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The Voice Of The New Economy


Finished: 9 months 1 day ago

Start Date

14th of March 2018

End Date

17th of April 2018

Country: Slovenia

  • USA
  • Canada
  • South Korea
  • Singapore
  • China
Ticker/Symbol NWS
Price 1 NWS = 0.1 USD
TokenType ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Hardcap   0,00
Softcap   0,00
Raised 0,00
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We are the first news platform of the decentralized economy: delivering business and market news, data and analysis to the world (crypto, blockchain, IoT, ICOs, new financial markets and decentralized economy in general). We serve as a depository for disclosure of authorized price sensitive information regarding token issuing companies. Our services run on mobiles, tablets and computers via online TV, radio, squawk box, newsletters and podcasts.
We are raising funds to produce 2nd iteration of our news platform using blockchain technology. 2100NEWS is the leading crypto and token market news hub, offering real-time data and price sensitive information regarding token issuers, news on all crypto market issues and analyst coverage. As a bottom-up system, we enable news to be sourced and verified from the crowd, granting publication and rewarding up/down voting (curation) of published content. We are already in the top third of ICO listing websites and expect to reach 40 million monthly page views and 500,000 community members by the end of 2018.


Grega Apat

CEO, Co-founder

Matic Mlakar

Chief of Sales, Co-founder

Urban Štamcar

COO, Co-founder

Aleksandar Ivić

Executive Producer

Boštjan Eržen

Radio Producer

Tomaž Pirc

Chief Technical Officer

Mojca Zajc

Marketing Advisor

Indira Škoro

Chief of CEDGAR content

Kim Grošelj

Content Director

Žiga Štiftar


Luka Glogoški

Chief Editor

Gabrijel Šerjak

Marketing Manager

Milica Krković

Senior Data Analyst at Deloitte

Nejc Pantić

Marketing Manager

Anej Koršič

Marketing Manager


Franci Zavrl

Media Advisor

Dejan Verčič

Media Advisor

Peter Merc

Legal Advisor

Nina Kranjec

Legal Advisor


Q3/Q4-2016 Crypto market analysis. Professional investment analysis.
Q1-2017 Crypto investor consulting.
Q2-2017 Collecting data for professional investors.
Q3-2017 IRIS and CEDGAR idea development.
Q4-2017 platform is up and running. 2100NEWS core team recruitment. 1st phase of financing through private investors. 2100NEWS team covers its 1st CRYPTO event at Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre. 2100NEWS becomes infrastructural - the platform enables a steady income for the company.
Q1-2018 Whitepaper finalized. PRE-SALE and ICO crowdsale starts. Steady income from selling 2100NEWS services. First CEDGAR reports are available. The beginning of IRIS adoption. Strategic partnerships. ICO listings.
Q2-2018 Partnerships with exchanges. Breaking news and squawk box integration.
Q3-2018 2100NEWS MEDIA HUB (beta version). NEWS platform. PRO mobile app.
Q4-2018 Wider CEDGAR adoption. IRIS protocol (beta version).
Q1-2019 2100NEWS media HUB launch.
Q2-2019 IRIS protocol finalized.
Q3-2019 Live TV launch.

Medium News

Bonus for investing in partner ICO
2018-05-11 10:37:11

Bonus for investing in partner ICO

2100news is unlocking a new feature on our MVP website.This is our way of giving the community a chance to benefit from the partnerships we have struck with other ICO projects.

We first tested this feature in January with InsurePal which turned out to be a great success. After focusing on other segments of our project for a while,we are now happy to announce that:

from now on, you can participate in our partner ICO’s crowdsale through 2100news’ page.

How do you benefit from that?

Well, by doing so, your contribution to the project is exactly the same as it would be should you contribute directly to the project. But here, we are giving you 5% commission to your contribution in our very own NWS tokens.

Here’s how you do it:

By clicking “Get ICO crowdsale BONUS tokens” or “EARN NWS TOKENS” on our homepage, you’ll be directedto the list of partnering ICOs.

2. There you can find the project you want to contribute to and click “PARTICIPATE NOW”

3. Fill in the online form and you will receive an email with a link to KYC(if you haven’t yet passed the verification on our site). Once the KYC process is successfully completed you’ll receive an affiliate link to participate in the chosen project.

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2100News crowdsale extended
2018-04-17 13:18:21

2100News crowdsale extended

As the market was in a bearish trend during our entire crowdsale period, we have made a difficult but necessary decision to extend our ICO. We are happy to announce that despite the poor market conditions, we still nearly reached our softcap. This gives us a lot of confidence that the extension will allow us to successfully complete our ICO and give us the funds required to deliver a quality product for our backers.

We have already completed a lot of the development work and are really excited that the extended ICO period will allow us to share these results with our potential backers before the contribution window is closed. As the market conditions hopefully improve over the next number of weeks, we expect to easily surpass our softcap, which will help our project grow faster and bigger than would otherwise be possible. This will result in better service and an improved product for our costumers.

We are very close to releasing a beta version of our CEDGAR platform for publishing price sensitive information of ICOs and STOs and plan to have our front-end product fully developed before our crowdsale ends.

