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The Blockchain Made Ready for Business


Finished: 1 year 10 months ago

Start Date

12th of March 2017

End Date

17th of March 2017

Country: Singapore

Ticker/Symbol QTUM
Platform Ethereum
Hardcap   0,00
Softcap   0,00
Raised 15 000 000,00
ICO Score
Token Rates
Price USD 2,09565639
Price BTC 0,00057495
24h Volume USD 207 566 970,90
Change 1h -0.65%
Change 24h -0.22%
Change 7d -0.58%
Available Supply 89 189 060,00
Capitalisation USD 186 909 623,53

Updated: 2019-01-18


The Qtum Foundation is a Singapore based entity that promotes adoption of the Qtum Blockchain. Project inception began in March 2016, leading up to a successful crowdsale a year later. Over 10,000 BTC and 72,000 ETH were raised in less than 5 days, making Qtum one of the largest crowdfunded projects in history, at $15.6 million dollars.
Qtum is an open source Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain application platform. Qtum’s core technology combines a fork of Bitcoin Core, an Account Abstraction Layer allowing for multiple Virtual Machines including the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and Proof-of-Stake consensus aimed at tackling industry use cases.
We believe this will allow Smart Contracts and Decentralized Applications (DApps) to run on a familiar foundation, while offering a robust environment for developers. The underlying technology uses an “Account Abstraction Layer”, which acts as a bridge between the EVM and the Unspent Transaction Output model of Bitcoin Core. Building on Bitcoin’s reliable and proven-to-deliver blockchain, Qtum stacks its Account Abstraction Layer, allowing the Bitcoin Core 0.13 blockchain to seamlessly interact with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). With this innovation it is now possible to execute smart contracts and run DApps, simply and securely, in environments that were previously out of reach for Ethereum, combining the endless possibilities provided by smart contracts with the stability and maturity of the bitcoin ecosystem. There will also be Oracles and Datafeed functionality, allowing developers to create Smart Contracts built around trusted sources of information.
The Qtum Foundation plans to be the public blockchain for business. Development efforts will allow us to market this platform to various industries, such as: Mobile Telecommunications, Counterfeit Protection, Finance, Industrial Logistics (shipping, warranty, etc), and Manufacturing.
Build decentralized applications you can trust
Combining a modified Bitcoin Core infrastructure with an intercompatible version of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), Qtum merges the reliability of Bitcoin’s unfailing blockchain with the endless possibilities provided by smart contracts.
Designed with stability, modularity and interoperability in mind, Qtum is the foremost toolkit for building trusted decentralized applications, suited for real-world, business oriented use cases. Its hybrid nature, in combination with a first-of-its-kind PoS consensus protocol, allow Qtum applications to be compatible with major blockchain ecosystems, while providing native support for mobile devices and IoT appliances.

Smart Contracts that Mean Business
Qtum makes it easier than ever for established sectors and legacy institutions to interface with blockchain technology. Create your own tokens, automate supply chain management and engage in self-executing agreements in a standardized environment, verified and tested for stability.
Smart Contract Lifecycle Managment
Qtum, in cooperation with its academic partners, develops tools and methods to standardize the workflow for business smart contract development. This includes the formally verifiable translation of human-readable agreements to machine smart contracts, and the error-resilient specification of their elements, terms and conditions.
Setting Industry Standards
Cooperating with a series of partners and third parties, Qtum aims to establish a smart contract hub, offering secure and thoroughly tested contract templates, tailor fitted for a multitude of industries and use cases, such as supply chain management, telecommunications, IoT, social networking, and many more.
Go Mobile
Building on Bitcoin’s UTXO model, the simple payment verification (SPV) protocol is supported by the Qtum codebase by default. As a result, it is now possible to execute smart contracts from lite wallets, which can be easily installed on any given mobile device, heralding an age of mobile decentralized applications.
With this, the blockchain is finally ready to take up disruption in a world in which half of all internet traffic is being generated by smartphones and tablets.
Account Abstraction Layer
Qtum extends Bitcoins 'Script' language so that it functions as a vehicle to transport code to Qtum’s version of the EVM. With this, it is now possible to execute smart contracts and run decentralized applications, simply and securely, in environments that were previously out of reach for turing-complete blockchains, combining the endless possibilities provided by smart contracts with the stability and maturity of the bitcoin ecosystem.
Cross Platform and Backward Compatibility
Qtum is compatible with existing Ethereum contracts as well as Bitcoin gateways, and will maintain backward-compatibility even if the system is updated.


Patrick Dai


Neil Mahi

Blockchain Architect

Jordan Earls

Core developer

Yunqi "Caspal" Ouyang

Web developer

Baiqiang Dong

Xiaolong "Stephen" Xu

Weiyu Qi

Jun "Codeface" Chen

iOS Developer / Product Manager

Huaming He

Wenbin Zhong

Alex Dulub


David Jaenson



John Scianna

Stella Kung

Brett Fincaryk


Testnet Release (June 2017) Potentially incomplete GUI, full RPC methods for contract interaction. Designed for developers, not consumers.
Mainnet release (September 2017) GUI for smart contract interaction in wallet. Stable RPC layer for developers.
Qtum integration and API release APIs for interaction with smart contracts for JavaScript, iOs and Android. Release of Qloha, a WeChat wallet for mobile use. Release of SpringMail, email integration for Qtum. Smart contract lifecycle management.
Extending Qtum for the future (2018 and beyond) Each extention will be formally evaluated and timeframe determined with community input guiding priorities. Adding new features and power to the Qtum AAL. First Class Oracles - Native Oracle support on the blockchain beyond standard smart contracts. Support of community projects built on Qtum.
New VM implementations on Qtum Adding new VMs beyond EVM. eSML, a new smart contract language with formal verification.


