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Irene Energy

Stellar-powered Renewable Electricity Supplier


Finished: 6 months 3 weeks ago

Start Date

7th of May 2018

End Date

21st of June 2018

Country: France

  • China and US
Ticker/Symbol TLU
Price 1 Tellus = 0.08 EUR
TokenType Stellar
Platform Stellar
Hardcap   250 000 000,00
Softcap   5 000 000,00
Raised 0,00
ICO Score


Irene Energy is a green electricity supplier that uses the Stellar Blockchain and artificial intelligence to bring radical transparency, verifiable traceability, flexibility and efficiency to the electricity supplier industry. Together, these properties allow novel value propositions, for both consumers and producers. Irene Energy’s token, Tellus, is the world’s first clean and green token.
Consumers: Irene acts as a personal energy supplier that allows consumers to individually select which producers they wish to buy their electricity from (independent producers, local businesses, neighbours, ...). The selection process is gamified (swiping right and left). Artificial Intelligence ensures that this selection drives the customer’s actual purchases, every 15min, as closely as possible. Blockchain-enabled traceability ensures that past purchases are verifiable. As such, Irene gives back to consumers absolute control over their electricity spending – while tech-enabled efficiency also allows to offer them cheaper fares.
Producers: transparency means that participating in the fight against global warming is no longer an anonymous activity. With Irene, a company (for example installing photovoltaic panels on its roofs) lets its local community know when they consume its electricity – instead of anonymously selling its excess electricity back to the grid. Irene allows producers to monetize their excess production, with the unique additional upside of showcasing their wider activities and building their local corporate reputation. Irene’s backbone is the Stellar blockchain. Blockchain-based back-office operations enable Irene (i) to settle transactions every 15min – introducing flexibility and guaranteeing precise origins to consumers, (ii) to make these cash-flows public (yet pseudo-anonymous) – introducing verifiability and transparency, and (iii) to be lean and efficient – lowering costs to final users. Stellar was chosen for its scalability, its
transaction speed, its low transaction costs and its energy efficiency. 
Artificial Intelligence and the latest breakthroughs in signal processing allow Irene to manage, schedule and dispatch 2-way electricity flows and to forecast actual consumptions and productions.
Tellus are Irene’s exchange tokens and the world’s first clean and green tokens. Tellus are necessary to
participate to the platform – where they settle their market-value-equivalent in Irene bills: meaning where
they allow one to pay for green electricity. They are based on the eco-friendly and socially-responsible
Stellar blockchain. And purchasing Tellus will always be subject to having passed KYC/AML
Overall, Irene’s business model seeks to mimic the one that enabled Airbnb to disrupt the hotel industry building a demand portfolio (of savvy, price-sensitive and eco-aware consumers “poached” from main- stream suppliers) and a decentralized, capex-free supply portfolio (power generation attracted by her marketing and local corporate image value propositions).


Guillaume Marchand

Founder, Energy Lead

Julien Murésianu

Artificial Intelligence Lead

Louis Brun

Commercial Lead

Emilie Cohen-Boulakia

Impact Lead

Thomas de Roquancourt

ICO Marketing Lead

Charlotte Cohen

Visual Identity Lead

Sebastien Lamy

Blockchain Lead

Pierre Bouillon

Country Lead: France

Jefferson Le Quellec



Senior Advisor, Blockchain

Cedric Parent

Senior Advisor, Commercial Strategy

Jean-Luc Dormoy

Senior Advisor, A.I. and Smart Meters

David Ly

Senior Advisor, Digital Marketing

Stephane Redon

Senior Advisor, ICO Investing


Q1 2017 - Creation - Business model maturation, industry survey - Artificial intelligence models - Choice of blockchain technology - Client website development - Commercial partnerships, consumer-side engagement and first producer-side client (50MW) - White paper release, Tellus creation
Mar 2018- Pre-sale - Platform integration - SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) and Stellar integration
Q2 2018 - Complete MVP
May 2018 - Main Sale I (Europe)
Q3 2018 - European Licenses
Jan 2019 Europe Launch
Dec 2018 - Main Sale II - Marketing Campaign
Q1 2019 - First US Licences - Marketing Campaign
Q2 2019 - US Launch - Going after the hyper-decentralized generation capacity (Electric Vehicles, Smart Thermostat, ...) - Rolling out to rest of the world

Medium News

Is Stellar the best decentralized exchange?
2018-04-24 10:04:39

Is Stellar the best decentralized exchange?

