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Exchange – Any Asset Anywhere Anytime!


Finished: 7 months 2 weeks ago

Start Date

1st of May 2018

End Date

31st of May 2018

Country: US

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Korea
  • Singapore
  • China
Ticker/Symbol ABCS
TokenType ERC20
Platform Ethereum
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There is a continuum of new block chain service providers being announced and funded through the formation of new crypto-currencies as a method of payment for the services and infrastructure provided. The creation of the ERC20 & Mosaic Token Standards provides a means for any asset owner to register and tokenize their assets, and record the balance and transfer of any portion of that asset through a distributed public ledger on the blockchain. Highly liquid digital currencies including BTC and ETH are gaining acceptance as a method of payment in lieu of fiat currencies.
These three events create a need and opportunity for a new kind of digital asset exchange, the AbacasX - change.
The AbacasXchange is a new system for the registry and peer-to-peer exchange of tokens, mosaics and less liquid cryptocurrencies through highly liquid cryptocurrencies and asset tokens known as Gateway Assets (BTC, ETH, XEM, etc.)
Using Gateway Assets, the AbacasXchange forms liquidity chains between three or more assets to con- nect and form a price between two assets that may not exist otherwise.
The Liquidity Chains that are formed provide greater opportunities for buyers and sellers to connect on disparate assets, but this can only exist on an exchange that insures the integrity of the process and assets of the exchange.
The AbacasXchange enforces the integrity of assets traded through a set of rules and procedures known as the Abacas Protocol. The Abacas Protocol provides for user identity; asset proof of existence, proof of provenance and proof of authenticity; custody and trust of the underlying asset of a digital token; low latency price discovery; low friction order entry; smart order linkage for cross-asset liquidity; integrated block chain services for open and distributed workflow processing and value transfer over multiple distributed ledgers.


Vince Small

Founder, Principal and Head of Technology

Mark Vanroon

Founder, Principal and Head of Product Develo

Stoyan Vlahovski

Community Manager

Mohan Gandhi Ponnaganti

CEO, Entersoft Security

Dylan Attwell-Duval

Number theorist, PhD in Mathematics

Jean-Baptiste Cebe

CTO of Seekers Capital Group

Raghunathan Muralidharan

CFO of Tristar Group

David Wong

Chairman & CEO, Director


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Our fourth bi-weekly @AbacasXchange newsletter is out:

Token distribution started a day early since all tests came in positively! (So yesterday!) First tokens have been received all ready, but dont worry if you havent received yours just yet! We will be transfering this entire weekend, will let you know when its all done :)! -Wouter

Dear Abacats, as promised we will keep you up to date regarding the token distribution! Date currently scheduled is 31-Aug-2018, if all goes well with the continued tests on the private network you should see tokens in your wallets by Friday! -Wouter

Smart contract launch! More info here:

Good morning @AbacasXchange community. The first part of our Abacas founders interview series is published. We hope you enjoy it.

We are among the Top 10 European blockchain startups on @StartupTV_io. Thank you!

Featured in @StartupTV_io , great work by our Brand Ambassador Stoyan earning Abacas a placement in the top 4 startups!

The challenge of security responsibility in our blockchain world.

Pleased to announce that Abacas, creators of the AbacasXchange, have been selected as one of the four top startups of 2018 by StartupTV Congrats Abacas team

AbacasXchange bi-weekly update. Enjoy!

If you have participated in our Telegram Daily Quiz and won, be sure to check out the telegram now to find out how to collect your tokens! #AbacasXchange

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Today the ICO would have ended! However, we extended it since big investors have requested more time! Tokens will still be distributed as promised (!) when you: - have bought ABCS tokens. - participated in a bounty. - participated in the Airdrop. - you won tokens.

What distinguishes the successful ICO projects from the failures? The product. Many ICO projects make big promises and some don't deliver. As always Abacas tries to be different. Here you can see a screenshot of the first universal asset exchange. Exciting times are ahead!

I just published a new story on Medium introducing myself as new Community Manager, be sure to check it out!

