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IAME Identity

Fragmented Identification For Blockchain


Finished: 4 months 4 weeks ago

Start Date

18th of June 2018

End Date

18th of August 2018

Country: Mauritius

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Ticker/Symbol IAM
Price 1 ETH = 12,500 IAM
TokenType ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Hardcap   25 000 000,00
Softcap   1 000 000,00
Raised 0,00
ICO Score


A decentralized identification system that would allow parties performing blockchain transactions to verify, on a primary level, the identity of each other without having to disclose non-essential sensitive personal information to the counterparties; and on a secondary level the source of the Cryptocurrencies in the transaction. Identification would be conducted by a multitude of independent third party validators, each verifying fragments of information that together would constitute a complete verification, such that only the original owner of the sensitive personal information retains her/his data in a wholesome and useful way.
The result of the identification process would be hashed onto a designated blockchain and made accessible on a public repository such that the identification status and source of the cryptocurrencies associated with specific blockchain addresses can be consulted, without compromising the unique identification data.


Nathaniel Tsang Mang Kin

Co-founder / Compliance

Suryani Chang

Co-founder / Back End

Chirag Patel

Front End

Ari Vivekanandarajah

Community Manager

Jevon Coffin-Grey

Specialty: Blockchain Technology

Oliver Oxenham

Specialty: Engineering, Entrepreneurship

Nicholas Allen

Specialty: Product Development

Shaun Ritson

Specialty: Enterprise Integration

Clayton Scott

Specialty: Financial Advisory

Andre Bergh

Specialty: Big Data


Angel Investment Many blockchain startups initiate an initial coin offering with just an idea in mind, our team spent months sharpening their claws against angel investors to come up with a viable development and go to market strategy to secure the necessary funds to kickstart development.
Technology Conceptualisation and Utilisation IAME is among the few blockchain startups to release their Alpha prior to going ICO, which is our way of showing what the team is made of. We want contributors to know and to see that they are contributing into a real project.
Identification Prototype We are happy to announce that we built two prototypes – one for identification and one for validation. You can personally engage them and see how both function by visiting the identification prototype and the validation prototype. In this prototype, we run through how the IAME based identification functions from the perspective of a user.
Validation Prototype We are happy to announce that we have two prototypes up and running – one for identity validation and one for identification. You can personally engage them and see how both function by visiting the identification prototype and the validation prototype. In this blog, we run through how the IAME based validation functions from the perspective of a third-party validator.
Proof of Concept Test out the IAME system's proof of concept - now available on the App Store:
Initial Coin Offering IAME’s ICO will help the team complete its journey towards making vital personal data “hack-worthless”. The IAME ICO will commence in April 2018 and will run for a period of 3 months.
Turbo IAME Core The Turbo IAME Core will be the first among many developments that is completed en route to the IAME Enterprise Solution.
Accelerated Payment Gateway The Accelerated Payment Gateway will be completed - 3 months following the development of the Turbo IAME Core
Exchange Integration The IAME team will complete development and incorporation of exchange integration 3 months after the development of the Accelerated Payment Gateway. This includes IAME exchange backend services, API integration with exchanges, and iOS/Android mobile wallet exchange service implementation.
Enterprise Solution The accumulation of previous developments will lead to the development of our comprehensive Enterprise Solution - 3 months after exchange integration is complete.
KYC Databank Integration and the Launch of the Automation Lab Once the Enterprise Solution is complete, we will move towards KYC databank integration with existing AML/KYC solutions. Additionally, an Automation Lab that allows users to open and develop external APIs for developers, set up workshops and marketplace, will be established.
Developments will be complete within 24 months All developments undertaken by IAME can be completed within a period of 24 months.

Medium News

IAME Bitcointalk Bounty Claim Guide
2018-10-16 11:30:40

IAME Bitcointalk Bounty Claim Guide

2018 has been an event filled year for both IAME and the crypto industry, but despite the bear market we managed to survive, and most importantly we were able build and give form to our ideals about a truly decentralised identity solution.

