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Leading the blockchain revolution in eSport gaming


Finished: 10 months 3 weeks ago

Start Date

8th of February 2018

End Date

23rd of February 2018

Country: UK

Ticker/Symbol SKRT
Price 1 ETH = 1,000 SKRT
TokenType ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Hardcap   0,00
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Imagine getting real value while playing your favorite game. In SKARA you can now do this legally.

Video games have experimented with purely digital currencies and digital assets for years, often with great success. However, until the advent of blockchain technology, these economies existed in official isolation to the real economy. It is time to change this.

SKARA is one of the first games to overcome this barrier by creating a new cryptocurrency in the form of an ERC-20 token based off the Ethereum blockchain called a SKARAT (SKARA Token - SKT), which can be traded on the open market.

Through this new vehicle, participants in the SKARA community will be able to buy, sell and trade in-game assets without having to go to shady black markets.


Pablo Rodriguez

Founder and CEO

Cesar Ortega-Domene

Founder and CFO

Víctor Moreno


Marc Boulesteix

CMO and Producer

Adrià Najar

Art Director

Adrià Sampé

Lead Designer

Jacobo Carreras

Senior Programmer

Marc Obios

Lead 3D Artist

Albert Herrera

Technical Animator

Sara Pantoja

Senior Designer

Raúl Chaparro

Senior Programmer

Marcello Álvarez

Senior Animator

Antonio Montilla

Senior 3D Artist

Katia Sumalla

Junior 3D Artist

Ignacio Rivero

Junior Designer


James Roy Poulter

CEO Blockchain Reserve

Alastair Moore

Head of Innovation

Shaban Shaame

CEO EverdreamSoft

Eric Murillo

eSports Consultant


Jan 2013 Pre-production
Jul 2013 Beginning of development with Unreal Engine 4
Jan 2014 Skara passes Steam Greenlight in just 7 days with +8k votes
Feb 2014 Skara is selected in the Microsoft Venture Accelerator Program
Oct 2015 Skara first private Alpha version hits Steam
Dec 2015 Skara is awarded with Best Beta of 2015 award by MMO Games
Aug 2016 Skara soft launches in Spain
Feb 2017 Skara globally releases its Open Alpha
Jun 2017 Skara reaches +300k users
Aug 2017 First official Skara tournament
Sep 2017 Preparation for token sale. First assets recorded on the blockchain.
Nov 2017 Skara token pre-sale
Jan 2018 - Skara Beta Launch - Skara "Time of the Two Suns" novel launch - Start of token sale
Feb 2018 - All Skara assets in the blockchain
Mar 2018 Second official Skara Torunament - SKT's for the winners
Apr 2018 Skara Pro League system
May 2018 First Skara Beta Event (exclusive new content)
Jun 2018 Single Player is released
Jul 2018 The Journey Featue is added
Aug 2018 Second Skara Beta Event (celebrating the 2018 World Cup)
Sep 2018 Betting system implemented
Oct 2018 Second Season of Skara Premier Leauge
Nov 2018 Skara Fantasy Leauges are released
Jan 2019 Skara cards game mobile game App
Ma 2019 Third Season of Skara Premier Leauge
May 2019 Skara in Asian market
Jun 2019 Release of Skara's second novel, featuring best players of 2018


2018-09-28 08:23:54

Working at full steam!

2018-09-22 11:00:01

Hello Survivors! We would like you to know that we have been working hard to improve the game since we released the last version. Check the link for more info!

2018-06-22 10:04:17

Greetings survivors! Blog posts are back with the first entry of a two-part piece about the development of the new map, Atash. We hope you enjoy it and come back for the sequel, next week!

2018-06-20 14:43:54

Attention survivors! Today at 5pm (CEST), challenge the Skara Devs for an epic 3v3 battle, or follow the broadcast on the official Twitch channel (link below). See you on the battlefield.

2018-06-15 11:58:22

Survivors! The long-awaited OB 0.2.0 version of Skara is now live. Go to Steam ( and try it right now!