"I am pleased to announce that Stoyan has agreed to be the Brand Ambassador for Abacas. As our community manager, Stoyan's contributions were seen and felt daily. That said, we are excited to introduce you Wouter Bijl as our new Community Manager. Stay tuned for more." - Mark

Everyone who buys ABCS in the next 24 hours and shares it in a social media post will get 15 tokens for FREE. Necessary steps to win the FREE tokens: 1. Buy ABCS Tokens by going to 2. Share 3. Send the link to the post to

"The blockchain is the financial challenge of our time. It is going to change the way that our financial world operates." - Blythe Masters #blockchain #crypto Abacas will be a part of that change and you are the one who can make that happen.

One of the biggest Korean news websites has published about Abacas. If you happen to be Korean or at least understand it a little bit, this article is for you.

The Alpha version of the exchange is almost ready. Here you can see a screenshot of how it would roughly feel like. As time goes the design and functions of the exchange will be further improved. Let us know what you think in the comments below ⬇️ #blockchain #mvp #exchange

Yes, trillions not billions. "the winning blockchain here might be worth a trillion, or a couple of trillion dollars. It’s not at all crazy to think that." #blockchain #crypto

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Will there be mass adoption soon? And what is stopping it now? #blockchain #crypto

We are extending the ICO! Big investors need to make their due diligence and if time is what they need, it is only logical to give it to them. The ICO won't end on July 15 but there is no reason to worry. The tokens will be distributed as promised. #ico #blockchain #crypto

We just sent one of our most important newsletters! 5 important updates that won't be shared on social media for now Tomorrow you will learn about one of them. If you don't want to miss the big news, get started here:

Necessary steps to win the FREE tokens: 1. Go to and buy ABCS tokens. 2. Send us an email to with a subject "ABCS15" 3. Get your tokens This offer is valid only today.

"Half of the Bitcoin price rise in December 2017, when the cryptocurrency reached all-time highs around $20,000, was explicitly due to Tether and issuer Bitfinex, the researchers claim."

Can Blockchain save you? Read this article to find out ❗

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We stand for fair and transparent financial markets. Each and every investor deserves to get the best possible service. #fintech #blockchain

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The AbacasXchange ICO is live! #ico #blockchain Buy ABCS tokens at: Abacas allows to trade any asset anywhere anytime. It also lowers your trading costs by 50% or more.

Mark VanRoon was interviewed by @bounty0x This podcast gives you a convenient way to learn even more about Abacas from the CEO himself Link to podcast: #bounty #ico #token #blockchain

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What a wonderful article about Abacas in German! The Blockchain Community in Germany is booming, especially in Berlin. This article is a great starting point for all of our German fans.

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We are pleased to announce that we have published three trading masks (Quick Trade, Standard, Advanced) to GitHub. It is exciting to see many months of work and planning now coming together as we progress to our first Alpha release. Abacas Github:

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RT @wiser_ICO: New ICO on WiserICO: Abacas 15.06.2018 — 15.07.2018 Abacas is a universal exchange that allows yo…

GDPR - one of the hottest topics these days. What should Blockchain companies do? #Blockchain #GDPR

Thank you! Thank you for supporting Abacas and for believing in the future of fair financial markets. Receiving positive comments like these makes the whole journey worth it. #blockchain #abacas

Good news! The Smart Contract for the AbacasXchange token sale is ready and in testing. Progressing every day. #abacas

Have you ever wondered what differentiates Abacas from its competitors? This video will answer your question :) #blockchain #ico

The prices will get higher for the ICO. Don't miss out:

Everybody is talking how there should be more women in crypto. It seems that with every day that passes, more women get involved. For example, one already made a video review about Abacas. Enjoy:

Have you ever said to yourself "Well, this company doesn't need its own token" You most probably have. However, one cannot say this about AbacasXchange. Find out why in this article:

Abacas stands for transparency. The transactions will be posted on a public ledger so that everybody can inspect them. The trust of the investor is a priority. #blockchain #blockshow

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How does Abacas perform based on these 4 criteria? 1. ✅ 2. ✅ 3. ✅ 4. ✅ Thank you @akayyash for the insightful article.

Blockchain is a lot more than just the next buzzword. Here you can find an outstanding list of 187 things Blockchain will fix ???? #blockchain #crypto

Have you wanted to see one of the Founders talking about AbacasXchange? Abacas is going to be at MoneyConf in Dublin 11-13 June. This is the pitch video that we applied with. You can clearly see how passionate Mark is about the project. Enjoy:

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We are so proud to have such a strong support from Russian speaking people and not only. The amount of videos that are being published is overwhelming and that only motivates us. #blockchain #crypto

RT @slaviksliva: The rating of this project @AbacasXchange will grow and will be at a good level, this @AbacasXchange project includes a nu…

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Have you checked the article about us in Spanish? People are speaking about Abacas in all languages.

