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Worlds Most-Efficient AI-Incubator


Time Left:4 months 1 week 6 days

Start Date

1st of August 2018

End Date

31st of May 2019

Country: Russia

  • USA
Ticker/Symbol PLMT
Price 1 ETH = 5,000 PLMT
TokenType ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Hardcap   45 000,00
Softcap   30 000,00
Raised 0,00
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Pallium allows access to distributed computing resources, high speed learning models while maintaining low computational costs. The Intuitive design of our platform opens up vast possibilities for AI research.
Pallium meets the needs of developers, miners, IPU hardware suppliers, data providers, and organizations using AI models. Therefore, Pallium goes above and beyond to create a complete ecosystem in which people and intelligent agents can create value.
Surveying AI developers showed us that scanner environment production Is not an easy task, especially when there’s a need to scale existing infrastructures. We originally developed this architecture that would divert developers from the flawed scanner environment. In fact, we are working on a common protocol that will be easy to use for all markets. Our goal is to make developing AI models not any more difficult than publishing a code on github, while paying special attention to our platform’s security, and protecting developers’ intellectual property.
Pallium uses the agent-oriented approach, a powerful system of inheritance and borrowing between agents, providing developers with a flexible tool for scaling their intelligent systems, while providing a secured internal economic model due to the use of blockchain technology, which in turn allows for a comfortable and secure monetization environment.


Alexey Sukhov


Anton Zhuravlev


Mike Lubinets

Lead Developer

Andrey Kuzminov

Engineer Programmer

Anton Flotskiy

Head of Marketing

Alexandra Kryukova


Kirill Peskov

Lead Graphic Designer

Fadi Albouni

Community Manager


Jean-Etienne Durand

Advisor on blockchain technology

Vladislav Tkachuk

Advisor on Tensorflow

Alexey Redozubov

Advisor of Artificial Intelligence


May 2017 Company’s registration in the jurisdiction of Estonia The design of architecture and basic structures Organization of Pallium’s AI-center Developing an MVP: Myelin blockchain (proof-of-concept version) CII-wallet Pallium Virtual Machine developing a system that can manage tasks and load between workernodes. Marketing preparation for pre-ICO The development of PLMT token’s smart contracts
April 2018 Marketing preparation for the ICO legal preparation Development of the alpha version Myelin blockchain (official RUST version) Web-Wallet The consensus algorithm Proof-of-Space’n’Copmputing Valuation and computing verification system An orchestrating system for worker nodes
August 2018 Development of documents Development of the Beta-version Developing a programming language for creating managing contracts Designing a compiler API for data providers Model computation for GPUs
December 2018 Development of a pre-release version Developing a programming language for managing contracts Developing the compiler Parallel model calculations on GPU Running a free test network Developing a converter for PLMT tokens to Spike tokens Pilot projects in Pallium's ecosystem
April 2019 Developing a release version: Testing and refining all system components Final preparation of documents for developers Main network’s launch Initiation of PLMT to Spike token conversion Release of Spike tokens Listing Spike tokens on exchange markets

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#AI transforms the sphere of #design! AI comes to the aid of builders, #ML is integrated into design tools. Print pedestrian bridge "in the air"? Planty of design options at your request? Looks like the future belongs to generative design. #Pallium #IoT

What is Pallium Network describing vividly, simply and finely. #Pallium #Palliumnetwork #Palliumnews #artificialintelligence #AI #machinelearning #ML #AIA #IoT #BigData

Is the "cloud" a really reliable place to store medical records of patients? We find out why in the sphere of health have begun to trust to new #technology, how the hosting companys ensure the security of #data and what role #AI and #ML are playing there.

We are open for cooperation with AI teams and developers. If your project needs additional computation resources or you are interested in testing our network or launching a common pilot project, feel free to contact us: #Pallium #Palliumnetwork #AI #ML

In designing #palliumnetwork, choosing #tendermint as the basis for blockchain was one of the best solutions. Thanks to @cosmos team for great product!

