Founder Oliver Prock, is now an advisor to @cryptorobotics, an automated trading platform. Being a quant trader for 30 years with extensive trading experience he sees great value in the project & will also use it for #SMARTERTHANCRYPTO’s implementation for trade execution

#SMARTERTHANCRYPTO Founder & CEO Oliver Prock will be Keynote Speaker @iBlockchainSum1 May 18th & 19th in Shenzhen. Do not miss the event if you want to know the trend of blockchain in Asia. Stay tuned for updates! #ICO #cryptocurrency

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#SMARTERTHANCRYPTO in NY at fluidity Conference. On stage Joe Lubin vs Nouriel Roubini. Roubini: where is decentralization with miners and exchanges being highly concentrated. Lubin: Not so fast. Two hot seats on stage!

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Here is the latest portfolio of #SMARTERTHANCRYPTO (STC) #ICO with 2.67 % Bitcoin,16.46% Eos,14.08% Ethereum,5.34% Iota,57.87% Tether,3.58% Tron.The Smarter Than Beta model is always risk conscious. HODL STC for lower downside and more upside and swap your BTC,ETH against STC

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Here is the latest portfolio of #SMARTERTHANCRYPTO (STC) #ICO with 10.18% Cardano, 14.59% EOS, 9.32% Tron, 65.9% Tether .The Smarter Than Beta model is always risk conscious. HODL STC for lower downside and more upside and swap your BTC,ETH against STC

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Here is the latest portfolio of #SMARTERTHANCRYPTO (STC) #ICO with 7.35% Cardano, 20.00% EOS, 6.79% OmiseGO, 3.27% Stellar, 62.59% Tether.The Smarter Than Beta model is always risk conscious. HODL STC for lower downside and more upside and swap your BTC,ETH against STC

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Here is the latest portfolio of #SMARTERTHANCRYPTO (STC) #ICO with 16.73% EOS, 16.71% XVG, 3.5% XLM and 63.06% Tether. The Smarter Than Beta model is always risk conscious. HODL STC for lower downside and more upside and swap your BTC,ETH against STC

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мы прибыли в Казань. С нетерпением ждем захватывающей конференции #SMARTERTHANCRYPTO #ICO

#SMARTERTHANCRYPTO is in Russia now! Continuing the Roadshow STC is excited to attend & pitch @ICOSummit_Kazan. Stay tuned for further updates and voting!

#SMARTERTHANCRYPTO (STC) attended the C3 Cryptoconference in Berlin. We gave insight into Crypto investing and the future of blockchain from the view of a professional fund manager on the main stage. Good bye lovely Berlin.

SMARTER THAN CRYPTO interviewed by Jon Najarian from CNBC’s Fast Money at the NASDAQ: via @YouTube

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#SMARTERTHANCRYPTO #ICO attended Satoshi’s Vision in Tokyo and became a Bitcoin Cash Fan. BCH will become the real bitcoin with its united community and new products and services in the making. Will be interesting to see when the Smarter Than Beta model will pick this up as well.

#SMARTERTHANCRYPTO #ICO attended the Teamz conference in Tokyo and met Alex Fazel from Swissborg and Luke Cheng, CEO from Omise. Tokyo Blockchain scene is vibrant and mainstream.

#SMARTERTHANCRYPTO is happy to announce that is now available in English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Russian. Stay tuned!

Hello Crypto Enthusiasts! From Tokyo to Switzerland ✈️- next stop for our Founder & CEO Oliver Prock. #SMARTERTHANCRYPTO: always up-to-date & busy ????!

#SMARTERTHANCRYPTO #ICO has currently datacenter issues which affects the reachability of our servers. The datacenter is working on solving the situation asap.

Hi Crypto-Enthusiasts! Join us for our Meetup in Zurich on March 27th at 7pm at Atelier Bar to get-together, find out more about how to driving value in Blockchain and discuss the latest trends & outlooks on cryptocurrencies. SEE YOU ????

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#SMARTERTHANCRYPTO arrived in Tokyo and avoided the #SnowStorm nyc. Was lucky to not get trapped there. My old body holds up quite well with all the time zones so far. Getting ready to join #Teamz conference. Stay tuned!

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CoinAgenda Puerto Rico. This is a serious conference for Blockchain and Crypto. Being interviewed by SCN corporate network about #SMARTERTHANCRYPTO #ICO

Hello Puerto Rico! #SMARTERTHANCRYPTO is joining @CoinAgenda: great speakers, amazing audience and of course fantastic venue ????????. We will keep you updated! #ICO

#SMARTERTHANCRYPTO #ICO says goodbye to #TokenFest. We had a short talk with Tim Draper and Adam Draper after their fireside chat. They had fun and so did we. Hola Puerto Rico. Estamos en el camino!

