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Truly Personalized Skincare Based on Epigenetics


Finished: 3 months 3 weeks ago

Start Date

16th of April 2018

End Date

1st of June 2018

Country: USA

  • China
Ticker/Symbol EPIC
Price 1 EPIC = 0.40 USD
TokenType ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Hardcap   20,00
Softcap   0,00
Raised 0,00
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Scientifically Grounded
How does a consumer know whether a skincare product is truly working for them? EpigenCare is connecting consumers with skincare companies through a direct-to-consumer skincare test and web platform on the Ethereum network. Consumers will be able to receive actionable recommendations of optimized skincare products to use, as well as assess the progress of their skincare routines, based on their skin’s epigenetic profiles. The recommendation engine looks at the functional state of a panel of epigenetic markers strongly correlated with skin quality indicators (e.g., aging, moisture retention, elasticity, etc.), and how skincare product ingredients affect them.
A Cyclical Growth Ecosystem
As epigenetics regulates gene function and dynamically changes based on environment stimuli such as skincare product ingredients, it is a perfect fit for a recurring, tokenized business model. EpigenCare’s upcoming platform will be a structured ecosystem that allows skincare companies to target data segments with products that fulfill the recommendation engine’s matching requirements. Consumers that fall within the segment are rewarded with tokens, which can be used to subsidize additional tests (thereby generating additional advertising inventory for companies).
Disrupting the Skincare Industry
Our structured ecosystem allows for true leveraging of blockchain technology. The recurring nature of epigenetics allows for a perpetual incentivization model through data tokenization. By associating a transaction hash ID with each purchased test and data segment, we will be able to transparently prove that a consumer’s data is used only for their own benefit, thereby addressing the problem of perceived intrusiveness often associated with commercialized DNA-related testing. EpigenCare’s disruptive innovation introduces a new marketing channel to the $130 billion skincare industry and transform the way companies market their products to consumers through scientifically screened, individualized advertising.


William Lee

Chief Executive Officer

Adam Weiwei Li, Md, Ph.d.

Chief Scientific Officer

Jessica Li

Chief Financial Officer

Ashley Pottash

Business Strategy Lead

Stephen Fiser

Software Development Lead


Richard Wildnauer, Ph.D.

Business Advisor

James Wang, MD

Dermatology Advisor

Brennan Bennett

Blockchain Advisor

Rebecca Fry, Ph.D.

Epigenetics Advisor

Tim Bukher

Legal Strategy Advisor


Q2, 2017 EpigenCare Inc. Established in New York, USA
Q4 2017 Epigenetic-based Skincare Test Successfully Developed and Proven
Q1 2018 ICO Token Generation Event
Q2 2018 Launch Marketing Campaign for Product Pre-Orders
Q3 2018 Limited Launch of Beta Skincare Test
Q4 2018 Full Skincare Test Launch to Public; Launch EpigenCare Network Open Beta
Q1 2019 Launch Consumer Mobile Application
Q2 2019 Launch Official EpigenCare Network Platform
Q3 2019 Retail Distribution Initiative; Deploy API (Application Programming Interface)
Q4 2019 Dermatologist/Spa/Beauty Salon Partnership Initiative
Future Objectives Integrate Deep-Learning Artificial Intelligence Elements Based on Epigenetic Skin Data; Develop Complementary A-I-Based Mobile Imaging Application


EpigenCare mentioned in analytical report "#Blockchain in Retail and Fast Moving Consumer Goods" " particularly useful for controlling supply chains since every change to data, such as manufacturing dates and locations, can be tracked." #skincare

"The filing indicates EpigenCare's intention to develop a strong intellectual property (IP) portfolio, which will effectively protect the unique innovation of our epigenetic skin test when it enters the retail market." -Adam W. Li, MD, Ph.D. #skincare

RT @EricTopol: I'm glad that someone is on this: “share the common quest to unlock the potential in health care data, to deliver better out…

"Epigencare’s science-based #skincare goes straight to the people" #personalizedskincare #beauty

Looking forward to working with 83Bar to conduct some of our market research initiatives for personalized skincare based on epigenetic profiling. #skincare #personalisedcare #beauty

Today's the last day to #invest in our pre-seed Reg CF equity #crowdfunding offering at Get a chance to own a piece of @epigencare and help change the #skincare industry, before we enter our private investment rounds. Thanks for your support!

"The filing indicates @EpigenCare's intention to develop a strong intellectual property portfolio, which will effectively protect the unique innovation of our #epigenetic #skin test when it enters the retail market." #skincare #skincareroutine #beauty

We were featured in EuroCosmetic Magazine's piece on #epigenetics and how it plays a role #skincare. If you have a subscription, access it at: #skincareroutine #beauty #cosmetics

Hello to our fellow #skincare companies at @JLABS in #nyc: @Repairogen & Curie Company!

Just some of the @epigencare team hanging out at @JLABS. Thanks to @JNJInnovation for the awesome evening reception last week! There's no better place to research #epigenetics for #skincare than #NYC at the @nygenome center!

