Open ecosystem


Starts in 2 months 5 days 23 hours

Start Date

27th of August 2018

End Date

30th of September 2018

Country: Russia

Ticker/Symbol OPA
Price 1 OPA = 1 USD
TokenType ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Hardcap   34 000 000,00
Softcap   20 000 000,00
Raised 0,00
ICO Score


To attract investment in your project, you need to perform a lot of information. Market analysis, competitors and more – all necessary to attract large investors and funds. Many startups simply don't know what need it. We want to take these responsibilities on themselves.
ICO many projects are not put in priority their tokens on the exchange, which limits traders. We want to solve this issue by creating a private exchange on which each ICO will be able to release their tokens at the auction without any problems.
In today's world every man wants to increase his fortune, but may not know how it is better to do. Cryptocurrency is becoming more popular, many investors begin to invest in it. With our service, you will be able to invest in investment funds and traders.
For faster and more efficient communication with investors, advisors or traders you can use the internal social network.
Many of the projects that have revolutionary ideas in any field, are unable to attract investment or to hold ICO. We will create a service that helps in this. We will be able to fully conduct the ICO for other projects. Or partially participating, for example, to conduct a PR-company.
Our project wants to create an investment Fund that will be controlled by the holders of our tokens. The Fund will only engage in revolutionary or environmental projects.
Artificial intelligence will be created for fully automated analysis of ICO and Autonomous control of the project. The API platform will be mainly be used only to access the trade platform and system analysts (unloading ratings, etc.). API will be created for third-party developers who want to make their projects on the basis of our service.


Bogdan Sechkin

Founder & CEO

Arsen Oganesyan

Co-Founder & COO


Sergey Ryabov


Q2 2017 The birth of the idea OpenAssets Market research
Q4 2017 The first phase of the sale of the tokens (Pre-Sale)
Q1 2018 The first development The second phase of the sale of the tokens (Pre-ICO)
Q3 2018 OpenAssets Alpha (testnet) The third phase of sale of tokens (ICO)
Q4 2018 Security auditing and product launch
Q3 2019 Full launch of all services


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OpenAssets listed at

OpenAssets listed at

OpenAssets listed at

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