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Blockchain-Based Investment Platform


Finished: 6 months 3 weeks ago

Start Date

24th of May 2018

End Date

23rd of June 2018

Country: France

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Ticker/Symbol LAB
Price 1 ETH = 300 - 400 LAB
TokenType ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Hardcap   25 200 000,00
Softcap   0,00
Raised 0,00
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LabStart is a blockchain-based investment platform that aims at reassessing the way innovations are funded. Our goal is to allow anyone to invest directly in the innovation projects presented on the platform - thanks to LabCoin - and to allow investors to own a share of the project’s resulting patents. Thus, it offers a secure and decentralized alternative to the traditional innovation investment ecosystem.
Three main issues can be pointed out in the current system: the lack of funding for innovators, the difficult processes used to access funds and the lack of safe places for individuals to invest in innovation. LabStart aims at bridging the gap between people and the potential innovative solutions, in order to answer our society’s growing challenges.
The blockchain and smart contracts technologies address those issues by providing an accessible, distributed and controlled environment. Once research and development results in a patent, investors will hold a certain amount of intellectual property, calculated based on the quantity of funds invested. As such, they will have decisional power over the outcome of the innovation - sale of the patent, distribution of licences, etc. - according to the relevant legal environment.


February 2017 Global Survey of the innovation market
March 2017 Concept Development for LabStart Ecosystem
June 2017 Beta Platform
October 2017 Platform and whitepaper review
November 2017 Partnership Development
February 2018 Platform Opens
March 2018 Pre-Sale
April 2018 Creation of Legal and third-party department
May 2018 ICO
June 2018 Listing on Exchanges
December 2018 Technical infrastructure evolution
2019 Platform v2 release

Medium News

LabStart ICO did not reach the Softcap. We will return the ETH to all contributors.
2018-06-28 15:34:31

LabStart ICO did not reach the Softcap. We will return the ETH to all contributors.

Written by Nicolas Pauwels (CEO at LabStart)

Dear community,

Unfortunately we didn’t reach soft cap, and thus we will be honoring our terms and conditions and returning the Ethers to all contributors.

If you invested ETH in the ICO and want to claim your refund, please call the “claimRefund” function on the ICO contract (0xbae2faa1a36d0bbd9198bc6c9957cd1b813e8a77). You should receive your refund once your transaction has been validated by the Ethereum network.

We have analyzed all our steps and identified some of our mistakes:

Description of the project was too complex. Unfortunately, we were not able to convey the idea of the project to regular users. It is necessary to present the project in such a way that any user could understand by one phrase whether he needs it or not.

PR in mass media was not provided in time. Well, some of our partners let us down and we didn’t see the necessary articles before the ICO launch.

Advisors are needed from the very beginning. We attracted them quite late. We can’t say that this is critical, but it is useful to have them.

We were very unfortunate with the timing of launch. But the beauty of being an entrepreneur is that failure = learning. You can always try again, and with the added benefit of being wiser.

We still believe in the power of the Blockchain to change the world, and we will keep working to make it happen. Stay tuned!

Thank you for believing on us and in our dream!


The LabStart Team

DEV UPDATE —LabStart Platform MVP launch
2018-05-16 12:44:33

DEV UPDATE —LabStart Platform MVP launch

Hey everyone — Arthur & Nicolas here — CTO and CEO of LabStart,

Now that we are half way into Q2 we thought it was about time that we provide an update on where we are with our development and roadmap targets.

Since we began the journey towards the ICO we have naturally been very busy. Busy getting the right team together, something which we are still working on. But mostly busy developing the MVP of the LabStart for both the project teams and the investors parts.

Initially scheduled for August 2018, we are pleased to announce that a test version of the platform will be available on our website the same day of the ICO launch: 23 of May.

This is a major change for many in the ecosystem and therefore we are developing bridges between the FIAT world and the LabStart Platform. We will keep communicating the developments to you as they are done. We are pretty sure that you will like what you see.

Here is an update on where we are with our roadmap targets for Q2, 2018:

Now payment solutions is something that we have spent a lot of time on, because we truthfully think that when we are going to bring hopefully millions of new users into the blockchain world, then it needs to be accessible.

As for the legal market due dilligence, we have identified the first 5–10 markets which we will enter with the platform and we are assembling a database of legal information to assist with the easy roll out of the platform. This includes information about content restrictions, minimum requirements, payment and tax compliance etc.

You can see the full roadmap in our white paper, which can be downloaded from our webpage

We really appreciate your support and interest — keep it up.