One can think of Stellar’s decentralized exchange as not only a ledger with account balances and payments, but also a fully functional marketplace that stores buy and sell orders, and matches them accordingly, like a typical order book.

an example of StellarTerm orderbook (MOBI)

All of this in a decentralized exchange, also known as DEX. Stellar’s decentralized exchange is similar to a decentralized version of GDEX, Bitrix and Binance. How does Stellar’s decentralized exchange compare to centralized exchanges and Ethereum decentralized exchanges?

Private key

Centralized exchanges store private keys on central servers, which have a history of being hacked. Ethereum Decentralized Exchanges, store funds on smart contracts, which also have a hacking history. But with Stellar DEX, the owner of the account is the only person who knows his or her private key.

Order book

The order book can either be ON ledger, or OFF ledger. The order book is the the list of all trades as they are placed on the exchange, just like a stock exchange. If the order book is on-ledger, it implies that all these data points are stored in decentralized databases. In this case, trust is placed in centralized exchanges and their servers (it may go down and you won’t be able to place an order… that is why institutional stock exchanges and other trading platforms have disaster recovery sites). Due to long transaction times, and too few transaction per sec, buy and sell orders stored in the Ethereum blockchain can get backed up… forcing many Ethereum Decentralized Exchanges to store order books and match offers OFF ledger on one server. Because Stellar has an order book and matchmaking at the protocol level, ON ledger buy/sells are a simple addition to the decentralized database.

ON ledger settlement: Does the trade execute in the network with tokens truly being swapped? On centralized exchanges, this is not the case. The private key holding the newly traded tokens is stored on the centralized server. with Ethereum Decentralized Exchanges, and Stellar DEX, the trade actually occurs on ledger.


Another key difference is cost: On centralized exchanges, the transaction fee is roughly $0.25 per $100 transacted. On Ethereum Decentralized Exchanges, the fee is quite similar at around $0.24 per $100 transacted. On Stellar DEX however, the fee is about $0.000004 per $100 transacted… or roughly 60,000 times cheaper than either centralized or Ethereum DEX.


On this point however, centralized exchanges typically perform slightly better (1–3 sec) than Stellar DEX (3–5 sec)… and much better than Ethereum DEX (3min)

Irene Energy

Irene Energy is a renewable electricity supplier using the Stellar network to introduce radical transparency in the electricity supply chain by means of micro-payments. We created the Tellus, the world’s first compliant and green token, on the Stellar blockchain.

This is an explanation of our business:

So how does it work?

Company information: Irene Energy (copyright) — Immatriculation Number: 827 900 846 R.C.S. PARIS Pre-sale is now open for Tellus, the first clean and green cryptocurrency. @EmilieCohenBoulakia explains it here:

To buy Tellus, please follow the steps in the links below: English: Russian: French:

Content in this article on decentralized exhanges comes from the educational video by Lumenauts:

Pioneering transparency in the electricity supply chain thanks to Stellar
2018-03-19 12:29:13

Pioneering transparency in the electricity supply chain thanks to Stellar

Irene Energy will join the “Energy Unblocked” event
2018-03-19 09:31:59

Irene Energy will join the “Energy Unblocked” event

We are thrilled to be part of the Energy Unblocked event, in London, on March 27th.

Our founder, Guillaume Marchand, will introduce Irene Energy in the Start Up Showcase and contribute to the Blockchain Environmental Impact panel, joining the Head of Blockchain Innovations at the Blockchain Climate Institute, the lead developer at ElectriCChain and the founder of the Unblocked Events, Helene Disney.

Unblocked Events arranges regular blockchain events in London around a range of industry verticals including healthcare, energy, creative industries and the voluntary and public sectors.

Irene Energy is delighted to join some of the leading companies and players in this sector, for a day of thought provoking discussions.

