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Changing the way your city works


Finished: 5 months 3 days ago

Start Date

15th of June 2018

End Date

15th of August 2018

Country: Portugal

Ticker/Symbol NQBX
Price 1 ETH = 20 000 NQBX
TokenType ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Hardcap   0,00
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By 2050, 70% of the world’s population will be living inside the cities that cover only 2%  of our earth’s surface. With the exponential population growth, the number of problems  to be solved is also increasing. Our cities have never been so challenged! Problems like pollution, mobility, traffic congestion, energy consumption, infrastructural access,  payment methods, safety and health are growing exponentially. New ways of  developing cities and urban spaces must be created in order to solve these problems. A more organized, more efficient and a smarter way of solving things needs to be implemented. The knowledge of “how to do it?” is already out there. What is missing is just the leverage and the will to put them all together, to make some tweaks and create a good universal system accepted by city owners and citizens. With the power of Decentralized Grids and a Decentralized Operating System, all NiQBiX wants to create is an architecture, for cities all around the globe, that incorporates all modern technologies with a more contemporary lifestyle inside our cities. In response, we expect to create a healthier society, with more chances of having revenue than only working eight or more hours a day. This includes creating a mix of good environments for the community, free data and resources markets, and a technologically advanced city beneath our feet. All with the goal of making a sustainable future for our kids, together with a more technological and efficient world.


Q4, 2017 Market Study.
Q1, 2018 Writing the Whitepaper.
15 Feb. Pre-ICO.
15 Apr. End of Pre-ICO.
Q2, 2018 Team creation.
15 Jun. ICO.
15 Aug. End of ICO.
Q3, 2018 Start developing the technologies.
2019 Implement and sell our technologies.


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A new future for Smart Cities #SmartCities #Future

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NiQBiX's Pre-ICO will start at 15th of February 8:00 UTC. Get ready!

Medium News

NiQBiX and is energy grid
2018-02-13 02:27:44

NiQBiX and is energy grid

With the increase on energy demand, the traditional way of producing electricity is not viable. Nowadays energy production is polluted, not organized and centralized. As houses are getting Smarter, the energy demand increases, and they need more electricity to run. New ways of generating electricity must be implemented to change those bad features and start producing in a more efficient and eco-friendly way.

The way electricity is produced today is not the easiest and most practical way. If scalability is needed, it is harder to respond to the demand because a new power plant needs to be build. Constructing a new power plant has it’s expenses, besides the fact that the most viable option are Nuclear plants. Those of which the danger and the waste of residues is well known.

The way electricity arrives to us today, is through High Voltage Power Lines (PLs). Those lines are not safe for our health, being proven that living near Power Lines can create multiple types of cancer and other health problems. However, with the increased demand for electricity, if we don’t change the system, the number of PLs will not be less than today’s.

A new way to get Electricity from A to B needs to be developed. It is necessary to understand that, very soon, more electricity will be needed on our daily basis. More and more homes, all over the world will use more devices that need electricity. So, to get electricity from the power plant to urban spaces, a much cleaner way for delivering needs to get developed.

Therefore, every year more people adopt an “off grid” option by having solar panels as an alternative to power plants, with the goal of saving money on energy consumption. We see this as the future of power plants. This means the city will become the power plant itself and users will be able to exchange their energy with the grid. If some energy nodes, on the grid, fail, others come along and sell their energy to maintain a fully powered network.

The main problem with this organization is the bankruptcy of the companies stuck to the old system. The big winners will be the citizens, as they become the source, distribution and the final consumers, all at once. This will generate a fully autonomous grid with a fully decentralized network that creates a fully new market for the daily user.

With this in mind, if we change from a centralized grid to a more decentralized grid we would need less high-power energy, consequently, less High Voltage Power Lines. In order to do that, it is necessary to have a smaller energy production grid with tons of nodes making part of that production.

A simpler way to solve these problems is by creating a more decentralized electric grid, as said before, where all city’s energy is produced locally, in every citizen ́s backyard or on their rooftop, like Wind or Solar energy. NiQBiX wants to develop houses that have already built-in solar panels and a new kind of wind turbines. Every building needs to have the equipment to be self- sustainable under normal conditions, in order to not need energy from the grid.

That self-sustainability could be achieved if a house’s rooftop is all covered with solar panels. The problem is, that nowadays panels are ugly and heavy. Most people do not want big pieces of metal on their rooftops, that is why NiQBiX’s roofs will be based on roof tiles with incorporated solar panels that are as efficient, per square centimeter, as ordinary solar panels. This way, it will not compromise performance nor beauty.