The ICO is set for May 15 — June 15 and the price is fixed to 1 ETH = 400 LAB during the first 15 days, and 1 ETH = 300 LAB during the last 15 days. The minimum contribution is 0.1 ETH and there is no maximum contribution.

Take care, Arthur & Nicolas

LabStart ICO Bounty Campaign
2018-03-19 21:49:45

LabStart ICO Bounty Campaign

We believe in the decentralized economy therefore we are establishing a decentralized organisation. Anyone can become a shareholder — Initial Coin Offering (ICO) starts on May 24, 2018 00:00:00 UTC.

We shall reserve 5% of the LabCoins sold during the crowdsale (with a guaranteed minimum of 60,000 LAB), which we will distribute to everyone who supports LabStart before and during the ICO.

That being said, LabStart is going to be a collaborative process. A team of skilled professionals have already dedicated a huge amount of their time and knowledge in order to make this happen — and we will continue to do so. With participation in the bounty campaign, you can become a part of the LabStart project.

Detailed information about our bounty categories is listed below. As of now, our bounty campaign is open to everyone who would like to participate, and will end on June 23, 2018 23:59:59 UTC. We will distribute all bounties within 1 week of the ICO ending.

Because the total number of bounty campaign participants is unknown, the distribution of LabCoins will be based on a preordained amount allocated to each group listed below.


Facebook Likes — 20% (min 12,000 LAB)

We will be posting all LabStart ICO updates and co-posting every blog post on our Facebook page. Every like counts, so be sure to join to get a part of our Facebook bounty. Register here.

• Every post (text / image / video) like: 10 stakes

• Comment (at least 30 characters per comment): 20 stakes

• Public share of any post: 30 stakes

You need to like our Facebook page for stakes to count.

Twitter Followers — 20% (min 12,000 LAB)

Never miss any of our updates! Follow us on Twitter for our latest insights and retweet our news to your groups, friends and followers. Register here.

Follow us on Twitter: 20 stakes

Every retweet (retweet or quote tweet) or mention: 10 stakes for under 300 followers 20 stakes for under 1000 followers 50 stakes for 1000 or more followers

Telegram Channel — 15% (min 12,000 LAB)

Telegram bounty will be divided between all participants. Register here.

Join our Telegram channel (30 stakes): 30 stakes

Invite a telegram user to the channel: 20 stakes

Bitcointalk — 8% (min 5,000 LAB)

Publish a comment on our ANN thread here (spam not allowed):

Publish a comment on our Bounty thread here (spam not allowed):

10 stakes / comment on ANN thread

10 stakes / comment on Bounty thread

Register here.

Signature Campaign — 10% (min 6,000 LAB)

Help us spread the word about LabStart and you will receive stakes every week. All you need to do is add our official signature to your Bitcointalk profile. Check out the signature on the bounty thread here:

In order to provide a fair bounty distribution, register with this form here.

You need to make at least 10 posts a week in order for bounties to count.

Signature for Member and Jr. Member: 30 stakes per week. Signature for Full member: 50 stakes per week. Signature for Sr. Member, Hero or Legendary: 80 stakes per week.

Blogs & Video — 10% (min 6,000 LAB)

You can get stakes for publishing articles or filming youtube videos about LabStart. Register here.


Low quality articles and videos will not be accepted.

Articles and videos must be genuine. Copying graphics, text and other content is not allowed. (You can use official images, logos, graphics posted on the website, ANN thread, Facebook and Twitter)

Articles must be longer than 500 characters, otherwise they will not be accepted.

Video must be at least 2 minutes long, shorter videos will not be accepted.

Article must have a link to the official website

Medium, Steemit, Newbium, and other general/free blogging platforms are allowed but only one post will be accepted on those platforms per user.

Stakes per article: High quality — 200 stakes Good quality — 100 stakes Stakes per video: High quality — 200 stakes Good quality — 100 stakes

Translations — 17% (min 10,000 LAB)

If our Bitcointalk ANN or Bounty thread hasn’t been translated into your language yet, you are welcome to contribute with your own translation and earn stakes in return. Please contact us on Bitcointalk to confirm and reserve your translation.

Stakes for ANN and Bounty threads: Bounty thread — 100 stakes ANN thread — 100 stakes

You will receive additional stakes for each post you get in the thread of your translation: 5 stakes per post in your thread

We need the following translations for our Whitepaper: Russian, Turkish, Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Indonesian. Stakes for whitepaper: 300 stakes

If you have questions about our bounty campaign, we kindly invite you to join us in our Telegram chat.