2018-12-14 03:24:27

Check out our demo for sharing files via Qtum and IPFS

2018-12-13 17:27:28

Since March 2017, Qtum Foundation LTD and the three co-founders of Qtum, Patrick Dai, Neil Mahi, and Jordan Earls, have handled Qtum’s operations, management, and decision-making. Other members of decision-making committees and our early backers listed in the Qtum Economic White Paper (Draft) are not involved in Qtum's management and operations, nor do they assume corresponding rights and responsibilities. We are grateful for the early support of our angel backers and decision-making committees that helped us get so far!

2018-12-11 05:03:00

Qtum has reached Korbit!

2018-12-04 23:40:29

It was a great day in Singapore at the Forbes Asia Blockchain Forum!

2018-12-04 22:15:46

How do I mine this coin?

2018-11-29 04:59:12

You can now receive the latest #QTUM updates and news on BitUniverse

2018-11-28 03:53:26

Qtum has officially joined Binance Info as a Gold Label Project! With the Gold Label Project, Binance aims to provide users with the most trusted information on crypto projects. As an open information platform, Binance Info encourages all users to participate in maintaining accurate information on crypto projects. By creating a token profile, editing missing or incorrect project information, contributing news sources, and more, users can help the community better understand coins and tokens.

2018-11-26 22:01:47


2018-11-25 15:59:39

Van Pham, [25.11.18 18:54] Hello, Can I send and save QTUM on myethewallet wallet? Van Pham, [25.11.18 18:56] qtum is that ERC 20 right?

2018-11-19 10:39:23

Hello Admin, your coin is listed on our exchange and can be traded. We want to become the leading platform for masternode and staking coins and are looking forward to a good cooperation. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

2018-11-14 04:59:08

Qtum's Wenbin Zhong at 2018 C.E.C World Blockchain Meetup in Seoul

2018-11-12 22:09:05

Qtum’s Wenbin Zhong onstage at C.E.C in #Seoul

2018-11-11 02:09:30

✅ La criptomoneda QTUM, lanzó su primer nodo Blockchain al espacio gracias a SpaceChain. Sorteamos 20k PUNDI X . ¿BITCOIN a 250k?

2018-11-08 23:57:56

QTUM Use Case: Third Party Paying Transaction Fees

2018-11-07 02:12:52

The EVM’s execute-on-transfer problem and non-payable contracts

2018-11-01 05:12:07

Guys any tutorial on building and setting up Qtum node?

2018-10-31 15:13:21

Ten years ago today, the bitcoin white paper was released, and it's still a great read: Happy Anniversary, #Bitcoin!

2018-10-31 02:44:22

Developers can easily manipulate various #decentralized systems and build decentralized applications with QtumX's DDAO: Decentralized Data Access Object

2018-10-24 01:25:24

We are working diligently to bring the x86 VM to life, let's build this together! #BUIDL

2018-10-22 09:42:14

Check out Jordan Earls' proposal to allow free UTXO creation in Qtum, which would help dapps operate.

2018-10-17 07:05:16

Qtum's Patrick Dai gave a presentation on #blockchain as part of a workshop for developing countries at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing. We hope these students will take Patrick's advice and apply blockchain technology to some of the inefficiencies the world faces today, like those in the supply chain, financial inclusion, and IoT devices.

2018-10-16 04:35:16

The Evolution of Digital Cash

2018-10-15 15:48:29

Cryptomonday in Shanghai! It was nice to see Bobby Lee keynote, he's always great

2018-10-08 13:33:00

In case you missed it, we celebrated our one-year anniversary last month. Great developments are in the works to make this year even better.

2018-10-07 06:20:21

The proposals presented at Scaling Bitcoin have been a mix of the radical, evolutionary, and practical! Lots of discussions on atomic ⚛️ swaps, lightning ⚡️ networks, and other forward-thinking ideas ➡️

2018-10-06 12:38:05

Helping #Bitcoin scale lends innovations to almost every other #blockchain (especially UTXO-based blockchains, like Qtum)! Support the ecosystem and catch up on all the latest developments

2018-10-05 14:40:22

What are your thoughts on Professor Crypto?

2018-10-02 14:52:55

If you'd like to know more about #Qtum, here's some third-party research from our friends at Circle

2018-09-30 12:47:55

Introducing the Qtum Hackathon Winners!

2018-09-30 07:59:21

Hello! Good team and project! we can do this!

2018-09-27 22:17:18

Qtum: Now on Kraken

2018-09-27 08:34:54

Patrick telling one of his stories at the G20’s Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance Summit

2018-09-26 02:50:36

Check out the Qtum AMI on the AWS marketplace "In 2 minutes, you have an up and running QTUM node for your development needs." - C. Bresson

2018-09-25 01:57:17

Hey, There's a Global Blockchain Forum in San Francisco this coming month!! If you're in the blockchain space, you might want to attend, #1 blockchain event in Silicon Valley: 3,000+ attendees are expected, 150+ speakers, 500 crypto investors and 50+ crypto funds from Asia. (China, Hk, and Korea). use "loomni30" for a 30% discount if you're interested. Limited quantity, first come first served.