2018-06-07 14:44:49

Our BRAND NEW website is now live! Go to and check it out!

2018-05-31 13:24:26

Pleased to announce that SKRT is now available for trading in Mercatox! Join the Blockchain revolution!

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Our youngest reader!

2018-02-21 16:17:06

Just under two days left in our ICO, join the blockchain revolution with SKARA!

2018-02-18 15:37:14

Hi all, please find our latest SKARA interview by ICO 101 here!

2018-02-17 07:17:10

Check out our latest interview about SKRT by ICO TV VIDEO!

2018-02-15 10:17:42

SKARA The Blade Remains beta will be released today at 4pm UTC! Get your SKARATs at a discount during our current ICO

2018-02-08 22:47:36

The official cryptocurrency for SKARA and eSports is now on sale! Purchase SKARATs by visiting If you signed up in the Whitelist, get 15% Bonus by purchasing tokens today. Tomorrow they may be gone, so register your purchase on the blockchain today.

2018-02-06 15:58:28

New Tamvaasa skin available in Open Beta. "When Klara frightens the land, and Gaal’s journey is shortened, the Alderfolkin call them forth… they keep watch when the folkin are abed."

2018-02-05 16:56:02

Thank you to all our supporters and readers Sergio Bintheredonethat! The SKARA book is out!

2018-01-29 12:33:00

We recommend you take a look at this new article from Trackico about the fantastic world of Skara, where you can play and win rewards in the form of token.

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We present you a new information about our game Skara, on our Medium channel.

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A cool article from Newbium, about Skara and the blockchain.

2018-01-24 12:34:00

A new cool video of the game skara and his project ICO, interview with Cesar Ortega (Co-Founder), on ICO Talk Tv.

2018-01-23 09:56:18

I recommend you take a look at this independent review, a great video about skara token.

2018-01-22 13:30:00

I leave you a really interesting video from our friends of Ozone, showing the Skara game, enjoy it .

2018-01-18 12:55:28

Thanks to @Quora for a great recommendation! #ICO

2018-01-18 08:59:53

Skara, cool game with an award winning video, with many possibilities, you can use token to buy assets within the game.

2018-01-17 09:26:29

A very interesting interview with Cesar Ortega, CFO at Skaratoken, about blockchain, ethereum, bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies.

2018-01-16 11:48:31

A new article about skara in what is defined as the revolutionary game that adopts a decentralized economy, which allows players to maintain real ownership of their assets in the game, safely, including the Skarats

2018-01-15 20:48:55

Great article by our friends at CryptoBible

2018-01-14 14:58:01

Great article by The Merkle!

2018-01-12 13:15:00

Skara the game where the winners of a tournament can win cryptocurrency, with the new version of skara you can buy, sell or exchange tokens in external markets and within the game, getting good benefits, do you sign up?

Medium News

Bringing better user experience to blockchain — the point of view of a game designer.
2018-06-04 08:49:26

Bringing better user experience to blockchain — the point of view of a game designer.

SKRT is the official virtual currency of the videogame and universe of Skara. You can trade SKRT on Mercatox!

As an interface designer by trade, one of the things that shocked me when I started interacting with the blockchain was User Experience. Necessary plugins like MetaMask, gas prices, failed tokens transfers, complex use flows… It was a designer’s nightmare! It took a while for me to get used to the entire system, with the added complexity of a rapidly changing environment, since this is a technology that constantly evolves and gets better.

When we launched our successful ICO back in February 2018, User Experience for our contributors was on the top position of my priority list. On most of the previous ICO’s the process was dark and insecure — driving to a lot of scammers trying to fish uncautious investors — so we tried a different approach using our website and the token sale smart contract to buy, claim and distribute the tokens to all the potential holders — a list that would include investors, advisors, team and bounty program members.