We are also constantly updating the beta version of our website. We invite you to view some of the many interviews we published recently with successful influencers, CEOs and other important stakeholders in the crypto ecosystem.

We see CEDGAR as the key product that will advance the crypto economy towards self-regulation, while at the same time increasing trading volume for exchanges by at least 10%. Those two factors have enabled us to forge symbiotic partnerships with many exchanges, who we hope will soon demand the use of CEDGAR for all listed projects. This will introduce a lot more structure and fairness to the reporting of price sensitive information of token issuers (ICOs and STOs).

On the media side of our business, we have also just signed a major new partnership with Blockchain Summit events in Europe. In addition to becoming their media partner, we will also be promoting our project at their events all across Europe.

We believe that our project has huge potential, which is also reflected in excellent scores for our ICO: — ICO bench : 4.4 / 5.0 — Foundico : 9.6 / 10.0 — Track ICO : 5.0 / 5.0

With the market now stabilizing, we have extended our 2100NEWS crowdsale until 23th May 2018.

As a reward for continued support of our project, we are offering our contributors an additional 10% bonus to help offset some of the currently unfavorable market conditions.

Why should ICOs join CEDGAR
2018-03-22 13:26:08

Why should ICOs join CEDGAR

It’s probably fair to say that 2018 hasn’t been too kind to crypto assets thus far. With bad news followed by more bad news since early January 2018, it exposed the market volatility in the worst possible way following the massive bull run in November and December of 2017.

The problem with such massive swings and an unstable market is that a lot of people ended up losing a lot of money, which has resulted in a very negative public image for crypto. First Facebook and now Google have reacted to this by banning crypto related ads on their advertising platforms, which depressed the markets even further.

It’s become clear that the crypto market is currently more influenced by Tweets, forum posts and news articles than anything fundamental and our plan here at 2100NEWS is to change that by introducing self-regulation in the form of CEDGAR.

So how will CEDGAR change the current unstable nature of the crypto markets?

By releasing price sensitive information through an officially sanctioned channel such as a blockchain verified CEDGAR account, all market participants will receive the same information at the same time. These intervals will be announced in advance, so that it will be fair for all traders and at the same time devalue any unofficial sources of potentially misleading information.

The problem with the current crypto media landscape

There are currently too many sources of crypto related price sensitive information and no one has the ability to monitor all of them all the time. This creates confusing and chaotic market conditions, where fake news can do incredible damage.

Many unofficial crypto news outlets on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have massive followings, which gives them the ability to manipulate the markets either intentionally or unintentionally. They can drown out the voice of even the major token issuing companies, who can’t match them by audience size.

We have seen this before in other areas, where fake/incorrect/inaccurate news, once widely disseminated, can persist over the truth for a very long time, sometimes in perpetuity.

This is where CEDGAR will provide a unique advantage to token issuers by enabling them to publish their official information in a blockchain verifiable format, against which all other information will be judged by.

CEDGAR is not PR

It’s important to note that CEDGAR will not be an extension of company’s PR department. The information published on CEDGAR will be entered via a structured form, which will allow only certain type of information to be included. The form will enable for publishing of raw financial and price sensitive information without the spin, hype or hyperbole that is typical of PR departments.

By joining CEDGAR token issuers will have the ability to reach an audience many times bigger than any other influencer and therefore ensure the official truth will always stay on top of unofficial and unreliable news sources.

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2100News FAQ
2018-03-12 10:02:32

2100News FAQ

What is 2100NEWS media hub?

We are the first news platform of the decentralized economy: delivering business and market news, data and analysis to the world (crypto, blockchain, IoT, ICOs, new financial markets and decentralized economy in general). We serve as a depository for disclosure of authorized price sensitive information regarding token issuing companies. Our services run on mobiles, tablets, and computers via online TV, radio, squawk box, newsletters and podcasts.

When does our ICO (crowdsale) start?

Our crowdsale starts on 14th of March and is open until 17th of April or until we reach the hardcap.

Do I have to be KYC verified?

Yes, in order to participate in the crowdsale you need to be KYC verified. You can do this here:

How can I participate in 2100NEWS crowdsale?

Upon successful KYC verification, you will receive an email with your UNIQUE CONTRIBUTION ADDRESS.

Please send your contribution from a secure wallet. Don’t send directly from exchanges.

Please refer to the following document for further info on how to contribute:

Who CAN NOT participate in the crowdsale?

Citizens or individuals with lawful permanent residence or domicile in the USA, Canada, South Korea, Singapore, China are not allowed to contribute in the 2100NEWS crowdsale.

What is the softcap/hardcap?

Softcap of 2100NEWS crowdsale is set at $600.000 (6.000.000 NWS tokens)

Hardcap is set at $12.500.000 (125.000.000 NWS tokens).

Will the remaining tokens be burned?

Remaining tokens will be used for the expansion of NWS economy as well as further developments in relation to IRIS protocol.

Is there a minimum or maximum contribution?

There’s neither minimum nor maximum contribution limit.

Is there a crowdsale bonus?

