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Blockchain-Based Investment Platform


Finished: 3 months 2 days ago

Start Date

24th of May 2018

End Date

23rd of June 2018

Country: France

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Ticker/Symbol LAB
Price 1 ETH = 300 - 400 LAB
TokenType ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Hardcap   25 200 000,00
Softcap   0,00
Raised 0,00
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LabStart is a blockchain-based investment platform that aims at reassessing the way innovations are funded. Our goal is to allow anyone to invest directly in the innovation projects presented on the platform - thanks to LabCoin - and to allow investors to own a share of the project’s resulting patents. Thus, it offers a secure and decentralized alternative to the traditional innovation investment ecosystem.
Three main issues can be pointed out in the current system: the lack of funding for innovators, the difficult processes used to access funds and the lack of safe places for individuals to invest in innovation. LabStart aims at bridging the gap between people and the potential innovative solutions, in order to answer our society’s growing challenges.
The blockchain and smart contracts technologies address those issues by providing an accessible, distributed and controlled environment. Once research and development results in a patent, investors will hold a certain amount of intellectual property, calculated based on the quantity of funds invested. As such, they will have decisional power over the outcome of the innovation - sale of the patent, distribution of licences, etc. - according to the relevant legal environment.


February 2017 Global Survey of the innovation market
March 2017 Concept Development for LabStart Ecosystem
June 2017 Beta Platform
October 2017 Platform and whitepaper review
November 2017 Partnership Development
February 2018 Platform Opens
March 2018 Pre-Sale
April 2018 Creation of Legal and third-party department
May 2018 ICO
June 2018 Listing on Exchanges
December 2018 Technical infrastructure evolution
2019 Platform v2 release


A future build with everyone, by everyone, for everyone. Quote of the day #LabStart #Platform #Blockchain

Patents are made to protect innovators and innovations. LabStart platform has been built to protect people’s investments according to current international patent laws: we build the future step by step.

« More than half of recent U.S. patents are owned by foreigners, according to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. » The world is changing through innovation, and patents are the innovation keys. You can be owner of the innovation of tomorrow.

Samsung & Apple fights for patents are here to last. Let’s get into decentralization. LabStart is opening the patent ownership to everyone.

Funding the future with blockchain: Facts #5. In order to make investment in innovative projects easier, LabStart has developed its own token: the LabCoin. LabCoin allows an interaction made easier with smart contracts, considering it is an ERC20 token.

The Token Sale is launching in a week, you can already join the KYC whitelist here:

Funding the future with blockchain: Facts #4. Once the innovation developed, one or several patents are filed, in order to protect the invention. Each investor owns then shares of the filed patents, in proportion to their initial investment.

MVP launch announcement, ahead of schedule. #Ethereum #WorkInProgress

Funding the future with blockchain: Facts #3. Sharing the patent ownership and tracking the innovative process are made thanks to the blockchain and smart contracts technology, via the LabStart platform.

At #LabStart we use the blockchain to improve: 1. Patent transparency 2. Patent ownership 3. Patent transaction costs

Funding the future with blockchain: Facts #2. LabStart give everyone the possibility to invest in innovation. On LabStart Platform you can invest in an innovative project you believe in. At the end of the innovation process, you own shares of the resulting patents.

We're more than 10,000 on telegram. Thanks everyone! Community is key to build the ecosystem of tomorrow. Join us:

Funding the future with blockchain: Facts #1. LabStart platform is a decentralized application (dApp) built on the Ethereum network providing a link between innovative project bearers and investors. Thus anyone can support the innovative projects present on the platform.

LabStart ICO is launching in less than two weeks from now, you can already join the KYC whitelist here:

Good news from China!

RT @VitalikButerin: "Today, we're going to talk about two things: first, where are we now, and second, how ETH and ETC can work better toge…

That's exactly why we need to build our new ecosystem. A new way to share patent ownership.

Google paid $4B for patents, that was some time ago. Now, let's build the ecosystem around patent property.

“The number of patent applications filed within countries can provide insights into the dynamics of each country’s market”…/

We're now 10,000 on telegram. Thanks everyone! Community is key to build the ecosystem of tomorrow. Join us:

"Mastercard International Inc. has applied for a patent for a system for fast tracking navigation of blockchains by means of data manipulation" We need to open patent property to everyone: let's fund our own future.

"There is a shrinking of the knowledge commons as even publicly funded and promoted innovation is privatised, thereby reducing both equity and efficiency." It's time for a change in the innovation ecosystem!

RT @VitalikButerin: Sharding is coming.

Pre-sale is ending in a few hours, but the bounty program is still live until the end of the ICO (June 23):

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5 days before the end of the pre-sale! Thanks everyone who already participate!

Join us at World Satoshi Summit on 12th - 13th May in New Delhi We will be presenting how blockchain can change the innovation ecosystem & the LabStart Platform Beta. @SatoshiSummit #crypto #blockchain #ethereum

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The Bounty Program has been updated! Bounty ends on June 23: 5% of LAB will be distributed to the community. Join us!

We now have a #subreddit : Come say hello! Our #BountyProgram is still live & we have added a new #Telegram reward!

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Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese translations have been added on the website!

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LabStart Pre-Sale is now live! #ICO #Coinmarketcap #ethereum #blockchain #ERC20

Pre-sale is now launching in a few hours, thanks to everyone already registered, thanks for your amazing support!

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Good news from our government!

RT @coindesk: IT Giant Fujitsu Unveils European Blockchain Innovation Center

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LabStart project explained in 2 minutes:

Check out our Bitcointalk Announcement for more information about the Token Sale!

Are you excited about breaking the wall between people and innovation? We’re hiring!

LabStart platform launching in summer & project teams can now apply:

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About how innovation needs to be: decentralized, open to everyone.

Introducing LabStart: Decentralized Innovations