For those who have been with us for a since our Bitcointalk days and participated in the first bounty, thanks for bearing with us through our journey, and the time has now come distribute the IAME QRC20 token that was promised.

Check your Stake here: Bitcointalk Bounty Sheet

To claim your stake, message the Bitcointalk user IAME, and your claim will be processed onto your IAME Wallet:


Q: I cannot pm IAME on Bitcointalk because I am a newbie or IAME is a Newbie. A: Please change your user settings on Bitcointalk to allow PM to newbies.

Q: Do I need to download the IAME wallet? A: Yes, we will only process claims attached to the IAME wallet.

Q: Can I send an email or DM you on telegram to claim my bounty? A: No, any claims will have to be made through Bitcointalk, this is to avoid fraudulent claims where a user claims someone else’s reward.

Q: Does IAME have a web wallet? A: As of now we only have Android and iOS mobile wallets.

Any Questions?

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us on any of the channels below or by email at

Website | Telegram Channel | Linkedin | Facebook | Twitter

Turbine Airdrop: Guide to Participation
2018-09-24 12:04:47

Turbine Airdrop: Guide to Participation

We are really glad to have such a big response for next week’s event. Gentle reminder that we will be having an Airdrop during the meetup so please make sure that you downloaded the IAME wallet beforehand. The tokens will be dropped inside the wallet during the event.

Any Questions?

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us on any of the channels below or by email at

Website | Telegram Channel | Linkedin | Facebook | Twitter

IAME Explained: Link Analysis
2018-08-24 08:38:13

IAME Explained: Link Analysis

What is Link Analysis, and why does it matter? When we talk about cryptocurrency a recurring issue is that of money laundering, i.e malicious actors using cryptocurrency to operate their illegal activities. There is a tradeoff between transparency and privacy that often shifts to either extremes to the detriment of the other side. With Link Analysis we come with a compromise that can deter malicious activity while protecting cryptocurrency owners.

Any Questions?

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us on any of the channels below or by email at

Website | Telegram Channel | Linkedin | Facebook | Twitter

QTUM Hackathon 2018 Developer Support
2018-08-07 06:42:27

QTUM Hackathon 2018 Developer Support

If you are here, this means that you are ready to take a go at the $500,000 QTUM Hackathon 2018 prize.

As official partners of the Hackathon we are here to make development as smooth as possible.

So Forget Infrastructure and Focus on Development!

Let us take the headache of infrastructure and identity management away from your development process. We have built the infrastructure so that developers don’t need to deploy their own nodes.

Getting your API Key

Register on our website here and join our Slack Channel if you have any questions, we will deliver you an API key within 24 hours after registering which you can use to connect our RPC service.

How to Use

To make a call to our service, such as getting the blockchain info just have to make a normal RPC call with our url and API key as follows:

curl -v — data-binary ‘{“jsonrpc”: “1.0”, “id”:”curltest”, “method”: “getblockchaininfo”, “params”: [] }’ -H ‘content-type: application/json;’

For more available calls, please visit the QTUM RPC API doc located here.

Any Questions?

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us on any of the channels below or by email at

Website | Telegram Channel | Linkedin | Facebook | Twitter

IAME Explained: Data Minimisation
2018-08-02 07:58:42

IAME Explained: Data Minimisation

If you are transferring documents, Sharding and Document Molding is the best protection against interception attacks. However if a third party requires to read your information wholly, we need to turn to better information protection methodologies, with IAME, we make use of a data protection strategy called Data Minimisation.

Any Questions?

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us on any of the channels below or by email at

Website | Telegram Channel | Linkedin | Facebook | Twitter

IAME Explained: IAM Economics
2018-07-20 10:56:11

IAME Explained: IAM Economics

Consensus identification will be conducted by Third Party Verifiers (TPV) on a for profit basis: TPVs will be verifying the content of information shards in exchange for IAME QRC20 Tokens. This process that we call IAM Economics guides the primary demand and supply of IAM Tokens in the IAME ecosystem. But more than just a payment medium the IAME QRC20 token will determine job allocation and serve as primary medium for a native staking process on IAME.