Yes, there’s 5% bonus on the first day of the crowdsale that decreases every day until 17th of April (0% bonus). If the hardcap is reached sooner, the bonus is calculated based on the actual course at that moment.

When do I receive NWS tokens?

Your contribution in ETH will be automatically converted to NWS tokens based on which option you choose/chose during the KYC process:

“Get NWS tokens immediately” option — the amount of NWS tokens is calculated based on the Ethereum price at the hour of a successful transaction.

“Get NWS tokens at the end of crowdsale” option — the amount of NWS tokens is calculated based on the Ethereum price at the end of the crowdsale — when we reach the Hard cap or on 17th of April at 16.00 CET, whichever comes first.

What happens to my bonus if I decide to “Get NWS tokens at the end of crowdsale”?

The hight of your bonus depends on the time of the successful transaction — 5% on the first day and 0% on the last day of crowdsale. If you decide to receive your tokens at the end of the crowdsale, the bonus stays the same — depending on the time of the successful transaction.

What is the purpose of NWS token?

2100NEWS token (NWS) is a utility token and will serve as the fuel of 2100NEWS news and media hub used by clients and businesses. It is used to reward users for being active and to pay for services within the 2100NEWS platform. All related fees will be paid with NWS tokens as well.

What is CEDGAR?

CEDGAR (crypto-EDGAR — Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval) is a real-time data of token issuers and depository of authorized financial and price sensitive information.

Through CEDGAR, contributors can now track the project’s progress at regular predefined time intervals and compare actual (quarterly, half-yearly, annually) business results to targets set in the Whitepaper. This gives them a much better insight into company’s progress and performance.

How CEDGAR benefits crypto ecosystem as a whole? Read here:

What is IRIS protocol?

2100NEWS is the first crypto news and financial information based platform, which will deliver blockchain related business and market news in a variety of different formats including online TV and radio channels. At its core, IRIS protocol is a decentralized community of content providers and validators.

How can I participate in IRIS protocol?

You can participate in IRIS protocol through our platform:

Is there an affiliate referral program?

Yes, approved group leaders will be able to participate as affiliates. Reward program starts at $30,000 where you get 1.50% bonus and it increases proportionally to a maximum of 5% referral bonus paid in NWS tokens.

Minimum total referral contribution to receive Affiliate Bonus is $30,000.00 where you get 1.50% Bonus NWS Tokens.

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2100NEWS Update Explained
2018-03-01 09:45:57

2100NEWS Update Explained

2100NEWS.COM website recently received a number of important updates as well as an improved content interface.

Our four core products have received a much more deserving place in the centre of our home page, just under the TV and latest news sections. The four new buttons are linking to conceptual demos of CEDGAR, IRIS, ICO discount codes and ICO listings.

It’s important to note that these are just early concept demos of what we plan to develop after the crowdfunding is complete. They are there to help our contributors better understand our ideas and are not the end products that we propose to develop with the ICO funds.

Because our road-map is multilayered, it may have caused some of confusion within our community and we hope that the new website design will better reflect our vision for future of 2100NEWS.

To quickly summarize, 2100NEWS will act as a news and information hub for the crypto community and a depository for official financial information from the token issuers (i.e. crypto/blockchain companies).

The idea is that instead of visiting multiple websites and manually analyzing the information, you will be able to find all relevant information within our platform.

The key difference from other websites is that in addition to our own video, audio and written content, our platform will host blockchain-verified official financial information directly from the token issuers and user generated, crowd-sourced and crowd-verified content.

Not only will you be able to comment, but also rate the news, which will bring quality content forward and suppress fake news and FUD.

Unlike most ICOs, we wanted to step into the crowdfunding phase with an already functional product that represents a solid basis for future growth. Services like CEDGAR and advertising are already generating revenue for the company, while the IRIS protocol is providing content from the community. We have also collaborated (InsurePal, CargoX) and formed partnerships with (DEEX exchange) other successful ICOs.

With a negative stance towards the crypto economy from many mainstream media outlets including Facebook, a lot of token issuers are struggling to reach their target audience. 2100NEWS media and information hub will provide the best access to a highly targeted crypto audience. As owners of our NWS tokens you will be ideally placed to benefit from this since our token will be the currency used within our platform.

There are currently 20 million people who are actively involved in and contributing to the crypto economy. We have positioned 2100NEWS to become an infrastructural part of this economy in the same way as the exchanges and the token companies currently are. With a unique mix of official, user generated and own content, we will bring transparency, credibility and fairness into the crypto market.

Our goal is to establish ourselves as one of the pillars of the crypto economy alongside exchanges, token companies, miners and contributors. By contributing during our ICO you will secure yourself a head start on our platform and support a safer and fairer future for the crypto economy.

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IRIS concept trial is now live
2018-02-19 12:50:46

IRIS concept trial is now live

We are currently testing the IRIS protocol concept on our website. At this stage we perform the content validation, verification and reward allocation manually, however in the future this will all be done via a blockchain smart contract. The development of the blockchain platform will start after the ICO.

2100NEWS is the first news and financial information platform for the distributed ledger economy. We are developing a crypto based platform, which will deliver blockchain related business and market news in a variety of different formats including online TV and radio channels. Our content will include market analysis, news, squawk box, newsletters, podcasts and video.