All the interactions with the ICO were handled by the smart contract, whether for tokens purchases, vesting and token claim. Each contributor’s tokens were linked to their preferred wallet, so anyone could claim them but the tokens will only end on that specific wallet address. This process was way more secure than manually sending the tokens from our wallet to the contributor’s wallet. The vesting schedule was clear, tokens could be claimed from our own website and the process took only a couple of minutes.

We were really happy with this flow, tested it over and over, and thought that everything was going to run smooth.

Turns out we were wrong: we encountered a big resistance from some contributors and bounty members. They were so used to the old manual system that they didn’t understand why they should install MetaMask and interact with a smart contract if we could just send them the tokens they paid for!

The conversations were always similar (language was also a barrier):

“ — Don’t want smart contract. Just send tokens to wallet.”

“ — But… That is what blockchain is all about!”

“ — Just send me tokens. No MetaMask. Only MEW.”

“ — Don’t worry, I can claim the tokens for you.”

“ — No. I need tokens on my MEW. You scammer.”

When we completed the process for them they suddenly understood it. But, as any designer should know, that needs to happen before. It was time to get back to the drawing board and prepare the future User Experience flow for our upcoming Dapp — the tool we were working on that allows players and investors to send their tokens from a wallet to the Skara ecosystem.

First thing we noticed after many conversations: MetaMask should go out of the equation. We found a huge resistance from new users to try and install it. Even if really popular blockchain games such as CryptoKitties use MetaMask, the adoption curve is not big enough, just yet. It didn’t work on mobile either. We needed to find another way.

Back in the conversations with the Design and the Code teams, I always used the same analogy: The first time you try Netflix you get blown by how simple is to register and access the huge database of movies and series. It was nice, simple, well designed, beauty… Coinbase has a great User Experience flow. Kraken has a terrible one. We knew what we wanted and how we wanted it.

Why is this so important? We always said that one of our advantages is that we already have a working product — the game on Steam — and a user base. This, combined with the contributors and investors interested in crypto, give the SKRT’s a solid chance of thrive on a crowded market. But if we want our players to buy the tokens on the open market we need to build a solid, secure system that is understandable and easy to use, since thay may have no previous experience on the blockchain.

After months of hard work we have the first step of the Skara’s integration on the blockchain almost ready to hit Steam. Players will be able to easily create a wallet, buy tokens and transfer them to the game in just a couple of steps. This is huge and a real revolution that can work on any platform thanks to the blockchain — whether it is on Steam or any other PC publisher, mobile, or console.

If you are a Skara Token holder, there are many reasons to be happy right now. If you are not… what are you waiting for? Go to Mercatox and buy some!

Pablo Rodríguez, CEO and Creative Director of Skara.

The SKARAT Token Sale is LIVE
2018-02-08 22:44:41

The SKARAT Token Sale is LIVE

Now is the time to get your piece of the future of eSports betting. SKARATs are for sale on

SKARATs will revolutionize eSports (already a multibillion dollar industry) by creating a new system of compensation between players, games and event coordinators.

SKRT will also allow gamers to purchase and secure tradable assets in the secondary market. Many gamers do this now in risky blackmarkets, and will jump at the chance to have a verifiable way to do it.

Finally SKARATs will allow community members to bet online on big eSports tournaments.

For more details please take a look at our video

Soon, SKRT will be used in other video games franchises, so don’t be left out — join our token sale now!

Before you buy SKARATs, make sure your crypto is going to the right place.
2018-02-07 01:52:34

Before you buy SKARATs, make sure your crypto is going to the right place.

We take security seriously, and you should too!

That is why we want to ensure that nobody is trying to pretend to be us by putting up a fake wallet address to send your hard earned crypto to.

With that in mind, take a look at this picture. If the key matches this one, then rest assured you have sent it to the right place.

See you on the Battlefield!

Tired of losing your crypto wealth? SKARA offers highest demand among altcoins!
2018-02-06 15:29:09

Tired of losing your crypto wealth? SKARA offers highest demand among altcoins!

