AI-driven and Blockchain-based Cognitive Commerce


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Start Date

17th of April 2018

End Date

8th of May 2018

Country: Slovenia

  • China
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • United States of America
  • Canada
Ticker/Symbol ELI
Price 1 ELI = 0.1 USD
TokenType ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Hardcap   24 000 000,00
Softcap   3 000 000,00
Raised 0,00
ICO Score


Eligma, a cognitive commerce platform, will be connecting existing e-commerces and second-hand marketplaces into a one-point-stop for users. By harnessing AI and blockchain technology, Eligma is changing the way users discover, purchase, track and resell items online. To provide a new simplified user experience, a Slovenian-based company is set to launch its crowd sale on April 17 with a hard cap of $24 million.
Eligma was born as a response to problems identified in traditional retail and especially e-commerce, which has exploded in the recent decade. The project is entering a market, in which sales reached 2.3 trillion U.S. dollars in 2017. It aims to offer a set of previously unanticipated solutions to discover, purchase, track and resell items. This is now viable due to the development of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.
Eligma's goal is to offer a comprehensive set of solutions, consisting of discovery, inventory and loyalty pillars. Using artificial intelligence, Eligma`s engine algorithm will process millions of data points from numerous online stores to compare product specifications and characteristics in order to find the product with the exact specifications users are looking for.
To save additional time and hustle, Eligma will introduce a unified shopping account, meaning that a single shopping cart and checkout process will suffice to complete purchases in multiple online stores at once, whereas the platform`s cryptocurrency payment gateway will enable users to pay with cryptocurrencies even if the online stores don't support them yet.
With the inventory feature, users will be able to see the AI-predicted current and future item value and then decide when to sell those items. That is how every household will become a business. Eligma will offer various possibilities of using its ELI token for activities performed on the platform. Users will be rewarded for using the token through a universal loyalty system. It will consolidate merchants in an integrated open-loop universal loyalty system and provide a simple and convenient user interface. There will be no need to register with a standalone loyalty program of each merchant.
The idea of solving the problem of the abundance of products found online has brought together some of the most prominent entrepreneurs. They are partnering with important individuals and organizations to have access to an array of knowledge, expertise and experience in commerce and technology. Amongst the advisers are Andy Baynes from Nest-Google-Alphabet and Peter Moricz from ChainX, both promising a global reach and impeccable delivery. The Eligma company was founded in 2017 by three experienced Slovenian businessmen - Dejan Roljič, founder of ABC Accelerator, Matej Gregorčič, founder and CEO of Viberate, and Jože Mermal, CEO and chairman of BTC d.d. The development process of the platform is additionally reinforced with strategic partners, such as Spartan Solutions and Netis, both leading cryptocurrency and blockchain development companies in Europe.
To develop a technological solution for resolving the drawbacks of commerce and e-commerce and simplify the shopping experience, Eligma is raising funds through a public crowdsale, starting on April 17th. Early contributors will be able to join the presale of the ELI token, starting on March 20th.