Our services will be available 24/7 on all devices including mobiles, tablets and desktops. As a bottom-up system, we will source most of our content from the crowd, who will also be incentivised to rate the content through token rewards. Content creators will also receive our NWS tokens, which will be distributed to the best and most trustworthy sources as voted by our users.

Iris protocol is one of our two core products. It rewards contributors for participating on our platform with NWS tokens. We have 4 different IRIS protocols:

· News IRIS

· Video IRIS

· Audio IRIS

· Bug IRIS

Bug IRIS has been in operation for a few weeks now, and we have already rewarded a number of contributors who submitted bugs they found on our system. News IRIS is meant for everyone who would like to publish news articles about the crypto economy on our website. If your article gets approved by our editors, you will be rewarded in our NWS tokens. Currently we have the following requirements:

· You must be 18 years old or older to participate

· Post must be at least 500 words

· For a post to be counted, it needs to be tagged with relevant categories such as Blockchain, Ethereum, Technology, etc.

Reward is from 50 to 100 NWS tokens, it depends on length of article and the quality of it.

For more information, please visit :

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Why is CEDGAR a WINNING recipe for the crypto ecosystem as a whole?
2018-02-14 10:53:51

Why is CEDGAR a WINNING recipe for the crypto ecosystem as a whole?

It is in everyone’s interest that crypto markets adapt transparency and self-regulation practices that are currently missing. CEDGAR, therefore, provides a winning solution for everyone: token issuing companies, contributors, influencers, exchanges, and countries. Here’s how:

1. A win for token issuing companies!

By providing their financial reports to CEDGAR, token issuing companies will reach a broader community within the crypto world.

Company’s involvement in CEDGAR also shows its willingness to self-regulate and be transparent. Authorized publication of financial data will also reduce the risk of insider trading as well as give companies a higher chance of being listed on major exchanges.

Participating companies will receive a certificate to display to their crypto community, who will recognise reporting through CEDGAR as good business practice.

2. A win for contributors/traders!

With CEDGAR, contributors are getting a new information source, as opposed to relying just on companies’ PR departments and influencers. Now, through CEDGAR, 2100NEWS provides an unbiased infrastructure for self-regulation that results in higher quality financial analysis.

Contributors can now track the project’s progress at regular predefined time intervals and compare actual (quarterly, half-yearly, annually) business results to targets set in the Whitepaper. This gives them a much better insight into company’s progress and performance.

3. A win for influencers!

Until now, influencers communicated their opinions on certain ICO/token issuing company based on the Whitepaper, PR statements and rumors. CEDGAR enables influencers to have a reliable and unbiased third party information at their disposal. Consequently, they now have a more objective information source to base their assessments on, which means their followers will get a more balanced picture.

4. A win for Exchanges!

Exchanges will use CEDGAR as a standard of transparency for the token issuing companies. It will enable faster and easier due diligence check-up of crypto-companies before listing them on their exchanges and ensure higher trading volumes.

It is not in the interest of exchanges, for the market prices to be manipulated by third parties. CEDGAR will offer a stable and reliable way of communicating financially sensitive information between all stakeholders.

5. A win for Countries!

At the moment the whole crypto ecosystem is more or less unregulated. For most countries this represents an unacceptable situation. Self-regulation through CEDGAR will present a more palatable alternative to either no regulation or establishing full blown national regulation.

CEDGAR as a standard of transparency

As shown above, the whole crypto ecosystem will benefit from CEDGAR. Regulations are inevitably coming our way and it is in crypto’s best interest to start to self-regulate instead of being regulated by other parties. This is why we strongly believe CEDGAR is the logical next step in the evolution of the crypto economy.

For more details please read our article : CEDGAR.

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2018-02-13 15:09:47


CEDGAR solves the biggest problem with ICOs and the token economy

ICOs are not IPOs

Unlike IPOs, ICOs bestow no reporting obligations on the token issuing companies. After crypto companies raise capital via ICOs, you as the purchaser of their token or currency have no say and little to no visibility into what happens to it.

ICO investors are not Venture Capitalists

When VCs invest into start-up companies they negotiate preferential terms with both downside and upside protection and appoint board members, monitors, consultants etc. When token purchasers participate in an ICO, all they receive in return are company tokens. If the ICO company gets into trouble or is subject to FUD, their tokens will plummet in value and token holders will have little chance of recovering their investments.

Why Self-regulation?

Because ICOs give token issuers the ability to raise high risk early stage capital without the obligations that VCs would normally bestow on them.

ICOs are full of promises, but generally have little to offer beyond their white paper. This means that investing in ICOs is a high risk VC type investment disguised as an IPO, without the obligations of either. ICOs are highly biased towards the token issuers but offer no protection to token purchasers.

In traditional markets, regulation provides protection for investors, by requiring companies to comply with stringent regulations before allowing them to list publicly. In the US the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has established a reporting database for publicly listed companies called EDGAR (Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system). All publicly listed companies are required to report their financial information into EDGAR at regular intervals. This way small investors, who unlike VCs, don’t have members on the company’s board to look after their interests, have clear visibility into company activities.

