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Control Your History To Control Your Future


Finished: 6 months 2 weeks ago

Start Date

1st of December 2017

End Date

1st of June 2018

Country: USA

Ticker/Symbol MDC
Price 1​ ​ETH = 5000 MDC
TokenType ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Hardcap   20 000,00
Softcap   8 000,00
Raised 0,00
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MEDIS is a new approach that aspires to give control to patients over their existing medical records and health related data, while making it instantly available everywhere. The system utilizes distributed storage technology for redundancy and availability, distributed computing for access control and auditing, and strong cryptographic encryption to ensure confidentiality of the content uploaded in the form of medical records, diagnostic imaging and related information.
Hereby we propose a different approach to the storage, access and monetization of medical data, where EMR entries are kept in a distributed storage layer in an encrypted form. The system does not replace existing EMR solutions, but it offers tremendous value to the patient by providing centralized storage of their medical records and control over who and how gets permission to access these records in this system.


Aram Kovach

Co-Founder and CEO

Gabriel Ronai

Co-founder and Full Stack Engineer


Vladimir Rankovic

Medical Advisor

Branislav Cobanov

Big Data and Data Mining Specialist

Mike Rocke

Business Strategist


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want to see how easy it is to use? talk and use as you would siri or alexa or google home, its that simple. wana see how it looks take a listen to our iHeart Radio interview. recursive thought follow us on linkedin 4 days 18 hours help us usher in a new technology to help the world and help us give back the control of medical records to the patient. 5 days left to make history and change how healthcare works. cool tech, print your spear heart today, in case you need one in the future. No rejection because it uses your own stem cells. cool tech. 5 days left

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RT @adnagam: Take control of your healthcare records, benefit from your data and eliminate unnecessary testing. @my… If someone told me a year ago that people would be able to generate token by doing physical activity and the healthier they got the more token they generate, I would have looked at them like they were crazy! followers and friends thumbs up its a go now in Russia

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if you are a patient and would like to be one of the first to benefit from personal heath care records that you control register here if you would like to partner with us please register here. control how and who sees your data.

We have helped many companies become more efficient and more profitable while maintaining their employee's happiness. Proceeds go to charity. is now listed in Seoul South Korea as if you have friends of relatives in Seoul please share, we need to reach as many people as possible and just ask them to sign up its free.

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Medis uses blockchain technology to ensure your records are secure and accurate. #technology #medicine #innovation #healthcare #informationtechnology #cryptocurrency #power #ehr #phr #profit #earnmoney #personalhealth #medicaldata #medicaldatabase #medicaldatamanagement

What is mymedis?

Why use mymedis? #informationsharing #medicaldata #health #innovation #worldwide #cryptocurrency #mymedis You should own and control who sees your medical history, to better control your health and your future.

MEDIS is a new solution for storing, accessing and sharing medical records. make money while you sleep bitcointalk forum is the largest crypto related forum

MyMEDIS Readies for ICO Launch – Creates a New Paradigm in the Healthcare Industry Using Blockchain Technology get your medicoins today, tomorrow you can thank us.

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MyMEDIS Readies for ICO Launch – Creates a New Paradigm in the Healthcare Industry Using Blockchain Technology