Dejan Roljić

Founder & CEO

Matej Gregorčič


Joze Mermal


Alexander Danilov

Chief Technology Officer

Bostjan Mrak

Lead Machine Learning Engineer

Ziga Toni

Chief Operating Officer

Timotej Polach

Chief Security Officer

Luka Planinc

General Counsel

Tomislav Mucic

Senior Blockchain Consultant

Andrej Plankar

Blockchain Business Consultant

Rok Babič

Senior Blockchain Developer

Luka Prasnikar

Senior Blockchain Developer

Matevz Caserman

Senior Blockchain Consultant

Jan Kalsek

Senior Blockchain Consultant

Ajet Redzepi

Senior Business Developer

Mitja Hegler

Senior Business Developer

Jure Sobocan

Art Director and UX/UI expert

Rok Kostanjsek

Senior Designer

Luka Paragi

Senior Designer

Dusanka Novakovic

Cognitive Scientist and Visual Communications

Sara Draskovic

Head of Marketing and Communications

Melita Gulja

Communications and Content Creator Consultant

Matjaz Šircelj

Digital PR and Social Media Consultant

Saso Kuntaric

Content Creator and Terminology Expert

Urska Celig

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Tim Soucek

Product Developer

Peter Roljic

Product Developer


Andy Baynes, Msc

Gary Dillabough

Jeff Arrillaga

Maja Mikek

Jure Leskovec, PhD

Nick Zaharias

Herman Gyr, Phd

Ana Lukner Roljic, Msc

Peter M. Moricz

Mihael Mikek

Mark Pleško, PhD

Tanja Bivic


SEPTEMBER 2017 Idea for Eligma is born and first investment (1.5 M EUR) received.
20 MARCH – 10 APRIL 2018 Whitelist Presale.
MARCH 2018 POS system for crypto payments integrated in BTC City and v1.0 of the mobile wallet is launched.
17 APRIL 2018 Public Crowdsale.
DECEMBER 2018 Eligma’s AI-driven item discovery is launched in Slovenia.
APRIL 2019 User inventory module is added to the platform and DIPs are introduced.
MAY 2019 Decentralized item sale on a blockchain is enabled.
JUNE 2019 Geographical expansion to the UK market begins.
Q1 2020 First merchants start claiming loyalty ownerships.
Q2 2020 Second-hand "Automated listing" from user inventories are introduced.
Q1 2021 Crypto payment gateway is launched.
Q3 2021 Global unified shopping account.


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Eligma presented to a special interest group of the highest rank for #blockchain! CEO Dejan Roljic and advisor Ana Lukner Roljic have a two-hour meeting with the Band of Angels, a leading elite start-up funding organization in Silicon Valley with 24 years of tradition. https://t.co/qEZCA3HOnh

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Eligma's breakfast with legends! Eligma CEO Dejan Roljic and advisor Ana Lukner Roljič meet with the Band of Angels members, investors and entrepreneurs Richard Pivnicka, Honorary Consul for the Czech Republic, and Barbara Pivnicka, Honorary Consul for the Slovak Republic. https://t.co/K74gTaoJwg

''Earlier this year, the shopping center co-developed the project with startup Eligma, which offers a payment system dubbed Elipay that facilitates transactions in cryptocurrencies by way of a mobile app. '' @coindesk https://t.co/NftvwdbvCh

What does the future of retail hold for us consumers? The presentation by Eligma CEO Dejan Roljic at SEE Real Estate Summit 2018 offered some interesting perspectives. https://t.co/5m20JCFId3 #AI #blockchain #crypto https://t.co/2JWiOn7VNp

Elipay stands out among the Slovenian digital innovation highlights of 2017! Eligma Project Lead Mitja Hegler presents Elipay at #Diggit 2018, the biggest Slovenian conference on digital communication! #elipay #crypto https://t.co/t2A4tBf3LL

Today, CEO Dejan Roljic-@Tibute and advisor Ana Lukner Roljic- @AnaLukner are meeting with the Band of Angels. This Silicon Valley's oldest seed funding organization consists of more than 150 executives and invests into cutting edge startups. https://t.co/ycQAstHMBn

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https://t.co/Z3KtlmZwbi Shop in @BTC_City, offering health products, has joined the list of stores to offer #Elipay! From left to right: Samo Klavora (https://t.co/Z3KtlmZwbi), Dejan Roljic (Eligma) #cryptocurrencies https://t.co/AmFU5JX4lW

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Slovenian Prime Minister @MiroCerar visits #Bitcoin City and tries out #Elipay together with the State Secretary @TadejSlapnik, BTC City Management Board President Joze Mermal and Eligma CEO Dejan Roljic @Tibute. https://t.co/QUkpyrWsLH

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We were visited by @CNBC today! In August 2018, Eligma will be appearing in the Advancements series, hosted by @TedDanson, and educating on the advantages of blockchain! #AI #blockchain #cryptocurrencies https://t.co/bPP2oLoFDg

We had a cup of crypto coffee with the Slovenian Prime Minister! It was paid by State Secretary @TadejSlapnik to PM @MiroCerar using the Elipay system, in the company of BTC Management Board President Joze Mermal and Eligma CEO Dejan Roljic-@Tibute. #elipay #crypto #blockchain https://t.co/vMgRn4UCkY