This has been the inspiration behind CEDGAR, or Cryptocurrencies Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system. The function of CEDGAR will be the same as EDGAR in that they will both perform automated collection, validation, indexing, acceptance, and forwarding of company submissions. The difference is that the latter one is mandatory for all publicly listed companies in the US, while the former one will be a voluntary option for cryptocurrency companies who have tokens on sale to the public either via ICOs or virtual currency exchange listings.

By reporting their financial and other price sensitive information on CEDGAR, the token issuing companies will show their commitment to honesty and transparency. With an official channel for price sensitive information, companies and investors will be protected from FOMO and FUD, which are currently both major market drivers.

Why would crypto-companies want to utilise CEDGAR?

Since CEDGAR will be completely voluntary, the incentive to use it will have to come from within the crypto-companies themselves. They will either want to use it to show their commitment to honesty and transparency towards their token owners or the token owners will apply pressure on the company if they feel their funds are not being spent responsibly or the company might be manipulating information that is in the public domain.

Either way CEDGAR will serve as a counter weight to the promises in the white paper and provide much needed stability to the crypto markets. In the long therm all stakeholders will benefit from the use of CEDGAR.

Over time, CEDGAR listed crypto-companies will enjoy preferential treatment from business partners (such as exchanges) and investors. This will further drive the adoption of CEDGAR until it becomes the industry standard.

Perhaps most importantly, if the industry manages to establish effective self-regulation, it is also far more likely that governments will stay away with their own undoubtedly far more draconian versions of the same. For more details please read our article Why is CEDGAR a WINNING recipe for the crypto ecosystem as a whole?.

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Affiliate referral program
2018-02-01 10:06:41

Affiliate referral program

Affiliate program

Approved group leaders will be able to participate as affiliates. Reward program starts at $30,000 where you get 1.50% bonus and it increases proportionally to a maximum of 5% referral bonus paid in NWS tokens.

Minimum total referral contribution to receive Affiliate Bonus is $30,000.00 where you get 1.50% Bonus NWS Tokens.

Early bird bonus


ETH/USD hourly rate (When you choose to receive NWS tokens immediately — 15%)EXAMPLE: Contribution 1.00 ETH=970USD ↦ 9,700 NWS + Bonus 1,455 NWS = 11,155 NWS


ETH/USD end of presale rate (When you choose to receive NWS tokens at the end of presale — 10%)EXAMPLE: Contribution 1.00 ETH=1000USD ↦ 10,000 NWS + Bonus 1,000 NWS = 11,000 NWS


ETH/USD hourly rate (When you choose to receive NWS tokens immediately — 5%)EXAMPLE: Contribution 1.00 ETH=1,020USD ↦ 10,200 NWS + Bonus 510 NWS = 10,710 NWS


ETH/USD end of crowdsale rate (When you choose to receive NWS tokens at the end of crowdsale — 0%)EXAMPLE: Contribution 1.00 ETH=1,050USD ↦ 10,500 NWS

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Step-by-step guide for contributing in 2100NEWS crowdsale
2018-01-31 13:08:53

Step-by-step guide for contributing in 2100NEWS crowdsale

We prepared a detailed guide with pictures, that will help you to execute your contribution in 2100NEWS crowdsale.

WARNING: PLEASE FOLLOW THE STEPS AND INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY IN ORDER THAT YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SAFELY PARTICIPATE IN THE NWS TOKEN CROWDSALE. Missing a simple step might result in you not being able to participate or in the worst-case scenario even in you losing your contribution.

Major steps for your safe contribution:

1. Open a private Ethereum Wallet 2. Acquire Ethereum 3. Transact Ethereum to your private Ethereum Wallet 4. Register and pass the KYC process 5. Contribute

If you already have fulfilled any of these steps (when contributing in cryptocurrencies before), you of course just do remaining steps to closeup the contribution.

Disclaimer: All instructions and steps are based on best practices on security and ease of use. There are several other approaches and solutions, that are not appropriate for users without advanced knowledge on the blockchain technology and software.

2100NEWS crowdsale features and warnings

ONLY Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency will be accepted in contributions.

In order to acquire NWS Tokens in 2100NEWS Crowdsale, you will be able to contribute Ethereum Cryptocurrency only. Sending other cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin — BTC, Litecoin — LTC etc.) at the process of contributing will result in a permanent loss due to technical limitations of the process.

WARNING: Use PRIVATE Ethereum wallets for contributing, NOT Online Exchange accounts.

Please do NOT send Ethereum from Online Exchanges (Bitstamp, Kraken, Bittrex, Livecoin, Bitfinex etc.). Each of Ethereum addresses at Online exchanges are specially dedicated for only one cryptocurrency (e.g. Ethereum) and are unable to handle issued NWS Tokens. Sending Ethereum directly from Online Exchange account will most probably result in a permanent loss of your NWS Tokens or at least months of negotiating with Online Exchange’s Support.

Create and contribute from your own, private, ERC-20 compatible, Ethereum wallet. There are several ways to create your own wallet, we will describe some in later steps.

