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ERC-20 For Real Estate


Finished: 7 months 2 weeks ago

Start Date

1st of May 2018

End Date

31st of May 2018

Country: British Virgin Islands

  • USA
  • China
  • Singapore
Ticker/Symbol ALT
Price 1 ALT = 0.00001 ETH
TokenType ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Hardcap   30 000 000,00
Softcap   1 000 000,00
Raised 0,00
ICO Score


Alt.Estate Group is a financial technology company offering a new solution for real estate tokenization: the Protocol and the Platform.
Alt.Estate Protocol covers the technology, corporate structure and legal compliance aspects of tokenization. The Protocol will be a turnkey solution for anyone who wants to tokenize real estate, from developers to individuals. The Protocol is well-positioned to become the new standard of the industry.
Alt.Estate Platform is the marketplace for primary sales and secondary trading of tokenized assets. The Platform allows users to trade real estate in fractions with higher liquidity and lower costs.
Working Prototype
Alt.Estate is the first real estate tokenization project with a working prototype: you can purchase tokenized property on our Platform before participating in the token crowd contribution.
The Alt.Estate team, with $400m worth of real estate deals in 2016, includes professionals with a strong background in investments, finance, marketing and operations.
We have advisors with worldwide expertise and transactions in real estate worth more than $3bn. Alt.Estate is the first tokenization project with a viable go-to-market strategy. Our offer to market players provides clear economic incentives to use and promote our Protocol using their marketing budgets. This whitepaper outlines the Alt.Estate value proposition, the marketing strategy, the business model, and the token distribution details.
Alt.Estate tokens (ALT) will be distributed among public contributors during the Contribution Period, the dates of which will be announced later.


Vladimir Shmidt


Alexander Popov


Anton Lysak


Ivan Butenko

BizDev Executive

Liana Tagirova


Ivan Sidorov

Development Team Lead

Aler Denisov

Blockchain Engineer

Aleksei Ulianov

Head of Legal

Saruul Nadbitova

BizDev Manager

Dovudjon Mirzoalimov

Head of Customer Development

Аna Sagan

Project Manager

Vitaly Losev

Business Analyst

Gleb Ordin

Financial Analyst


Matthew Falk

Advisor. Senior Software Engineer at FeatureX

Evan Huddleson

Advisor. Early Ether Investor and Sales Profe

Brian Meegan

Advisor. Managing Member at Evergent Law

Sayan Tsyrenov

Advisor. Director at PwC, Real Estate Mergers

Denis Sokolov

Advisor. Partner at Cushman & Wakefield, Head

Stas Tikhonov

Partner at Knight Frank, angel and venture ca

Alexander Shatalov

Partner at Savills, CEO


Q1-Q2 2017 Core concept development. Team establishment. Professionals with a strong background in investments, finance, marketing and operations who had $400M in real estate deals joined Alt.Estate.
Q3 2017 Legal entity registration.
Q4 2017 Advisory board formation. Advisors with a worldwide expertise and transactions in real estate worth more than $3B joined Alt.Estate. Start of the blockchain architecture development. Launch of the Alt.Estate tokenized apartment prototype.
Q1-Q2 2018 Token sale preparation and launch. Alt.Estate Platform beta launch.
Q3 2018 Registration, authorization and licensing in the first jurisdictions
Q4 2018 Start of the first EU law compliant real estate token sales on the Alt.Estate Platform.
Q1 2019 Alt.Estate Platform goes live.
Q2 2019 Alt.Estate Protocol goes live. Technology, legal and corporate structure modules are united under the Alt.Estate Protocol for tokenizing and selling properties globally.
Q3 2019 Promotion of the Alt.Estate Protocol as a turnkey solution for real estate developers, brokers and investment companies.
Q4 2019 Going global. Full deployment of the Alt.Estate go-to-market strategy.
2020 Alt.Estate Protocol becomes an industry standard. Alt.Estate Platform is #1 crowdfunding and trading platform for tokenized property.

Medium News

Alt.Estate Completes ALT Token Sale and Shares 9 News
2018-08-01 14:07:49

Alt.Estate Completes ALT Token Sale and Shares 9 News

Congratulations to all the backers, supporters, partners, advisors and ALT Team members! We are proud to announce that the ALT token sale is over. We’d like to make a few important announcements and answer the most frequent questions from our community.

When will the tokens be distributed? What about the exchange listings? What is the current status and next steps in platform development? Bear with us to know more!

1. How Does ALT Tokens Distribution Work?

Even in the rough waters of crypto market, your support allowed an overall supply of 1,069,639,374 ALT tokens. Those are distributed to the publishers, contributors, bounty community. They are also partly reserved for the network growth, ALT.Estate team and advisors.

You can check the allocation details at the diagram below:

We got the worldwide support from over 55 countries. Our contributors came from the United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, South Korea, Poland, Japan, Russia, Spain, France, Canada, Brazil, Switzerland, Philippines and many other countries.

Below are some interesting stats. Austria and Germany were leading with the highest average purchases — thanks for support!

On the other hand, we had Argentina and Gibraltar as the most considerate spenders.

Bitcoin fans, rejoice! Most ALT token buyers in Kenya and Ukraine made their purchases with bitcoin.

While Australia, Japan and Austria were standing strong on buying tokens with Ethereum.

2. How Do I Get My ALT Tokens?

2.1. Guide to get the tokens

You can download the detailed guide and follow the instructions

Since early August we will be issuing ALT tokens on the weekly basis to each community member who has successfully passed the KYC procedure. We plan to cover the whole distribution process in 4–8 batches, so the vast majority of tokens will be distributed in 2 months.

2.2. How to pass the KYC?

KYC stands for ‘know your client’ procedure. Since token sale agreement does not allow US citizens and other restricted persons to participate in the sale, the KYC procedure allows to verify citizenship and make sure the token holders comply with those rules.

KYC is a piece of cake: it takes only 5 minutes and is required by the banks and exchanges. Huge part of ALT token holders have already successfully completed the KYC procedure.

A link to KYC is available under the Profile section of your Alt.Estate personal account.

KYC procedure requires you to upload two scanned documents. Have your passport (or other government issued ID) and a second document at hand to verify your current place of residence. All the scans as well as other personal information is stored confidentially on Amazon servers in an encrypted form.

The uploaded documents are then verified by our compliance team. Sometimes we ask for additional clarifications. As soon as everything is confirmed, we issue the tokens to the ERC-20 wallets you specify in the dashboard. Everything is easy and straightforward.

3. Listing ALT on Exchanges

If the market is bullish, it makes sense to start listing from the large exchange. However, if the market stays bearish, the listing on a mid-size exchange is a better option to gradually grow the trading volume and then list on the larger exchange. Our approach is to find the best combination of liquidity, reputation and reliability.

Please stay patient, we will share more news in the next 3–4 weeks. Of course, listing on some low-quality exchange with no liquidity, shady rules and no reputation would have been easier, but it’s not our way.