To know more about the event, please visit their website.

If you are attending, please come and find us. We’d love to have a chat.

Thank you.

The Irene Team

How to buy Tellus on StellarTerm
2018-03-11 16:56:44

How to buy Tellus on StellarTerm

Before buying Tellus, you have to make sure that:

your stellar account is active (do you have a Ledger nano S?) and accepts Tellus

your KYC/AML screening was validated by the Irene Team

you registered on, accepted the Terms and Conditions of the sale, confirmed eligibility and generally, ticked all the 6 steps shown on the website

We recommend using StellarTerm as Tellus is easily discoverable there.

If you use other wallets (such as StellarPort), please see the additional information about Tellus at the end of this article.

1. Open your Stellar account on StellarTerm

If you have already accepted Tellus, you should see the following:

2. Go to the Tellus market

2 ways to get to there:

Click on “trade” at the end of the line above, or

Click on the “markets” tab and scroll down until you see Tellus. Click on “trade” at the end of the line.

3. Once one the Tellus market page

The page will look like this:

On that page, fill the “Buy Tellus using XLM” column

Put a price matching our selling price

Fill in the quantity that you want to buy

Finally click on “Buy Tellus”.

If you have a Nano S you have to confirm the transaction

You are done and you will now see your tokens on your account!

And if you are not using StellarTerm, you will need the following information:

Asset Code = TELLUS


Thank you,

The Irene Team

How to store Tellus on your Ledger Nano S
2018-03-09 00:05:14

How to store Tellus on your Ledger Nano S

A very secure way to store your Tellus directly after buying them on an exchange is on a Ledger Nano S.

Below are the steps to setup your Ledger Nano S to receive Tellus :

A. Configure and activate your Ledger Nano S to accept Stellar

Inside the Ledger Manager app, go to Applications and install the Stellar app.

On your Ledger device, navigate to the Stellar app and open the app.

Inside the app, go to Settings, then Browser support, then select yes and press both buttons.

Go to and click on “Ledger”.

Click on the “Sign in with Ledger” button.

Now, il you need to activate your account.

At the top after sign in if you see the below with the message “This account doesn’t exist on the network. To create this account, send it at least 1 lumen (XLM) to fulfill the minimum balance.” you need to send 20 XLM to your Stellar public key (eg from an exchange or another wallet you have on etc).

Copy your Stellar public key — this is your Ledger Nano S Stellar public key.

B. Configure your Ledger Nano S to accept Tellus

Connect your Nano S to your computer and on your Ledger device, navigate to the Stellar app and open the app

2. Inside the app, go to Settings, then Browser support, then select yes and press both buttons.

3. Go to and click “Ledger”

4. Click on Sign in with Ledger.

5. Find the “Accept assets” tab inside “Account” tab.

6. Scroll down and find Tellus

7. Click on “Accept TELLUS”

8. And finally, confirm on your Ledger

Sometimes the confirmation does not work the first time. Click on “Accept Tellus”.

You’re done!

C. Buying Tellus on the D day

When the ICO will be opened and if your KYC process has been validated, you ‘ll be able to buy Tellus on the “Exchange” Tab and then store them on your Ledger Nano S.

We hope this article is helping and looking forward to building together the electricity supplier for a better future.

The Irene Team

Comment acheter vos Tellus ?
2018-03-06 15:52:32

Comment acheter vos Tellus ?

Allez sur le site et cliquer sur “ REGISTER”

Si vous etes déja inscrit, cliquez sur le bouton “Already Registered” et utilisez votre addresse email et mot de passe.

Une page s’ouvre avec 7 étapes, à compléter dans l’ordre:

Etape 1: Conditions Générales — Lire et accepter les conditions générales de prévente du Tellus

Lire les conditions générales de prévente, en bleu, puis cochez la case correspondante pour les accepter et cliquez sur “Submit” pour finaliser cette étape.

Une fois cette étape terminée, vous recevrez un email contenant un exemplaire de ces conditions générales.