Vote for #SMARTERTHANCRYPTO at Token Fest. Here's the link to vote for us: THANK YOU! You are amazing!

One more stop of #SMARTERTHANCRYPTO roadtrip: @TokenFest in San Francisco! Watch our pitch today at 4:26pm (Pacific Time) if you are there and feel free to reach out to CEO & Founder Oliver Prock! We will keep you updated! #ICO #cryptocurrency

Here is the latest portfolio of #SMARTERTHANCRYPTO #ICO with 3.76% BTC, 20% LTC, 12.34% Nano and 63.91% Tether. The Smarter Than Beta model is still hiding 63% risk off and has risk under control. It is a good time to swap your BTC,LTC,ETH against STC and HODL STC

#SMARTERTHANCRYPTO on the hedge fund panel at Battle of the Cryptos in New York moderated by Jon Najarian. Amazing crowd interested in #ICO

This is not three bold guys. This is Jon Najarian, Kirill Gourev and Oliver Prock at Battle of the Cryptos after the panel #SMARTERTHANCRYPTO participated in.

#SMARTERTHANCRYPTO #ICO woke up in New York with not so nice weather. Getting some Coffee now to be ready to meet some investors from 8-10am

Great events are ahead of us. Oliver Prock, CEO & Founder of #SMARTERTHANCRYPTO is flying to New York to speak @BattleCryptos! Stay tuned - next stops are San Francisco @TokenFest & @CoinAgenda Puerto Rico!

#SMARTERTHANCRYPTO is happy to announce that is now available in English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Russian. Stay tuned!

Here is the latest #SMARTERTHANCRYPTO #ICO portfolio: BTC 3.28% , LTC 9.42%, Monero 20%, USDT 67.31%! Slightly good news for the market as less defensive allocation is taken. What info has the model on Monero? Think about it.

Last talks with Galia Benartzi Co-Founder from Bancor and then rushing from d10e Seoul to the airport to go to Zürich. #SMARTERTHANCRYPTO #ICO will be back in Korea. Promised!

#SMARTERTHANCRYPTO #ICO Investor Lunch at d10e Seoul. Korea loves STC tokens. Amazing how Blockchain savvy everybody here is....

d10e Conference Seoul started and #SMARTERTHANCRYPTO is a part of it. Congrats to Mike Costache and Brock Pierce for this amazing event.

#SMARTERTHANCRYPTO #ICO Arrived in Seoul at d10e. Today is the cultural day. Real people, real food. real talks. Amazing crowd. Preparing for tomorrow’s power talks at conference.

Blockchain Summit Singapore 2018!is over. Oh my god ... so much follow ups to do ... ????????????

Here is the latest portfolio: 10.23% Ethereum Classic, Litecoin 16.55% and 73.22% Tether - The Smarter Than Beta model is telling us there is more opportunity ahead to pick up cheap BTC, LTC and ETH to swap for STC #SMARTERTHANCRYPTO #ICO #cryptocurrencies

Hi Crypto-Enthusiasts all over the world - #SMARTERTHANCRYPTO Founder & CEO Oliver Prock is having a tight schedule! We will keep you up to date! #ICO #cryptocurrencies

Seoul - another great city with endless opportunities is waiting for #SMARTERTHANCRYPTO! #ICO #cryptocurrency

Back in Singapore for the Blockchain Summit. ✌️Looking forward to meet an energetic Blockchain crowd at the two day event. #SMARTERTHANCRYPTO #ICO #cryptocurrencies

#SMARTERTHANCRYPTO #ICO #cryptocurrencies is upgrading the backend and strengthening security while at same time making the front end more responsive. Stay tuned!


#SMARTERTHANCRYPTO goes Singapore Blockchain Summit 2018! Another great opportunity- we will keep you guys updated! #Blockchain #ICO

SEC charges former bitcoin-denominated exchange and operator with fraud -> this is on top of the agenda of regulators worldwide. Make sure you bank with legit exchanges. #SMARTERTHANCRYPTO #ICO #cryptocurrencies

I just published “SMARTER THAN CRYPTO (‘STC’)”

#SMARTERTHANCRYPTO has a new explainer video in its youtube channel ready for you to watch #ICO #cryptocurrencies

Here is the latest #SMARTERTHANCRYPTO portfolio. 20% Lisk, 80% Tether. The SMARTER THAN BETA model is STILL pessimistic on the crypto market. What outperformance versus the market! #ICO #cryptocurrencies

#SMARTERTHANCRYPTO did a short Stop in Berlin to meet German investors and then had dinner with Jane Goodall - United Nations Messenger of Peace at the #CinemaForPeace Gala #ICO #cryptocurrencies

Side by Side with Miko Matsumura & Jon Najarian #SMARTERTHANCRYPTO CEO & Founder Oliver Prock will speak @BattleCryptos on March 13th, 2018 in New York City! Stay tuned for updates.