So, the decision is yet to be made — join the Alt.Estate Telegram group and be among the first to know.

4. Platform Ongoing Development

Thanks to the support of our community and investors, the amount raised during the token sale allows us to develop all the critical components of ALT.Estate protocol.

To make the development efforts more targeted we’ve decided at the current stage to focus more on the real estate industry customers’ and partners’ requirements. Our team is now partnering with real estate development companies in several jurisdictions worldwide to launch the crowdfunding and sales projects running on ALT.Estate Protocol.

This focus requires our R&D team to focus more on the Application and Interface layers. At the current development stage the platform architecture is based on Ethereum and is organized in the following way:

We consider including up to 3 modules from the following list in to the beta platform release planned for H2 2018:

The Property Marketplace is already available in the beta version of the ALT.Estate. Our team is currently considering the following functionality improvements: a wider set of properties, be more connected with geo services (i.e. Google Maps), improved representation of property outlooks, costs, current statuses, etc.

The Seller Dashboard as a single endpoint for sellers which makes it possible to list and manage the properties on the ALT.Estate Platform. The module is currently required in several potential projects our team currently works on.

The Investor Dashboard is already available in the beta version of ALT.Estate platform and will be further improved according to our customer development conclusions.

You can find more details on the module development in the ALT.Estate Whitepaper.

As we’ve extended the token sale period in response to the poor market conditions, it is clear now that the platform development schedule will also have to be adjusted. Our R&D team is currently looking at he options and we will come back with more details soon.

5. New Developments and Partnerships

Expanding the global presence

In order to make a global impact, we continue to interact with the industry leaders worldwide. We have recently finished a successful roadshow in Hong Kong, Shenzhen (China), Seoul (South Korea), and Singapore — and that’s just the beginning!

Negotiations with potential customers

Alt.Estate team had promising negotiations with yet to be disclosed real estate development projects in UAE, Canada and Europe.

Institutional partnerships in progress

Alt.Estate is building the future of real estate on the Blockchain, and we are working fast to be closely integrated with the most established Blockchain projects. Our team makes progress in using Stellar and NEM to increase the flexibility of our Real Estate tokenization framework and legal framework. We investigate the listing on the Bancor Network for increased tokens liquidity and convenient trade. We negotiate the partnership with EOS for increased ALT Protocol stability and scalability.

Real Estate Blockchain Institute of Korea membership

It is an honor for us to become one of the first members of the Real Estate Blockchain Institute of Korea, the entity which focuses on expanding the use of Blockchain in real estate from legal, technological and marketing perspectives.

6. What Are the Results of ALT Token Sale?

The KYC, token distribution and settlements with resellers are still in process, but we can announce the preliminary results.

As of July, 31, the total amount equals $4,593,121. We have accepted payments in several crypto- and fiat currencies (BTC, ETH, NEO, USD, EUR etc.) As the crypto markets were volatile during the sale we’ve calculated the preliminary results based on the corresponding exchange rates when contributions were made over this period.

The final amount will be determined only after all the contributors pass the KYC procedure (minus rejected users), and settlements with the resellers are finalized.

7. What Are Your Plans With ALT Token?

We strongly believe that successful growth of the ALT.Estate ecosystem will be fueled by empowering the existing relationships and interactions on the Real Estate market and making them more efficient at the same time. This leads to revenue, higher adoption and awareness and ultimately results in higher liquidity and token demand growth.

Therefore in accordance with the go-to-market plan outlined in the White Paper, we are focusing on customer and market development. Modules and platform development for the verified use cases will follow. The 3 primary hypothesis we are focused on right now include:

Using ALT.Estate protocol to enable the crowdfunding and fundraising for the new real estate projects. The projects we have under development in this direction include tokenization of Real Estate using the ALT.Estate protocol, implementation of the legal framework as well as using ALT.Estate front-end components, seller and buyer dashboard.

Efficient maintenance and management of real estate ownership registries on the country, community or city levels. Real estate development today stands on data management, long-term planning and takes a lot of factors into consideration. It becomes common that huge areas and even new cities are developed from scratch creating enormous pools of data which should be managed transparently and reliably. We work with several nation level projects to understand their requirements and deploy ownership registries for them which are based on ALT.Estate Protocol.

Unlocking the real estate investment and purchase opportunities for crypto community. The unprecedented rise of cryptocurrencies in the last years brought to the existence the whole new community of crypto currency owners. Even with the depressed market we currently witness the net value of this community is amazing and we are committed to develop the easy and bulletproof ways for them to purchase Real estate with cryptocurrency and with no headache.

Any of these directions could eventually generate significant amount of transactions and therefore increase the demand and value of ALT token. We will be announcing more details regarding this functionality modules in the nearest time.

8. Media Attention

Alt.Estate was featured in key media from in USA, China, Korea, and Russia.

A big thanks to all the reporters showing interest in Alt.Estate — here are just a few amazing media features we’ve received:


The Merkle






9. Community Growth

Telegram community grew 13,7 times during ALT token sale to 75K+ members. Those include 1000+ bounty participants, 6500 Twitter and 5553 Facebook followers.

The input you gave us is awesome. We’ve answered 8543 questions in our public channels and had a few thousands of Intercom dialogues. On average, you generated a decent 17.42 messages per active user. Our community managers work hard to maintain our 5 minute response time standards, and we’re always happy to see a new question alert.

Stay updated — follow the project’s social media channels on: Facebook Twitter Telegram Medium LinkedIn Reddit or watch our video on YouTube.

Soft Cap, Asian Roadshop and Token Sale Extension: 10 News from Alt.Estate
2018-07-04 21:15:51

Soft Cap, Asian Roadshow and Token Sale Extension: 10 News from Alt.Estate

What a busy time we had at Alt.Estate recently! Thanks to the efforts of our team, we achieved a number of important milestones and are ready to share them with you. Here are the top 10 updates on our platform development, partnerships, token sale and future plans.

1. Soft Cap Achieved

We successfully closed the Soft Cap during an overbooked presale.

We thank all our investors for believing in the Alt.Estate platform. $1M soft cap was reached within a few days during an overbooked white list presale. It ensures we are already launching the first stage of the project as it is described in our Whitepaper.

2. Strong Community of 100K+ and Growing

We are grateful to our community members for attention, challenging questions and active discussions. The community is active and growing — join the conversation in our Telegram channel.

3. Alt.Estate Asian Roadshow Was a Blast

We just finished a successful roadshow in Hong-Kong, Shenzhen, Seoul, and Singapore. Over 100 participants from endowment funds, family offices and institutional investors joined our meetups, presentations and Q&A sessions in each location.

Importantly, we also saw an interest from developers and property owners — two key groups for the success of our technology for the property tokenization. As a result, we have negotiated 10 pilots and 5 declarations of intentions.