Any Questions?

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us on any of the channels below or by email at

Website | Telegram Channel | Linkedin | Facebook | Twitter

IAME One Pager
2018-07-09 16:36:37

IAME One Pager

What is IAME? Where is it used? How do you use it? What can you do with it?

These are first questions that you ask yourself and that should be answered.

Any Questions?

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us on any of the channels below or by email at

Website | Telegram Channel | Linkedin | Facebook | Twitter

IAME Explained: Consensus Identification
2018-07-09 16:30:26

IAME Explained: Consensus Identification

For the past few weeks we have been diving inside the tech behind IAME. We have dissected the ins and outs of sharding and document molding which have enabled you to understand the fundamentals of what we are building. But as you must have already guessed this is only the beginning, so off we go down into the rabbit hole!

Any Questions?

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us on any of the channels below or by email at

Website | Telegram Channel | Linkedin | Facebook | Twitter

QTUM 103: Transferring and Burning
2018-07-03 12:11:53

QTUM 103: Transferring and Burning

Now that you have your QRC20 tokens, we will explore 2 new functions:

Transferring: moving one QRC20 token from one account to another; and

Burning: destroying a fixed amount of QRC20 token (because its fun).

Those 2 functions were in built in our contract and can only be called because we put them there. As usual we recommend you use the QTUM testnet first, unless you are fine with spending real QTUM.

For this guide we are using MAC OS X and Qtum Core version mainnet-ignition-v0.15.2 (64-bit)

Step 1: Do you have QTUM friends?

If you have QTUM friends, you can ask them for their QTUM addresses to send them your newly created QRC20 tokens, else you can send your TESTNET tokens to this TESTNET address:


Step 2: You have no QTUM friends :(

Let’s assume you fly solo, so you need to find yourself a Chewbacca.

For some reason that have been lost in translation, to generate a new QTUM address, you need to click on the Request Payment Button. A new transaction will be initiated that will give you a new QTUM address

We will use this newly generated address as our beneficiary address for the QRC20 token transfer

Step 2: Transferring the QRC20

If you followed through step 6 of QTUM 102, your QRC20 tokens should already be detected and associated with the creating address.

Go to: QRC Tokens Tab

Select: Send Option

Input: Beneficiary QTUM address

Input: Amount of to be sent

Click: Confirm

Step 3: Viewing the QRC20

Now to view the QRC20 Tokens:

Go to: QRC Tokens Tab

Input: The Contract Address for the QRC20 Tokens

Select: The the beneficiary QTUM address.

Click: Confirm

The view column should be updated as such.

Note: you can also call the transfer function directly to the smart contract from the smart contract tab, but this way is much easier.

Step 4: Burning those M***********g Tokens

Like we said in the beginning, we added a function to destroy token. Some people use it to destroy excess token supply, we do it for fun. According to our contract you can burn only your own token.

Now to burn the QRC20 Tokens:

Go to: Smart Contract Tab

Select: Send To Option (this will send an instruction to the smart contract)

Input: The Contract Address for the QRC20 Tokens

Input: The ABI code (remember from last week, if you used the same code as in github, you can use the ABI from here)

Select: Burn function

Input: How many tokens you want to burn

Select: Sender address(the function will only go through if the sender himself has sufficient tokens to burn on his account)

Click: Send to Contract

Step 5: Watch it playout

For the transaction to go through, you will have to wait for it to be confirmed. in the meanwhile you can watch the transaction unfold in the Transaction Tab.

Once you hear the “ding” of QTUM core wallet you can go check the QRC Tokens Tab and you can see that 900,000 BIG tokens are gone forever!

Any Questions?