Étape 2: Confirmation d’éligibilité — Confirmez votre éligibilité et votre pays de résidence

Vous devrez cocher toutes les déclarations qui vous concernent:

- Je ne suis pas de nationalité américaine


- Je ne suis ni résident en République populaire de Chine (Chine), ni domicilié en République populaire de Chine (Chine), ni un acheteur se trouvant en Chine en ce moment.

Vous devrez aussi cocher les cases suivantes:

J’accepte explicitement d’être lié aux conditions générales de prévente de Tellus que je viens de lire et d’accepter.

J’ai compris et j’accepte les risques liés à l’achat et à la détention de Tellus.

Je comprends que la valeur de Tellus pourrait baisser à l’avenir.

Une fois cette étape terminée, cliquez sur le cadre “Eligibility Criteria” pour revenir à la page principale. Vous recevrez un email confirmant votre éligibilité.

Étape 3: Contrôle KYC / AML (Obligation de connaître son client/Lutte contre le blanchiment d’argent)

Veuillez écrire votre nom exactement tel qu’il apparaît sur votre passeport, y compris les majuscules.

Entrez vos coordonnées: nom, adresse, nationalité, date de naissance, numéro de passeport, date de validité, etc. Effectuez une dernière vérification et quand vous êtes sûre que les informations fournies sont correctes, cliquez sur “Submit”.

Si Trulioo, notre fournisseur de vérification d’identité, leader mondial dans son domaine, peut comparer vos informations aux bases de données officielles et/ou fournies par le gouvernement, vous aurez passé le contrôle “Obligation de connaître son client/Lutte contre le blanchiment d’argent” (KYC/AML) . Quand cela a été fait, vous recevrez un email de Trulioo, confirmant que vous avez bien passé le contrôle KYC/AML. Vous pouvez passer à l’étape suivante.

Si Trulioo n’est pas capable de procéder à la vérification de vos informations, nous vous contacterons à partir de cette adresse email: (et d’aucune autre) pour vous demander de fournir une photo de vous et de votre passeport ainsi qu’une preuve de domiciliation. S’il vous plaît, n’envoyez jamais d’informations confidentielles tel que votre private key a personne.

Step 4: Compte Stellar — Créer votre compte

Suivez les instructions sur l’écran

Créez votre compte Stellar

Si vous n’avez pas encore de compte Stellar, dirigez vous sur le site suivant:

Là vous pourrez créer votre compte (générer vos “key pairs” ) avec ou sans Nano S. Si vous n’avez pas de Nano S, gardez votre clé privée en sécurité. Ne la perdez pas et ne la partagez jamais.

Activez votre compte Stellar

Utilisez votre clé privée pour envoyer au moins 5 Lumens (XLM), monnaie native de Stellar, à votre compte Stellar. Vous pouvez acheter des Lumens sur par exemple — mais aussi sur de nombreuses autres bourses d’echange de crypto monnaies

Envoyez-nous votre clé publique

Une fois votre vérification KYC / AML terminée, nous devrons autoriser votre compte. Veuillez nous envoyer votre clé publique (pas votre clé privée) en la copiant dans le champ approprié à l’étape 4 et cliquez sur “Submit”.

Cliquez sur “I’m done” lorsque vous avez terminé cette étape.

Étape 5: Acceptez Tellus — Selectionnez Tellus dans Stellar

Vous devez en fait aller sur Stellar Term et accepter Tellus avant de cliquer sur la case. Connectez-vous à votre Stellar Wallet (par exemple

Trouvez et cliquez sur l’onglet “Accept Asset”

Faites défiler vers le bas pour trouver le Tellus dans la liste des crypto monnaies

Cliquez sur “Accept Tellus”

Pour plus de détails sur cette étape, vous pouvez trouver un guide ici:

De retour sur votre écran, à l’étape 5, cochez “I have accepted Tellus”

Étape 6: Confirmation — Irene Energy confirmera votre compte Asseyez-vous et détendez-vous: si vous avez terminé les 5 étapes précédentes, votre compte sera approuvé à tout moment

Step 7: A partir du 12 Mars, achetez vos Tellus directement sur la bourse d’echange de cryptomonnaies Stellar

Connectez vous sur Stellar avec votre clé privée a l’adresse suivante: et cliquez sur ce lien pour acheter vos Tellus:

Irene Energy Pre-Sale — Early Bird Price
2018-03-06 15:43:53

Irene Energy Pre-Sale — Early Bird Price

Irene Energy will start its Token (Tellus / TLU) Pre-Sale on Monday, March 12th at 3:00 PM CET.

