Token secured by the Ubiq network


Finished: 1 year 1 month ago

Start Date

1st of May 2017

End Date

21st of May 2017


Ticker/Symbol APX
Platform Ubiq
Hardcap   1 500,00
Softcap   0,00
Raised 2 749 185,00
ICO Score
Token Rates
Price USD 7,49413000
Price BTC 0,00111023
24h Volume USD 59 475,50
Change 1h 0.36%
Change 24h 11.56%
Change 7d 21.09%
Available Supply 703 179,00
Capitalisation USD 5 269 714,84

Updated: 2018-06-21


APX Ventures is a blockchain solutions company which offers a wide range of services relevant to the blockchain industry ranging from but not limited to: hashing solutions, thorough analysis of cryptocurrencies, and consultation services.
APX is required to access services within the APX ecosystem which is supported by APX Ventures.
Some of the services offered by APX Ventures will exclusively accept APX or can be accessed at a discount through use of the APX token.



Q&A for $APX (March 2018) https://t.co/rn3PUN0WV4

APX Quarterly Report (Q1 2018): https://t.co/8zZcTGb7rR

Instructions for securely storing and moving your $APX: https://t.co/tiycLbYxOG

Statement re: Bittrex delisting. 1. Although very unfortunate, the delisting does not impact the actual operations of APX Ventures and project will continue on as normal. 2. APX Ventures hasn't sold a single $APX since start of project nor has it been involved in artificial pumps

Quarterly Report for APX Ventures (Q3 2017). $APX https://t.co/lvQzTxXHR8

The quarterly report will be released by the end of this week. Thank you for your patience. $APX

Remaining 122555.02024484 $APX has been officially burned by @BittrexExchange https://t.co/mV92FiZuQt

Official telegram channel for announcements (no noise). $APX https://t.co/g2pFi15MIq

RT @AceOfWallStreet: < than 2 weeks since launch $APX https://t.co/3u1dmbLydI

RT @APX_Ventures: Moving $APX to your Wallet. Easy to follow video tutorial. $UBQ https://t.co/NyThDfDTxb

Moving $APX to your Wallet. Easy to follow video tutorial. $UBQ https://t.co/NyThDfDTxb

First update and general roadmap. $APX https://t.co/sl0RpoDVvt

RT @AceOfWallStreet: Probably going to make giveaway a part of @APX_Ventures' tradition. Would love to continue giving chances to people wh…

For more information about $APX, please visit our official site! https://t.co/BrzQhBEhv8

RT @AceOfWallStreet: Consider it done, once $APX market opens, I'll burn 50 $APX from my own pocket. https://t.co/wYTQWCavTa