With the crypto market heading back towards 2017 levels, investors are wondering: should I cash out at a loss? Or should I invest in ICOs and hope for a very long term return?

The SKARA Token (SKRT) is the solution to all these problems.

Since the main use of most cryptos is speculative, when Bitcoin goes down, many others follow.

SKRTs are different.

Unlike tokens for yet-to-be-built platforms, SKRTs are sustained by a fast growing community of more than 350k video game players that will be purchasing in-game assets in a soon-to-be legendary eSports title. That means that the demand for SKRT won’t be affected by market sentiment, since gamers don’t know (or care) much about crypto and are used to purchase virtual currencies inside their favorite games.

This is happening from day 1 in our upcoming Beta of Skara — The Blade Remains on the 8th of February (yes this Thursday!) as SKRT will be the only way to purchase premium items in Skara.

Around 8% of free-to-play gamers buy virtual currency, and we plan to hit 3 million players by the end of 2018. That is an estimated 240k players buying and selling SKRT in the secondary market.

Since the prize of SKRT is pegged to the ETH this is the time to buy, so don’t miss out and join our presale:

SKARA ready to go Feb 8
2018-02-03 01:01:25

SKARA ready to go Feb 8

With the launch of its token sale and the beta version of its award winning multiplayer game just 6 days away, SKARA studio leads declare everything in order.

“We are enjoying the amount of attention, although I am not sleeping much because of all the chatter,” said SKARA CEO Pablo Rodriguez. “Telegram never sleeps.”

Most game developers have spent the last weeks hunting for bugs and fixing them, by doing what they love — playing SKARA.

“It is difficult to imagine this is a job,” said SKARA QA tester Jordi. “But it is.”

The SKARA Token Sale has also witnessed an explosion of interest from investors all around the world, many of them gamers excited to try a game with a cryptocurrency for the first time.

Cesar Ortega, Co-founder of SKARA, who also oversees the ICO, estimates the sale shall be well oversubscribed.

“We are now reviewing the pre-sale list to make sure we include community members who may have offered lower amounts,” he said. “And we invite anyone in that category to join in ASAP. When the tokens are already sold, unfortunately we can do very little about that.”

SKARA also returned to Youtube last week:

Finally, see Ortega take the stage in Amsterdam to explain what SKARA is up to:

Blockchain empowers players by giving real ownership
2018-02-02 03:37:09

Blockchain empowers players by giving real ownership

One of the first games to make their premium currency a crypto currency is SKARA, The Blade Remains.

Despite controversy amongst some gaming communities, SKARA’s creators say cryptocurrency protocols are good for players.

“We are firm believers that blockchain and gaming are made for each other,” said SKARA co-founder Cesar Ortega. “The gaming industry has some problems that the blockchain is an answer for.”

The main reason for this involves game assets, like objects they earn in the game or cosmetic items.

“People spend hard earned money buying the assets that they like,” Ortega explained. “Until now they were limited to use them in the developer’s game only. By putting them on the blockchain, you give players real ownership of those assets, which they are free to use or sell somewhere else, like you would do if you bought a physical asset.”

Like anything collectible, being rare is important. Blockchain makes sure assets are unique and identifiable, and therefore valuable.

Ortega did not deny that some gaming companies were critical of cryptocurrency.

“One of the reasons there is resistance for this is the fact that allowing people to sell their assets means they are getting money out of the game/platform, so the big studios are not happy with that.” he said. “We on the other hand truly believe that the community has to be rewarded for their effort and risk.”

SKARA’s CEO Pablo Rodriguez, who has been in the gaming industry for more than 15 years, took the analysis one step further.

“Players NEED absolute control over their accounts, their assets bought with their hard-earned money, or even the assets obtained by just playing — it requires a lot of time to get them!” he said. “What if your account gets banned — so what happens with your assets? With the money you spent on your Account? With all the time and effort you put to upgrade your characters? Now all you can do is complain to the game companies on Twitter when something wrong happens with your account, but blockchain will solve that.”