Phases are time limited

Contributions in Ethereum will only be accepted in certain time frames, that will be publicly announced on our webpage and social media. Please be sure not to miss your opportunity to contribute due to preparation process. Be aware that some steps can be time consuming, for example:

· verification (if needed) on the Online Exchange (up to 2 weeks), · bank transfers (2–5 working days), · confirmation of your KYC personal data (depends on the amount of applications).

STEP 1: Open a private Ethereum wallet

There are several ways to open your private Ethereum wallet. What does it mean that it is “private”? It means, that you have the access to your private key, a string of numbers and letters, that must always stay secured — never share it with anyone. For security reasons, these private keys are often additionally encrypted with your own password.

General (most common) Ethereum wallet use-cases:

1. keystore file (UTC/JSON) + password, generated on web page and saved on several secured locations (recommended option), 2. full node, desktop software solutions — Mist, Parity. Wallet synchronization can take up to several days. (good choice for advanced users), 3. hardware wallets, such as Trezor and Ledger, that will keep your private keys secured (advanced use-case, recommended for increased security) and 4. metamask for usage in browsers (for advanced users only).

Creating private Ethereum wallet with

We will describe the most common use case: Opening a private Ethereum wallet with If you already have an ERC-20 compatible wallet, please go directly to Step №2 below. If you do not have it yet, please read the instructions below in every detail.

WARNING: When using in your browser, always check, if you are on a legit website. Never click on links on other webpages or in mails, that can lead you to malicious phishing websites, that are perfect copies of original site. Using these malicious sites you will reveal your wallet (keystore & password) to hackers, that will irreversibly take all your funds from your wallet! You must see a proper address and certificate:

IMPORTANT: site operates offline and will only propagate signed transactions to Ethereum blockchain. Be sure that a computer which you use to open this website through a browser, is properly secured with a firewall and an antivirus software.

To open/generate a wallet on MyEtherWallet, please visit and choose a strong password (e.g. not less than 15 characters long, consisted at least from one lowercase, one uppercase, one numeric sign). Choose the “Create New Wallet” button to confirm.

Thereafter, you will be requested to download your wallet keystore file. Save the file on a secure location and also make an additional copy (USB or similar). Thereafter, choose “I understand. Continue.” to proceed.

RECOMMENDATION: Always keep your keystore file on at least two secured storages/locations, accessible only to you. Write down your password and place it somewhere safe (not on the same spot or storage as keystore file), in case you forget it.

The next step is crucial. The page will reveal you your Private Key. In case you will forget your password, you will be able to access your wallet only with this Private Key. Save it on a secure location and again make a backup copy or two. Make sure that if you will store your Private Key in a digital form, only you have access to it. Also make a paper form backup of your Private Key and store it safely. In order to proceed, choose “Save Your Address” button.

WARNING: Never share your wallet keystore file & password or private key with other people.

Accessing your private Ethereum wallet with

You will be able to check your wallet balances by choosing “View Wallet Info” tab. In addition you will also be able to see your public account Address, on which you are able to receive (deposit) ETH as well as NWS (and other Tokens).

You can now access your wallet by unlocking it with your keystore file and by entering password. Choose “Keystore File (UTC / JSON),” and select your wallet file as well as enter your wallet password. After selecting your wallet file and entering a corresponding password, click “Unlock” button to gain the access to your wallet. We do NOT recommend using your Private Key to access your wallet due to security reasons.

In general, it is safe to share your public Address with other people to receive ETH and/or tokens, but still be cautious.

INFO: For each transaction from your wallet, either for sending ETH or other Tokens, you will need some “gas”, it is fuel for the Ethereum network, that validates and confirms your transaction. Gas is paid in Ethereum (ETH). In practice, you will need an additional small amount of ETH to send ETH or other Tokens from your wallet to some other public address. In time of network congestions, you should modify Gas price to provide enough fuel for your transaction. Check for the current status of Ethereum network and sufficient Gas price.

INFO: You don’t need to access your wallet just to check your wallet balances. Use webpage and insert your public (not private!!) address to see your past transactions and current balances.

STEP 2: Acquire Ethereum (ETH)

In order to participate in the NWS Token Crowdsale, you will need Ethereum (ETH). Although there exist several ways, most common and practical way is to buy ETH on Online Exchange. We strongly recommend using services of a proper online exchange, such as Kraken, Bitstamp, Bittrex. We will describe registration and verification process on Kraken online exchange, similar procedures apply for other online exchanges.

Please note that cryptocurrency is in a rather high demand at the moment. It may take quite some time to open your exchange account and complete the verification process (up to 14 days). We thus suggest to start the account opening and verification procedure soon enough, so that you will be ready for Crowdsale start.

If you already have an ERC-20 compatible wallet and sufficient amount of ETH on it, please proceed directly to Step №3. If you do not have it yet, please read the instructions below in every detail.

After the purchase, you will need to send ETH to the ERC-20 compatible wallet (from Step 1 above).

IMPORTANT: Once you will buy ETH on a below exchange or on any other exchange, NEVER send such ETH to Crowd-funding Address. In first step, transfer it to your personal Wallet and send ETH to 2100NEWS Crowd-funding Address from a private wallet ONLY in second step.