2018-09-24 16:00:01

Patrick speaking at one of the events held at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs' Alliance Summit in Argentina

2018-09-22 01:25:20

Check out Qtum's Year in Review video on Vevue!

2018-09-21 17:48:59

"Today, we are welcoming 4 new assets onto Circle Invest — EOS, Stellar, 0x, and Qtum. This brings our collection of crypto assets to 11, making Circle Invest one of the top apps for accessing a wide array of assets. These new assets can be bought individually, or as part of our “Buy the Market” feature which lets you buy a diversified crypto portfolio in a single tap."

2018-09-19 13:56:26

i wont two jon illuminati

2018-05-30 02:50:02

2018-05-10 20:02:52


2018-05-08 19:41:17

Qtum Meetup at Yale University Tomorrow! Join us and meet some of the dapps built on Qtum.

2018-05-07 11:10:47

2018-05-04 02:35:56

A quick look back at some happenings last month

2018-05-02 22:00:22

Only a few hours away now! The live interview/demo will be at

2018-04-27 14:01:26

Does Quantum care about the listing of qtum dapp in progress? Early dapps were somehow the initial investors who trusted Quantum, Do not you think that you should try to open up the QRE20 market on a large exchange and try to qualify for Quantum dapp?

2018-04-27 00:41:01

Qtum Programming DAPP Development Workshop. Singapore, April 23rd, 2018

2018-04-20 03:40:21

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to learn more about blockchain technology or a software developer who aspires to build your own Dapps, this is the course for you!!!

2018-04-16 07:36:12

Patrick Dai spoke at the Wharton Conference in Pennsylvania, April 2018. Click here to see their website:

2018-04-14 12:39:10

Come meet #Qtum and #PundiX in #Singapore April 19th Click on this link to register:

2018-04-14 01:02:32

Don't worry if you can't make it to tonight's meetup with Bodhi in San Francisco, watch the livestream at 6:30 pst!

2018-04-12 07:07:47

Are you in the Singapore area and would like to meet Qtum and PundiX? Come meet us on April 19th, click on the picture below to register.

2018-04-12 00:41:21

Qtum's co-founder, Patrick Dai, is guest lecturing now at Stanford's Designing Decentralized Applications on Blockchain course

2018-04-11 17:04:01

Qtum’s co-founder, Patrick Dai, presenting “Intro to Tokens & Token Models” at Draper University’s Executive Blockchain Program

2018-04-09 07:43:23

Come meet the founders of #Qtum and #BodhiToken in San Francisco this Friday: Friday, 13 April 2018 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm 1535 Mission St Click the link below to register

2018-04-03 04:54:34

"A unique aspect of the #Qtum platform is its combination a #Bitcoin Core fork and #Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). In other words, it is a hybrid #blockchain. This blend results in extreme security–from the Bitcoin network–and extreme flexibility–derived from Ethereum-like smart contracts. Developers will be able to port projects from both Ethereum and Bitcoin onto Qtum’s platform with ease, keeping a level of compatibility with ongoing processes from derived both blockchains. This will save developers time and money, as key network components won’t have to be recreated from scratch."

2018-03-29 21:00:42

Dear community, I am currently running a research project on blockchain and its effect on the financial services sector. It would be very useful if you could respond to the questionnaire below. I also count on you, Qtum employees!

2018-03-23 20:14:33

Check out the latest article about #Vevue and #Qtum on discussing the Indie film "No Postage Necessary" "No Postage Necessary" may have been filmed like a traditional movie, but its release is going high-tech with blockchain-powered distribution."

2018-03-23 10:44:45

Speaking of pairing, I just saw QTUM hasn't gotten any votes in the DASH Market Competition at Cryptaldash Exchange. It seems Zcoin have a more supportive community. Maybe everyone here should vote?

2018-03-20 08:36:03

If you haven't kept up to date with #Qtum this article is for you!

2018-03-16 01:50:25

Learn about Qtum and Bodhi with Qtum co-founder, Jordan Earls, and Bodhi founder, Xiahong Lin:

2018-03-08 06:20:40

SF Meetup - DApp Development with Qtum and Bodhi Devs

2018-03-07 15:16:38

Pitches for the Chamber of Digital Commerce’s Code-A-Thon are underway! Great to see all the blockchain projects built in less than 24 hours

2018-03-07 03:49:45

出售一些QTUM 有需要可以找我 平台交易 无风险

2018-03-06 05:32:58

Mithril Announces Development of New Social Media Applications on Qtum

2018-03-02 20:31:05

Mithril is coming to Qtum.Mithril 将基于Qtum开发应用矩阵!

2018-02-20 16:20:07

Jordan speaking on the future of On-Chain Governance and Smart Contacts

2018-02-14 00:25:48

Less than 100 blocks to go before block 100,000. Make sure to update to the latest #Qtum QT wallet if you are staking:

2018-02-08 12:33:43

Staking just got a lot easier with these RaspberryPi kits

2018-02-07 17:52:30

Watch Jordan Earls introduce #Qtum's x86 virtual machine and get to hear the other great speakers live streaming at:

2018-02-05 16:46:54

Qtum updates:

2018-01-30 14:58:35

All my Qtum has disappeared from my wallet, can I get some help here please?