As part of its Pre-Sale, the first 10,000,000 Telli will be available at EUR 0.07, which represents a 30% discount compared to the Main Sale price. The remaining Telli allocated to the Pre-Sale will be sold at a price of EUR 0.08.

Irene Energy Token Pre-Sale will last for eight weeks, during which time 250,000,000 Telli will be for sale. All unsold Telli from the Pre-Sale will be destroyed. During the Pre-Sale, buyers will be able to buy Telli with Lumens (XLM).

Here are simple steps to buy Telli: here.

How to purchase Tellus in 7 simple steps
2018-03-05 14:00:06

How to purchase Tellus in 7 simple steps

Go to and click on “REGISTER”

If you have already registered, please click on “Already Registered?” and then use your email and password to login.

You will then see a page with 7 simple steps. It is important that you click and follow all the steps in their given order.

Your Irene Energy portal for the pre-sale

Here is a guide for this process:

Step 1: Terms and Conditions — Read and agree to them

Step 1: Terms and Conditions → check the box and click Submit to complete this step

Read the Tellus Sale Terms and Conditions in the blue link provided, and click the box to explicitly agree. Then, click “Submit”.

You will receive an email with a copy of these terms and conditions.

Step 2: Eligibility confirmation — check the right box

Click the square in the yellow circle that applies to you.

You will need to tick all of the statements that apply to you:

I am not a US person, or

I am a US person but self-qualify as an Accredited Investor or as a Qualified Purchaser, and

I am not a resident or domiciliary of the People’s Republic of China (China) or purchasing from a location within China

and you will need to the following by ticking the appropriate box:

I explicitly agree to be bound to the Tellus Pre-sale Terms and Conditions that I have just read and acknowledged

Specifically, I have understood and I do accept the risks linked to purchasing and holding Tellus.

Finally, I understand that the value of Tellus may go down in the future.

Once this step is done, click away from the “Eligibility Criteria” frame to go back to the main page.

You will receive an email confirming your eligibility.

Step 3: KYC/AML Screening — Use your passport

Please enter the information as they appear on your passport: Capital letters, etc.

Input your details: first name, last name, address, etc. exactly as it appears on your passport including capital letters. Please double check the validity of the information you have entered.

Once you feel confident in the validity of the information provided, please click on Submit at the bottom of the page.

After this, you may receive an email from our partner Trulioo, the world leader in identity verification, approving your KYC screening. You may then move on to the next step.

If Trulioo was unable to approve your information, we will contact you from (and no other email) to ask for further information such as a photo of your passport, yourself and a proof of address.

Please do not send confidential information, private key or other sensitive material to anyone.

Step 4: Stellar Account — Make sure you are visible to us

Please follow instructions on this screen

Create a Stellar account

If you don’t already have a Stellar account, please go to

There, you will be able to create your account (generate your key pairs) with or without a Nano S. If you do not have a Nano S, keep your private key safe. Don’t lose it. And never share your private key.

Activate your Stellar account

Use your private key to send at least 5 Lumens (XLM), Stellar native currency, to your Stellar account. You can for example buy Lumens on — but also on many other major exchanges

Send us your public key

Once your KYC/AML screening has been completed, we will need to authorize your account. Please send us your public key (not your private key) by copying it the appropriate field in step 4 and click Submit.

Click on I’m done when you have completed this step.

Step 5: Accept Tellus — Tell Stellar you want Tellus

You actually have to go to StellarTerm and accept Tellus before clicking the box.

Log-in to your Stellar Wallet (for example

Find and click on the “Accept Asset” tab

Scroll down to find Tellus in the shortlist of coins

Click on “Accept Tellus”

And here we go, you are ready for Tellus!