Our CEO Vlad Shmidt with Samson Lee, a Partner at Coin Street Partners. Hong Kong

We are preparing videos of the events and will publish them soon.

4. Valuable Proof of Concept

During a meetup and Q&A session in Hong Kong, the head of Circle Korea — a Goldman Sachs-backed Bitcoin company which recently bought Poloniex crypto exchange — stated that Alt.Estate can play the role of USDT for Real Estate. What a valuable proof of concept from an established company!

5. We joined Real Estate Blockchain Institute of Korea

Another win in Asia — it’s an honor for us to become one of the first members of the Real Estate Blockchain Institute of Korea, the entity which focuses on expanding the use of Blockchain in real estate from legal, technological and marketing perspectives.

The members of the institute joined the d10e event in Hong Kong. Paul Kim — chief director gathers experts of ICO, Real Estate, Blockchain and related fields to research and develop Real Estate Blockchain, invites numerous guests all over the world as Global Advisory and creates a global network in order to provide potential partnership in the business.

Our CEO Vlad Shmidt with Paul Kim (right), Chief Director at Real Estate Blockchain Institute of Korea and Ki-Woong Kim, CEO of Korean Economic Daily Holding

6. Dream Team is growing!

Our team is growing: we are looking for the Team Lead, senior and junior developers. If you are (or you know) the Full Stack / PHP / JS / Ethereum / Solidity Rock Star, please let us know! Hit us at

7. New Office is coming

Alt.Estate is moving the team to a new spacious office

As the construction work in our new location is finalized, we will post more photos of our team in the new cozy and spacious interior.

8. Alt.Estate protocol is scaling

Improved TPS, SDK and integration tools, 20 smart contracts in DApp kit, external audit and anchoring to Ethereum blockchain for additional safety

Latest progress of Alt.Estate R&D Team led to the unprecedented improvements in our Protocol. Through an improved POS consensus mechanism, we raised the Alt.Estate protocol TPS to 38 transactions per second. Get a glimpse of the scale: Real Estate deals are made every second (120 million annually), and Alt.Estate protocol is designed to potentially hold 10X of this load.

As we aim to become an industry standard, we need to be as open to 3rd party entities and developers as possible. We deliver SDK and integration tools for operations with real estate (including automated trading) to be used by developers, traders, and other market players.

This impressive stack is accompanied by the live prototype, 20 smart contracts in DApp kit, an audit by an external auditor and anchoring to Ethereum blockchain for additional safety.

9. Institutional partnerships in progress

Alt.Estate is working on integrations with Stellar, EOS, NEM and Bancor.

Alt.Estate is building the future of real estate on the Blockchain, and we are working fast to be closely integrated with the most established Blockchain projects. The details are yet to be announced, but here is a little preview.

Our team is working on using Stellar and NEM to increase the flexibility of our Real Estate tokenization framework and legal framework.

We investigate the listing on the Bancor Network for increased real estate tokens liquidity and convenient trade.

We negotiate the partnership with EOS for increased ALT Protocol stability and scalability.

10. Alt.Estate Token Sale Continues

Due to the unfavorable market conditions, we continue to discuss the extension of ALT token sale with advisors and community members

Our team, advisors as well as the community have a number of concerns about the current market conditions. The prevailing opinion is that the situation will return to the uptrend towards the fall 2018. One of the most promising solutions for us in this situation is to extend the ALT token sale for another 2–3 months. This will allow us to achieve a number of goals: finalize the long negotiation cycles with the Institutional investors, hit the better market situation, and to further develop the platform functionality, partnerships and integrations.

Follow Alt.Estate on Telegram, Twitter and Facebook or visit the website to know more about the platform.

How Technology Will Change Real Estate Market
2018-05-28 14:49:50

How Technology Will Change Real Estate Market

Alt.Estate: Introducing the Tokenized Real Estate Trading

Alt.Estate builds a protocol for real estate tokenization and a platform for trading tokenized property. It uses blockchain to disrupt the $217 trillion market, and aims to become an industry standard for the blockchain-based real estate transactions. Join the token sale from May 30 until June 30, 2018.

Join the token sale now!

ALT Token is going to be an “ERC-20” for real estate

Alt.Estate makes trading tokenized properties easy and fast. The blockchain technology allows to decrease transaction costs from 30% to 2%, bring down transaction time from 1 month to 1 click, and lower an entry ticket from $200,000 to $100. All data is already uploaded on IPFS to ensure the transparency of rights ALT tokens provide, store purchase/sale agreements, property’s operating procedures, etc.

Learn more!

10 Facts About Alt.Estate:

‘ERC-20’ for real estate. Alt.Estate protocol aims to become an industry standard for blockchain-based real estate transactions.

Focus on huge B2B demand. Alt.Estate uses Ripple business model, focused on private equity funds and family offices who will use ALT tokens for the large multi million deals.

Access to B2C customers. Thousands of real estate developers, brokers, marketplaces and crowdfunding platforms will use ALT’s built-in widgets to increase sales of property to their end customers on their own websites. They get a solution for property tokenization without extra infrastructure costs.

Win-win solution. This widget allows Alt.Estate to get a massive leverage in marketing: for each raised dollar the company can spend up to 3–10 dollars of real estate developers’ marketing budgets for promotion instead of competitors’ 30 cents (30% standard marketing share).

Working prototype. The company has already tokenized properties in three major real estate markets: USA, Japan and EU. The working prototype was launched before the start of the crowd sale. On the website, investors have an opportunity to trial the platform by purchasing the real estate in fractions.

Solid technology. 20+ smart contracts and dApps builder allow to create hundreds and thousands of decentralized apps in a quick and simple manner and to ensure the legal property rights with tokens.

Global investment portfolio. For the first time, the market opens for the mid-size (middle class) investors to create a global investment portfolio in 1 click and with much lower entry tickets.

10x increase in demand. The demand for ALT tokens is forecasted to be 10 times higher than the initial token supply, and the Platform trade turnover is expected to reach $4 billion in the first 3 years.

Strong team. Combined team experience is $4 billion in real estate deals.

Global advisory board. The best industry specialists are involved as advisors. They work for the leading real estate companies like PWC, Knight Frank, Cushman with more than 2000 offices in 150 countries.

Join the token sale now!

Learn more!

In this video learn how to trade tokenized real estate, its advantages, why Alt.Estate is destined to grow, and why ALT token demand will exceed the initial supply 10 times.

Alt.Estate is supported by the leading crypto and real estate professionals

Alt.Estate is endorsed by crypto experts — the project is advised by early Ethereum investor Evan Huddlesone. The gurus of the real estate community have also joined the advisory board: PWC director Sayan Tsyrenov, legal expert Brian Meegan, and Knight Frank partner Stas Tikhonov. Watch their comments.