Opening an account on Kraken online exchange

Go to and enter the required data (email, username and password). Tick the square that you agree with their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (naturally, only if you agree). Then choose the “SIGN UP” button. You will get a verification email which you will have to confirm. The activation link from the email will bring you back to the main page, where you will have to enter the password (make sure you thick the “I am not a robot” square) and thereafter choose the “ACTIVATE ACCOUNT” button.

Verify your identity on Kraken

Before you will be able to buy ETH, you will first need to get verified. Choose the “GET VERIFIED” bar and scroll down the page where you will have to enter your data and provide additional information and documents.

At the moment of the opening of the account you will automatically be assigned “Tier 0” status. Additional options available are “Tier 1”, “Tier 2” and “Tier 3” (while for Tier 4 — corporate account, you would need to contact the support per e-mail). Enter the data requested, depending on which Tier you would like to achieve. The system will guide you through the process. After you fill the data Required for Tier 1, choose the “GET VERIFIED” button.

Once you will reach the required Tier you will have to wait for some time to get verified (it may take up to several hours or even days, depending on the Tier level you are getting verified).

In order to be able to make deposits in USD ($) or in EUR (€) you will have to reach Tier 2 (EUR or USD deposits of up to USD 2,000 (daily limit) and USD 10,000 (monthly limit)) or Tier 3 (EUR or USD deposits of up to USD 25,000 (daily limit) and USD 200,000 (monthly limit)).

Transfer money to your Kraken account

Once your account got verified (either as Tier 2 or as Tier 3) you can deposit USD ($) or EUR (€) or other fiat currencies to your Kraken account.

Choose the “Funding” tab and then “Deposit” tab. Now select “Euro (EUR)” (or other currency) in the left column. If depositing from a SEPA area you then choose the “Fidor Bank AG SEPA” method for a SEPA transfer. Transfer at least 50 EUR. Include your reference number so that the transfer will be assigned to your Kraken account. Within a few days the money should be on your Kraken account.

Exchange your deposited funds for Ethereum on Kraken

Once the money will be credited towards your Kraken account you will be able to buy Ethereum (ETH).

In order to buy ETH, choose the “TRADE” tab and then “NEW ORDER”. Choose the ETH/EUR (or other in case you are buying with other currency) currency pair to buy ETH with EUR and choose “BUY” tab. Enter the number of ETH you want to buy in the “AMOUNT” field. Choose either “MARKET” to buy ETH at the current market price or choose “Limit” and enter the fixed price at which you would like to buy ETH. Choose “Buy ETH with EUR” and check your details again. By choosing “SUBMIT ORDER” you confirm the purchase of the Ether. Your EUR should be changed to ETH immediately in case you have chosen the “MARKET” tab. In case you have selected the “LIMIT” tab you will have to wait that your offer will match offers of ETH seller(s).

Recommendation: Exchange pairs for trading ETH can be volatile and can easily change 20% in a single day. Choose proper timing for your trades.

STEP 3: Transact Ethereum to your private Ethereum wallet

After you have successfully acquired (exchanged/buy) Ethereum on online exchange, you must send it to your private Ethereum wallet, before making a contribution.

Warning: Never transfer ETH to 2100NEWS Crowdsale address from an online exchange. Send it to your private wallet first!

What you need to prepare for this step:

· access to your online exchange account (e.g. on Kraken) with positive ETH balance and · public Ethereum address of your Ethereum wallet.

In order to send ETH from Kraken to your private Ethereum wallet, follow these steps:

1.Choose the “Funding” tab and then choose “Withdraw”. 2. Choose Ether on the bottom left side. 3. Choose the “+ Add address” tab. Add a description and your Ether address and enter your private Address (from the ERC20 compatible wallet). 4. Choose the “Save address” tab. 5. You will be sent a confirmation email. Make sure that you check your email and confirm new address. 6. You will be redirected back to your Kraken account. 7. Choose the “Funding” tab and then choose “Withdraw”. 8. Choose Ether on the bottom left side. 9. Choose the Address that you just created and confirmed from the dropdown. 10. Enter the amount of ETH you would like to send to your private Address. 11. Choose the “REVIEW WITHDRAWAL” Button. 12. Check every detail of the transaction and if all the data are correct choose “CONFIRM WITHDRAWAL” button.

Please wait while the transaction is being processed. Once the “INITIATED” or “PENDING” status changes to “SUCCESS” you can access your ETH wallet while ETH should now be in your private wallet and you can proceed with next step.

INFO: You don’t need to access your wallet just to check your wallet balances. Use webpage and insert your public (not private!!) address to see your past transactions and current balances.

STEP 4: Submit your KYC information on 2100NEWS website to participate in 2100NEWS crowdsale

To participate in 2100NEWS crowdsale, you have to first visit 2100NEWS webpage: On the website, click on a button “SUBMIT KYC”.

After clicking on the button, a KYC (“Know Your Customer”) submission form will appear.

The objective of KYC is to confirm our customer`s real identities in order to fully comply with legislative regulations. The process is in line with the highest industry standard and it provides our contributors with the safest and most transparent conditions.