Cryptocurrencies also create a better way to reward players in competitive games.

“Because SKARATs have real value outside of the game we can reward our best players with them,” said Ortega. “This could not be done without the blockchain.”

SKARA’s creators predict widespread adoption of cryptocurrency in gaming.

“In the future all the games will be held in the blockchain and it is a matter of time for developers and publishers to adapt,” Ortega said. “But it’s always fun being a pioneer!”

More about SKARA:

Made in Barcelona and London, SKARA launches the beta version of their intense multiplayer fighting game on February 8.

The wait is nearly over to try SKARA’s BETA
2018-01-24 16:05:32

The wait is nearly over to try SKARA’s BETA

SKARA, The Blade Remains has been in development since 2013.

During the majority of that time it has been in what is called Alpha, the earliest functioning prototype version that is still playable.

In that basic state, the game has attracted hundreds of thousands of players from around the world, who have had a massive impact on how the game has grown and changed.

One of those players is called Stez.

“I am one of the top players, ranked the highest total score ever, founder/player of the team called Silent Monkeys which is also the current top team (that won the last tournament),” he explained. “Skara is probably the perfect game for everyone that loves playing games against others that are focused on skill matchups.”

Stez compares Skara favorably to the other free-to-play games out there.

“It’s not at all like the typical “unbalanced” or “depending on picks” or “pay2win” games that usually are free to play games have,” he said. “Skara is quite unique in its genre!”

Since Stez is a longtime player and committed community member, he got to see the Beta version before everyone else.

“Balance is on point, the new models look even better, the map update made that icy looking map look extremly nice. The Visual and acoustic effects were pretty awesome as well… not many games rework animations.”

But for Stez the precision came from the action side.

“The fighting felt better — there were only a few bugs and that was on an unpolished version of the game.”

The more polished version will be available February 8.

“We’ve had a major team of QA Testers besides members of the community going over every part of the game,” said SKARA CEO Pablo Rodriguez. “We still have some work to do, but it is definitely ready to enter the world fresh.”

The BETA will not be the only new thing about SKARA franchise.

Besides a hot new game, SKARA will feature a new type of cryptocurrency, the SKARAT.

“We uploaded the smart contract literally yesterday,” said SKARA CTO Victor Moreno. “We were happy to get it back with two thumbs up from the auditors. It will be a new experience for some players, but only if they are into crypto like Ethereum. For everyone else it will be like nothing changed.”

The SKARATs are going on sale officially February 8, but most of the tokens have already been spoken for in the pre-sale.

That’s good news for the team, since the ICO will help finish funding development of the game.

“We have big plans,” said SKARA Co-founder Cesar Ortega. “Soon we will have everything we need to achieve them.”

Skara preps the launchpad
2018-01-23 15:29:44

Skara preps the launchpad

The SKARA project is making progress on all fronts.

The beta launch of SKARA, The Blade Remains on February 8 is only a few days away. The SKARAT token sale, which launches at the same time, also takes place on February 8.

Demand for SKARATs during the pre-sale continues to be enthusiastic. Every day new investors are signing up for their spot on the pre-sale list and joining our Telegram channel to discuss the project. Someone is covering this channel 24/7, so please feel free to join in.

Last week, an article about SKARA was published in The Merkle, titled Skara Token Sale Pioneers New Video Games & eSports Business Model

We have also been on an ICO talk show, called appropriately ICO Talk.

Check it out!

People love our solution. We came upon this video about our ICO:

“It looks like something I would love to get my feet wet with,” said Nerdy Dude Stuff host Oprious. “Technology is coming together. I give it two nerdy thumbs up!”

As our ICO pre-sale wraps up and the actual sale begins, we look at the development of our project.

On that front, the biggest news for next week is the official release of the debut novel SKARA, The Time of the Two Suns.

The book is in Spanish and can be purchased wherever books are sold. Translations will be available beginning in Q3 2018.