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us on any of the channels below or by email at

Website | Telegram Channel | Linkedin | Facebook | Twitter

QTUM 201: Setting up your QTUM Node
2018-06-29 12:25:45

QTUM 201: Setting up your QTUM Node

While interacting with the QTUM Blockchain it is often much easier to have your very own node. So we will show you how to set up you own QTUM node with Docker and how to communicate with it via RPC.

This type of environment is very useful for people who want to experiment with QTUM either for Staking or and/or develop QTUM smart contracts on the Qtum blockchain.


Install Docker.

VIM (If you are on MAC OS X this should already be present)

For this guide we are using MAC OS X and Qtum Core version mainnet-ignition-v0.15.2 (64-bit)

Step 1: Run Docker

Docker is an open platform that performs operating-system-level virtualization, also known as “containerization”. This system is ideal for creating sandboxed environments.

Make sure you sign into Docker with your username and not your email address

Step 2: Get the QTUM Image from Docker

The first thing we need to do is to build QTUM inside Docker. The QTUM image is already available on Docker Hub which we can pull from the Terminal with a simple command:

docker pull qtum/qtum

Note: Please make sure that you sign in to Docker with your username and not your email address, else you will get the following error:

Using default tag: latest Error response from daemon: Get unauthorized: incorrect username or password

Step 3: Preparing the Configuration File and Data Path

The data path is where the QTUM blockchain data is stored and the configuration file is used to set the preferences. We will prepare both on a local directory and then map it into the docker container using the -v command.

In this tutorial we will go to our user directory, i.e Users/your_user/ ,so let’s chose a path to save QTUM blockchain data:

//Check to make sure we are in the right place


//Clear any previous data

sudo rm -rf data/qtum-data

//Ccreate the folder

sudo mkdir -p data/qtum-data

//Set the right permissions

sudo chmod a+w data/qtum-data

//Now to check if everything is fine

pwd ls cd data ls

Once this is done, you should see the qtum-data file.

Step 4: Setting up the configuration file

We will be setting up the configuration file in VIM, but first we need to make sure we are in the right folder, the /Users/you_user/data.

I usually open a new terminal window when making guides, so you can do the same and get back into the data folder using the cd data command, and to make sure you are in the right folder use the pwd command.

This should display /Users/you_user/data

Now to set up the configuration file enter the following:

vim qtum.conf.

This will create a new configuration file and open vim.

Then tap on i onto the keyboard and paste the following there

rpcuser=test rpcpassword=test1234 rpcallowip= rpcbind= rpcport=3889 regtest=1

Then press ctrl-c on the keyboard to record the changes. This should show “Type :quit to abandon all changes and exit Vim” at the bottom of the terminal.

All the parameters are pretty much self describing except for regtest which allows qtum to start in development mode. For a full detailed configuration file please visit Github and feel free to modify yours as needed. This gives explanations for each parameters mentioned above.

Step 5: Launching the QTUM daemon

To launch the QTUM daemon, please open the terminal and type the following:

docker run -d — rm — name qtum_node -p 3889:3889 -v ${PWD}/qtum.conf:/root/.qtum/qtum.conf -v ${PWD}/qtum-data:/root/.qtum/ qtum/qtum qtumd

This is a single command and will launch docker with the QTUM daemon running

To make sure it is running we can check with the following command:

docker ps

This should display the process with the port and name as per image above.

And to stop docker use the following command:

docker stop qtum_node

Step 6: Interacting with the QTUM Command Line

With the QTUM Daemon active we can interact directly through the terminal using the following commands(make sure you stopped the docker first!):

//To shut down the daemon

docker run -d — rm — name qtum_node -p 3889:3889 -v ${PWD}/qtum.conf:/root/.qtum/qtum.conf -v ${PWD}/qtum_data:/root/.qtum/ qtum/qtum qtum-cli stop

//To view the wallet info

docker run -d — rm — name qtum_node -p 3889:3889 -v ${PWD}/qtum.conf:/root/.qtum/qtum.conf -v ${PWD}/qtum_data:/root/.qtum/ qtum/qtum qtum-cli getwalletinfo

//For a full list of commands

docker run -d — rm — name qtum_node -p 3889:3889 -v ${PWD}/qtum.conf:/root/.qtum/qtum.conf -v ${PWD}/qtum_data:/root/.qtum/ qtum/qtum qtum-cli help

Step 7: Interacting via RPC

If you are developing a service and would like to communicate directly with your docker image, you can make calls via RPC.