Congratulations to @JLABS residents and the @JNJInnovation team on the grand opening at the @nygenome center! We are excited to be part of the accelerator program and we look forward to the continued growth of life sciences innovation in New York. @JohnNosta

As summer approaches, don't forget to protect your skin against excessive sun exposure. There is a strong relationship between DNA methylation (an #epigenetic mechanism), aging, and sun exposure. #skincareroutine #skincare #skin #beauty #summer #beach

Check out @Refinery29's writeup on epigenetics and #skincare, with a big mention of @epigencare: "It's an ambitious venture — and still in fundraising stages — but as far as truly personalized skin care goes, it's one of the most promising yet." #beauty

Our CEO presented at @NYSCC @HappiMagazine Anti-Aging Conference on #epigenetics and #blockchain enforced data privacy for personal #skincare. "The data that #personalization algorithms are based on must be great from the start to set machine learning on the right trajectory"

The @HappiMagazine Anti-Aging Conference kicks off tomorrow morning at the @javitscenter in NYC! Make sure to catch @epigencare CEO William Lee give a talk on personalized #skincare, digital beauty solutions, and #blockchain privacy.

In this 6 minute podcast by @HappiMagazine, @epigencare CEO William Lee talks about our test and platform, cost and turnaround, benefits for #skincare companies, and #blockchain technology and consumer #dataprivacy. #beauty #skincareroutine #cosmetics

RT @CassandraReport: Only 37% of young people trust beauty/grooming companies. These brands are embracing customization to give consumers m…

The @JNJNews focus piece about EpigenCare is currently on Johnson & Johnson's homepage! If you haven't already, read the article at #personalizedskincare #personalskincare #beauty #skincare #skincareroutine #blockchain #dna #cosmetics @JNJInnovation

How does one know what a company does with the data? We use #blockchain to enforce responsible data usage, with data provenance transparency to show you that your data is being used solely for your own benefit. #privacy #skincare #DNA #beauty #cosmetics

Thanks to @SupplemenPolice for the review writeup about our product, platform, and investment offering! "One of the prime highlights of this platform is the epigenetic testing feature." #skincare #cosmetics #beauty #ico #skincareroutine #skincareregimen

"EpigenCare has adopted a complementary digital platform that unites the skin care company's customisable products via a matching algorithm." #skincare #skincareroutine #skin #skincareregimen #cosmetics #beauty

Our security token offering just went live for $ETH contributors. This investment instrument pays revenue sharing and offers an option to convert to equity. Start now at #invest #investor #skincare #ico #blockchain $BTC #investment #tokensale #tokensales

Our security token offering #STO with equity conversion option starts tomorrow. Investors can review our newly provided Offering Memorandum for more details. #skincare #blockchain #investing #investor #ico #invest

Check out our personalized #skincare feature in @GCI_Magazine's digital issue, which talks about how we're using the #Ethereum #blockchain platform to create data provenance and incentivization mechanisms for recurring skin quality testing. #ico

Check out our spotlight on Johnson & Johnson's website for the future of personalized #skincare at

If you thought the skincare products you're using are all unique, guess again. The same formulation is used over & over, with a different label slapped on. Let EpigenCare's test identify the right product for your skin. #skincare #beauty #cosmetics #ico

Here's a raw, unedited sneak peak video of what's in our at-home DNA test kit. Stick, seal, ship. Get your DNA directly from your skin epigenetically sequenced to determine the ideal products for your #skin. #skincare #skincareroutine #beauty #cosmetics

EpigenCare's #epigenetics expertise & tech has roots in @Epigentek, a biotech supplier of epigenetic research reagents and contract research services. Targeted methylation sequencing is the key to #skincare personalization. #realscience #blockchain #ico

Our rating has just been upgraded to 8.9/10 on @Foundico! Learn more about our investment offering at

It looks like @trendhunter has found us! Personalized #skincare is trending, and we're at the forefront of it. #skincareroutine #skincareregimen #cosmetics #beauty #skincarethread #blockchain #skincaretips

On May 15th, catch CEO William Lee at @HappiMagazine's 2018 Anti-Aging Conference in NYC: ”Addressing the Rise of Personalized Skin Care and Its Perceived Invasiveness Through New Digital Technologies.” #skincare #cosmetics #beauty #blockchain #privacy

RT @cb_beautynews: EpigenCare crowned J&J's Digital QuickFire Challenge for Skin Care winner @epigencare @JNJNews

See our official press release about our win in the recent Johnson & Johnson Innovation @JNJInnovation Digital Beauty Quickfire Challenge! We can't wait to be a part of @JLABS and bring our personalized #skincare to market!

A structured ecosystem limits what companies can do with your data. By tokenizing data we can transparently show to you on the #blockchain that companies must use your data solely and anonymously to provide a personalized #skincare product to you.

A structured ecosystem limits what companies can do with your data. By tokenizing data we can transparently show to you on the #blockchain that companies must use your data solely and anonymously to provide a personalized #skincare product to you.