2018-01-30 14:57:50

Mire @earlzdotnet, @anannra, @zmanian, @foamspace y @ pbusch42 de @Trusted_IoT Alliance hablen de #blockchain y #IoT en #CiscoLive

2018-01-30 13:15:48

Watch the Trusted IoT Alliance speak about blockchain and IoT at #CiscoLive

2018-01-29 21:31:22

@QtumOfficial You are our COIN TO WATCH today! … #coin #tokens #money #green #markets #news #info #cryptocurrency #Crypto #CM_cointowatch

2018-01-26 18:57:12

Robin8 live from Berlin

2018-01-26 18:16:11

Qtum Meetup in Berlin with Jordan Earls and Robin8

2018-01-25 02:04:00

SpaceChain plans to launch three Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites this year! SpaceChain also has created SpaceChain OS to run a decentralized satellite system that advances satellite communications and provides an alternative for data transmission, storage, and other applications thousands of miles above ground. Jeff Garzik, former bitcoin core developer & the CTO of SpaceChain, has been advocating the need for nodes in space since 2014. Have a question about blockchain or space technology? Ask Jeff!

2018-01-23 01:24:17

Check out this post about "How Solidity Events Are Implemented — Diving Into The Ethereum VM Part 6" from our developer Howard.

2018-01-20 06:55:32

Patrick, founder of the qtum foundation was recently interviewed on the China Global Television network - check out the link below for more info!

2018-01-19 00:55:32

Bodhi is working on a version of Web3 for Qtum!

2018-01-15 10:54:03

Qtum Meetup in Taiwan

2018-01-14 18:00:52

can someone please help me with an issue im having receiving MED to my wallet? heres what I can see on insight TRANSACTION: a5e209255beeb8c15b7ae711e3b479e8596258962e0326e5d12b14bc010584c9

2018-01-09 17:54:36

Hello friends ! Well, are we going up $ 100? Tomorrow is 100! $

2018-01-07 16:34:14

Wallet v0.14.12 included: Trojan/Win32.AGeneric + Unwanted/Win32.CoinMiner + Trojan.MSIL.Disfa (8.5AE)

2018-01-07 10:49:43

Hello, what is your customer support email? The one provided in your automatically reply is a non-functioning email. Thank you

2018-01-07 05:17:52

360 Financial #Blockchain Research Center and #Qtum are jointly announcing that we will work together on advancing blockchains underlying technology and set up a Research & Development laboratory

Medium News


What are you waiting for? There are just two weeks left in #Qtum #Hackathon! Open up those laptops ???? and start to buidl ????????‍????

"The potential impact of #blockchain on a global economy, #privacy and #cybersecurity" is still vastly unknown. But, let's start talking about it.

Bitcoin & crypto are closer to breaking into the mainstream than ever before #crypto #bitcoin #blockchain #qtum

I just published “Qtum Community and Development Updates — August 27”

Is @Amazon Getting Serious About Blockchain? ???? We think so!

RT @DistLedger: During #distributed2018, @earlzdotnet from @qtumofficial, @chrisamccoy from @storecoin, and @zmanian from @Trusted_IoT join…

Made some new friends at university? ????‍????????‍???? Get them to join the #Qtum Online #Hackathon and start building this weekend ???????? #blockchain #crypto #developers #developing

Learn about Qtum's Account Abstraction Layer (AAL) from @cheesybrownie #Qtum #Blockchain #Bitcoin #Ethereum

I just published “Qtum Community & Development Updates — August 20th”

There's just under a month left in the Qtum Hackathon, join today!

There's one month left in the Qtum Global #Hackathon! If you haven't signed up, do it now!

RT @CelerNetwork: Announcing a full list of our strategic partnership! Bring Blockchain to Mass Adoption at cSpeed with Strategic Partners!…

If you haven't already, check out the Qrypto wallet chrome plugin: @bodhitoken It's pretty cool ????

There's still a month left in the #Qtum #Hackathon to build something awesome!

I just published “Qtum Community & Development Updates — August 13th”

#Qtum has been listed on HBUS. New registrations from the USA can qualify for free Qtum tokens: @hbusofficial @HuobiGlobal

RT @HuobiGlobal: [HBUS x QTUM Promotion] Our U.S. strategic partner, #HBUS, is hosting a special #coingiveaway. Sign in to your HBUS accoun…

RT @bodhitoken: More Qrypto Light Wallet 1.0.0 Beta released in the Chrome Web Store.@QtumOfficial

"#Vevue, the blockchain streaming service that will host the movie “No Postage Necessary,” is working on a technology — code-named surveillance smart contract — that will be able to track the life cycle of any content." #Blockchain #Fintech @govevue

I just published “Qtum Community and Development Updates — August 6th”

RT @AngelHack: One of the biggest hackathons of the year is just getting started. Join @QtumOfficial to create an impactful DApp that’s nee…

RT @discon303: @earlzdotnet talking about how game theory shapes #blockchain design

“Qtum’s UTXO Design Decision” by Dev Bharel

Protect the things you care about ❤️

Qtum has come to @exodus_io!

Join the #Qtum hackathon webinar ongoing now! ????

RT @QtumOfficial: I just published “QTUM Announces Global Virtual Hackathon”

RT @Changelly_team: ⚡️Dear Customers!⚡️ Please be informed that the ticker for Qtum-ignition has been switched to $QTUM. #Qtum @QtumOffic…

I just published “Qtum Community & Development Updates — July 30th”

Qtum's AMI on @awscloud can be used by anyone who wants to get started on the #blockchain, run a #Qtum node, or simply launch a server with Qtum pre-installed, without the hassle of handling dependencies.