And what about cloudy days? How will the citizens have energy? For many years wind energy production was placed outside the cities because of the noise, as big wind energy generators create a lot of rotational noise that cannot be canceled because of their size. By reducing their dimensions and adjusting the turbine design, the noise levels could be reduced to levels acceptable for living spaces.

All this produced energy can be sold on a free market, created by our Payment Grid. It will be possible to sell all assets, all data and all goods you want to sell. Focusing on the Energy market, all the energy you produce can be sold to your neighbors and all the energy your neighbors produce can be sold to you. This will allow citizens to invest in more solar and wind energy production equipment for their backyard, in order to sell more energy to their neighbors in adverse conditions, either by purchasing more batteries. Better batteries will make it possible to store more energy in order to sell the excessive electricity to those who need it.

For more information go to NiQBiX website and read our Whitepaper.

Thank you for reading.

Changing the way your city works
2018-02-11 23:45:49

Changing the way your city works

Every day we have to face several problems like traffic, pollution and stress. Our cities are a mess! They are loud and most of them run mainly on fossil fuels. Besides that, there are few cities with plans for their future, and even when there are plans, they are not very concrete. To change these habits a lot must be done.

Polluted city illustration

Nowadays, energy production lives mainly on fossil fuels. As we all know, this is a dirty and polluted way of supplying our electricity needs. This production is done by big factories owned by big companies that rarely have the courage to change their market strategy and to look forward, into the future.

A solution for this reality is creating a more decentralized electric grid, where all city’s energy is produced locally, in every citizen’s backyard or on their rooftop, like Wind or Solar energy. NiQBiX wants to develop houses that have built-in solar panels and a new type of wind turbines in order to create a self- sustainable grid of infrastructures.

NiQBiX’s energy grid illustration

All this produced energy can be sold on a free market, created by the Payment Grid. It will be possible to sell all assets, all data and all types of goods. Focusing on the Energy market, all the energy you produce could be sold to your neighbors and all the energy your neighbors produce could be sold to you. This will allow citizens to invest in more solar and wind energy production equipment for their backyard, in order to sell more energy to their neighbors.

We also see other problems besides city’s energy demand. As our cars are the main way of transportation inside the city. This causes big traffic problems that can only be resolved by getting different ways of transportation. A simple “build more and bigger” roads is not the right answer, just because it will only cause more traffic. This is explained by some great engineering theories such as the Induced Demand, the Braess paradox and Game theories developed by Steve Nash.

Less car lanes and more lanes for alternative ways of transportation, like bicycles, skates, electric scooters and public transports like buses and trams, is the right solution. NiQBiX wants to organize main roads, only with one lane for cars, another lane for buses and trams, and a last lane for bicycles and scooters, on both sides of the street. Residential roads will have one lane for cars, buses and trams, and another lane for bicycles and scooters, on both sides of the road as well. This will diversify the options of transportation for habitants, by maintaining their safety.

NiQBiX and IOTA connection

For starting a free data and energy market NiQBiX needs a currency to buy and sell assets. It will be incorporated an automatic system, built on top of IOTA’s network, as we see it as one of best payment technologies out there. It has no transaction fees, no mining fees and it is one of the fastest cryptocurrencies on the market right now. IOTA’s network was specifically designed for Smart Cities and the Internet of Things. This makes it the best choice for micro-transactions between devices, buildings, grids, users, vehicles, shops and much more.

NiQBiX wants to develop the hardware and software needed to fulfill these technological gaps and to implement, in cities all over the world, our technologies. Our future Operating System will connect all infrastructures from a city, with Smart Grid Software that optimizes the city performance by using Neural Networks with Backpropagation and Genetical algorithms.

NiQBiX’s city illustration

We visualize a future were crypto currencies, decentralized technologies and green energy are the future of mankind. By believing in this kind of future we want to be part of it as we plan to build a prototype city with intelligent systems, incorporated with our NiQBiX’s grid technology to facilitate.

Not only technology will be different, but also infrastructures and their organization inside the city will different as well. We want to create a structure different than present cities, with different sections that divide the city for a better lifestyle and for better health.

Only time will tell how the Internet of Things will unveil in our future, but nowadays technologies are focused on centralized systems, something that kills IoT capabilities. A more open system that incorporates nowadays technologies with future technologies is needed. That way, devices may have more freedom to take decisions on our daily tasks by maintaining security and privacy. Blockchain technologies and Tangle technologies may be the answers for these barriers created by today ́s technology companies. We from NiQBiX, believe in a future were decentralization will be the key for a more technological world were Smart Cities will play an important rule in our technological future.

For more information go to NiQBiX website and read our Whitepaper.

Thank you for reading.


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