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We are filming for a TV show this Friday! Eligma is getting a visit by @CNBC. We stood out from the competition worldwide and will appear in the famous Advancements TV show on innovative technologies! The show is hosted by famous @TedDanson! #AI #Blockchain #cryptocurrency

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RT @CHalexov2016: Amazing news @Tibute that your great project @eligmacom will be listed on @livecoin_net ???????? great and safe exchange!????????????????????…

Exciting news for ELI holders! On May 16, the ELI token will be listed on the @livecoin_net #exchange! #livecoin https://t.co/qrPDY3GtUX

Greetings from New York! Eligma CEO Dejan Roljic @Tibute (right), Eligma Legal Counsel Luka Planinc (middle) and Eligma COO Ziga Toni @zigaEligma (left) are networking at Consensus 2018, one of the biggest high tech conferences in the world with 5000 attendees! #Consensus2018 https://t.co/SD0oUbVHIV

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Good news! We have unlocked the ELI #tokens, which means that they are ready for you to transfer them. #crowdsale #Eli #AI #Blockchain

We are really proud of the results of the #crowdsale we just finished. Our CEO Dejan Roljic - @Tibute would like to share a few words of thanks and appreciation. https://t.co/tpkX3m3dxZ

Are you in New York? Meet Eligma's representatives CEO Dejan Roljic - @Tibute, COO Ziga Toni - @zigaEligma and GC Luka Planinc on #Consensus2018, one of the most important world events on the latest technologies! See you there from 14 to 16 May! https://t.co/PaRcVOIccc

ELIGMA'S CROWDSALE IS FINISHED! Thank you for your fantastic support! This project has given rise to an incredible community, reflecting the need for major changes in the field of commerce. Our vision is to create effective, user-friendly shopping, and nothing can stop us now! https://t.co/GkR2MPoqhv

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Dear community, the block generation on the #Ethereum #blockchain was a bit slower during our #crowdsale, so the end time will be a bit delayed. Currently, the calculation shows that the crowdsale will end tomorrow, May 9, at approximately 14:00 UTC.

The final countdown begins! Do not miss the last chance to claim your bonus and become part of our #commerce revolution story! Submit your #KYC here: https://t.co/LS8VtES3d2 *approximate time based on end block https://t.co/zYHAUlx95A

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RT @cryptoworldsi: https://t.co/HUUAPYqJoU #AI driven and #blockchain based #cognitive #commerce #platform already raised 15.208 #ETH $EL…

Babadu, a chic toy provider, follows the times and trends and joins the list of the @BTC_City stores with a letter of intent to offer the Elipay #crypto transaction solution. https://t.co/N3wGMAMGqi #AI #blockchain #commerce https://t.co/8TuiZdaIUq

There are five days left till the end of our #crowdsale - and here are five good reasons why to contribute! #AI #blockchain #commerce https://t.co/nGrLyiqYgf

Scam alert! Account below is a fake one (@eIigimacom). Please report it. https://t.co/36p7QKsns1

Great future predicted for the ELI token on @TodayCrypto. Check it out! https://t.co/k5zD8Zross #AI #blockchain #crowdsale https://t.co/bjdCqehuK6

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Eligma sparks enthusiasm online! Major #youtube influencer, Crypto Master, says: ‘’Eligma is a global project!’’. Check his video review here: https://t.co/zttGmkrHkY. #AI #blockchain #crowdsale https://t.co/wrkwRhw5LM

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Eligma lands on @coin_fox! Our decisions to lock the #ETH price at 800$ for supporters to receive more #tokens, and to burn all the unsold tokens after the #crowdsale grabbed the attention of this #crypto news platform! Read all about it here: https://t.co/JnzOL2NI2H

Our #crypto story continues! Minicity, a children's theme park in @BTC_City, signs a letter of intent to provide Elipay crypto payment solution. See you on a Minicity adventure! Photo: Eligma CEO Dejan Roljic @Tibute (left), Minicity CEO and owner Miha Culiberg (right) https://t.co/h6E2TUEc34