To submit your personal data, you have to enter all mandatory fields on the KYC form. Please provide us with the following information and prepare the documents:

1. Full name, address, postal code, city, country, nationality, e-mail, phone number and your ETH wallet address (from which you will make a contributon); 2. ID document information and scans of both sides of the document;

WARNING: All the transactions from non-whitelisted wallets will be bounced and all the contributions from the members who did not complete or their KYC was not approved will be returned.

We recommend that you provide all the mandatory personal information and scans to enter the KYC verification process. After inserting all fields and uploading all scans of the documents you can submit your KYC form with clicking on a button “SUBMIT YOUR KYC INFORMATION”. You will receive an email confirmation that will assure you that your KYC request was successfully submitted and is pending for a review and a verification.

Your KYC request will be reviewed and verified after successfully submitted. In case of insufficient data or poor data quality, you will be contacted with a mail to provide additional data or proofs. Please keep in mind, that in case of increased number of requests, the verification process can last more than 24 hours or longer to resolve.

You will receive an e-mail notification when you pass the verification process.

IMPORTANT: Citizens or individuals with lawful permanent resident or domicile in the USA, Canada, South Korea, Singapore, China are not allowed to contribute in the 2100news crowdsale.

STEP 5: Contribute in 2100news crowdsale

We will announce the block with which the 2100news crowdsale will start and the contribution address on this link, on 4th February:

Only Ethereum (ETH) contributions, that will be transacted on contribution address AFTER the published starting block from confirmed (KYC) private addresses, will be accepted. Contributions (ETH transactions), that will arrive:

· before the published block or · after the maximum cap is reached or · will arrive from KYC unconfirmed private addresses · will be bounced back to contributing private address.

WARNING: Sending Ethereum directly from any Online Exchange will result in a loss of your NWS Tokens. Send your contributions from an ERC-20 compatible private Ethereum wallet.

We will describe a process of contribution from MyEtherWallet, although you can also contribute from other private ERC-20 compatible Ethereum wallets.

Send a contribution from MyEtherWallet

1. Go to webpage. Make sure you are actually on the correct webpage and not on any other duplicated or phishing webpage.

2. Choose the “SEND ETHER & TOKENS” tab. First you will need to unlock your wallet: select the “KEYSTORE FILE (UTC / JSON)” option, choose your locally saved keystore wallet file, that represents your private Ethereum wallet, enter the password, and choose the “UNLOCK” button.

3. After successfully unlocking your wallet, you will need to create a transaction on the “SEND ETHER & TOKENS” form. 3.1. Copy 2100NEWS crowdsale Ethereum address for contributing, that was published on in the “TO ADDRESS” field. 3.2. Enter the amount of ETH you want to contribute in the NWS Token crowdsale in the “AMOUNT TO SEND” field. If you want to send all ETH from your wallet, click “SEND ENTIRE BALANCE” link. 3.3. In the “GAS LIMIT” section we propose you set the limit to 25.000. This value, together with GAS PRICE, will affect the amount of gas you will pay to the Ethereum Network for the confirmation of the transaction (read more below). 3.4. Adjust the Gas price in the top right corner of the webpage (optional, read more below). 3.5. Please check again if all the entered data are correct, in particular, that you have entered the correct Address provided to you and if you have entered the correct amount of ETH you wish to send. 3.6. If all the data are correctly entered, choose “GENERATE TRANSACTION” button to generate the transaction code. Confirm the code by choosing the “SEND TRANSACTION” button that appears below the “RAW TRANSACTION” and “SIGNED TRANSACTION” fields.

4. You will receive a transaction hash (TX), that helps you to track the transaction and check if it was confirmed by the Ethereum Network.

Info about Gas

For each transaction on the Ethereum Network, a small fee (Gas) must be deducted from your Ethereum wallet. Gas is calculated as Gas limit * Gas Price. In times of the network congestion, when the number of transactions, waiting to be confirmed, is very high, only transactions with high total gas will be quickly confirmed, others will be pending. In extreme cases, transactions can be pending up to several hours or even days. You can greatly influence on the speed of your transaction’s confirmation with raising the Gas price. You will find a slider in a top-right corner of the webpage.

Check the webpage and adjust your Gas price accordingly. We recommend choosing the value that is equal or higher than “Standard (<5 min)”.

Check your Ethereum transaction

To check if your transaction was properly confirmed by the Ethereum Network, you can open the webpage:

In the search field you can either insert:

· A public address of your private Ethereum wallet (not a private key) or · 2100NEWS Crowdsale Ethereum address or · TX hash of the transaction, that was shown to you on the MyEtherWallet after submitting a contributing transaction.

If the transaction was successfully confirmed by the network, you will be able to see the transaction in the search report.

CONGRATULATIONS, you managed to complete your contribution!

What to expect next?

Release of the NWS tokens will be initiated after the end of the crowdsale. You will be able to check your NWS Token balance either on directly on

Initially, Tokens balances will not appear, you must click on “Load Tokens” button to analyze your Token balances. If NWS Balance still doesn’t appear, you will have to “Add Custom Token”.

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