For more details on this step, you can find a guide here:

Back to the screen in Step 5, tick “ I have accepted Tellus”

Step 6: Confirmation — Irene Energy will confirm your account

Sit back and relax: if you have completed all previous 5 steps, your account will be approved anytime now

Step 7: from March 12th onwards buy Tellus directly on the Stellar Distributed Exchange

Log into Stellar with your private key at and click here to buy Tellus.

How consumers’ behaviour is becoming the new ballot box
2017-11-13 12:01:52

How consumers’ behaviour is becoming the new ballot box

Throughout Europe, the first supermarkets opened in the 50’s initially with the aim of cutting the middlemen, decreasing food prices and providing the one stop shop experience. Since then supply chains have became materially longer due to huge international trading reflecting trade agreements and negligeable transportation costs. Supermarkets have driven down prices to such levels that producers sometimes end up producing at a loss. Pesticides, hormones and antibiotics have made their way in our food, ensuring an ever growing return on lands and animals. The need for speedy processes in the slaughterhouses for instance have led to cruel treatments of animals and sanitory failures. Specialised creative agencies have advised on which colours or consistencies are more appealing to the consumer. The development of processed food has increased the number of additives and amount of sugar and salt added to our food to make it tastier and more addictive which has fuelled the obesity trend. Even vegetables shapes have been standardised.

Following the food scandals in the 90’s (mad cow disease, horsemeat scandal, dioxyn contaminated chicken affair…) people started realising that they did not truly know what was in their plates anymore. Since then, despite powerful food industry lobbies, numerous studies have shown that some of the food we eat is seriously damaging our health and the planet. People are reverting to shorter supply chains with a single or no intermediary and ask for a quality guarantee. The result: organic food is the fastest growing sector of the U.S. food industry. Organic food sales increase by double digits annually, far outstripping the growth rate for the overall food market.

Irene Energy is part of this responsible consumer movement that, we expect, will in time touch every sector and every industry. We are seeing it already in banking, investment management or fashion. As far as the energy industry is concerned, the trigger has been a mix of environmental scandals and their catastrophic impact combined with the realisation that the natural resources we have been exploiting are finite. Record hurricane seasons, fuelled by abnormally warm waters in the Atlantic, causes billions of dollars in damages and kills dozens. Europe and the US suffer repeated heat waves and wildfires every summer. The list of how global warming is impacting the life of many of us is growing and is inexorably becoming more tangible and frightening. We are the first generation to truly wonder what the outcome could be if we fail to turn it around in time.

Irene Energy guarantees that the entirety of your electricity budget supports the source of renewable electricity that you chose. As more people join Irene Energy, there will be an increased and unstoppable demand for renewable electricity. Policies taken at the national level will finally reflect citizens beliefs. The blockchain as a technology will enable this change to happen by providing transparency in the supply chain. With this information, people will be able to make decision on what brands they want to support, in line with their beliefs. People’s consumption behaviours are becoming the new ballot box and Irene Energy is part of this revolution.

Thank you!

The Irene Energy Team

For more information go to or join our Telegram group


RT @breznikov7: We did a live (and expensive) stress test of Ethereum and found that most ERC20 projects are going to have a lot of trouble…

RT @SEforALLorg: Watch @rkyte365, @UN SRSG for Sustainable Energy for All, talk w/@UN_News_Centre during recent trip to the Sahel where she…

Access to electricity might be one of the most important factor to reduce poverty

Great initiative to keep track of the projects working towards SDG7. @IreneEnergy will be soon be adding Irene Africa's project in Tanzania.

A few weeks ago, @IreneEnergy had the pleasure to participate to the @enerpresse forum in Deauville and discuss its ambitions as an outsider of the energy sector. This event gathered key stakeholders, from the private and public sector in the French energy industry.

Energy Trend Report for Q1 2018 is out with "#renewable’ share of electricity generation increased to a record quarterly high of 30.1%"

Another really inspiring Club de l'Innovation Positive in Paris w. @CdeBoisredon & the wonderful @Sparknews team. @IreneEnergy was very proud to present among a great panel of start ups. Thank you for having us! Delighted to welcome the Club in London. Kick off:June 25

Indeed, solving energy poverty plays a major role in escaping the poverty trap. Irene Africa, part of @IreneEnergy, turns existing micro-grids into integrated local marketplaces for micro consumption, to improve access to a safe, clean and cheap source of electricity in Africa.