The world of tomorrow is built on innovation projects created today
2018-03-16 16:45:07

The world of tomorrow is built on innovation projects created today

Innovation refers to this humankind specific capacity to create new solutions, tools and more efficient processes to improve the living conditions of the whole society.

Indeed, our world today would be by far different if the industrial revolution, for instance, had not taken place, if Thomas Edison had not invented the electric bulb or if the Wright brothers had not contributed to what became later modern aviation.

In the light of these innovations that had a direct impact on our contemporary lives and our way to see our future, we can indeed say that the world of tomorrow is to be built on the innovation projects created today.

Today, innovation is at the heart of our societies. Indeed, the major technological innovations of these last years combined with the economic current environment demanding companies to be more and more competitive are meeting the ideal requirements for the innovative ecosystem to be fully operational.

Besides, some major society challenges such as ecology, overcrowding, or else decentralization appeal to the capacity of our societies to find innovative solutions that will help solve these problems in the years to come. The Blockchain is a perfect example of the importance of this innovative process combining both the maturation of computing technologies and the need to bring alternative solutions to banks, following abuses linked to the currency centralization that notably led to the subprime crisis in 2007–2008.

The Blockchain is thus an example of an innovative alternate model to revolutionize our considering economic models.

Nowadays, it is very difficult for an individual to get directly involved in an innovative project. Indeed, the available solutions for an individual are either to put one’s money in a bank that will invest for you in the company innovative projects they will have chosen on their own or to be part of a group of investors (business angel type) who are incubators’ partners or else who directly know startups to allow them investing in their project.

Yet, this second solution requires a very important financial contribution. Thus, the current innovation ecosystem is in fact really closed to a large part of the population who can only join via indirect and centralized means, such as investment banks.

Considering the great impact of innovation in our life now and in the future, we think that anyone must have the opportunity to join the process, and all levels/steps.

Everybody should thus be able to join the creative phase of an innovative project by bringing suggestions or their financial support, but also the project follow-up by confirming that it follows the proposed direction. Furthermore, once the technology or the concept developed, they should be able to determine the future of this technology by deciding, for example, on the way it should be used.

The status of innovation today and the blockchain new possibilities

The recent popularization of crowdfunding demonstrates the need to create new financing models of innovation, thus allowing to involve the population directly, either via financing projects aiming at revolutionizing the established models such as EOS, Status or TenX or by allowing new technologies to emerge like with Elio Motors, crowdfunding has proved that individuals today are ready to take part in the creating process of heart-taking innovations.

Most crowdfunding models today allow to support innovating projects but the operating models still remain deeply centralized. Either for kickstarters or for ICOs, these models allow to support a project financially and to get economic benefits in return, such as tokens or the product itself once it is developed. Yet, the investors supporting the project have no control on it, and often little capacities to direct the project in a special direction.

Recently, the technology of smart contracts has allowed the crowdfunding models to make further advance, by offering solutions that allow investors to be more directly involved in the participatory projects.

For instance, DAO or more recently Aragon have allowed to propose models to finance new companies, giving investors some shares of the created company, in proportion to their investment and allowing them thereafter to participate in the significant decisions and in the company’s development via the principle of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations associated with the technology of smart contracts.

Yet, as far as an innovating project is concerned, the main point is technology, the process or the created product and not really the management of the private company in charge of the innovating project. In our view, it should be thus possible to support an innovating project without dealing with the management of the company in charge of the project, while keeping rights on this innovation and maintaining control on its developing process. If we refer to today’s crowdfunding models, it seems essential to us to create a new model of crowdfunding of innovation projects, at the junction of the kickstarter models and those proposed by the DAO or Aragon.

The principle of the financing model of LabStart innovation

A patent is an exclusive right granted on an invention that gives its holder the right to decide how or if the invention can be used by other persons. In the innovating ecosystem, patents are today the means to add more value financially to the development of an innovation. Indeed, once the innovation is achieved, patent licenses or the patent itself may be sold to third party companies so as to make profit from the developing process of the concerned innovation. Today, 2.9 million patents a year are applied whereas 180 billion dollars are generated by the licensing fees.

In order to open the innovating system to everybody, the idea of LabStart is to draw on crowdfunding models and include the concept of patents. Thus, once the innovating project achieved or the product developed, each investor holds a share of the patent ownership. Sharing the patent ownership among investors allows them to be rewarded for their financial support to the project, via the licensing fees or the sale to come of the patent as they wish.