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Amazing work with @BTC_City as our partner! In collaboration with their fantastic team, we presented Eligma and Elipay today at the Future Day event in Ljubljana, and made the Slovenian EU Commissioner @Bulc_EU very proud. #AI #blockchain #commerce #cryptocurrency https://t.co/iUL6RJDpJy

Talking about privacy and security with Timotej Polach, Eligma’s Chief Security Officer. Read what he said! https://t.co/T55pHRHbS5 #AI #blockchain #commerce

The Eligma project step by step: check out the Eligma Roadmap! https://t.co/TXj3AmgXXl Have you submitted the KYC yet? #ETH price is locked at 800$. Submit your KYC here:➡️ https://t.co/LS8VtES3d2 #crowdsale https://t.co/R5XdHE4ciA

Are you coming to @BTC_City tomorrow? We will be present at the Future Day. This event is hosted by the BTC City in the scope of the TEN-T Days 2018 − the most important mobility event in Europe, organized by the @EU_Commission. See you there! https://t.co/7xZZ2wMzLq

Spend an awesome day in #Bitcoin city paying only with #cryptocurrencies! #AI #blockchain #commerce https://t.co/yWSkq1OUjy

Eligma makes a #crypto step in the #Apple direction! @iStyleSlovenija in @BTC_City has signed a letter of intent to offer the Elipay #cryptocurrency transaction system. iStyle is famous for tech expertise, the latest Apple products and free trainings. A big crypto thank you! https://t.co/RhwXTJ8ukP

RT @eligmacom: Scam alert! We have noticed that scammers have created a fake Eligma- @eligmacom account with the same logo and name. We wil…

An exciting opportunity! Apply to become the tester for our Elipay #cryptocurrency transaction system that will start being tested at selected stores of the @BTC_City shopping mall and get a reward of 100 ELIs. Visit https://t.co/5ZFusxoZtk and apply until 8 May 2018. https://t.co/k3fmHaahaV

See Eligma in facts and figures! We present an informative review, rating and analysis of the Eligma project on @CoinGapeMedia. #AI #blockchain #crowdsale #reviews https://t.co/a68TmLAHD9

A successful day behind us! At the Slovenian-Slovakian business conference Eligma intrigued not just one, but two presidents. CEO Dejan Roljic showed @Andrej_Kiska, President of the Slovak Republic, and @BorutPahor, President of Slovenia how Eligma is bringing crypto mainstream! https://t.co/C55OrdMN9O

Eligma is proud to present a video of our advisor Ana Lukner Roljic - @AnaLukner. An international entrepreneur, philanthropist and motivator active both in Europe and the US. Do not miss the video: https://t.co/zNv8AYEbPQ

Eligma's activities and decisions have received very positive feedback from both our community and professional peers, especially in terms of website listings and reviews. This Eligma Blog presents a short overview of these writings. #AI #blockchain https://t.co/jMMY2Adtxr

There is nothing like presenting Eligma in person! CEO Dejan Roljic -@Tibute was invited to a #YouTube channel dedicated to discussing major tech projects. Join us and see the interview here: https://t.co/hRRvWIV3PP

Community update! It has been another exciting and busy week for Eligma. Check it out! #AI #blockchain #commerce #crowdsale https://t.co/np0orV6zHg

RT @eligmacom: Be one of the first to use #cryptocurrencies in offline stores! Apply to become the tester for our Elipay system. For more i…

“Community Update: All ELI tokens, not sold in our crowdsale, will be burned” — @eligmacom https://t.co/RFZdXDeWca https://t.co/tpBL9RQTQF

Eligma is getting famous supporters! DJ @UMEK_1605, an electronic music icon, used Elipay, Eligma's #crypto transaction gateway to buy some sneaks. Watch the video from the Tomas sport 2-Sneakers store in @BTC_City and see how excited he was! https://t.co/BMlp97WJ8A

RT @crypto_sally_: Check out my first AMA interview for @AmaZixOfficial with CEO Dejan @Tibute from @eligmacom ???? #Eligma is in the middle o…