RT @BloombergNEF: Our 2018 EV Outlook is out now! According to our forecasts, EV sales will increase from a record 1.1 million worldwide la…

RT @UNFCCC: A new @ILO report says that actions in line with the objectives of the #ParisAgreement can create 24 million new jobs around th…

Excited to announce the partnership between @IreneEnergy and @Talium_fr for our next stage of growth! #blockchain $XLM $TLU #Stellar.

3 days left for the Tellus pre-sale. Nearly 8M Tellus have been sold already. Thank you to all contributors, token buyers, and supporters around the world. How to buy Tellus here: $XLM $TLU #RenewableEnergy #cryptos #Green #blockchain #ICO

RT @JeremyLeggett: UK Government poll finds a record 85% public support for renewable energy, and 87% for solar. 66% would be happy to have…

good news !! @StellarOrg @hsinjuchuang

6 more days until the end of the presale - have you bought your Tellus yet? Our whitepaper is available on How to buy Tellus here: $XLM $TLU #cleantech #RenewableEnergy #cryptos #Green #blockchain #ICO

#IreneEnergy is delighted and excited to have been shortlisted for the second stage of the #UNICEFInnovationFund selection process. #IreneEnergy is looking to address the energy poverty in rural Zimbabwe and the innumerable consequences it has on children.

RT @judymSF: Why Stellar (XLM) is Overtaking Ripple (XRP) at Lightning Speed | Crypto Recorder via #StellarLumens…

On to the next stage of growth! Thank you to all token buyers, colleagues, advisers, supporters, partners, friends and family for this great milestone.

2 weeks ago, #IreneEnergy hit the softcap in the #Tellus token pre-sale. The success rate for this kind of endeavor is 1 in 10. #IreneEnergy is now in the landscape of crypto & fintech, renewable electricity & an applicable use case of the Stellar blockchain.

Only 13 days before the end of our presale... Have you bought #Tellus, the first compliant and green cryptocurrency yet? and instructions here:

RT @IreneEnergy: @IreneEnergy in the list of leading blockchain start-ups from France by @Bpifrance @BpifranceHub

#IreneEnergy was in #Rennes yesterday, attending a workshop: "Smart living or living smart? From engagement to citizen ownership". The chance for #IreneEnergy to communicate its offer for municipalities:

thanks @NickGBreeze for a great interview on

RT @UNFCCC: We urgently need to ramp up ambition to achieve the #ParisAgreement's #climate goals. Check out all you need to know about #Tal…

RT @IEA: What do the next 5 years have in store for #RenewableEnergy? Explore our findings ????…

RT @UNFCCC: The amount of #SolarPower added worldwide surged in 2017, far more than the additions of #FossilFuels…

Through PPAs, Apple is matching 100% of its energy consumption with purchased renewable energy. Thanks to the micro-payment technology, @IreneEnergy offers micro PPAs so that SMEs can enjoy the same benefit without any of the constraints.

#Renewable electricity sources are the way to solve energy poverty and access to electricity could be the single biggest factor to end poverty. #IreneEnergy Africa is working to do just that in Sub-Sahara Africa.

Revolutionary use case of #blockchain in the #renewable electricity industry by #IreneEnergy : “An actual use case in crypto la la land” by Louis Brun

#IreneEnergy attending the club de l'#innovationPositive for the first time. Fascinating discussions around legal status and meanings of Entreprise a Mission (purpose-driven companies) like us! Great audience, presenters and #Sparknews team. Well done!

