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Mountain Resorts

Brand new 5-star hotel in Austria


Finished: 7 months 2 weeks ago

Start Date

1st of May 2018

End Date

1st of June 2018

Country: Netherlands

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Price 1 MRLP = 0.10 - 0.30 EUR
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The Mountain Resorts project is a brand new 5-star hotel located in the Alps of Austria. The new resort is funded from the ICO, which is also the beginning of our new loyalty program based on blockchain technology. During our (pre-)ICO investors can buy relatively cheap tokens, which can be used in the resort for a huge discount. Each token can be redeemed for a service with a value of 5 euro per token (some products/services are excluded).
Winter. In the winter months the resorts will be focussing on the popular winter sports in the region. The location of the resorts is very important, so the team is looking for a location where people can ski immediately. No hassle with public transportation or other kinds of transportation.
Low-season. During the low-season, the team is going to focus on conferences. Popular conferences will result in a fully booked hotel, because the visitors of a conference want to stay near the conference itself.
Summer. In the summer season the resort is focussing on hikers, bikers and families. The alps are the perfect place for a relaxing walk or bike trip. The swimming pool is a perfect reward after a long day of walking.


Martin van Wilderen

CEO & Co-founder

Peter van Wilderen

CTO & Co-Founder

Thomas Eikelenboom

Hospitality Partner

Rudo Munnik

Senior Architect


December 2017 Start with initial plans, white paper, first design of website and logo Legal investigation
January 2018 Announcement website live with basic information about the project Investigation for our loyalty program
February 2018 First architect sketches
March 2018 1 March 2018, start of the pre-ICO campaign 31 March 2018, end of the pre-ICO campaign Order the definitive architect sketches
April 2018 Starting with the research for a perfect location of the project Website update for ICO
May 2018 1 May 2018, start of the ICO campaign
July 2018 1 July 2018, end of the ICO campaign Buy the land for the resort Issuing permits
2019 Start with the initial ground- and construction works
2020 Grand opening

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