Sharing this ownership is made possible today thanks to the smart contract technology and the principle of Decentralized Organizations (DO). This way, each investor is registered in the DO associated to the innovating project in which he invested, and votes to decides the major decisions concerning the patent, such as the resale to a third party.

Furthermore, in order to allow investors to control the progress of the innovating project and to bring suggestions, we use again the Decentralized Organizations principle; each investor will have the capacity to vote for the project progress to be approved. Such a working principle allows investors to control, with a voting power equivalent to their investment proportion, what really matters to them : the proper conduct of the innovating process. As a consequence, one of the advantages of this system is that it allows the managers of the innovating project to finance it while controlling their company.

The LabStart platform

The LabStart platform is a decentralized application built on the Ethereum network. The platform links the project bearers and the investors. Anybody can support the innovating projects introduced on the platform. To facilitate investment in innovating projects, LabStart has developed its own token: the LabCoin. In addition to being independent from the changing rate of fiat currencies such as dollars, the LabCoin allows an interaction made easier with smart contracts, considering it is an ERC20 token.

For each project, the amount of LabCoins necessary to its launching are visible in the project presentation. Once the amount of necessary LabCoins collected, the project starts its developing phase. Investors can then follow the progress of the project and approve of it by voting via the platform. For each investor, their voting power matches the proportion of LabCoins he has invested in the project. If investors judge that the project is moving in the wrong direction and that the project leaders do not make the appropriate changes, investors can thus vote to stop the project so as to recover the LabCoins still available for the rest of the project (cf. 5.5. “Follow-up and control” of the Whitepaper for more details). In this way, investors are informed of the project progress and control that the innovation development really follows the right direction.

Once the innovation is developed, one or several patents are granted by the legal teams of LabStart to protect this invention. Each investor holds shares of the granted patents, in proportion of their initial investment. The third-party companies, eager to use the developed innovation, contact LabStart that transfers the request on the license or patent purchase platform. For each request, investors vote to approve or reject this request. In case of approval, the legal teams of LabStart take care of the administrative issues. All gains related to the sale of the patent or to the payout of licenses will be repaid to investors in the form of Ethereum, in proportion to the patent shares they hold. This way, investors keep under control the future of the invention, once it has been developed, and are rewarded for their initial support thanks to the return on investment composed of patents’ sale and patent license sale.

It has to be noted that the innovation developing company can use it by requesting a license from investors. This model thus allows innovation needing companies to launch an innovating project for free then to use the developed innovation by paying a royalty to investors on each product sold using the innovation (license principle). Moreover, contrary to financing models where the company directly transfers shares to investors, the LabStart model allows companies that need to be financed to keep a total control of the company shares.

The LabStart ecosystem

Via the LabStart platform and its in-house departments (Legal department and Third-Party department), LabStart thus proposes a new ecosystem to invest in innovation, allowing anybody to invest in an innovating project and proposing a new financing channel to innovation eager companies, allowing them to keep their companies under control. A global scheme of the LabStart ecosystem is available here. For any further information on the project, we strongly encourage you to read the Whitepaper and to visit the LabStart website.

Introducing LabStart: Decentralized Innovations
2018-02-26 13:45:31

Introducing LabStart: Decentralized Innovations

Allowing everyone to invest in innovation projects


Lately, blockchain and smart contracts technologies have been focusing a lot of attention. Some even go as far as comparing them to the start of the Internet. Numerous applications have started to grow around these two technologies, in many different fields such as social networking, marketplaces prediction or decentralized storage.

All of these technological advances have one point in common: it is possible to replace every single intermediary with an option that is more fair and decentralized.

Innovation investment ecosystem

In history, humans have never ceased to look for ways to improve their lives and the world of tomorrow is built on innovative projects that are being created today. Thus, innovation is and will remain at the core of our daily lives. Moreover, it has become monetizable, thanks to patent and licenses that guarantee the ownership of these creations. Each year, patent licenses generate $180 billion, and the average value of a patent on the market is $400,000.

Source : WIPO Database, October 2016


The current innovation investment ecosystem holds various intermediaries between inventions and the people who will use them one day. We can think about research laboratories, incubators, companies, investment banks, angel investors and many more… This made us wonder: how can we change the innovation process?

There is a gap that exists between innovation’s two main actors, and it is currently filled with intermediaries. Today’s technologies, as the Internet was at some point, allow us to find a more democratic and transparent solution: a new and direct route linking investors and innovation.