Alt.Estate is well-recorgnized withing the crypto community

The CEO has spoken at many industry conferences and panels. Watch Vlad at the panel with Circle (owners of Poloniex exchange) on Crypto VIP Asia Tour in Hong Kong. Circle Managing Director Jack C. Liu said Alt.Estate is like Tether for the real estate which also secures that each property token is protected by real estate.

Learn more!

On the leading conference on decentralization d10e in Seoul he catched up with Tether Founder Craig Sellars. The company’s market cap is equal to $2,504,285,180.

Moreover, the project was warmly welcomed by the wider crypto world with 19 thousand followers across social media platforms.

“Using the blockchain technology to disrupt the real estate market, Alt.Estate has a strong potential to become an industry standard for the blockchain-based real estate transactions” — The Merkle.

“Alt.Estate allows everyone to invest in real estate” — Bitcoinist.

“Alt.Estate eliminates the boundaries, third parties, prohibitive regulations and opens the market to a wide array of audience” — Newsbtc.

Useful links:

● View website: Alt.Estate official website ● Facebook:

● Twitter:

● Telegram:

● Medium:

Blockchain-Based Real Estate Platforms: Alt.Estate vs. Competitors
2018-02-24 23:23:41

Blockchain-Based Real Estate Platforms: Alt.Estate vs. Competitors

Real estate market is worth $217 trillion. Blockchain technology has been developing quickly, and it was only a matter of time when it conquers this conservative industry. We’ve looked at six most notable projects driving the real estate market towards decentralization.

Blockchain Truly Disrupts Real Estate

Historically, real estate industry is welcomed by investors for its stability. However, there always has been a high entry ticket, which made the market closed for middle class. Third parties pay high commissions. Deals take long. Legal barriers are high. International purchases are a nightmare. All those problems might go away thanks to blockchain.

The real estate blockchain projects have raised $120+ million as of today:


LATOKEN is a platform for tokenization and assets global trading using cryptocurrencies.

Alt.Estate vs LATOKEN

Alt.Estate focuses exclusively on real estate market to provide the best quality solutions.

Alt.Estate Protocol is flexible & provides solutions for various real estate tokenization use cases.

Alt.Estate released a detailed financial model so anyone can see and test the assumptions.

Alt.Estate implements both B2C and B2B marketing strategies including using marketing budgets of property sellers (10X leverage).

Alt.Estate uses more conservative assumptions in forecasts.


Propy is the international real estate marketplace and distributed ledger for property rights registration.

Alt.Estate vs Propy

Alt.Estate allows fractional property ownership, ensures a low entry ticket and opens the real estate investments to middle class. Alt.Estate and Propy focus on different segments of real estate market, so the partnership is possible.

Alt.Estate business model is based on the current legislation.

Alt.Estate marketing strategy is based on acquisition of high-quality traffic. Alt.Estate values ALT tokens even higher than fiat money and will not spend them with low efficiency.

Alt.Estate released a detailed financial model so anyone can see and test the assumptions.


Primalbase — shared workspaces divided into rentable offices and non-rentable co-working spaces reserved only for token holders.

Alt.Estate vs Primalbase

Alt.Estate business model is limited only by the real estate investment market size, not one vertical.

Alt.Estate Protocol is flexible and will allow (among many other things) to crowdfund projects like Primalbase at much lower costs.


REAL is a real estate investment fund with elements of specific property investment.

Alt.Estate vs REAL

Alt.Estate invests token sale proceeds into growth of the Platform and the Protocol connecting investors and sellers of the properties.

Alt.Estate business model is limited only by the real estate investment market size (not the budget to buy the property).

Alt.Estate Protocol will allow building your own portfolio of property specific-tokens. As a result, investors will have a wider variety of properties and they are in control of the exposure to the price risk of ALT token.

Alt.Estate defines investment horizon for each investment opportunity so investor is protected from locking funds in illiquid asset forever.

Alt.Estate provides detailed financial model so anyone can see and test the assumptions.

Alt.Estate uses more conservative marketing assumptions.


ATLANT is a decentralized P2P online marketplace for people to lease or rent lodging, and a platform for real estate tokenization, and a decentralized exchange to trade these tokens.

Alt.Estate vs ATLANT

Alt.Estate focuses exclusively on real estate investment market to provide the best quality solutions.

Alt.Estate Protocol is much more flexible, the value of each tokenized property can be much lower than $20 mln, not limiting the market.

Alt.Estate starts with mostly centralized model and gradually adds decentralization allowed by legislation in corresponding jurisdictions and only when community is large enough to fulfill these functions.

Alt.Estate has a much larger marketing budget in addition to the marketing budgets of property sellers which will be used.

Alt.Estate provides detailed financial model so anyone can see and test the assumptions.


Rex is a global platform for real estate listings aimed to free real estate data, transactions and tokenization are planned to be added in 2 and 3 years.

Alt.Estate vs REX

Alt.Estate business model is based on the current legislation.

Alt.Estate plans to have substantial business operations by the time REX only plans to start tokenization phase.

Alt.Estate released a detailed financial model so anyone can see and test the assumptions.

Alt.Estate has a clear go-to-market strategy.

Rex token sale mistake and lost funds raise concerns about the company’s IT development capabilities.

Follow Alt.Estate on Telegram, Twitter and Facebook or visit the website to know more about the platform.

Alt.Estate Arrives To Address the Major Real Estate Investment Problems
2018-02-24 22:59:24

Alt.Estate Arrives To Address the Major Real Estate Investment Problems

The exciting moment to tell you more about Alt.Estate has come! We are glad to introduce our project and share our plans and goals. Subscribe to our blog, follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep updated!

Alt.Estate offers the protocol and the platform for investors

Let’s start from the basics. What is Alt.Estate? It is the first project with tokenized apartments in three largest real estate markets: the US, Japan and EU which offers the protocol and the platform as a new solution for real estate tokenization.

The protocol consists of smart contracts and legal structure for property ownership, provided in a widget. The platform becomes the marketplace for trading property tokens, where you can quickly buy or sell a mere 1 cm2 of property with as litle as 100 euro all over the world.

Blockchain to revolutionize real estate

Alt.Estate’s aim is to force significant changes into the real estate market by implementing the blockchain technology. Why do we believe in the blockchain? The real estate market is known to be rigid for changes. However, we believe that blockchain and cryptocurrencies integration will solve the problems of investments in the sector.

Here are the major ones:

Decentralization eliminates third parties and reduces implementation risks;

The latter ensures faster transactions and minimizes the paperwork. Standard registration of the title of deeds with notarized documents could take up to 60 days. Alt.Estate transaction can take less than 10 minutes;

That is why costs decrease up to 15 times, the buyers and sellers don’t have to pay intermediaries. A trading fee for Alt.Estate is 2%;

Liquidity is reached by providing access to fiat and cryptocurrency investors;

Tokenization and property division into fractions means a lower entry ticket and gives an opportunity for medium and small investors to enter the market and create a global portfolio;

Transparency increases because distributed web and hashes are recorded to the blockchain and is accessible to everyone on the network.