To make an RPC call, open the terminal and make sure that the qtum docker is running and type the following.

curl -v — user test:test1234 — data-binary ‘{“jsonrpc”: “1.0”, “id”:”curltest”, “method”: “getinfo”, “params”: [] }’ -H ‘content-type: application/json;’

This should return you a json.

Step 8: Entering the Container and Interacting with the QTUM Command Line

Now if you wish to interact from inside the container, open the terminal and type:

docker exec -it qtum_node sh

This should bring you inside the container and you can navigate to the root folder and the QTUM folder by typing:

cd root/.qtum

And to see tha list of available commands you can just type qtum-cli help

Any Questions?

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us on any of the channels below or by email at

Website | Telegram Channel | Linkedin | Facebook | Twitter


Ever fancied building your own QTUM node, but don't know where to start????? Let us walk you through! #IAMEIdentity #QTUM #MyOwnNode

RT @QtumOfficial: I just published “Qtum Community and Development Updates — August 27”

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????Beware Metamask!???? ????QTUM is coming!???? #QTUM @bodhitoken @Qbao2339

Save the date! IAME is going to Consensus on the 19-20th September 2018! #IAME #IAMEIdentity #ConsensusSingapore

IAME in One Page! ???? #IAMEIdentity #Onepager

Cheers to our friends from , and . Looking forward to the next work session in Hong Kong. Blockchain does not care about Typhoons! ????️????️????️ #IAMEIdentity #HongKong #fintech

Whatsup HK, ready to fire up the floor with the future of Blockchain @DaexBlockchain #IAMEIdentity #DAEX #HongKong

Just landed in Hong Kong after a grueling ????25 hours flight????. Will see you guys at the ????@DaexBlockchain Meetup???? on Wednesday! #IAMEIdentity #DaexBlockchain #HongKong

????This just in: Free QTUM Infrastructure support courtesy of the IAME Team. Feel free to use our free RPC service, and go claim your $500,000 prize in the QTUM 2018 Hackathon .???? #IAMEIdentity #QTUM #Hackathon

Did you know that IAME is a partner with LBANK? LBANK is currently ranked 7th on coinmarketcap. #IAMEIdentity #IAME #LBank

How do you share information without really sharing it? The answer is Data Minimisation! #IAMEIdentity #Identity #blockchaintechnology …

Pleased to announce that we are now $QTUM Hackathon partners. #IAMEIdentity

Last week we met with the @Qbao2339 team in Shanghai. Super impressed with what they are building! #QBAO #iameidentity

Another good reason why we turned to QTUM #QTUM

The team is now in China presenting the project. #IAMEIdentity #IAME

Ever wondered what IAM tokens are used for? #iameidentity #staking #iameidentity

Nathaniel is giving a talk in Port Louis at the French Co-working space if anyone is interested. #IAMEIdentity #Mauritius

Are you free tomorrow? Are in you in #Mauritius ? Nathaniel will be giving a talk tomorrow at 17:30. Event can be found here: #iameidentity

Some more press coverage on IAME :-) #iameidentity #iame

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Sweet bounty from Pylon!

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What is IAME? Where is it used? How do you use it? What can you do with it????? #IAMEIdentity #Blockchain #dApps #RegTech

Have you ever heard of Blockchain Sharding? Have a look at Molding: crazy sharding for identity documents!???? #IAMEIdentity #Blockchain #Sharding #dApps

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Have you ever thought about building your own QTUM QRC20 token? ???? Let us walk you through it! #IAMEIdentity #QTUM #dApps

It is with immense pleasure that we are happy to announce that @BenjaminGu4 from @DaexBlockchain has joined IAME’s advisory board.