I just published “Qtum Platform Now Available Through Amazon Web Services”

Over 1000 developers from 60+ countries have signed up for the Qtum Hackathon, start building! ????

I just published “QTUM Announces Global Virtual Hackathon”

“Developers Guide to the Qtum GitHub” by Dev Bharel

"Singapore-based Qtum has launched its decentralized application (DApp) development platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS)." Thank you @adejimi writing for @BitcoinMagazine #Blockchain #QtumX #Fintech #OpenSource

RT @AngelHack: Have you heard? $500K are up for grabs during @QtumOfficial's virtual hackathon. See all the details at…

RT @WNattariya: Mr. Prinn Panitchpakdi, a Board member of the Stock Exchange of Thailand, with Qbao Network, Bodhi Network and me at a @Qtu…

RT @MangesiusH: #epic #Panel at #dahoam18 Thanks: .@ChrJentzsch .@PatrickXDai .@DomSchiener .@dfinity .@SpankChain .@QtumOfficial .@slockit…

I just published “Qtum Community & Development Updates — July 23rd”

RT @QtumOfficial: Thursday, August 2, 2018 6:00 PM #Qtum Global Developer Tour Meetup in #Berlin The Qtum Global Developer Tour Meetup in…

RT @bodhitoken: Bodhi's and other Qtum dapps' Asia Blockchain tour in Bangkok Meetup together with @inklabsfound @EnergoOfficial @xhlin @b…

Congrats @PatrickXDai for being named one of the top #Fintech influencers in #Singapore according to @LATTICE80 @pavelbains @AnsonZeall @VitalikButerin #Qtum #Blockchain

RT @Changelly_team: ❗️ATTENTION❗️ Today we’re switching tickers for Qtum-ignition, #NuBits and #Stellar to $QTUM, $USNBT and $XLM, respecti…

You should take measures to protect your #Qtum Use a dedicated device and encrypt your wallet #Blockchain #Fintech #Cryptocurrency

If you are looking for an extensive analysis of #Qtum, look no further: #blockchain

RT @draper_u: See where our Draper U grads are now! Keep up the good work @QtumOfficial and keep pushing forward #tech #technews #LifeAtDU…

RT @Qbao2339: We're thrilled to meet you on Jul 23rd at a Meetup in BKK as part of our Asia tour! Come learn about #DApp on @QtumOfficial b…

Thanks, @SimranAlphonso for the write-up!

"The #Qtum Foundation award for academic research to the Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering at The University of Sheffield, UK. Sheffield was selected for the $60K grant by the members the Trusted IoT Alliance." @Trusted_IoT

I just published “Qtum Community & Developer Updates — July 16th”

RT @Trusted_IoT: The Trusted IoT Alliance together with @QtumOfficial is proud to announce our first academic grant to @sheffielduni ’s res…

RT @QtumOfficial: In Moscow for the World Cup ⚽️ Love it so much you plan on staying? Join us for our meetup on July 28th!…

Thursday, August 2, 2018 6:00 PM #Qtum Global Developer Tour Meetup in #Berlin The Qtum Global Developer Tour Meetup in Berlin will be hosted by Qtum foundation, and co-hosted by Digital Renaissance Foundation. #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Fintech

"#QTUM further solves the slow and expensive nature of transactions on Bitcoin while increasing the scalability lacking on Ethereum" #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Fintech #Cryptocurrency

In Moscow for the World Cup ⚽️ Love it so much you plan on staying? Join us for our meetup on July 28th!

Why it's actually a good sign that no one is spending their crypto. Qtum's advisor, Jeffrey Wernick, explains...

The @govevue AIRDROP and live AMA starts now #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Fintech #Cryptocurrency

Check out @earlzdotnet's keynote from #Blockchain Connect: Advancing the #SmartContract Ecosystem with Qtum's new VM

RT @govevue: Hey #LosAngeles Friends! join us for the LA screening of #NoPostageFilm on Friday, July 6. 7:10PM showing! cast, crew + crea…

If you haven't done so already, or if you are interested in staking, download ???? the latest #Qtum Core Wallet v0.15.2 and begin your #blockchain adventure! ⛏️????

RT @Bitkopexchange: Beautiful ladies from @QtumOfficial and @Bitkopexchange. Big smile, nice mood:) ???? #Tokensky

RT @vevue10: Getty photos from @NoPostageFilm premiere: with @QtumOfficial team member Brett @govevue

RT @govevue: We are celebrating blockchain meets film. the first ever feature film to launch on Vevue built on #Qtum blockchain! #blockch…

RT @govevue: It’s a beautiful day in the #CityofTampa! We are celebrate the evolution of blockchain with the premiere of #NoPostageFilm #…

RT @govevue: Vevue and #qtum at press hour for #NoPostageFilm #blockchain #film #cityoftampa

RT @blockchain_con: Co-founder and Lead Developer of @QtumOfficial Jordan Earls @Earlzdotnet shared his insights on Advancing the Smart Con…

"Qtum’s blockchain integrates the bitcoin blockchain’s security capabilities and features with an Ethereum Virtual Machine, gaining the best of both worlds." #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Fintech #Cryptocurrency @Forbes

Billionaire Looks to #China for Next Big #Crypto Winners

RT @earlzdotnet: I’ll be speaking at Discon in Denver! Really excited about this conference and I’ll be giving a talk about how game theory…

"The most significant update for QTUM is the development of its dedicated x86 virtual machine (VM), which will allow it to transition away from the standard Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)." #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Fintech #Cryptocurrency

"Qtum’s other partnership is with Qihu 360, the largest listed software company in China, and one of the best Internet security companies in the world. Qihu 360 has about 900 million users worldwide." #Blockchain #Fintech #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #Qtum

I just published “IAME is Moving to Qtum”

Best caption for this photo of @earlzdotnet...?