Tokenization: how it works

Listing, buying and selling properties via Alt.Estate become a simple and well structured procedure. To make the tokenization process clearer, we’ll explain it step-by-step:

Property owners list registers on their assets on the platform and/or their own websites for tokenized sale;

Property-specific tokens (SQM) are designed specifically for the appraisal. 1 SQM represents a fraction of the property. Of course, SQM has its own smart contract;

Then the tokens are sold to the buyers;

Property-specific tokens are traded in the secondary market in Alt.Estate platform or any other exchange;

Also within the platform circulate ALT tokens — the internal cryptocurrency, in which all the fees within the platform are paid.

What benefits does Alt.Estate bring to investors?

Alt.Estate is going to democratize the real estate market, to make it more accessible crypto traders, owners of cryptocurrency, middle class and crypto whales. It becomes possible to buy and sell tokenized real estate assets in a trusted, fast and smooth manner with instantaneous transactions and low transaction costs. Anyone can can list his property or a part of it on the platform and at the same time anyone can become a buyer. Alt.Estate eliminates the boundaries and open the market to a wider audience.

Any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us on Telegram, Facebook, Twitter or Medium.

Blockchain for Real Estate: Pumping Up the Security
2017-11-04 22:58:25

Blockchain for Real Estate: Pumping Up the Security

Hello everyone! We are proud to present you Alt.Estate — the blockchain project to tokenize real estate market. Subscribe to our blog to be the first to hear about our project and to learn the news about blockchain applications in real estate.

Blockchain is one the most significant technological developments of the past few years. It already affects a number of traditional industries and doesn’t intend to stop.

Only in the Q2 2017 blockchain companies and investors closed nearly 60 ICOs raising more than $750M. Blockchain renders intermediaries obsolete, so major players like as SAP and IBM have started to invest in it.

Real estate assets, at the same time, have always produced attractive returns. Despite of the political and economic uncertainty this market continues to attract capital and demonstrates its strength as an investment asset.

On the one hand, real estate is one of the most traditional markets and it has been quite slow to adopt new technologies. On the other, it seems highly relevant for blockchain technology and it already embraces it. The blockchain comes with an ambition and potential to change it by addressing the inefficiencies and inaccuracies. Let’s explore why real estate market needs blockchain.

One click real-time deals

Blockchain allows near real-time settlement of recorded transactions. It reduces risks and limits the ability to charge back or cancel a transaction. Real estate fiat or crypto purchases and disposal become easier, faster and frictionless.

Lower entry ticket

In tokenization a property is divided into fractions, so investors can purchase not a whole one, but a part. So it assures a lower entry barriers and allows small private investors to enter into the market and compete with large players. Wish to invest only $100? No problem, just buy a 1/1000 part of a property.

Liquidity and transparency

Peer-to-peer distributed network records a public history of transactions. The blockchain is distributed and highly available, it is also a secure source of proof that the transaction has occurred. So with an open blockchain ledgers both sellers and buyers have an access to all documents related to a transaction and can check its accuracy and authenticity. It increases a transparency of a deal. As well as it could make real estate a more liquid investment and assure a stronger capital inflow.


Because the blockchain remembers a record of all transactions made, which reduces a risk of fraud, abuse, manipulation of transactions and double spending.

So, as you see, the blockchain is able to improve real estate investments, making them more secure and accessible. We are already seeing the first bitcoin-only real estate transaction — for example, Dubai is putting togethr the major development project where you can purchase properties with bitcoins. And FundPlaces, the real estate startup based in Singapore, raised £200.000 for financing a development project in the UK.

Who knows what other developments the blockchain will bring in the near future, but we are sure that further improvements are yet to come.

Stay updated — follow the project’s social media channels on: Facebook, Twitter and Telegram.


We are proud to announce that the ALT token sale is over. Congratulations to all the backers, supporters, partners, advisors and ALT Team members! We’d like to make a few announcements and answer the most frequent questions from our community.

We are featured by @CGTNOfficial! “Companies like @Alt_Estate in Moscow help people to sell their houses in digital cash. They say that the entry of Russia’s biggest banks in the market is massive.”

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"One of the biggest opportunities in the property market is to use #blockchain to ‘tokenise’ real estate assets, meaning an investor can purchase parts of a property rather than the entire property." Do you agree?

How does a $1 billion view look like? Perhaps, it's the one from a Beverly Hills property, with 360-degree observation of Los Angeles’s major landmarks, from Century City to downtown, and even the Pacific Ocean. Nice #Saturdaythoughts.

Chinese #crypto millionaires are turning to foreign real estate markets to diversify their holdings. What are the top countries they are eyeing the properties in? Find out on @coindesk.

Got a question or want to chat with fellow ALT token holders? Join @Alt_Estate Telegram chat!

Ever wanted to live in castle? If you have $10M in #Bitcoin, your dream may come true. A castle in Texas is on the market for $9,975,000 – Bitcoin accepted. How cool would it be to secure at least a fraction with crypto!

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A chic penthouse, a beachfront villa or a charming historic mansion – which one you’d move in right now? #realestate

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel had to reduce the price of their NYC penthouse for the second time - and still can't find a buyer! Would you buy a share if it was tokenized? Nice #SaturdayThoughts.

20 homes have been sold worldwide using only #Bitcoin, and #cryptocurrency is expected to make up 25-30 percent of real estate sales in five years. How do you feel about the opportunity to record property titles through smart contracts on the #blockchain?

Prototype is live. Properties in USA, Japan and EU are already tokenized. Add them to your portfolio with @Alt_Estate!

Another win in Asia —we are among the first members of the Real Estate Blockchain Institute of Korea. It focuses on expanding the use of #blockchain in real estate from legal, technological and marketing perspectives. Learn more in our Medium post.

A significant benefit of #blockchain in real estate is an immediate reduction in service fees. How else can the technology transform the real estate industry?

ALT token sale continues! Two more weeks to join @Alt_Estate crowdsale with +15% bonus and get an additional volume bonus for purchases over 3 ETH:

Congratulations to France on winning the #WorldCupFinal! Did you know that Paris real estate property values are expected to break new records this year as a result of the strong demand from foreign investors?

A Beverly Hills estate once belonged to Elizabeth Taylor hit the market with a price tag worthy of the glamour-loving actress: $15.9 million. Imagine if you were able to buy a share of it with #crypto.... Nice #SaturdayThoughts.

Several bedrooms, a kitchen prepared for its new chef, wine cellar, swimming pool and even a theatre room – it’s all about a new house that was just sold for #Bitcoin in Delaware. Learn more on @bitcoinsguide.