A fun and inspirational talk you can't miss! The Eligma community asks questions to CEO Dejan Roljic @Tibute in an ask-me-anything interview, hosted by insightful Crypto Sally from @AmaZixOfficial! #eligma #AI #blockchain https://t.co/fxvbZ2M8JE

Eligma's #crowdsale is live! Become part of history and transform the world of #commerce! Don't forget, ETH price is locked at 800$. Submit your KYC here: https://t.co/LS8VtES3d2 #blockchain #AI #eligma https://t.co/lWkvmlMzlm

RT @eligmacom: 5 key reasons to contribute in the Eligma #crowdsale! Have you submitted the #KYC yet? If not, here is the link ➡️ https://t…

Eligma makes history! The first #cryptocurrency payment in an offline store using the Elipay cryptocurrency transaction system in @BTC_City, one of the largest shopping and entertainment complexes in Europe that is becoming a cradle of innovation! https://t.co/f3ZgwUgpRr

Be one of the first to use #cryptocurrencies in offline stores! Apply to become the tester for our Elipay system. For more info visit https://t.co/5ZFusxoZtk and apply until 8 May 2018. Award: 100 ELIs for each of the 150 selected members. #AI #blockchain #commerce https://t.co/5mkY6gc9fR

An exclusive one-on-one interview with Eligma CEO Dejan Roljic! This business visionary and world-class pitcher discusses the advantages of the Eligma e-commerce platform. @bitcoinist #AI #blockchain #commerce https://t.co/Tb4aGueGaw

Dear friends and supporters!Following the voice of our community, which reflected our own ideas, we have decided to burn all the #tokens that will not be sold by the end of our #crowdsale. https://t.co/NcPZghfGgO

RT @mytokensblog: This idea is relevant in our time. Perfect blockchain-based shopping ecosystem! #Eligma #BTC #ICO #ETH Go to: https://t.c…

How exciting! DJ @UMEK_1605, one of the biggest international stars of the electronic scene, becomes one of the first Elipay users! We joined him for his first #crypto purchase at the Tomas sport2 Sneakers store in @BTC_City. Can you guess what he bought? https://t.co/Ckhnp3BfFa

RT @eligmacom: Eligma #crowdsale is LIVE! #ETH price is locked at 800$, so do not miss out and also get amazing bonuses! Become part of his…

History in the making! Jože Mermal, one of Eligma's cofounders, makes the first Elipay transaction in @BTC_City on Wednesday. Read what he said regarding Eligma and the future of commerce in general. https://t.co/FNzrh8YxT6

RT @rodriguezhernan: #Eligma avanza en su plataforma #blockchain para mejorar la #experiencia de #compras #online @eligmacom https://t.co…

Eligma changes a shopping mall into a crypto paradise! Its highlights include payments with multiple cryptocurrencies at offline stores and, later on, a loyalty program with ELI tokens! Read more about it @Cointelegraph https://t.co/3Hq3Tc8eYx

RT @TadejSlapnik: Direktor BTC City Jože Mermal mi je s ponosom pokazal prvi izdan račun v digitalni valuti Bitcoin, s katero lahko od dane…

Eligma #crowdsale is LIVE! #ETH price is locked at 800$, so do not miss out and also get amazing bonuses! Become part of history, transform the world of commerce and submit your #KYC here: https://t.co/LS8VtES3d2 https://t.co/56tB5U6oRU

RT @BTC_City: Wuuhuuu ???? Super ponosni smo, da BTC City zares postaja prvo Bitcoin mesto na svetu! ???? Danes je predsednik uprave družbe BTC…

Today, our Elipay system for making payments in several #cryptocurrencies was officialy launched at @BTC_City, a major Central European shopping, business and innovation centre! https://t.co/njaHgIad7d

Welcome to @Blockchain_Expo! Packed with action today and tomorrow, it is hosting one of the most interesting business events of its kind. Of course, Eligma can not afford to miss it! Our representatives @MitjaHegler and Sara Draskovic @SaRa_Dr are there, ready for any questions! https://t.co/24zwzkJZt9