RT @PatrickXDai: Had a great workshop at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, check the details: Intr…

RT @ChamberDigital: "#Blockchain governance needs to expand beyond just the entire blockchain... you need to almost have a tiered governanc…

RT @QUOINE_SG: Dear QUOINERS, The conversion of @QtumOfficial ERC-20 tokens to mainnet tokens has been completed on…

Today in New York City, @earlzdotnet, spoke about #decentralized governance protocols being a necessary part of dapps and #blockchain networks at the World Blockchain Forum #WBFNYC

RT @Chipin: Qtum expansion delights community @QtumOfficial

"#Qtum (QTUM) has reached remarkable heights in one year, and now hopes to move the bar up with some new projects." @bodhitoken #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Fintech #Cryptocurrency

#Qtum co-founder and CEO, @PatrickXDai will be speaking at the 2018 #Blockchain Connect conference in San Jose. June 26th-27th

"Tuesday’s official statement noted that “the code of all of these projects will be fully open source.” Then, Bodhi went on to detail the three new projects – Qx, QDex, and Qrypto – that they’ll be working on alongside #Qtum." #Blockchain #Fintech

RT @Coinsuper_OFCL: QTUM will be listed on Coinsuper at 4pm (HK time) to be specific! @QtumOfficial

#Qtum will attend and speak at the @CoinAgenda conference June 21-23 in #Singapore "Qtum founder and CEO Patrick Dai will be featured in a fireside chat to begin the conference on Thursday morning. " #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Fintech #Cryptocurrency

RT @PatrickXDai: V0.15 is a very big updates on performance. Upgrade Qtum core code to bitcoin core 0.15.1 with important performance impr…

"#Qtum has always been, and for the time being will remain, a soft-spoken platform with enough horsepower under the hood to blow competitors out of the water. " #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Fintech #Cryptocurrency

Check out the new #Qtum website: #Bitcoin #blockchain #Fintech #cryptocurrency

Check out the latest updates regarding Qtum's x86 Virtual Machine & Qtum Enterprise Version! #qtum #blockchain #crypto #technology

RT @ABCC_Exchange: ????ABCC #Airdrops 3,000 #QTUM ???? Freebies for everyone until 8 June! 1⃣0.3QTUM if you register on ABCC 2⃣0.5QTUM if you dep…

RT @PatrickXDai: we will push Qtum once again to massive adoption.. earlier, because the regulation risk in china, we slow down the marketi…

"X86 allows developers to work in numerous different programming languages, that way supporting more programming languages than any blockchain-based virtual machine by far." #Bitcoin #blockchain #fintech #Cryptocurrency

RT @earlzdotnet: I'm going to give a link to this website to everyone who comes up to me and asks "why are you using PoS? Isn't it less sec…

RT @blockchain_con: #consensus2018 is over, now it’s time for #blockchainconnect2018. We are honored to have @PatrickXDai @QtumOfficial to…

RT @blockchain_con: #consensus2018 is over, now it’s time for #blockchainconnect2018. We are honored to have #JefferyWernick, adviser of @Q…

"QTUM is about to launch its first online hackathon which will last for three months and welcomes anyone who aspires to build on or for QTUM to join" #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Fintech #Cryptocurrency

RT @QtumOfficial: Important update for Qtum Core! Massive performance improvements, new features and bug fixing!

Important update for Qtum Core! Massive performance improvements, new features and bug fixing!

RT @PatrickXDai: 2018 Qtum x86 VM Launch event sketch movie via @YouTube

RT @Bingo_Platform: BINGO founder and CEO Matt Lee said “We are thrilled to have launched QTUM Heroes on our platform,” Think of it as the…

RT @Bingo_Platform: Players can register at Groundbreaking QTUM Heroes is a dynamic, player-kill game that combines…

I just published “Qtum at Blockchain Week NYC”

"The point is to make the barrier to entry into the blockchain space a lot lower with these different languages, so developers can more easily innovate using a framework they’re familiar with." #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Qtum #Fintech #Cryptocurrency

Qtum Dapp, @govevue, ranks among "The Coolest Blockchain Startups at Consensus"

Exclusive Interview with #Qtum developer Xu Xiaolong, a former TENCENT employee. #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Fintech

RT @PatrickXDai: Part of Asian Leadership Conference Speakers, here is the full list: @ALCChosun…

Qtum’s @earlzdotnet, @FilamentHQ, @LedgerHQ, and @zmanian moderating the “On Device Key Management” panel at #Consensus2018 All from the @Trusted_IoT Alliance!