Improved TPS, SDK and integration tools, 20 smart contracts in DApp kit, external audit and anchoring to Ethereum blockchain for additional safety - our Protocol is scaling! Read more about the progress of @Alt_Estate R&D Team in our Medium post

#Blockchain takes a prominent space among top 15 trends reshaping real estate industry, says @Forbes. "Welcome to an new world of unleashed liquidity, transparency and disintermediation." We at @Alt_Estate are totally onboard!

During a meetup in Hong Kong, the head of Circle Korea — a Goldman Sachs-backed crypto company -  stated that @Alt_Estate can play the role of USDT for Real Estate. What a valuable proof of concept! Learn more in our Medium post.

ALT token sale continues! Join @Alt_Estate crowdsale with +15% bonus for another 3 weeks and get an additional volume bonus for purchases over 3 ETH:

We at @Alt_Estate look forward to a future where all real estate registries are based on blockchain and can be combined into a transparent and secure worldwide distributed ledger. Know more about our project on the website.

Our recent Asian roadshow was a blast! @Alt_Estate team visited Hong-Kong, Shenzhen, Seoul, and Singapore. Over 100 participants joined our meetups, presentations and Q&A sessions in each location. Learn more in our Medium post.

Over 100 Zillow listings in the U.S. mention “bitcoin”, but does buying a house with crypto actually make sense? Read yet another point of view on @Crypto_Disrupt.

What a busy time we had at @Alt_Estate recently! Thanks to the efforts of our team, we achieved a number of important milestones - here are the top 10 updates on our platform development, partnerships, token sale and future plans.

Saving enough money for the first-time house buying is a pain. A recent survey shows that 1 out of 10 millennials sold #cryptocurrency to afford a down payment. If only they knew about tokenized property! How does buying your first home with crypto sound?

ALT token sale continues! Join @Alt_Estate crowdsale with +15% bonus and additional volume bonus for purchases over 3 ETH:

Millionaire investor and Shark Tank star @BarbaraCorcoran thinks that buying a home with #bitcoin is the future. “I’m being very optimistic because, as a long-term play, it’s perfectly suited for real estate transactions,” she says. Do you agree?

"#Blockchain can make MLS property data more centralized and accessible, title records easier to track and transfer, and it can make transactions more efficient and secure." Do you agree with @MJMReport from Renren? Learn more on @Forbes.

The house you are dreaming of is still out of your reach? Consider investing in tokenized #realestate, it allows to purchase fractions of different properties without spending a fortune. Nice #Saturdaythoughts.

What is @Alt_Estate's goal? To become "ERC-20" for the #realestate. Know more about our project on the website.

The first-ever real estate transaction in Israel was made in #bitcoin! 15% of the $19.3 million price was paid in crypto for over one acre in the Tel Aviv suburb.

If you ever purchased a home, you know how much time and effort it requires. #Blockchain simplifies the process and allow to purchase #realestate online, with much lower transactional costs and securely.

South Korean adopts #blockchain! The government will invest $9m to support the technology development. It will focus on livestock supply chain management, customs clearance, online voting, #realestate, cross-border e-document distribution and logistics.

We are featured on @Findico_io! Find out all the info about @Alt_Estate and our token sale.

Curious to find out some of the most common celebrity #realestate requests? Read them on @MailOnline. Thanks to the #blockchain, now it is possible to tokenize properties, so anyone could own a fraction of even celebrity's one.

Live like Shakira for $11.6M. The famous singer is selling her Miami house. Take a look inside on @ArchDigest. Nice #Saturdaythoughts

Vacation season is about to start, and the perfect destination is Agnes Water-1770, a town in central Queensland, “Australia’s first digital currency-friendly” tourist town. Bitcoins are accepted in the local businesses (#realestate included). @btc_manager

Have a question about @Alt_Estate? You are just a message away from our team. Write us on Telegram.

According to the recent survey, most investors in Saudi Arabia are committed to #realestate as a main investment vehicle. 5% declared they have already spent over $500k in digital currency. Maybe its time to invest in tokenized properties?

Blockchain enters into the #realestate market, and there are a few projects taking advantage of it. How is @Alt_Estate different? It has a prototype, great team and advisors, and its business plan doesn't rely on legislation changes. More details here.

Netherlands are considering #blockchain for #realestate. Country’s Land Registry is expected to test the technology for national real estate data, and the solution will be integrated into its system within one to three years. via @Cointelegraph.

Paying for #realestate with bitcoins spread fast and recently reached Montenegro. Three apartments near the coastal area on the Adriatic Seawere sold for 420 BTC. New owners are going to have great holiday there! Know the details on @BTCTN

A Beverly Hills compound once owned by actors @DannyDeVito and Rhea Perlman is coming on the market for $85m. Take a look it it on @WSJ. Nice #Saturdaythoughts.

NYC Real Estate Queen and "Shark" investor on ABC's Shark Tank @BarbaraCorcoran believes #bitcoin is “perfectly suited for real estate transactions.“ Read more on @btc_manager.

"@Alt_Estate looks like the next big thing," says our advisor Brian Meegan, Managing Member at Evergent Law LLC. To get to know us better, check our website.

Great news arrived from Connecticut! Crypto is getting accepted wider: now you can buy #realestate not only for bitcoins but for #Ethereum as well! Check the details of this 5-bedroom house.

Real estate companies see the benefits of selling properties to wealthy #crypto investors, so they take #bitcoin for payment. Now it is accepted also in San Diego. Read the full article on @coinspeaker.

Partner at Knight Frank and our advisor Stas Tikhonov believes @Alt_Estate can provide additional liquidity to developers. Hear out his opinion why our project will grow.

Sunday is a perfect day to stay still... and learn more about @Alt_Estate! Find all the information about the project, our goals and vision on the official website.

A dream house is on sale: @kirstendunst is selling her loft in SoHo. It seems perfect, right? Unfortunately, not many people can afford it, but if it was tokenized, it would make this property more accessible. Nice #Saturdaythoughts.

According to @Entrepreneur, #realestate is one of the great industries for blockchain advancement and forward-thinking entrepreneurs. "Real estate transactions could rely on the security of blockchain ledger to work outside of powerful groups," they say.

Investing in #realestate is easier then you can even imagine. @Alt_Estate has already tokenized properties in USA, Japan and EU. You can already purchase fractions on our website and create your global investment portfolio

Who is interested in the purchase of tokenized #realestate and why? Sayan Tsyrenov, director at PWC and @Alt_Estate advisor explains in this video.

Gallup research shows that Americans choose #realestate as best investment for fifth straight year. @Alt_Estate integrates the #blockchain technology and is ready to revolutionize and improve it now.

Real estate news from celebrities! @giseleofficial and Tom Brady re-list their high-floor NYC aerie at lower price. Maybe the next step is tokenization? Would you buy a fraction of it?

Let's dive into our dreams: fractions of what properties and where would you add to your investment portfolio? Nice #Saturdaythoughts.

How #blockchain can be integrated into the conservative #realestate market? It increases transparency, decreases costs and transaction time, and pushes the market towards the decentralization. Find out all the benefits on @Alt_Estate website.

