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Self-Sustainable And Expandable Mining Project


Finished: 7 months 2 weeks ago

Start Date

1st of May 2018

End Date

31st of May 2018

Country: South Africa

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Ticker/Symbol ETM
Price 1 ETM = 0.20 USD
TokenType ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Hardcap   21 000 000,00
Softcap   2 500 000,00
Raised 0,00
ICO Score


No payments through an invest-ment platform, no withdrawal requests, no more waiting on your money. No more being afraid platform gets hacked or scared to have joined a ponzi platform. All our weekly return transfers will automatically get executed by our smart contract.
Our smart contract distributes returns directly to your wallet.Buy and sell mining hardware shares instantly. Go to any exchange where ETM is tradable and you can sell and buy mining shares instantly.
Compared to other mining services we deliver a much more profitable opportunity. Our hardware deal gives token holders up to 30% extra mining capacity. With our compounding system we manage to increase mining capacity and returns by 2-3% on a monthly basis.
You are entirely free to join or quit our mining opportunity. Ownership of our mining shares is linked to our ETM tokens. Our members aren't tied to fixed contract durations. If you urgently need to release funds or just want to quit our mining project you just have to sell your tokens on the exchange.
We create a more or less stable crypto environment for our token to grow in value in a steady way.  ETM tokens are directly attached to mining hardware and will increase in value in a similar way like our capacity will do. Beside the speculative value on the exchanges ETM will also have a value attached to the total value of our mining hardware. In this way investors will have some stability in their investment.
Buy back 
Beginning 2019 we will implement our buy back guarantee. If the market price on the public exchanges doesn't reach the real value of the token than we will offer the opportunity to buy back the tokens @ the current real value determined by the total value of all our mining facilities.



Tony Joseph Kipper

ceo, founder

Wimpie Pretorius

Engineer, Mining expert

Birgit Viett


Matthias Feindert

Security, Privacy


Kevin Orban

Investor, Green energy expert


September, 2017 Working out idea. Prospecting locations. Found reliable partner and hardware supplier. ​
Oct-Nov, 2017 Found partner and location in South Africa. Negotiated long term deal with hardware supplier.
Jan- Feb, 2018 Preparing team. Working out WP. Preparing pre sale site. Attracting premium members.
March, 2018 Attracting premium members. Launch pre sale website. Preparing second platform. Early bird pre sale open.
April, 2018 Launch referral platform. Public presale 1 -15th april. Public token sale running 16/4 until 15/5. Preparations mining facility SA.
May, 2018 End crowdsale. Hardware group bulk order. Setting up first batch of rigs. Screen green energy market for 2th facility. Apply for exchange listing + coinmarketcap.
June, 2018 First mining facility fully up and running. Weekly profits on facility 1. Platfrom launch to track and follow all mining activites. Forum launch.
July-Aug, 2018 Second mass order for new facility. Preparing 2th location for deploying mining facility.
September, 2018 Deploy 'rent your Source' project. Hiring local sales teams pr persons. Prospecting new facilities. Prospecting partnerships with green energy suppliers.
October, 2018 Improving and expanding existing facilities. Rent your Source up and running.
2019 Happy customers and miners. Become the most profitable green mining project. Be or become the largest green mining project. Keep maintaining a healthy and profitable mining project. Work out new mining solutions.

Medium News


Keep an eye on our website and WP. We are going to make Some improvements. In our calculations. We managed to lower our monthly mining expenses drastically which Will make our mining opportunity one of the most profitable in the World ????????

Its been a while. But we are back and going to strike hard. Couple Good productive meetings with Asian investment groups which can boost the project ????????????

Another milestone. Ethernitymining officially passed the iCObench kyc verification!!!!

I just published “ETHernitymining pre sale opens 17th of May!!!!!!”


I just published “Airdrop and ico platform launched”

Check our official telegram and Facebook page. We launched a second AirDrop today. Signup on our ico platform and receive 50ETM tokens within 72 hours. Check our official pages for details

We also activated coinpayments as payment gateway for out ICO. Coingate has a new API software upgrade and needs to be installed in our website. Meanwhile coinpayments can be used for Btc eth and 3-4 other currencies

ETHernitymining is getting viral attention in Africa. Our Nigerian team started conferences today on different places with 100s of attendends and gave a live radio interview

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Prepare for next stage of our project. If you are a marketeer prepare yourself and your team Cause our platform is almost ready. We are fixing last bugs and are in final testing stage.

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Never seen before. We Just closed an agreement. As soon as we start building our facility there Will be a live feed where investors Will be able to see everything live from building untill the actual mining

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Wimpie our mining advisor showing one of our future rigs.

Tony Ethernitymining Founder and Wimpie Mining Advisor just finalised facilities over a cup of coffee and finished an interview with a South African journalist

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