RT @ZeeZheng: My crazy project and crazy hair @Space__Chain @earlzdotnet @QtumOfficial

RT @Bingo_Platform: Qtum Heroes---Community CBT is officially open! BINGO team will air-drop candies to our big fan…

RT @QtumOfficial: "#Qtum, the first successful Proof-of-Stake blockchain, is a big step closer to mass adoption after striking a deal that…

Singapore’s first #blockchain unicorn shares insights on the Asian #crypto space w/ @PatrickXDai

"#Qtum, the first successful Proof-of-Stake blockchain, is a big step closer to mass adoption after striking a deal that will allow people to use QTUM tokens to pay for goods in shops across the world." #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Fintech

RT @QtumOfficial: Join us at @Yale this Wednesday at 5pm for a meetup with @bodhitoken, @Space__Chain, and Certik

"The DGP is designed so that a blockchain’s individual parameters can be updated through specially designed smart contracts. This can be done without disrupting the current ecosystem" #Bitcoin #blockchain #Fintech #cryptocurrency

RT @PatrickXDai: CEIBS Private Wealth Investment Forum 2018.

RT @PatrickXDai: QTUM is Zooming Forward Thanks to its First dApp Launch

Join us at @Yale this Wednesday at 5pm for a meetup with @bodhitoken, @Space__Chain, and Certik

QTUM Tech Meetup at @Columbia University this Thursday, May 10! @bodhitoken @Space__Chain #qtum #blockchain #certik

RT @ABCC_Exchange: Update: @QtumOfficial is now open for trade on ABCC - the first COMMISSION-FREE #cryptocurrencyexchange! We aim to provi…

RT @KJTechnical: @QtumEspanol @earlzdotnet @QtumOfficial @michaelgreen06 @galvanize No sabiamos que Qtum tenía una cuenta en español! Salud…

RT @KJTechnical: Thanks again to @earlzdotnet, lead engineer at @QtumOfficial, for taking time out from his busy schedule (which includes m…

RT @PatrickXDai: X86 is coming. Qtum TPS can be doubled easy if we reach the limits, 3M transactions per day.

RT @michaelgreen06: Tomorrow night QTUM co-founder and lead dev @earlzdotnet will be exploring their x86 Virtual Machine. I hope you can jo…

On Sunday, April 29th, Qtum’s advisor, Jeffrey Wernick, and Qtum’s marketing director, John Scianna, participated in Harvard’s CSSA Blockchain Summit #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Fintech #cryptocurrency

Read an exclusive interview with #Qtum co-founder @PatrickXDai "The Enterprise version is something we are working on. We want to release a smart contract store. It’s like an Apple Store." #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Fintech #Cryptocurrency

RT @earlzdotnet: First x86 contract that didn't crash or fault in some way, and printed a hello world message!

Qtum’s advisor, Jeffrey Wernick, is currently speaking at Harvard’s CSSA about the blockchain ecosystem and @john_scianna will speak later on protocols

RT @Bingo_Platform: Just find a hero looks like you! Qtum Heroes invitation registration launched! @QtumOfficial @PatrickXDai @MattLeeMA #B…

Blockchain's Future by Qtum's Patrick Dai at Google Shanghai #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Fintech #Cryptocurrency

Watch @earlzdotnet live at the DevHour Roundtable: Blockchains & Smart Contracts (starting at 8:00pm EST) #blockchain #technology #smartcontracts #qtum

RT @earlzdotnet: After what seems like... and literally was, weeks. The first x86 instruction executed within a Qtum regtest blockchain dur…

RT @DistLedger: This amazing weekend was only possible thanks to our sponsors: @_blockdaemon @krakenfx @bloqinc @HashedHealth @TrinityProto…

#Qtum Community Updates for March/April 2018 #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Fintech #Cryptocurrency

RT @PatrickXDai: developer guide to Qtum

RT @PatrickXDai: Introduction to QTUM and Underlying Technologies

"Sino-Singapore Innovation Alliance (SSIA) was established in Shanghai on April 21st. As the core member of the alliance, DREP Foundation joined the signing ceremony alongside QTUM Foundation." #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Fintech #cryptocurrency

RT @Disruptepreneur: Awesome to see hackathon teams building on top of the @QtumOfficial blockchain! #DistributedMarkets…

"Few stand at the level of QTUM (QTUM) – this is a digital currency that has steadily built its profile in 2018" #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Fintech #Cryptocurrency #Ethereum

RT @akomba: Great session about #qtum with @hayeah. Thank you! /cc @QtumOfficial

RT @bodhitoken: I just published “Bodhi Prediction Market Platform Now Live on Qtum Mainnet”

Class is in session for Day 1 of #Qtum Programming: From Basics to #Dapp Development at SUSS in Singapore!

April 23-24th, Singapore University of Social Sciences. #Qtum programming workshop. If you are a developer looking to learn about #Blockchain technology, this 2 day course is where you should be. #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Fintech #Cryptocurrency.