We are on @newsbtc! We confirm that @Alt_Estate is "ready to revolutionize from Day 1."

???? Soft cap of $1M reached on the presale and the public sale is now LIVE! ???? ???? ALT token sale starts with a +20% bonus plus +5% bonus for purchases over 3 ETH and +10% for purchases over 10 ETH. ???? Get tokens with up to +30% bonus!

The advantage of @Alt_Estate is the highly professional team. They have $400 mln worth of closed #realestate deals and can answer all you questions about the project. Join our Telegram chat.

We provide a turnkey solution for various audiences. Like Ripple, we focus on large B2B players, private equity funds and family offices with multimillion property deals. Know more about @Alt_Estate platform and protocol on the website.

Amazing #realestate news: @LeoDiCaprio bought Moby's Los Angeles mansion for $4.9M. Take a look at this celebrity #property on @elledecor.

Today @OfficialSting gives us nice #Saturdaythoughts: he sold a duplex penthouse overlooking Central Park in NYC to Hong Kong beverage heiress, Karen Lo for $50M. Read all the details on @DailyMail.

Our CEO Vladimir Shmidt just came back from Crypto VIP Asia Tour in Hong Kong. He met with the industry guru @liujackc, Managing Director of @circlepay, who called @Alt_Estate "@Tether_to for #realestate". We are glad to share our vision with the best professionals.

NYC announced the launch of its #Blockchain Resource Center. The city is a global leader in many industries, including #realestate, which see incredible innovation from the new technology. Know the details on @cointelegraph.

Glad to share with you token sale details: 60% will be available to public. Know more about token allocation and the use of proceeds on our website.

If you've just joined us and are curious to know more about @Alt_Estate, watch this short video by our CEO Vladimir Shmidt and CFO Alexander Popov.

How does #crypto investing compare to other #investments? If you are curious to explore the details, pros and cons, read the guide on @Nasdaq.

Brian Grazer's oceanfront villa in Malibu Colony was sold for $25.4M. Look at it, the #property is a piece of paradise. Would you like to own a part of it?

What can you buy with #bitcoin? #Realestate in Dubai, a diamond ring, a round-the-world cruise – check the full list of the coolest things on @realcoincentral. Nice #Saturdaythoughts!

Prince Alois, the Crown Prince of Liechtenstein, admitted that he believes in the #blockchain to enhance country’s own administrative capacity and transform various other sectors too. #Realestate included!

Our team has already created more than 20 smart contracts and dApps builder. Need an intro to smart contract and how they differ from traditional ones? Check on @btc_manager.

A step forward for the #blockchain in Kenya! The government plans to legitimize land ownership with it. Read the details on @newsbtc.

Blockchain has an enormous opportunity to standardize and secure #realestate data. Land records, property listings, leases, mortgages, and government property tax offices could all benefit from a #blockchain revolution. Via @realcoincentral.

Great news from Australia: a property in Brisbane will be sold in auction, cryptocurrency offers are also considered. And not only in #bitcoin, but in one of the top 20 cryptocurrencies. Read more on @MailOnline.

Serial tech entrepreneur Alan Exeir sells his $8 million home for #Bitcoin. "Eventually, many products and services will have the option to be purchased with cryptocurrency," he said. Read the full interview on @forbes.

The future of #realestate is in cryptocurrency, believes San Diego-based @CanterCompanies. @Alt_Estate think so, too. Nice #Saturdaythoughts.

We are bringing #blockchain advantages to #realestate with the help of our advisor @DSecRU with @_p4lex, Head of blockchain digital security practices at @DSecRU. @DSecRU was an auditor of such blockchain projects as @daocasino, @poanetwork, and @Crowd_indicator. brings #blockchain advantages to #realestate with the help of our advisor @_p4lex, Head of blockchain digital security practices at @DSecRU. Alexey led the security audit of such blockchain projects as @daocasino, @poanetwork, and @Crowd_indicator.

Canada believes that the #blockchain technology has a potential to transform how governments deliver digital services, including #real estate.

Building your global investment is easier than you think. Three beautiful apartments were #tokenized and you can purchase fractions on @Alt_Estate’s website. Invest in #realestate in USA, Japan or EU.

If you are curios to know why the demand for ALT token is expected to exceed initial supply 10X in the first 3 years, watch our YouTube video. Our CEO Vladimir Shmidt shares the details.

Every week we tell you a lot about us and our @Alt_Estate project. Even if you have missed something, we make sure that you find everything on our website.

Time for nice #Saturdaythoughts: @Alt_Estate protocol aims to become "ERC-20” for #realestate. We have big plans how to reach it!

What does #blockchain mean for #realestate? Leading luxury brokerage firm from Miami explains it on @forbes.

Welcome our advisor Alexander Shatalov, CEO and Partner at @Savills Russia with 20+ years in #realestate. Alexander works with high-profile clients, picking real estate deals all over the world. He leads a team of some of the most experienced professionals in the industry.

We at @Alt_Estate plan to offer #realestate developers a built-in ready-to-use widget to boosts B2C sales. Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

Check out our YouTube video, @Alt_Estate CEO Vladimir Shmidt explains why the platform has a strong potential to grow.

The #blockchain throws the doors wide open with possibilities in #realestate from real-time ledgers to full-on shared databases and processes. Find experts' opinion what to keep in mind on @forbes.

Join our Telegram chat to keep updated, learn more about @Alt_Estate and catch up with our team

Nice #Saturdaythoughts: real estate investments ensure stable returns. American rapper Jay Z is into it too! He has made millions not only on record labels, concert sales, music streaming and album sales, but also on #realestate, clothing and merchandise.

To learn more about @Alt_Estate platform structure and ALT token circulation, check the detailed scheme on our official website.

We are proud to introduce you @Alt_Estate advisor Stas Tikhonov, a partner at @knightfrank and a venture capital investor. With 20+ years of experience in #realestate, Stas brings deep knowledge and expertise to We are very excited to have him onboard!

Trading #realestate fractions 101. Our CEO Vladimir Shmidt explains how to do it on the @Alt_Estate platform in this Youtube video.

New article about @Alt_Estate, we are featured by @newsbtc! Read their overview of our project. Thank you for supporting us. #realestate #blockchain

Bitcoin is emerging as a promising method to pay for high-end #realestate, writes @RobbReport. Explore their vision of #cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

Our solution targets broad audience with different problems: #crypto investors and whales, middle class, traders. Find out how all of them can benefit in our White Paper

Time for nice #Saturdaythoughts. If the islands were also #tokenized, a fraction of which would you like to buy? Hawaii, Fiji or Caribbean?