By creating a new framework upon which project teams can rely on to get fundings, the whole process of innovation is bound to become more efficient. No need to convince financiers that might not know about the science or the issue at hand, less paperwork that could lead to mistakes or delays and no involvement from any third-parties. People will directly judge which project they deem viable and worth the investment. Innovation projects will be put out faster and will be able to benefit the whole society, thus creating a virtuous circle.

If you want to join us in this journey, check out and LabStart WhitePaper.

Thank you all,

Arthur & Nicolas


A future build with everyone, by everyone, for everyone. Quote of the day #LabStart #Platform #Blockchain

Patents are made to protect innovators and innovations. LabStart platform has been built to protect people’s investments according to current international patent laws: we build the future step by step.

« More than half of recent U.S. patents are owned by foreigners, according to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. » The world is changing through innovation, and patents are the innovation keys. You can be owner of the innovation of tomorrow.

Samsung & Apple fights for patents are here to last. Let’s get into decentralization. LabStart is opening the patent ownership to everyone.

Funding the future with blockchain: Facts #5. In order to make investment in innovative projects easier, LabStart has developed its own token: the LabCoin. LabCoin allows an interaction made easier with smart contracts, considering it is an ERC20 token.

The Token Sale is launching in a week, you can already join the KYC whitelist here:

Funding the future with blockchain: Facts #4. Once the innovation developed, one or several patents are filed, in order to protect the invention. Each investor owns then shares of the filed patents, in proportion to their initial investment.

MVP launch announcement, ahead of schedule. #Ethereum #WorkInProgress

Funding the future with blockchain: Facts #3. Sharing the patent ownership and tracking the innovative process are made thanks to the blockchain and smart contracts technology, via the LabStart platform.

At #LabStart we use the blockchain to improve: 1. Patent transparency 2. Patent ownership 3. Patent transaction costs

Funding the future with blockchain: Facts #2. LabStart give everyone the possibility to invest in innovation. On LabStart Platform you can invest in an innovative project you believe in. At the end of the innovation process, you own shares of the resulting patents.

We're more than 10,000 on telegram. Thanks everyone! Community is key to build the ecosystem of tomorrow. Join us:

Funding the future with blockchain: Facts #1. LabStart platform is a decentralized application (dApp) built on the Ethereum network providing a link between innovative project bearers and investors. Thus anyone can support the innovative projects present on the platform.

LabStart ICO is launching in less than two weeks from now, you can already join the KYC whitelist here:

Good news from China!

RT @VitalikButerin: "Today, we're going to talk about two things: first, where are we now, and second, how ETH and ETC can work better toge…

That's exactly why we need to build our new ecosystem. A new way to share patent ownership.

Google paid $4B for patents, that was some time ago. Now, let's build the ecosystem around patent property.

“The number of patent applications filed within countries can provide insights into the dynamics of each country’s market”…/

We're now 10,000 on telegram. Thanks everyone! Community is key to build the ecosystem of tomorrow. Join us:

"Mastercard International Inc. has applied for a patent for a system for fast tracking navigation of blockchains by means of data manipulation" We need to open patent property to everyone: let's fund our own future.

"There is a shrinking of the knowledge commons as even publicly funded and promoted innovation is privatised, thereby reducing both equity and efficiency." It's time for a change in the innovation ecosystem!

RT @VitalikButerin: Sharding is coming.

Pre-sale is ending in a few hours, but the bounty program is still live until the end of the ICO (June 23):

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Join us at World Satoshi Summit on 12th - 13th May in New Delhi We will be presenting how blockchain can change the innovation ecosystem & the LabStart Platform Beta. @SatoshiSummit #crypto #blockchain #ethereum

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Good news from our government!

RT @coindesk: IT Giant Fujitsu Unveils European Blockchain Innovation Center

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RT @aantonop: Glad you noticed! The entire team worked hard and put a lot of thought into how to do things differently.…

RT @IgorBaldyga: Great conversation on ICO's by @ljxie @NickAyton and @Disruptepreneur. All make a good argument even when they fundamently…

LabStart project explained in 2 minutes:

Check out our Bitcointalk Announcement for more information about the Token Sale!

Are you excited about breaking the wall between people and innovation? We’re hiring!

LabStart platform launching in summer & project teams can now apply:

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Are you ready to fund the future with #innovation ? Join us on to see more and read our #whitepaper!

About how innovation needs to be: decentralized, open to everyone.

Introducing LabStart: Decentralized Innovations