A Blockchain Solution for Press Freedom


Time Left:1 week 3 days 6 hours

Start Date

2nd of March 2018

End Date

30th of June 2018

Country: Germany

Ticker/Symbol APS
Price 1 APS = 0.000008 ETH
TokenType ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Hardcap   40 000,00
Softcap   0,00
Raised 0,00
ICO Score


A Network you can Trust
APRES, connecting people and communities. Issuing news update and report by the people for their communities and the globe. Granting persons with the authority to report, telling each Story as it is whilst protecting their identity and location.
Built on bitcoin cryptography, records file names, hash, user site cryptographical signature, therefore seeded and processed for encryption. Ensuring user profiles and account anonymity, completely secure with zero hosting fee.
Self sustained, enabled offline browsing for seeders, user anonymity, requires no servers, secured recordkeeping with enabled payment.
 Press by Everyone
A community owned press network, giving users the authority to publish, review, comment and make a difference. Whilst rewarding users with APS token, as bounty, contribution and support. A truly decentralized network to reckon with, providing peer to peer conectivity.
APS Token
A social currency Processing fast transaction at a low cost. Designed to reward, confer, encourage and enrich persons contributing to the network whether as bounty, wage, donation or pledge. Making sending and receiving money fun and rewarding.


Hugo I. Ramirez

Lead Developer

Nico Van Severen

Systems Manager

Arnold Philip


Humphrey Hanson

Founder & CEO

Joel Walkenhorst

Head of Design


OCT 2017- JAN 2018 Research completed.
MAR 2018 Crowd sale.
JUN 2018 Token market Exchange.
SEP 2018 Official wallet release.
NOV 2018 Test Prorotype. Examine mob app.
DEC 2018 Seeders Application.
JAN 2019 Open hiring, different language translations.
Q1, 2019 Release network.


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Live broadcasting. Now with https://t.co/aYBI3kv1Zw https://t.co/fnwrfMU06p

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Folks y'all heard it from us first. APRES now with live video broadcasting. Once more, bridging the gap between time, access and reaction. https://t.co/NgJnVg9h7w https://t.co/5ZbtJFr9II

Now with live broadcasting reporting. That is all folks... https://t.co/qrnXomfwZn

APRES is calling for you. https://t.co/kMmyfNvOqW

Greetings @EdwardDu_SG APRES Team has sent you an email with the intention for business cooperation. We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully working together.

Sign in to be the the first to use APRES Beta version 331.C. Web- https://t.co/NgJnVg9h7w Beta - https://t.co/a9KFmzryV9 https://t.co/000YcUqx92

We are looking for translators to run both bitcointalk & telegram channel's. If fluent in: - Japanese - Chinese - Vietnamese - Korean - Russian - Arabic - Indian - Hebrew - Turkish Pm https://t.co/BSt2DNslBe APRES team looks forward to hearing and working with you.

Attention Folks... this one's for all you Telegram users and the growing APRES Community. As an effort to grow our community, all APRES telegram followers https://t.co/uPVc7ROuPb can now play part in growing our community. Go on lads add your fellow friends directly. https://t.co/ushr0OwCNF

Live streaming reporting Enabled.. https://t.co/Jcc87votZa More to be announced. keep up with the rest of socials for more. https://t.co/DD8DtGVeuK

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Visit https://t.co/dfn0ZtdjF8. check out our beta while at it.

RT @Humphrey_Hanson: APRES beta version: v. 331.C is now live. Enjoy the multiple chat rooms, pasword encryption and easy to use navigation…

THE DAY IS UPON US!! APRES - Network Beta Version v.331.C is finally out and ready for testing. The Beta is open to everyone and anyone, be sure to join the Telegram Group and give us feedback. Telegram Group - https://t.co/C49zP4KiRy Beta v.331.C - https://t.co/m7on3AhVzr

I hope you all recall us asking you to clear your calendar for the 28th April. Well that is but a few hours away from now. Get ready for APRES Network Version v.331.C

7 days to Beta release.

We call upon everyone participating on our bounty whitepaper translation to please submit their work asap. Either via google drive link on telegram or email. Danke

Clear your calendar for April 28.

Tried and true, APRES Beta with sublime mobile response. For our next trick. APRES team will announce the release date. https://t.co/PrysZycyhu

We promised leakage. Yes we leak our own beta creation. Have at it world, APRES is here to stay. Visit us at https://t.co/Jcc87votZa https://t.co/TgA6zijhlD

APRES beta release date to be announced soon. For now, visit our website https://t.co/Jcc87votZa

Yes we have a beta version coming up. Sneak-pics are in order. Yes, we leak our own production. We are all about transparency. APRES. The new for Journalism.

Russian translated Whitepaper can now be located on our website. We thank the bounty participant's. Even better anouncements comming soon.

More project update to be announced soon. Yes, rather chilling update no less. APRES, the new way for Journalism.

Our community is growing geometrically each day. We are glad that you stand for a more decentralized future & so much is the case with APRES. visit us; https://t.co/Jcc87votZa

Roadmap much? Challenge accepted. APRES team adheres to deadlines. Our ICO is live, participate via: https://t.co/Jcc87votZa Bounty Campaign: 1575 ETH up for grabs via: https://t.co/YCLC9pfTeu https://t.co/LchyUeuZFs

Our bounty campaign has just commenced. Yes, do tell everybody. A total of 196.875.000 APS tokens ( Worth 1575 ETH ) will be assigned to the Bounty Pool. Participate through : https://t.co/3FMx5Xjm8n

Shamelessly reached out to persons of influence. Hoping they'd aid us introduce APRES to the world. Not for the lack of effort. We are committed to our course.

After a successful week of registration, APRES team is happy to inform you that APRES ICO is now live on over 10+ ICO listing platforms. Find us via https://t.co/Jcc87votZa Committed to transparency. APRES team will issue constant update as the project unveils.

⚡️ “The Blockchain Solution to Press Freedom” https://t.co/1zgMkxS9DZ

Self-sustained, zero servers, multi user torrent files, encryption, zero fee or subscription with Military Grade Anonymity. APRES, The new way for press. Join our ICO now! https://t.co/Jcc87votZa https://t.co/G5J3DN0nzT

APRES, a Free and Decentralized Press Network. Get to know us. Join ICO now https://t.co/Jcc87votZa

The team is working tirelessly as we strive to enlist on numerous ICO platforms. For now, visit us at https://t.co/Jcc87votZa Get to know what we are all about.

So it begins. It's about time we rethink journalism and press. Join us at https://t.co/Lhh0eQW3Zd

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