Very professional video by "ICO Review". It has a nice intro and background music as well. Strongly recommended to all Russian speakers.

Have you ever wanted to get rewarded for your Knowledge? We decided to organize daily quizzes in which we give you a chance to win tokens. Every day there will be a question in Telegram about Abacas. The first 3 people who answer it correctly, get 1 token. #knowledge #token

We have reached 10,000 followers on Twitter! Thank you so much for the support. We wouldn't be here without it. #twitter #followers

Have you ever wanted to get rewarded for your Knowledge? We decided to organize daily quizzes in which we give you a chance to win tokens. Every day there will be a question in Telegram about Abacas. The first 3 people who answer it correctly, get 1 token. #knowledge #token

Abacas wants to make sure that you and your funds are safe. This is why losing your Private Keys is no longer a problem. The "safety deposit box" takes care of them. #ethical #fintech

Surprise Surprise! Abacas is covered in Vietnamese. Check out the video and share what you think. If you don't understand, there are videos in many other languages as well.

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RT @RagMurali: @AbacasXchange is building the infrastructure to enable the trading of security tokens. Abacas allows you to exchange any a…

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Russians are definitely one of the most active Abacas fans. If you still haven't had the chance, now you check out a review about AbacasXchange in Russian. #cryptocurrency #ico #криптовалюта Наслаждаться:

This is what Abacas is trying to change. We hear too often about scams and we want to change that. #ico #exchange If you want to contribute to a bright financial future, full of transparency, register here:

We stand for fair financial markets, we believe that before anything else we should ethical towards each other. "Gaming" the client should remain in the past. Support Abacas and help build let's build the Ethical Financial Future together. ???? Register:

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We at Abacas stand for fair and transparent financial markets. In general, Blockchain technology is all about fair distribution. If we fast forward 5-10 years, you might also get a part of the revenue of big companies. #blockchain #cryptocurrency #ico

Must Read!

You will have many options for buying and selling. This will make you happy and will allow you to get what you want. ???? #blockchain #crypto #ico Check out the newest video: (or the previous 2 as well)

Great News! ???? AbacasXchange has been selected to be one of the few Startups at MoneyConf in Dublin. Are you going to be at the event? #money #blockchain #fintech Here is a link to it:

RT @Airdropalertcom: ABACASXCHANGE AIRDROP ????- ⭐⭐⭐⭐▪4/5 stars????~$5 ????#AbacasXchange (ABCS) Hybrid decentralized exchange ????Get 4 ABCS for join…

RT @victorrdnea: Finally, a trustworthy ICO!

Who doesn't want to get FREE money? Abacas rewards its most loyal fans. This is why we are giving 10 free tokens to the first 100 people who purchase ABCS tokens. In order to get your rewards, send an email to with subject "First 100". #ico #token

The AbacasXchange

The long-awaited moment is here! The AbacasXchange Pre-Sale and Private Sale are LIVE! You can invest now by registering at or just send an email to with ABCS NOW as a subject. #ico #sale #crypto

"The current state of the Blockchain Era is comparable to June 1997 during the Dot Com Era". This is what the historical similarities show. What's your opinion? #blockchain #future #cryptocurrency

Fortunately, Abacas has taken safety measures against such attacks. The investments will be spread across hundreds of wallets so even if one is hacked, all other will remain untouched. Security first, then everything else. #cryptocurrency #hack

We at AbacasXchange care about your protection and security. The founders' lot will be on a 90-day vesting period. #blockchain #cryptocurrency Is there anything else you would like to know about Abacas?

Good news! You will now have the opportunity to buy ABCS tokens with Bitcoin. Learn more about the token sale -> #bitcoin #cryptocurrency

More and more people are starting to make videos about Abacas ???? There is one in Spanish now as well. Check it out! #criptomoneda #blockchain #ico

I just published “Abacas — Our Story”

David is currently CEO and Chairman at Midpoint, a cross border payments and fintech company listed on the TSX.V. He is also Managing Director at Expadis Capital focused on catalyst driven principal and co-investments. #blockchain #cryptocurrency

Have wanted to see a review about Abacas in Russian? Today is your lucky day. Here's a video review in Russian: Enjoy

Wells Fargo was fined $1 billion for selling over 500,000 clients auto insurance they didn’t need (which in some cases caused the owners to default on their car loans and get their cars repossessed).