Building onto QTUM is now underway. Please hold on tight. Buidling is what we excel at so please keep an eye for future announcements. #qtum #blockchain #iameidentity

What is sharding, and how does it work? Let us make this concept easy!???? #IAMEIdentity #Blockchain #DApps #Sharding

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We heard you, and we know that all our whitepaper gives people headaches.????Here is what we do with a small comic strip!???? #IAMEIdentity #QTUM #DApp #Comic

After a thorough month of R&D, the IAME Identitied Transaction Framework is making a strategic move to $QTUM @QtumOfficial. You can read more on our switch here #IAMEIdentity #QTUM #UTXO #DApp

Good morning everyone! IAME has recently partnered up with @KartBlock ! #IAMEIdentity #partnership

The team is now back in Mauritius after a fruitful roadshow where we visited London, Dubai, New York, India, China, Singapore and Malaysia! More good news to follow up very shortly. #IAMEIdentity #IAME

Dear all, please note that our first bounty campaign has officially ended!???? Your tokens will be airdropped at the end of the ICO, ???? stay tuned for the next campaign to begin SOON! #IAMEIdentity #Bounty #Airdrop

We've got something cooking with . High five to our future partnership! #partnership #privatesale #ico

If you are wondering why there we do not update your privacy policy at IAME: it is because we do not store your data, and never will. #IAMEIdentity #Sharding #PrivacyPolicy

Guess who was at the NEM office yesterday? #NEM #IAMEIdentity

To our dear Kuala Lumpur fans, we will be at the League of Blocks meetup tomorrow with some surprises???? #IAMEIdentity #KualaLumpur

Here's Nathaniel's talk at the London Blockchain Conference back in April if you missed him: #IAMEIdentity

Really priviledged to meet the awesome guys from #Syscoin ! #IAMEIdentity

Suryani is in NYC at the moment :) for #Consensus2018 . Managed to grab a quick photo with @jimmysong . Thanks Jimmy for making the debate interesting. #IAMEIdentity

Last day in Delhi at the JW Marriott Aerocity. Will miss the food! Get Ready Shanghai! PM Nathaniel for a last beer in India. #IAMEIdentity #worldsatoshisummit #WORLDTOUR

Nathaniel is in India now if you want to catch him. Funny thing is that he never knew that Tandori didn't necessarily involve chicken ! #Privatesale #Roadshow #India

Watch Nathaniel's interview at the London Blockchain Event which can be found here: #IAMEIdentity #privatesale #ico

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Are you guys ready for #consensus2018 ? Don't forget to ping the IAME team in NYC. #IAMEIdentity #ico

Here's the youtube video for IAME at the blockchain 24-7 conference in regards to regulation and identity. Nathaniel's talk is at the 1:22:48 mark #Privatesale #O2Arena #BlockchainNews

Thanks Dubai! Next is #Consensus2018 . Nathaniel will be in Dubai for another week. Please contact him on Telegram if you would like to catch up. #dubai #FutureBlockchainSummit #IAMEidentity

Dubai Ready to roll out at the Prism! #DXBONTHEBLOCK #IAMEidentity

The @SatoshiSummit was cancelled in India. Very disappointed to be stranded there. Hotel and flights are non refundable ! #IAMEIdentity #Privatesale

We've just launched our bounty telegram channel which can be accessed here:

Good news everyone, we've just partnered up with , the next generation AML screening and monitoring platform. #ico #privatesale #IAMEIdentity

Nathaniel is currently at the @DasCoinOfficial gala. If you are there give him a shout. #London #privatesale #IAMEIdentity

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Nathaniel getting ready at the O2 Arena now. You can catch him after the talk. #London #ico #privatesale