We have compiled a list of some Decentralized Applications that have built on the #Qtum #Blockchain #Bitcoin #Cryptocurrency #Fintech

RT @PatrickXDai: Dapps page online again: for informational purposes only and should not be interpreted as an offer or solicitation to buy…

RT @hayeah: A little smart contract deployment tool I made for @QtumOfficial Here's how to deploy the a @ZeppelinOrg crowdsale. It suppo…

#SmartContract Pioneer @NickSzabo4: “Don't Ditch Decentralization” via @CoinDesk

RT @CryptoGrinders: Honoured to be part of this meetup of the most innovative minds in the blockchain space @QtumOfficial @PatrickXDai @pun…

I just published “Qtum in Silicon Valley”

RT @CryptoGrinders: Calling all Devs! 2 Day workshop in SUSS Singapore conducted by @PatrickXDai and @QtumOfficial team.…

RT @MithrilToken: QTUM/MITH and ETH/MITH trading will begin on LBank starting on 4/18 16:00 (UTC+8). LBank 將於 4 月18日下午四點 (UTC+8),正式開放秘銀幣/QT…

RT @LBank_Exchange: Mithril($MITH) Will be Listed on LBank Soon! Time: 16:00, April 18 (GMT+8) Trading Area: MITH/ETH MITH/QTUM https://t.…

RT @earlzdotnet: Fun fact: Before I spent about 3 months analyzing Qtum's (well, Blackcoin's at the time) PoS algorithm to build the blog p…

RT @PatrickXDai: Had a great experience in SF and Philadelphia, made speechs at Draper University and Stanford University, also had a great…

#Qtum is one of the launch #cryptocurrencies for Coinone Indonesia #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Fintech @coinone_info

We had a great time presenting at @draper_u last week, some kind words from @TimDraper ! @PatrickXDai has a speech coming up in #Pennsylvania as well as a #Meetup in Singapore, check our previous tweets for more information. #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Fintech #cryptocurrency

Singapore, April 19th: Come meet with #Qtum, @PundiXLabs and @EnergoOfficial Click the #Meetup link below to register! #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Singapore #Fintech #Cryptocurrency #ETHEREUM

RT @QtumOfficial: Over 100+ people attended the #Qtum and @bodhitoken meetup in San Francisco! Here are some pictures of @PatrickXDai and X…

Over 100+ people attended the #Qtum and @bodhitoken meetup in San Francisco! Here are some pictures of @PatrickXDai and Xiaohong You can watch the video on the #Bodhi #Facebook page: #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Fintech #Cryptocurrency

The livestream for tonight’s #developer meetup with @bodhitoken starts at 6:30pm pst

RT @QtumOfficial: April 13th, 6pm San Francisco, 1535 Mission St, 2/F Join #Bodhi and #Qtum to celebrate the first DApp to launch on the Q…

RT @StakeBox: All of the @QtumOfficial @reddcoin and @NeblioTeam StakeBox preorders have now shipped. Just waiting on software for the othe…

RT @earlzdotnet: Fun fact: you can process 1000 transactions per second with a MySQL database. Why not use that instead of a centralized bl…

April 13th, 6pm San Francisco, 1535 Mission St, 2/F Join #Bodhi and #Qtum to celebrate the first DApp to launch on the Qtum main network later this month. #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Fintech

Video from @FoxBusiness discussing #Qtum QRC20 project @govevue and @JeremyECulver film #Bitcoin #Blockchain #fintech

April 19th, the @PundiXLabs and #Qtum team will host a Meetup in Singapore: #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Fintech #Cryptocurrency

Thank you @OKEx_ #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Fintech

#EOS is one of the only projects that #Qtum developers keep an eye on, as their virtual machine could be very advanced. #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Fintech

#Qtum co-founder @PatrickXDai will attend and speak at the Wharton conference in Pennsylvania Apr 13th-15th "In today’s digital age, #blockchain has the potential to become the revolutionary technology behind the fifth industrial revolution." #Bitcoin

Live: @PatrickXDai is guest lecturing @Stanford's Designing Decentralized Applications on #Blockchain and presenting Qtum #dapps #qtum #cs #developers

RT @QtumOfficial: Come meet with @PatrickXDai from the #qtum team, along with @bodhitoken at a San Francisco meetup: Friday, 13 April 2018…

Qtum’s co-founder, @PatrickXDai, presenting “Intro to Tokens & Token Models” @draper_u’s Executive Blockchain Program

Come meet with @PatrickXDai from the #qtum team, along with @bodhitoken at a San Francisco meetup: Friday, 13 April 2018 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm 1535 Mission Street #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Fintech #Cryptocurrency #Meetup #SanFransisco

Join us in San Francisco on Friday the 13th!

Great article mentions @JeremyECulver @govevue and #Qtum #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Fintech #Cryptocurrency

RT @QtumOfficial: We are almost at 1 million #Qtum addresses in the last 6 months, thank you! #Bitcoin #Blockchai…

RT @PatrickXDai: Blockchain's Future by Qtum's Patrick Dai at Google Shanghai via @YouTube

There is a #Qtum hard cap of 107,822,406.25 tokens. It will take 28 years to reach this amount. The only way to generate tokens is through staking. The reward for staking halves every 4 years, and only 7.822 million tokens are ever generated. #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Fintech

Recommended #Qtum wallet update: * Fixed a bug where transactions with low fees would get stuck in the local mempool * Fix a bug with clearing cache of StorageResults * Add contract support to "createrawtransaction" rpc call

You can now use your @LedgerHQ on Always make sure you own your private keys, never leave your tokens on an exchange. #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Cryptocurrency

We are almost at 1 million #Qtum addresses in the last 6 months, thank you! #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Fintech

RT @PatrickXDai: Qtum Web Wallet support Ledger now, you can send and receive Qtum and QRC20 token through Ledger…

RT @PatrickXDai: Did a short interview with World Blockchain Conference, i missed the crypto developers in 2012 and 2013, people were smart…

Did you know you can follow the #Qtum development team's progress on #Github? Check out our commits: #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Fintech #Cryptocurrency