Eligma makes history! The first #cryptocurrency payment in an offline store using the #Elipay cryptocurrency transaction system, performed by Joze Mermal, President of @BTC_City Management Board. He was joined by Eligma CEO Dejan Roljic @Tibute and co-founder Matej Gregorčič. https://t.co/tfAeFPxHrY

#YouTube influencers are giving Eligma excellent grades! #eligma #AI #blockchain https://t.co/U3lC90pdgk

Eligma goes to London! Mitja Hegler, Senior Business Developer, and Sara Draskovic, Head of Marketing and Communication, are attending @Blockchain_Expo tomorrow. If you happen to be there, you are very welcome to give them a shout with any questions! https://t.co/w2z1TKko19

Dear Eligma supporters! From now on, there is no maximum contribution limit for participating in #crowdsale! Good news: #ETH price is locked at 800 $! Hurry up and submit your #KYC here: https://t.co/LS8VtES3d2 https://t.co/qDAS6AD8xw

ELIGMA'S #CROWDSALE IS NOW LIVE and will continue until 8 May 11:00 UTC or until the hard cap is reached! Become part of history and transform the world of commerce! #ETH price is locked at 800 $! Secure your spot now and submit your #KYC here: https://t.co/LS8VtES3d2 https://t.co/PAzPZv4pDd

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Eligma's #crowdsale starts today at 11:00 UTC. Hurry up and submit your #KYC here ➡️ https://t.co/LS8VtES3d2 https://t.co/JSEwWqVxF6

Eligma's #crowdsale starts today at 11:00 UTC! Here is your chance to review the smart contract that will guide the process of accepting funds and distributing ELI #tokens! https://t.co/5RVLixq580

Almost there!⌛️ Eligma's #crowdsale starts TOMORROW, April 17th, at 11:00 UTC. ???? Here are final reminders: https://t.co/Z4aN0xfAaN

5 key reasons to contribute in the Eligma #crowdsale! Have you submitted the #KYC yet? If not, here is the link ➡️ https://t.co/LS8VtES3d2 https://t.co/nGrLyiqYgf

“Announcement: Crypto icon Charlie Shrem joins Eligma’s board of advisors” — @eligmacom https://t.co/w6gMFSCmkt https://t.co/aaAUdDwo4Y

Last day before Eligma's #crowdsale! The sky is the limit when we fly together, so make sure to join us on this amazing journey! Great news: bonuses up to 8% and #ETH price locked at 800$! Submit your #KYC here: https://t.co/LS8VtES3d2 https://t.co/Fw7YBLMqjO

An interesting take on Eligma's highlights! @themerklenews, a website specializing in the latest news on technological developments, dedicates Eligma a short but highly informative article! https://t.co/W1eWMnBCgk

Short and sweet: Eligma's lightpaper. Everything you need to know on 5 pages! https://t.co/uf1goPodMk Have you submitted the #KYC yet? If not, here is the link ➡️https://t.co/LS8VtES3d2 #whitepaper #AI #blockchain #commerce https://t.co/VlaFOwmjlf

With our public #crowdsale just 2 days away, we wanted to make the process as smooth as possible. We have collected some of the most frequently asked questions from our different social media channels in one place. https://t.co/7Zo8yguQnG

Only 2 more days and Eligma's #crowdsale is on! ETH price locked at 800$, so do not miss out and also get amazing bonuses! #eligma #AI #blockchain Apply for the Whitelist: https://t.co/LS8VtES3d2 https://t.co/Cafk0MjmR4

RT @eligmacom: Our CEO, Dejan Roljic @Tibute, explains why we have locked the Ethereum exchange rate at 800$: “We wanted to give our early…

Just 2 short days after appearing in Kazan in Russia our CEO Dejan-@Tibute was joined on a flight to London by Eligma's Chief Operating Officer Žiga Toni-@zigaEligma and General Counsel Luka Planinc. Their destination? #londoncryptocurrencyshow! https://t.co/tCDbGpzzGh

Get ready − the last 3 days to Eligma's crowdsale! ETH price is locked at $800! Make sure to get some great bonuses and become part of our success! Apply for the Whitelist here: https://t.co/LS8VtES3d2 #KYC #crowdsale https://t.co/ZJOrsHLExG