Nathaniel will be presenting at the O2 Arena tomorrow at 7 pm - . Don't miss him out! #ICO #Privatesale #IAMEIdentity

You can now contribute directly via our App using our IAME wallet if you have iOS: or Android: #privatesale #IAMEIdentity #ico

We've recently updated our website. Please let us know what you think. #IAMEIdentity #ico #privatesale

The team is now in the US getting ready for #Consensus2018 ! Bring it on. Our private sale is currently live. Please dm us on Telegram or register here to get access. #IAMEIdentity #privatesale

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Thanks London ! Next is #Consensus2018 ! #IAMEIdentity #ico #privatesale

Future Partnerships to be announced soon with . More to follow soon! #partnerships #privatesale #IAMEIdentity

Booth 105 today guys for some cool swags ! #ico #privatesale #IAMEIdentity

Part One of Two completed! See you tomorrow everyone at booth 105. #IAMEIdentity #privatesale #cryptocurrency

Good morning #London, team ready to roll at the Blockchain event. Booth 105 everyone ! #blockchainexpo #ICO #IAMEIdentity

We've just visited our booth at London Olympia. Don't forget to check us tomorrow. Our private sale also goes live tomorrow ! Register on to get our contract address. #London #ICO #iameidentity

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We've just landed in London and collected our swags for the London Global Expo 2018. Please drop by booth 105! #London #ico #IAMEIdentity

We are now fully equipped to start our roadshow. See you London, booth 105! #Blockchain #blockchainexpo #Olimpia

Our smart contract for our private sale is now live and will start accepting contributions from the 18th of April 2018. If you haven't registered, please visit to get our contract address mailed to you.

Are we finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel? Hold on tight to your seats for a bumpy 2018 #ico #iameidentity #cryptoinvestment

Hurray! We would like to announce that the IAME mobile app now supports PYLON tokens from @KlenergyTech #partnership #iameidentity

RT @Lina_K_Moon: A very informative interview with a great team of @IAMEIdentity #ICOs #iTuber

Our private sale starts in less than a week. Here are some of the common questions we've been getting over the past few months. Hopefully that answers most of your questions. #privatesale #ico #iameidentity

So is the bear market over? . Our private sale is launching on the 18th. Register here: to benefit from the discount. #iameidentity #ico #cryptoinvestment

We will be at the London Blockchain Expo from the 18th tothe 19th of April: . Please don't hesitate to talk to us. Booth 105. #IAMEIdentity

So how do we differentiate with other KYC blockchain platforms? #iameidentity #blockchain #ICO

Just a little reminder that our bounty is live! #bitcointalk #iameidentity #Airdrop

Happy Friday everyone. We've just launched our Android app! #googleplay #IAMEIdentity #android

We have the pleasure to announce our presence at the Dubai Future blockchain summit on the 2nd and 3rd of May. Please drop by to say hi! #iameidentity #ico #privatesale

Thanks @Lina_K_Moon from @iTuberTM for the interview. It was a pleasure! . #ico #iameidentiy #Mauritius

#Crypto-related #ads are now banned on #Facebook, #Twitter, and #LinkedIn. What is forcing these Internet companies to clamp down? What impact will this have? How damaging will this be to the #crypto space? We'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions!

We are on @TheBitcoinNews! Check out the article to read about how the #IAMEIdentity approach is unique in terms of #blockchain identification #technology. RT, reply, and reach out to us with any Qs you might have! #ICO #Cryptocurrency #UpcomingICOs

Pictures are worth a 1000 words right? IAME is now on #Instagram . Please check out our profile here: #IAMEIdentity #ico #cryptocurrency

#DidYouKnow @Ripple just donated $29 million in favor of a 35,000 classroom project - making it the single largest #cryptocurrency #donation to a #charity. The article has more on this. RT to spread the word!

We've just updated our private-presale contract on #Github, for transparency. Our first privale sale starts in London on the 18th of April at the London #blockchain conference.