Staff recruitment is an area that is based on human interaction. One of the main components of the recruiter's work is constant communication with people. But it turns out that #AI is already being introduced in this area quite significantly. #Pallium #ML

abci-ex library updated to version 2.1 [] #palliumnetwork #abci #tendermint

Uber has taken care of the ability to determine if a customer who wants get a cab using the #app of this international service is drunk. New development founded on artificial intelligence. #AI #ML

Pallium Network is a distributed computing network for #ML, managed with help of blockchain. Practically PN allows optimizing expenses of AI developersand,of those who use AI for business; it also makes it possible to gain profit for data owners and owners of computation powers.

A gastronomic app based on #AI that analyzes your personal taste preferences? In the 21st century it has become a reality! What is capable of such an application? And will be the #app drive modern food manufacturers to create so-called personalized food?

One of the latest developments in artificial intelligence allows to recognize the poses and movements of people... through the walls! The development based on radio waves – human bodies do not pass them. #Pallium #Palliumnetwork #AI #ML #NewTech #tech

#Rusbase #blockchain #блокчейн #machinelearning #ML #машинноеобучение #IoT #интернетвещей #bigdata

Pallium Network has launched the first Autonomous Intelligent Agent. Within the upcoming Proof-of-Concept version we’ll teach it how to recognize hand-written characters. More about AIA

Aleksey Redozubov from St. Petersburg, scientific director of the Brain Center of the Institute Natalia Bekhtereva, as well as adviser, partner and consultant of the Pallium team, offers his view on the problem of neural networks. #Pallium #Palliumnetwork

Pallium Computing Network Concept. Our research how familiar methods evolve something new unexpected and great. This is Pallium. #artificialintelligence #Blockchain #machinelearning

This tremendous article by @openai is basically what we are working at MUST READ!

Pre-ICO stage is closed. Thanks to everybody for attention to our project. ???? Full info about our future plans here: #Blockchain #ArtificialIntelligence #TokenSale #TokenizeTheWorld

I just published “AI & Blockchain: An Explosive Mixture That Will Drive the World”

We just posted a short video presentation about what Pallium is. Watch by link ???? #pallium #blockchain #artificialintelligence

Pallium’s presentation went well today, not to mention, we had a nice discussion regarding our platform, as well as received helpful criticism. Stay tuned for more Pallium-related news ????

The first pitch session has already begun, and we’re looking forward to presenting at 18:00 tonight!

Today we’re in Lendor spreading the word for Pallium. We hope our presentation will hold nothing but success. ????

I just published “Pre-ICO report”

What are we doing in Kazan!???? #palliumnetwork #TokenSale #PreICO #ethereum


I just published “Hello, I’m intelligent agent”

Pallium is now listed on ICOslot, check out our profile at

Our CTO comments on Pallium's idea!

During the Blockchain Summit we gave an interview to Duschan Spalevich - owner of ICO TV. This is it! ???? #palliumnetwork #ico #tokensale #blockchain #artificialintelligence

I just published “Why does Pallium need blockchain”

Token sale is live now! ???????? Have you already bought some PLMT tokens, haven't you? #ico #live #pallium #ai

Sochi was one big success! We received a lot of positive assessment among the event visitors, and confirmed the need for our platform in the market. Summing up, we would like to thank our new partners, advisors, and all those who invested and attended ❤️ #ico #blockchain #ai

Our family here at Pallium is only getting bigger and bigger!???? A brief introduction of our recently-added advisors is available now on our Telegram! Don't miss it???? Stay tuned for more Pallium-related updates, big announcements coming soon!

Ask us your questions, we'll be happy to answer them! ????

Pallium pre-ICO @iconow_net Pre-ICO coming your way ???????? More good news coming your way! our project was hand-picked to be promoted on CryptoCurrencytalk. Check our post out, we'll be happy to answer all your questions ????