More about SKARA, The Time of the Two Suns

Author Pablo Rodríguez Valero

Editor Martinez Roca


Release Date: 23/01/2018

EAN 978–8427044012

ISBN 9788427044012

Kindle Version

Translations will be available beginning in Q3 2018.

ESports Betting with crypto sets SKARA apart
2018-01-18 16:17:00

ESports Betting with crypto sets SKARA apart

What makes sports so lucrative?

It could be many things — the tension of the contest as players put their efforts into the competition. The skills it takes to get there. The number of people who spend their freetime watching, and the money companies can make from getting their attention.

Certainly there is a lot to the game itself, but it pales in comparison to the amounts wagered.

For example, the NFL’s budget is dwarfed by the amounts spent betting on the NFL.

According to a Forbes article, $95 Billion USD was wagered on football, more than $3 Billion on the superbowl alone. The NFL revenue for 2015 was a comparatively paltry $13 Billion.

Competitive video games that make up eSports will not be immune to this process either.

The eSports phenomenon is fueled by a love for the intricacy of modern video game mechanics and the talent it takes to perform well under pressure, and betting can back it up.

According to the eSports Betting Report, the total amounts wagered is already being measured in the billions. In 2015, they reported $4.2 Billion.

That’s one reason why SKARA plans on implementing betting options using their new token, the SKARAT.

“The opportunity is there to connect this successful market into the game, to help players more directly — and also the developers,” said SKARA co-founder Cesar Ortega. “We think it’s a great way to even the odds out for those who put their sweat and time into actually making the game happen.”

The SKARAT betting platform is still a ways out of becoming a reality, but the SKARA team says they are actively working with a partner to make sure they get it right.

One aspect of that is making sure the timing is right.

“Good bets are very time dependent,” explained SKARA CTO Victor Moreno. “If the feedback is too late, the wagers would be wrong, thus jeapordizing the market. By connecting it into the game, we eliminate that concern.”

SKARAT owners should be excited about the potential.

“Using our own token will help facilitate SKARA’s eSports league development,” said SKARA CEO Pablo Rodriguez. “Players will get more rewards which they can cash in at their leasure. Betting will enable non-competitive players to be more directly involved and in a way that isn’t harmful.”

Releasing the story of SKARA, The Time of the Two Suns
2018-01-15 16:40:06

Releasing the story of SKARA, The Time of the Two Suns

Pablo, the author and creator of SKARA

For more than five years, SKARA creator Pablo Rodriguez has been working on a vision of a fantasy world facing total apocalypse.

His work began in a sketchbook.

“To see what happens in a destroyed world, you need to build it first,” he explains. “So while building the game, we set to work doing that as well.”

All of that work has culminated in a debut novel, which comes out next week.

The novel is called, SKARA, The Time of the Two Suns. It is being published by Planeta, the largest publisher in the Spanish language, with translations into other languages due out soon.

To further describe what readers can expect from the novel and how it connects to the award winning multiplayer game, Pablo agreed to an exclusive interview.

To begin, how did you get the idea for SKARA? Where did it come from?

I guess the script came at first, I had a vision about the story of two characters who reunite again after several years and have to face a cataclysm in the middle of a Fantasy world. As cliché as it could sound, everything changed as soon as I started to develop the world of Skara to give context to that story.

Suddenly everything started to make more and more sense. What started as an adventure of a couple of characters from a specific culture soon changed to a whole cosmogony of several cultures, their background and political interactions. Making a single player was no longer an option: we had to create a multi-player game and give the same importance to all cultures. The rest is history!

As the title clearly says, the novel takes place when there were two suns in Skara, hinting that there may not be at some point. Can you explain what’s going on here?

I hope not to make any spoiler here — as everyone who played Skara knows about the cataclysm that caused the sun of Skara splitting in two — but the novel starts some years before that. It acts as a prequel, in fact, and gives background about all the cultures of Skara as well as places the story of several important people who determine the course of the most important battles before the Cataclysm.

Can you give us a hint about the story? Not a spoiler, but something to think about as the reader begins?