Hey everybody! Check out our article on @CryptoNewsAu - you can read about how the #IAMEIdentity approach is more than just an idea and the comprehensive development plan we have in place going forward. #ICO #Blockchain #CryptocurrencyNews

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What are the 4 rules of investing in #cryptocurrencies? With investors looking at the #crypto realm as one of the most lucrative investment opportunities, this article covers the 4 rules of investing - RT and reply w/ your thoughts! #ICO #Blockchain

Hello everyone, we've just added support for @Qvolta_platform tokens onto our IAME wallet! You can download the app from itunes here: #qvolta #ios #iameidentity

Ready to go hunt for some juicy bounties? We've just launched our Bounty campaign on our website ( and on bitcointalk! ( #iameidentity #ICO #Airdrop

#CambridgeAnalytica really shook up the #socialmedia world with its data mining scandal that started a #DeleteFacebook movement. Here are our thoughts on how #IAMEIdentity's Identification Network could transform this. #Cryptocurrency #ICO #blockchain

Big news everyone! We are happy to introduce our new advisor @jasonhung929 ( who just joined our advisory team. His vast experience in the crypto world will definitely be a boost for us. #iameidentity #icobench #ico

.@Google blew up the #cryptocurrency space last week when it announced that it would be banning all #crypto and #ICO-related #advertisements - following @facebook. The #cryptoban is expected to go into effect in June. More here:

For the latest information and specific details about our upcoming #ICO, be sure to visit our listing on @ICObench. Got any questions you'd like answers to? Feel free to reach out to us at any time! #cryptocurrency #investment #IAMEIdentity #datasecurity

Watch our Co-founders' interview on bitcoinchaser in regards to the IAME Identification Network: #iameidentity #ico #bitcoinchaser

Meet Clayton Scott - our Financial Advisor! He's a #CharteredAccountant and registered #auditor. Check out his interview for more on his story, RT, and reply w/ any additional questions you may have! #ICO #Blockchain #Cryptocurrency #IAMEIdentity

You can also test out the #IAMEIdentity #prototypes. For the #Identification prototype, go here: For the #Validation prototype, go here: Test them out and tell us what you think! #ICO #cryptocurrency #blockchain

We will be at the @Blockchain_Expo 2018 - from April 18th to 19th at #Olympia, #London. Nathaniel will be speaking on day 2 at 12:20 pm - be sure not to miss him! Reply back if you'd like to set up a meeting directly! #ICO #blockchain #IAMEIdentity

Following recent steps by both @Facebook and @Google (citing concerns about the increase in scam #ICOs), it is speculated that @Twitter may join in on the #cryptoban for ads. RT to share and reply w/ your opinion.

We hope it won't be two without three ! Introducing our second partnership with Ultranote @Ultranotecoin #iameidentity #ico

Meet Jevon - our core advisor on #blockchain #technology. He has experience in driving innovative #commercial #product dev for heavily #data-dependent environments, Check out his interview and let us know if you have any specific Qs! #ICO #Cryptocurrency

Introducing...wait...Oh well just call it iamecore. Our first partnership is secured with @AvantCore_co #iameidentity #ICO

We believe in walking the talk, which is why we have launched the #proofofconcept of the #IAMEIdentity Network on the @AppStore. Head over to the store, download our #app, test it out, and tell us what you think! #ICO #Cryptocurrency #datasecurity

We are rolling out support for erc20 tokens! Ping us on our telegram channel: if you would like to give a home to your token. #iameidentity #ethereum #erc20

Check out the interview w/ our #productdevelopment advisor, Nicholas Allen - what he's passionate about and why our #IAMEIdentity network stood out. Check it out, RT, and feel free to ask us any questions you might have! #ICO #cryptocurrency #blockchain

#Databreaches are awful. Recovering from one can be especially difficult. Here are our suggestions on what you should do once you've experienced a breach. RT to share and reply w/ your thoughts! #IAMEIdentity #Datasecurity #ICO #cryptocurrency