New announcement from NYC. A townhouse on Upper East Side is listed for sale for either almost $30M in fiat or $45M in crypto. BTC, ETH and XRP accepted. The price difference the seller explains with crypto market’s volatility. Read more on @cointelegraph

Proud to introduce you our advisor – Denis Sokolov, Partner at @cushwake, Head of CEE Research, he brings a deep expertise in #realestate to @Alt_Estate. Before he has advised @goldmansachs, @deutschebank, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and the government of Moscow.

Demand for ALT token is expected to exceed initial token supply 10X in the first 3 years. Find more about @Alt_Estate on our website.

❗️ Great news from our team - @Alt_Estate’s MVP and limited presale (1,000,000 USD) for early adopters are live. Try our platform and contribute through your personal account with up to 35% bonus until April 30th:❗️

If you are still not into the #blockchain technology, it's time to explore it deeper and see all benefits it brings to different industries. Check the article on @cnbc or experience it yourself with #tokenized #realestate by @Alt_Estate.

What benefits trading tokenized #realestate brings? Learn them with @Alt_Estate CFO Alexander Popov in our YouTube video.

Real estate industry needs the #blockchain, says @entrepreneur. It can reduce risks and increase trust (and not only). Seems a good reason for nice #Saturdaythoughts!

We are featured by @bitcoinist. Learn more about @Alt_Estate win-win approach to open up the #realestate investments to wide audience and push the market towards decentralization.

Welcome our advisor Sayan Tsyrenov, Director at @PwC, Real Estate Mergers & Acquisition Advisory. He worked for 12+ years at @colliers and @cushwake, and closed transactions worth $3bn. His profond expertise is one of the keys to @Alt_Estate success!

Blockchain-based projects push the #realestate market towards decentralization. We have looked at the major ones and compared them to @Alt_Estate’s offering. Learn the differences, strengths and weaknesses of each in our #Medium post

According to @worldbank, satellite imagery and #blockchain have unleashed new opportunities to secure formal land rights for hundreds of millions of people. Especially it is relevant for developing countries. Know more on @BusinessTimes .

Interesting case of selling a property for #bitcoins in Canada. Know more about the challenges and benefits on @financialpost.

We at @Alt_Estate are working on our #blockchain protocol and we assume it'll be released in Q2 2019. For more details, find the roadmap on our website.

The great city has made its first step towards crypto #realestate deals! Two apartments in Upper East Side in New York were sold for 102 and 172 bitcoins accordingly. What a reason for nice #Saturdaythoughts!

If you want to see a complete overview about @Alt_Estate, check our White Paper. Know our goals, vision, objectives, team and advisors. #realestate #blockchain

Introducing our advisor @Bizcounsel! He is a managing member at Evergent Law LLC, an entrepreneur and corporate transactional attorney with 20+ years of experience in U.S.-based and international mergers & acquisitions, #realestate transactions, leasing and debt/equity issuances.

All the key facts about @Alt_Estate, in one place. If there are any questions left, you can always ask us in Telegram chat

The strong advantage of @Alt_Estate is the working prototype, we have already tokenized apartments in three major #realestate markets: USA, Japan and EU. Everyone can invest right now, for more information check our website.

We are on @themerklenews! Know more about @Alt_Estate's technology stack, a go-to-market strategy with 10X leverage, a working prototype and many other aspects.

Sharing great #realestate news this Sunday. The villa in Lombardy from the Oscar-winning @CMBYNFilm is on sale. We believe in the future such amazing properties will be #tokenized, so each of us could own a fraction.

Real estate has historically produced attractive returns relative to many other assets. @Alt_Estate makes #realestate more accessible to middle class, it ensures the lower entry ticket. Good idea for nice #Saturdaythoughts!

We are on @Invest_it_in! @Alt_Estate CEO Vladimir Shmidt shares the details about the project and plans. Get to know us better! #realestate #blockchain #ico

We are very proud of our advisory board! Please welcome early Ether investor and sales professional @EvanHuddleson. He worked for @PeriscopeData, a unified data platform which customers are @adobe, @crunchbase, and @eynews. Great to have Evan in @Alt_Estate!

ALT token is a pure utility token, the fuel of the Protocol and the Platform. Holders can earn extra income for work done within their roles, and it gives voting rights on decisions through a special decentralizing mechanism. Know more in our White Paper:

Another @Alt_Estate 's advantage: the team has already developed 20+ smart contracts for ALT and property-specific tokens. You can find Dapps customization kit on @github.

If every Monday you want to start a new life, today @Alt_Estate gives you a chance. Three beautiful apartments in USA, Japan and EU are being #tokenized on our website. You can turn your life around by becoming a #realestate investor.

Let's enjoy a peaceful moment this Sunday and see the amazing celebrities' #realestate listed for sale in 2018.

Summer is still not around the corner, but it's already time to plan your vacations. Don't forget that a beautiful apartment on the seaside is being tokenized by @Alt_Estate. #Saturdaythoughts

One of our platform's strengths is the team and advisory board with more than $4bn worth of transaction experience in #realestate. Their diverse background and expertise inspire breakthrough innovation.

As a part of a Road show, @Alt_Estate participated in @token2049, the largest digital asset event in Asia. Great to catch up with @koeppelmann, @gnosisPM CEO and co-founder, and @cburniske, partner at @placeholdervc. #token2049 #blockchain #crypto

Today @Alt_Estate started the #bounty campaign to spread the word about our goals, values and progress, and we received such a great feedback from the participants. Thank you so much for your active support!

We are different from other projects because @Alt_Estate is not just a dream or an idea. You can already add the property to your portfolio using our prototype with 3 tokenized locations in USA, Japan, and EU.

Sweden is a European pioneer in #realestate #blockchain. It is expected to conduct their first blockchain technology property transaction. Currently it is shortlisting volunteers to participate in buying and selling property. Read more on. @wsj.

Our @Alt_Estate team is always here for a chat. Ask our CEO Vladimir Shmidt any questions on Telegram.

Hamptons is one of the elite summer destinations in USA. Houses there are beautiful but extremely expensive (see the @BINordic guide). Thanks to #tokenization, these properties will become more affordable in the near future. #Saturdaythoughts

How buying a home in 2018 is different from 15-20 years ago? Find the answer on @forbes.

Impressed by @lindseyvonn's performance at the Olympics? After coming back from Pyeongchang she sells her Beverly Grove home

If you are thinking about investing in #tokenized #realestate, check the @forbes guide.

"Cryptocurrency payments appear to be finding a niche within the #realestate industry," says @newsbtc. Get to know the trends and expert opinions.

RT @Coinhills: TRADE TOKENIZED REAL ESTATE - ICO - Coinhills via @Coinhills @alt_estate

Northern Ireland responds to the market. @HaganHomes accepts #bitcoin as a payment option. Know the details on @cointelegraph

What a nice Sunday today! We have big plans for the upcoming spring, check our roadmap and keep following us to keep updated

Looking for some nice #Saturdaythoughts? You can start building your international investment portfolio right now, check the apartments in USA, Japan and EU #tokenized by @Alt_Estate