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Private decentralized 18+ social network


Time Left:1 month 2 weeks 4 days

Start Date

25th of October 2018

End Date

1st of January 2019


Ticker/Symbol ASP
Price 1 ETH = 1000000 ASP
TokenType ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Hardcap   58 000,00
Softcap   0,00
Raised 0,00
ICO Score


ASSPACE Team is building the new decentralized social network web application - for IoP (Internet-for-Pleasure). is a platform intended to unite professionals with open-minded energetic, social, creative and curious youngsters in adult content production and give them both the same opportunities to produce content. Our project gives non-professionals to declare themselves and if they are able to interest take the jackpot.
Our goal is to build social network on the principles of decentralization with features that allowing to overturn the traditional adult content consumption. We are for the content adressed to a particular person and aspiration to receive freshiest content from performers with expected quality. Thus offers crowdfunding collaboration with other Users. can be used as a "slightly" more advanced dating site.
All reward transfers inside application, any allocations and charges are implemented by ASSPACE Tokens (ERC-20 Ethereum Based Token). We offer something new in maintaining a constant social activity on - stimulation any internal User activity by ASSPACE Tokens [ASP]. That means that posts, Likes, comments, broadcasts, content uploads, moderation, etc. will change in + or - Users ASP balance.
At first stage the platform will encourage Users with private amateur content. Next stage implementation of branded internal spaces for professionals of adult industry.


Q3 2017 Works on creating started. Solution that satisfied anyone was ERC-20 Ethereum token. The decision was made to implement own tokens in the project
Q4 2017 pre-ICO
Q2 2018 alpha release, start of implementation ASSPACE tokens and testing
Q3 2018 beta
Q4 2018 ICO
Q3-4 2018 RC version, full features done

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