There are two different plots: the one in the North, in which Erika, the daughter of the Kerta captain — one of the most important clans among the Tamvaasa — is willing to go to war to face their perennial enemies the Durno.

At the same time the two young princes of the Durno are preparing to travel to Ku-Na-Zem — the main city of the Shinse — to begin their training to become respected warriors, following the tradition.

How these two plots criss cross is very important as the sky is about to fall over their heads… Anymore would be a spoiler!

What should readers expect about the story? Did you have any influences that they might know, such as other fantasy writers?

I would lie if I don’t mention Tolkien as one of my main references. I lost the count of how many times I’ve read The Lord of the Rings or The Silmarillion. That was precisely one of the things that motivated me to write the novel in the first place: the possibility to create not only a story, but a rich world that acts as context, coherent and full of details.

However, as I grew up I started to discover more and more authors, and I suspect I’ve been somehow influenced by some of them. From Turgeniev and his ‘Fathers and sons’ to ‘The Name of the wind’ from Patrick Routhfouss — I wish I could write like them so I would do my best to get as close as possible to their styles in upcoming novels.

Fantasy stories are famous for being about more than just stories about goblins and dragons. What themes did you try to handle in your story? Any current events or issues that are particularly important to you?

Yeah, even on fantasy worlds it is good to write about personal stuff and things attached to your own story. In ‘Time of the Two Suns’ readers will find quite a lot of exact phrases from my karate master, something that I tried really hard to bring to the training classes between the Shinse masters and the young princes.

But I think the most important topic in the novel is the relationship bvetween parents and sons/daugthers, and how the young confront their elders but end up being just like them. It is something that I have obsessed about since the very first time my father told me ‘Oh, you will change your mind about that’ and it finally happened. I suspect most of my father’s prophecies are about to become true as the time goes.

Any advice to inspire other writers?

Write! Just that. I don’t think I am the right person to give advice since this is my first novel and I never wrote before. I had to re-write the most part of it at least four times, so I guess preparing a script and be sure it is right before writting a single line of the novel would be a right one. Got it from my publisher on the first day — and that was the reason to start everything from scratch for the fourth and last time — but sometimes making mistakes is the best way to learn. Just don’t be afraid and enjoy the journey.

Presumably you are not finished writing. What’s next for you?

I am actually very busy working on the chronicles of the best players of each event of Skara — you can read them on the Skara wiki — as a way to introduce our best and most loyal players to the official Lore of Skara.

At the same time I am starting to think about the second novel and sequel to ‘Time of the Two Suns’. Funny enough it starts exactly the same way that the story I thought at the very beginning: the two characters who reunite after several years since the last time they saw each other.

I am dying to finish that part of the story and complete the circle. Let’s see if the readers know what characters this is going to be about.

More about SKARA, The Time of the Two Suns

Author Pablo Rodríguez Valero

Editor Martinez Roca

Publisher Planeta

Release Date: 23/01/2018

EAN 978–8427044012

ISBN 9788427044012

Kindle Version

Available in Spanish starting January 23, the novel SKARA, The Time of the Two Suns can be purchased anywhere books are sold.

Translations will be available beginning in Q3 2018.


Greetings survivors! Blog posts are back with the first entry of a two-part piece about the development of the new map, Atash (link below). We hope you enjoy it and come back for the sequel, next week!

Attention survivors! Today at 5pm (CEST), challenge the Skara Devs for an epic 3v3 battle, or follow the broadcast on the official Twitch channel (link below). See you on the battlefield.

Survivors! The long-awaited OB 0.2.0 version of Skara is now live. Go to Steam ( and try it right now!

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Our BRAND NEW website is now live! Go to and check it out!

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'Bringing better user experience to blockchain — the point of view of a game designer.' Some thoughts about UX and UI on our upcoming first itegration of Skara on the blochchain:

A new website for is coming soon! The site will be under maintenance for a couple of days. Stay tuned!

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