EpigenCare is using #blockchain to prove that the #epigenetic data generated is used exclusively and voluntarily for your own benefit -- in the form of personalized #skincare. Learn more about blockchain in just 2 minutes:

Read our thoughts about how we stand out from other "personalization" companies when it comes to #skincare: #skincareroutine #skincarethread #skincaretips #skin #beauty #cosmetics #makeup

We are honored and humbled about our win at @JNJInnovation's skincare innovation challenge. We are looking forward to the future of truly personalized skincare! #skincare #skincaregimen #skincareroutine #blockchain #ArtificialIntelligence

RT @stacyamityfeld: Epigenetics, AI and blockchain driving @epigencare digital skincare solution #digitalbeauty #QuickFireChallenge @JLABS…

RT @JLABS: Using #blockchain to protect user data and let consumers see how their data is being used @epigencare #JLABSBay…

RT @JLABS: William Lee, CEO of @epigencare presenting their solution to the question if your skincare products are really working. #JLABSB…

“Big data of epigenetic info on the skin will provide actual scientific basis used for machine-learning. Such A.I., combined with photo imaging, would be truly useful for identifying skin quality states in a simplified manner.” #skincare #blockchain #ico

"The next beauty tech disrupters are out there, and this Challenge will help us identify the most promising potential partners in the co-creation of meaningful, future-forward skin solutions." -Sebastien Guillon, president, global beauty, J&J #skincare

We've been selected as a finalist in Johnson & Johnson Innovation's @JNJInnovation @JLABS digital beauty challenge for having an innovative skincare/beauty technology & business model! Please vote for us at: #skincare #beauty #cosmetics #Skin #Innovators

Our token crowdsale for US investors has just went live! This is the first legally compliant ICO offered under SEC's Reg CF that is open to unaccredited US investors! #ICO #tokensale #crowdsale #Crowdfunding #crowdfund #skincare #beauty #epigenetics

"The current skin care sector offers a wide range of products.... Despite the claims made that these products have a scientific methodology to their development, consumers who use them use a non-scientific method to select them." #skincare #beauty #ico

Our personal epigenomics test recommends existing skincare products on the market -- this means you can take action for a better skincare regimen right away! #skincare #skincareroutine #beauty #cosmetics #blockchain #ico

" 'To move forward, we need to address nature and nurture at the same time. EpigenCare gives us the tools to do that,' said James Wang, MD, board-certified dermatologist and dermapathologist. He adds: 'Personalized epigenetics is the new frontier in skincare.' " #skincare #ico

Looking at how much pseudoscience is out there when it comes to epigenetics, we're ready to do some serious DNA methylation sequencing to cut through the fluff. #epigenetics #skincare #skincareroutine #beauty #cosmetics #genetics

Our CEO, William Lee, will speak at @HappiMagazine's Anti-Aging conference (May 15) in NYC's Javits Center about #blockchain's importance to protect consumer privacy as we advance into scientific personalization: #skincare #ico #ICOsInTheHouse #antiaging

"The company is indexing the ingredients of thousands of skincare products, ranging from name brand to boutique. The matching algorithm will then select the ingredients that would best for the customer’s skin." #skincare #skincareroutine #blockchain #ico

"Now all EpigenCare needs is @IvankaTrump to sign on as a spokesmodel." Enjoyed the joke, @writers100! Sorry to disappoint though, but we're too focused on perfecting the scientific mechanisms of the product atm! #skincare #blockchain #personalized #ico

"Ingredient recommendations can be made based on a person’s unique epigenetic signature, which reveals factors like skin elasticity, pigmentation, DNA damage, and age." #skincare #skincareroutine #blockchain #ico #epigenetics

"[EpigenCare] sends the report to the customer after several weeks. Consumers can also track and measure the progress of their skin once they start using the recommended products via a blockchain-based system." #skincare #ico #SkinCareThread #blockchain

Learn why tokenization of data through blockchain tech helps protect consumer privacy when it comes to sensitive data such as DNA-based tests: @bbennett03 #blockchain #crypto #bitcoin #ICO

Watch how EpigenCare connects Jane with personalized skincare products! Investors can learn more at #skincare #beauty #skincareroutine #cosmetics #blockchain #epigenetics

RT @Angela_Marz: Checkout how this company is using a personal epigenetics test to figure out whether that skincare product you're using i…

Read a bit more about how we use our panel of epigenetic markers and the ingredients that affect them to help determine personalized skincare product recommendations #epigenetics #skincare #beauty @DrJuliaCarroll @POPSUGARBeauty @Refinery29 @missylynn

RT @MorissaSchwartz: Ladies, this is it. @epigencare is gonna sell a skincare test that will let me know EXACTLY which best skincare produc…

RT @SocietyCosChem:

We are pleased to reveal our personalized skincare project, a direct-to-consumer test based on epigenetics with the privacy protection of blockchain tech. Our pre-ICO will begin in March for investors. #blockchain #bitcoin #ico $BTC $ETH