So many exchanges exist but there is only 1 universal ... AbacasXchange 1️⃣ #exchange #blockchain #ico

The Abacas team has been interviewed by @crypto_unveil ???? Essential questions about AbacasXchange and its future were asked. Find out what we said! #blockchain #cryptocurrency

Video #2 Have you heard about exchanges "gaming" their clients? ????‍♂️ Most probably yes. ???? Fortunately, there is no such risk with AbacasXchange. All transactions are posted on a public ledger and can be seen by anyone. #blockchain #cryptocurrency #ico

RT @freecryptokens: Ready for more options? Check out the @AbacasXchange and see how this team is going to change the landscape of the exch…

Have you wanted to see real Blockchain applications? It is already changing the world, one step at a time. This video is pure class. #blockchain #cryptocurrency

Have you ever wanted to have an unlimited number of options? ???? Then AbacasXchange is for you. Any Asset Anytime Anywhere, all on one platform. #blockchain #cryptocurrency

"Abacas is undoubtedly a brilliant idea. Tokenising assets and making them tradable through AbacasXchange is a step forward for the financial industry. What I loved about Abacas is their seriousness about Cybersecurity" - Mohan #team #advisor #ico

What do you think about the Rise of #Blockchain and #Dapps ? ⏫ #cryptocurrency

Abacas has been added to the @CheddurApp to help everyone learn about it in a quick easy way. Leave a review to spread out the word. #blockchain #crypto

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Are you excited by the fact that big investors are getting into #Blockchain? First, it was Soros, then the Rockefellers. #cryptocurrency

Privacy has been a hot topic lately. ???? It all started with the Edward Snowden leak, then it was the #Facebook scandal. What is the #privacy situation for #crypto users?

Hey, good news! ???? Our website has been completely redesigned. Check it out and share if you like it. ????

Hey, everyone! ???? Abacas has been active on GitHub as well. Check it out. There is more to come soon. #github #blockchain cryptocurrency Link to GitHub:

Have you heard about an exchange being hacked? ???? Most probably yes. Once so often another exchange is hacked. How does AbacasXchange solve this problem? We distribute the data so there is no single point of failure. #blockchain #cryptocurrency #ico

A lot of work has been done on AbacasXchange. The founders have invested 3+ years of labour and an additional 300,000 USD in hard costs to get us where we are today. This shows that Abacas is not another random ICO created just to catch the trend. #blockchain #cryptocurrency #ico

Is it the right time to invest in the technology of the future? #Blockchain is here to stay and now prices are low. ???? #cryptocurrency #ico #abacas

Learn what makes AbacasXchange better. We would love to get your feedback. What do you think about the video and the company? ????#blockchain #cryptocurrency #abacas

RT @RagMurali: ICO: Asset-Based Coins Will Eventually Replace Small Cap Stocks, Says Kevin O'Leary | CNBC @AbacasX…

"Having spent many years studying the trading nuances and psychology of trading via the blockchain - the result of which was FundFantasy - I am very excited about joining the Abacas team." - Tal, CEO @fund_fantasy #blockchain #cryptocurrency

Hmm "do you own it simply because it is on the #Blockchain ?" #exchange #cryptocurrency

Happy Easter from AbacasXchange! #easter #egg

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AbacasXchange team has more than 100 years of collective experience in Financial Markets. Could you even want a better team? ???? #cryptocurrency #blockchain #team

Abacas has been complimented multiple times on having an extremely well-written Whitepaper. Reading it is the best way to familiarize yourself with the project.

Great News! AbacasXchange has been selected to be one of the ICOs at the World Satoshi Summit. #summit #blockchain #India #cryptocurrency

The Abacas Community has already 1042 followers. Thank you all for the support!

"I love the idea of making the markets more accessible to everyone; to improve both security and transparency; to lower the cost, and to level the playing field. This is the Vision of Abacas and the AbacasXchange!" - Mark #blockchain #founder

"For these reasons and others, it is both practical and logical to issue the ABCS token to provide the inter-convertibility necessary amongst the AbacasXchange partner chains"

"Every security, every asset will be represented in a crypto format in not too distant future. Abacas is building the marketplace to facilitate this transition." - Dan Raykhman

Get rewarded by joining our Bounty Campaign. ????