Do you like being the best? Us too! Here is the collection of Eligma's trophy ratings: - 9.4 out of 10 on @Foundico - 93 out of 100 on ICORanker - 4.6 out of 5 on @ICObench - 5.0 out of 5 on @TrackICO. A big thanks to our community, we are winners together! ???????? #crowdsale https://t.co/efxiyBWQyQ

We have locked the ETH price at 800$ for Eligma’s private presale, public presale and crowdsale phases, so do not miss out and also get amazing bonuses! Apply for the Whitelist here: https://t.co/LS8VtES3d2 #KYC #crowdsale https://t.co/PBWbSynPcu

RT @mytokensblog: Very very cool Start-Up. Ultimate project in e-commerce sphere - Eligma. Follow: @eligmacom #BTC #ICO #ETH #Eligma Learn…

We were visited by members of the Turkey-Slovenia Business Council as part of a program organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. #eligma #AI #blockchain https://t.co/WElG0OGJW6

Only 4 days to Eligma's #crowdsale! Use this unmissable opportunity for bonuses as high as 8%! #ETH price is locked at $800, so use this chance to become part of the change in the world of commerce! Apply for the #Whitelist here: https://t.co/LS8VtES3d2 #KYC https://t.co/nBkFwpTAvO

Eligma 'is a global project'! Those are the words by a highly popular high tech enthusiast on #YouTube. Guess who! See the video here: https://t.co/zttGmkrHkY

RT @FintechNewsHK: Eligma: Disruption by Bring Cryptocurrencies into Daily Shopping https://t.co/REk6Vws0DG #BlockchainTechnology #Crypto…

"Eligma stands for an exceptional revolution." This is a statement by one of the most famous entrepreneurs in the entire world. Who is it?? Find out about him and how Eligma will benefit your life in this article on @CoinWireHQ! https://t.co/xu1Jz4uiYG

????Community update https://t.co/4Afdq1gDZ2 #AI #blockchain #crowdsale

We have locked the ETH price at 800$ for Eligma’s private presale, public presale and crowdsale phases. This will ensure that all of our contributors have similar conditions for buying ELI tokens. Let’s rock together! #KYC #ETH #crowdsale https://t.co/aWjCXkQHBO

Eligma is in London on Saturday! CEO Dejan Roljic-@Tibute is pitching at The London CryptoCurrency Show, a major conference featuring new technology and crypto workshops. https://t.co/4wrjZJQilV #londoncryptocurrencyshow #AI #blockchain https://t.co/X8yud03yQM

It's the final countdown to Eligma crowdsale! Softcap reached, 14,550 ETH raised, ETH price locked at 800 $! Do not miss this last chance to help us change the world of shopping! If you want to be part of it, apply for the Whitelist here: https://t.co/LS8VtES3d2 #KYC #crowdsale https://t.co/2zfGrAWmPK

RT @cryptoworldsi: @eligmacom #Eligma #Shop smart – shop with #AI! #Amazon #Ebay #AliBaba #Paypal #Blockchain $BTC $ETH #shopping #EliPay…

How will Eligma find your desired product online? In a super fast and super precise way with the latest technology! A very short, simple and fun explanation can be found in this article @coinspeaker! https://t.co/M4klYkMaXr

''Days before the crowdsale starts, Eligma, a cognitive commerce startup, has attracted investors’ attention by showcasing remarkable development process of their AI-driven platform.'' @coinspeaker https://t.co/M4klYkMaXr

RT @CHalexov2016: Crazy big move from @eligmacom ICO founder @Tibute ???? https://t.co/8nn0NbjnaV please all look and share! Exchanges look t…

Our CEO, Dejan Roljic @Tibute, explains why we have locked the Ethereum exchange rate at 800$: “We wanted to give our early contributors a fair deal and show how confident we are in #cryptocurrencies, #blockchain and the long-term outlook of the project.” https://t.co/MYKUhuRAqM

Our CEO Dejan Roljic @Tibute delivers a highly energetic and attention-grabbing pitch at @ICOSummit_Kazan in Russia! Congratulations! Our next stop is London on Saturday. #AI #blockchain #commerce https://t.co/lftEHnCj4W