RT @BV: U.S. renewable energy programs are pushing forward, despite Trump's rollback

The economic case for building new coal and gas plants is crumbling, as batteries start to encroach on their territory

"An actual use case from crypto La La land" from @realLouisBrun #Blockchain #Crypto #usecase #Renewable #Power #AI #Blockchain #FranceisBack @EmmanuelMacron

RT @unblockedevents: @IreneEnergy presenting #blockchain-enabled micro payments to connect consumers and green producers on #stellar Blockc…

#Decentralised energy sources will solve #energy poverty for 600mm people. Visit us on

If only they used #StellarLumens to pay for their coffee:)

#IreneEnergy pre sale is on! Follow the link for a guide on how to buy your Tellus

Through the Stellar Blockchain, @IreneEnergy enables donors to directly credit "sponsored" consumers with electricity money - intermediary free! So that 100% of your donations reaches the end beneficiary! Check us out on

⚠️It has been brought to our attention that a scamming attempt has been sent to our users. Please do not trust any address asking you to send any currency (crypto or fiat) directly. Scam attempts come from: and

How @StellarOrg -based micropayments allow @IreneEnergy's consumers to control what happens with their electricity money #Tellus #RadicalTransparency #CleanCrypto #Sustainability #StellarLumens #Stellar

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#IreneEnergy is excited to be part of the conversation around #blockchain and the #energy sector

#IreneEnergy #Presale in on: Buy your Tellus now at a discount and don't give up on any potential appreciation of #XLM!

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Sweet coverage from Indian press... who thought we were IRENA ????but thank you any way :-) #macroneffect

ICO Regulations: we were right all along.

Just as a reminder, as the presale opens today ???????? please don't forget to follow the steps in the links below: English: Russian: French:

Remember our first 10mm Telli will be available at €0.07: a 30% discount compared to the Main Sale price. The remaining Telli allocated to the Pre-Sale will be sold at a price of €0.08.

You will need to accept "Tellus" before you can buy them. More details on “How to buy Tellus on StellarTerm” by @IreneEnergy

#@IreneEnergy Pre-sale opens in 4 hours. Make sure to check this out and benefit from the early bird price.

#IreneEnergy #presale starts in 15 hours! Now is the perfect time to register, fill in your KYC, open your #Stellar account and/or accept #Tellus and send us your public key so that you're all set for tomorrow 2pm GMT.

Irene Energy published “How consumers’ behaviour is becoming the new ballot box”

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With @IreneEnergy, you know where your electricity money goes ! #stellar #ICO $XLM All details about IreneEnergy project on our medium : and on our youtube channel :

Tellus by @IreneEnergy - a clean token to #prepay your green #electricity! #ICO @Stellar $XLM

"Inspired by @C_qui_le_Patron, @IreneEnergy provides to people full transparency and control over their #electricity supply! More details on this medium post : #EnR #Transparency #ICO @Stellar $XLM

Another look at the sector for @crypto

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#Tellus is Irene Energy's #token, on #Stellar. Here is how to buy it. Pre-sale #TokenSale opens March 12th

#Japan here we come #ICO #Stellar #TELLUS

A sweet page for all things @Stellarorg #Stellar ... oh and did we mention our pre-sale opens March 12th?

Irene Energy seen as an "incredibly exciting application for blockchain technology". Thank you Jetset crypto for the great review. #IreneEnergy #Tellus #Stellar #Blockchain

Helping others while investing in a great project about renewable energy? Thanks to @IreneEnergy this is possible. more info : #Tellus #CleanCrypto #Sustainability

With Tellus by @IreneEnergy, finance the #renewable electricity sources that you like! And only the one that you like. You'll shape the energy landscape of tomorrow! #ICO @Stellar $XLM #Tellus #CleanCrypto #Sustainability

#Tellus-based micro-payments of electricity for Africa #CleanCrypto #GreenCrypto #Sustainibility - A quick message from Emily: join us on telegram

Come chat with us on to join telegram and then click on - we need you!

New article is out

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Our coin, #Tellus is ready for regulation thanks to @StellarOrg ! Join our Telgram group for more info #Anticipation #CleanCrypto @IreneEnergy #Stellar #StellarLumens

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Disrupting the $390bn charity thanks to #Tellus - the @IreneEnergy token based on the @StellarOrg blockchain. Learn more by joining #Tellus #CleanCrypto #Stellar #StellarLumens

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What is the #Stellar Consensus Protocol? #XLM #Crypto #cryptocurrency