Abacas is represented on Crypto Currency World Expo as well. Reach by responding this tweet. ????

As we have said, most Cryptocurrency exchanges have serious problems. Fortunately, AbacasXchange will not have a problem with liquidity. Check our blog to find out what makes AbacasXchange different. #cryptocurrencyexchange #exchange

"The AbacasXchange ecosystem is bringing the traditional financial services to blockchain-based services while tackling blockchain-specific issues such as asset digitization (aka proof-of-asset). " - Jean-Baptiste #blockchain #finance

Hey, guys! Stoyan Vlahovski, our Community manager, is at the #Blockshow MeetUp in Berlin. Feel free to reach out.

RT @Coinhills: The Abacas™ Exchange – Any Asset Anywhere Anytime! AbacasXchange - ICO - Coinhills via @Coinhills @…

Have you wondered what can be learned from going to a Crypto Conference? One of our founders, Mark, went to Crypto Investor Show in London. Here is what he learned from it. ????‍???? #crypto #conference

"As I scan the cryptosphere, I notice there is a major lacking of financial knowledge among the masses." #blockchain #finance

Become a member of the community ???? Join us on Telegram at #blockchain #telegram

#blockchain #investor The potential within

Ever wondered how Abacas will work?

Billionaires are jumping on the bandwagon #blockchain #billionaire

Blockchain can be a lot more than that. Don't you think so? #blockchain #revolution @ccn

If Crypto Exchanges and ICO Teams Only Had a Brain... Isn't this what we have been saying all along? @abacasXchange

Banks, especially JP Morgan, were initially against Blockchain. Now they are creating their own ones. What does this show you? Thanks to @DariusMcQ for the article #blockchain #finance

What about you? ???? #blockchain #finance

"As an academic advisor to Abacas, I am excited to apply my mathematical expertise towards the critical issues involved with transporting data and value along an immutable blockchain." - Dylan #blockchain #team ????‍????

Well, it seems Google will ban Crypto Ads as well. Thanks for the update @jillianiles @CNBC #cryptocurrency #google

How far has #Blockchain come in Finance? Thank you @michaeldowling for the overview @IBMBlockchain #finance

What makes crypto exchanges so profitable? It is sometimes difficult to determine due to lack of transparency. #blockchain #exchange See what @CaptainAltcoin has to say

Learn how Abacas will help you get better prices and exactly what you want ???? #blockchain #cryptocurrency

Mark VanRoon from AbacasXchange. This is the first universal exchange. It is way more different than all other existing exchanges. ???? Website: Whitepaper: @icoalert

An expert take from @iamjosephyoung that explains things in a simple way @CoinTelegraph #blockchain #cryptocurrency

Hmmm can all exchanges be "Hack Resistant"? @CoinTelegraph #blockchain #buterin

We at Abacas envision a world of fair and transparent Financial Markets. Exchanges should be built for the investor and satisfy his needs. ???? If you want to contribute to this vision, join our Telegram chat and become a part of the community. #telegram

Are you at Crypto Investor Show London? Today Mark, our founder, is at Crypto Investor Show and is going to present Abacas to interesting people and spread awareness about the project. If you happen to be there, feel free to reach out. @show_crypto #blockchain #cryprocurrency

Abacas is a Universal exchange. You can trade anything for anything. Even Gold for Stocks. ???? #blockchain #stocks

"There are millions of businesses worldwide. Making profits is a good goal. However, changing the world and making an impact should be the ultimate goal. This is well-known by all the people connected with Abacas" ???? #vision #blockchain

Is there a future for the financial industry without Blockchain technology? #blockchain #banking Solid article in @asiasentinel

Giants are getting into Blockchain ???? #blockchain #crypto @generalelectric

Is Russia really going to use Blockchain during elections? @CoinTelegraph @WilliamSuberg #blockchain #Russia

"Building the community for the next evolutionary step in finance is a challenge and a worthwhile goal. AbacasXchange will solve many of the problems that exchanges have and will contribute to a better tomorrow." - Stoyan #blockchain #team

How are we different from all other exchanges? ???? And why Abacas is the right solution? Enjoy reading our first article. ???? #blockchain #exchange

Do you need more proof that blockchain is being adopted? @Walmart to implement #blockchain #smart @Cointelegraph

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