Working hard on development! Today's topic of the meeting with @Microsoft was Eligma's AI discovery on Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. This is one step further towards making Eligma a one-of-a-kind product with first-rate features! #Microsoft #AI #blockchain https://t.co/nHpc4ZQFKF

The pitch competition at @ICOSummit_Kazan in Russia has just started and Eligma is there, of course! 12 projects are participating altogether and our CEO Dejan Roljic-@Tibute will take the floor as the 6th. Gooo Eligma! https://t.co/QFxkCDUHRE

‘’Eligma’s 3 pillars — #AI-driven discovery, #blockchain-based inventory and the ELI token-powered loyalty — will allow for a quick discovery of best offers, a safer inventory keeping and a unified loyalty program for all users and retailers on the platform.’’@CoinUpdates https://t.co/LXQQg6p0ro

Eligma community, we have decided to lock the Ethereum price at 800 $ for Eligma’s private presale, public presale and crowdsale phases. This will ensure that all of our contributors have similar conditions for buying ELI tokens. Let’s rock together! https://t.co/Bd06eZypMq

Care for a highly dynamic Eligma review by a crypto celebrity? @TheCryptoLark, a well known online techie, entrepreneur and cryptocurrency enthusiast, brings an uplifting video! Thank you so much!! #AI #blockchain #Crypto https://t.co/vfg4D6Eu86

RT @CriptoNoticias: "Estoy emocionado de colaborar en un conjunto de soluciones de comercio que estoy deseoso de utilizar, así que espero q…

Greetings from Russia! Eligma CEO Dejan Roljic-@Tibute and Senior Business Developer @MitjaHegler at @ICOSummit_Kazan, a central regional event bringing together high tech businesses and pitchers from worldwide. Tomorrow, we are looking forward to Roljic's pitch! #AI #blockchain https://t.co/jxwmTwJTYW

The Eligma presale has ended! A BIG THANK YOU to everyone for sharing our vision and supporting us! We believe that the Eligma project has a great future, and we are set to work hard and prove it. Do not forget: our #crowdsale starts on April 17! https://t.co/VCui7xDPOd

Scam alert! We have noticed that scammers have created a fake Eligma- @eligmacom account with the same logo and name. We will NEVER send you a PM containing any addresses or offering any special bonuses.

Just a few hours to go! Eligma's CEO Dejan Roljic-@Tibute is preparing for his pitch @ICOSummit_Kazan. Go Dejan! https://t.co/Ms6cPuaKUL

Only a few hours left till the end of #presale! Wondering how it all started? Founder and CEO Dejan Roljic-@Tibute talks about the creation of Eligma, a platform that will change the face of #commerce! https://t.co/nqTsMrYdlC #AI #blockchain

Special thanks to all Eligma's Chinese-speaking supporters: here is our Whitepaper in Chinese. Happy reading! https://t.co/0qykyApSPf #whitepaper #presale #KYC

RT @rajsimran05: @eligmacom only 16 hours left to join public presale. don't miss this chance. you can buy #eligma now in cheap and get 15%…

RT @CHalexov2016: Something huge coming @binance @BittrexExchange @Poloniex @krakenfx @Huobi_Pro @livecoin_net @topbtc_com @OKEx_ @hitbtc .…

RT @cryptoworldsi: Take a look to @eligmacom #Eligma's offices! #Leet #happy #people Don't miss https://t.co/HUUAPYqJoU #presale Next…

Only one day until the end of our #presale! To help you get through the #KYC process as smoothly as possible, here is a little heads-up and explanation. https://t.co/LpBNAMOmV7

Good news for our Russian-speaking supporters: a great article on Eligma's concept, advisors and tech highlights is featured on the @happycoinclub. Happy reading! https://t.co/nCCGZA6nKN

Meet Eligma’s team! See our creativity, advisor forces and co-founders: CEO Dejan Roljic-@Tibute, a global start-up force; Matej Gregorcic from @Viberate_com; and Joze Mermal, Management Board President at @BTC_City, a business and shopping giant. https://t.co/6NO52ssOOV